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Author Topic: Plots and RP Requests for Narratophiles  (Read 848 times)

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Plots and RP Requests for Narratophiles
« on: May 20, 2012, 01:16:50 pm »
A little about me and my plots (more info available in my ons, offs, and character thread):

I enjoy RPing with any gender, as any gender--I just so happen to RP big brutish men more often. The kinds of characters I specifically prefer to RP in no way limit the kinds of characters I enjoy RPing. Many of the plots I list here are open for either role (and if you have a good idea, some of the genders and sexual preferences are up for changing/switching.) My gender is inconsequential, and I sincerely hope you do not use it as a means of discriminating against me as a potential RP partner. You see, I can barely call what I do “role play.” I am not playing a role. I am typing a series of events and reactions. I am a writer. I draw personal enjoyment from these stories and scenes and I love to entertain people with my characters. Maybe we can entertain each other, yes? :)

Plots in grey text are currently in use. While I would prefer not to have multiples of the same plot active at once, let me know if you have any good ideas! I don't have a plot idea for every character, and also don't have every character idea listed in my character-page. Who knows what can be worked out, even if for a later date. If nothing here interests you, feel free to PM me with your own plots/characters.

Beauty and her Beast
This is a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale, though the setting is always open for compromise. I already have a Beast character for this and would be seeking a Beauty, but if you have a Beast you’d like to try, I am also interested in RPing the other side of this pairing. My Beast is Viktor Demidov, a middle-aged wealthy Russian businessman who appears more demonic than mammalian. He struggles with the beast in him and loses more and more of his humanity as time passes. Viktor’s time is running out. He must learn to love. This plot includes some horror, age-play, and non-con (as a plot device.) For some, his overall size involves a stretching of the imagination in order for enjoyable coupling to occur. I do want it to be enjoyable, at least eventually! His Beauty could be from anywhere and could come into his life in any way. Hell, she could already be in his life for some reason. Who knows?

DIY Lab Assistant
A young woman has constructed for herself an android to assist her in the laboratory and “wherever else” it may be useful, as dedication to science (or whatever else she spends her time doing) is often a lonely business. The body she had initially utilized had been a discarded military model of the same structure sold by the service and sex industries in her country. She put great work into fixing the droid up, but she also found it to have a good deal of leftover programming in its backup memory. This android is far more intelligent than the scientist/doctor could have hoped. Great knowledge of technology/science is general is not necessarily required for this. After all, it’s far ahead in the future. Technology will have been so changed that it will hardly be recognizable, and from there most everything can be completely fabricated from imagination. I have a robot character for this story but am also interested in playing the female if you have one in mind. For a larger, more aggressive android, see the next plot.

Target Acquired
A military or mercenary bot has been given a target for execution. When it reaches its destination and has the victim in its sights, an event occurs with halts the murder and eventually transfers the android’s allegiance. Perhaps the target is the leader of a revolutionary faction and is considered a known terrorist. Perhaps the target has political ties. Perhaps this is a fine governing system and the robot is from a terrorist faction. The gender of the droid is not set, though I do have a male in mind.

Her Guardian
A great beast (or man-beast) is charged with the task of protecting a maiden, whether for a willing oath, a forced task, a bond of love, or a truth of his very existence. As he is not any real kind of animal and may or may not possess a secondary (or primary) humanoid form, I struggle to call this bestiality and prefer to just refer to it as monster-romance. I have a character in mind for this, but if you have anyone please don’t hesitate to share.

Stickshifts and Safetybelts  Title inspired by Cake.
A mechanic gets more than he bargained for after fixing a woman’s vehicle. While it sounds like a simple porno plot, I assure you it promises far more story and character development than anything so boring is that. This is incredibly open ended. It could be modern day setting, a futuristic docking bay, a live-in situation on a spacecraft, or even a historic fantasy (I might even go so far as to consider steampunk.) Perhaps they already know each other, or perhaps she is a first-time customer. I do have a mechanic character, Reinke Krauser, with a sordid history and plethora of character defects. He has a heart of gold, though. Perhaps his past is more important in this story than his career choice, or perhaps not?

Thank God the Road Warrior Prepared Me for the Inevitable Apocalypse
When the world’s economies collapse and resources become increasingly scarce, it’s every man for himself. Some have gathered into groups dedicated to returning to simplicity and nature. Some have sequestered themselves for safety and freedom. Some have fallen into the rabid struggle for devolving material society. Some still attempt to function within a largely destroyed governmental police body. In the pockets of civilization, thievery and barbarism abound, and violence is often backed with gunfire. The cause of the collapse is not set in stone, nor is my character. My immediate idea is to use the previous character, Reinke, in this setting.

Expanding His Cultural Horizons
A corn fed, cattle-rearing Texan finds himself in another country for reasons unknown at this time and available for discussion. He is as ignorant as he is well-meaning, as offensive as he is deeply respectful, and his racism is almost entirely unknown to him. I’m interested in introducing the would-be cowboy to an “exotic” woman and teaching him about the world so that he can grow as a person. That doesn’t make it a serious story, so much as one with a positive goal, regardless of the high potential for hurtful drama. His simple tastes could also make for eye-opening sexual exploration. I have a character for this in mind (James “Tex” Emerson), but again, I’m open to other ideas and would also be interested in playing the woman. This is not my favorite story idea, but one which I've yet to really explore.

Prized Human Women
An orc and a little lady. That's just about all I have for this, it requires discussion and is another open-ended idea. Inspired by the Uruk Hai, particularly this figurine. The design for the orc is also not set in stone, but I'm not looking for a story with a morbidly obese, stupid-faced simpleton. I am fine with role playing either character.
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