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Started by Sampais Wrath, May 20, 2012, 06:06:40 PM

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Sampais Wrath

In recent years the keeping of sex slaves has been made legal but with restrictions. New laws have been made. Keeping a slave was now much like keeping a dog. Abuse and neglect it and the slave can be taken away by one of the local agencies. Of course that didn't stop people from abusing their slaves. When taken an agency would try to rehabilitate them and get them back on their feet, help them become a normal member of society. Those that needed more extensive rehabilitation were adopted out to kinder people. Some helped them like the agency and let them go but others simply used them as their own slaves or even slaves for their children. The system helped but there were still times when a new one came in that should have died before they could be saved. Jail time faced those who were convicted of abusing their pets.

That was how one young slave came to the agency. A young one in her 20s formerly known as Bitch. Her master before had been too lazy to give her even a proper name so when taken by the agency she was rename. Now the woman was referred to as Sakari or Saka or Kari for short. She hadn't truly agreed to a new name but hadn't opposed it either. She was used to being beaten for opposing her master's rule. She was different from the others of course. Besides the dominating fearfulness and shyness she seemed exotic compaired to the others. The woman had the ears and tail of a fox. Overall it was adorable but she had such a shyness a true personality was indistinguishable. She had brilliant blue eyes and long dark hair that made her look stunningly beautiful. Her body was small, short and thin but cute in her own ways.

Life for Sakari had been miserable until now. Her birth had been a mere accident that her past master was not happy about though it had been his fault for being so careless. Sakari had been forced to grow up as a child. She was responsible for keeping everything clean. If something wasn't to her master's standards she was beaten. Needless to say she was beaten often as a child. Mansions were hard to keep clean. That brought her first fear of others about. Of course when she became of age she would be forced to please other men at parties. That was no help for her. Eventually the agency had been called to remove her from the home. Her master was quickly sent to prison.

Now she spends her days with other rescued slaves at the agency but she doesn't interact with them. It was soon decided Sakari would need help from someone else to regain her trust in others. She was placed up for adoption to hopefully get her the help she needed.

I'm looking for someone to play possibly a new master looking for a pet but wanting to make a difference to a rescued pet. Most things are negotiable. Pm me if interested.

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