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Author Topic: Virtually Irresistible(Modern day, slight sci-fi, business setting)[Any for Any]  (Read 4516 times)

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Offline Galactic DruidTopic starter

This is One of my Oldest Threads on Elliquiy! I believe I’ve updated it properly and snipped out inconsistencies or redundant information, but please forgive me if I missed something!

Over the last ten years, DrallTech has become the unrivaled head of the electronic entertainment industry. The manufacture everything from TVs to computers to game consoles and accessories, recently specializing in accessibility accessories that let people play games without traditional controllers. At the present, the company is getting ready to unveil their latest product; a series of Virtual Reality pods. They've already designed a number of scenes and programs for the pods; exciting game zones that even allow players to use special abilities; Social zones, including warm, sunny beaches and expansive, no-lines amusement parks; and even a series of erotic zones, from bathhouses to hotel rooms to brothels and dungeons, there's something to satisfy everyone's need. With most of the kinks worked out (or in) to the system, all that's left is for the company's key employees to try out the pods for themselves to make sure 'interactions' are realistic and will live up to customer expectations.

The set up can be as story driven as you like; players just looking for fun can jump ahead right into the action, but those looking for a slow build and some excitement to the plot will find plenty of options. Planning ahead, I have several ideas for things that could 'go wrong' within the VR world, for those of you who enjoy an extended story with some action and drama.

(Edit: I've been asked if these are the only characters I'll allow in a scene. Absolutely not. These are the ones I'm mostly likely going to play when doing this setting, but other players are more than welcome to use them too. Naturally, your own ideas are welcome and encouraged.
Bigger Edit: I keep getting requests from people about playing characters outside their intended roles, such as asking I can play Lily as a domme, etc. In some cases, their roles and preferences are more flexible, but this is a good guideline of their personality...)
Marcus Drall (Laid back, assertive when needed; Switch/No D/S, Female Prefrence)

Both the company President as well as it's namesake, Marcus has spent years building DrallTech into the company it is today thanks to a mix of passion, determination, and a fantastic team of employees. Under normal circumstances, Marcus has a very laid-back personality, though he's been known to take a stern stance when it comes to dealing with problems around the office. At 5 foot 10, Marcus has a very commanding presence around the workplace. Passionate about his product line, Marcus has personally done quality testing on every product they put out, and the VR pods are no different. He has someone special in mind for testing the more intimate features.

Travis Delward (Aggressive when pursuing his personal goals, Dominant, Female Preference)

Vice President of Dralltech, Travis is a man who rarely takes no for an answer. Quickly climbing in ranks within DrallTech through a mix of business savvy, shrewd negotiation, and cutthroat tactics, there have been rumors flying around for ages that the only thing keeping Travis from completely taking over the company is a deep respect for Marcus. Travis has a very dominant personality, and it often falls on him to handle disciplinary issues around DrallTech. While it may be an enjoyable one, testing the VR pods is just another part of the job for Travis, and he intends to maintain his professionalism while inside. He's looking for a partner that will allow him to fully test the VR world and it's wide array of 'features'.

Thomas Anders (Feels a false sense of entitlement, Submissive, unless in Certain NC Situatuions, usually involving jealousy.)
((photo pending))
Short, timid, and submissive are the three words that best describe DrallTech's head of the software department. Ever since the 'adult' features of the VR pods were dreamed up, he's been a huge pain for Travis to have to deal with, constantly trying to convince co-workers to test various features of the pod with him. Twice he's had to visit Travis for attempting to 'assign' testing duty to people within his department. As the designer of the pod's 'Death Proof' failsafe systems, his contributions to the company are hard to deny, but that's hardly earned him the respect of anyone within the company recently. If he were to move up in rank, surely he'd be getting the respect he deserved, and no one would be able to deny him any request, if only his bosses weren't around to hold him back...
(Edit: I'm actually surprised people are interested in playing opposite or even AS Thomas. He was always meant to be more of an Antagonist/plot driver, but anyone who'se willing is welcome.)

Reyna Peele (Sexually fluid, open minded, vocal, and at times a tease. Completely pansexual, Any and all kinks and genders welcome!)

One of the senior members of the software development team, Reyna was the one that convinced her superiors that the VR system would work best as an 'adult' experience. She's extremely open about her own sexuality, and strongly believes that adult interaction will make all of them rich. After all, she'd buy that product in a heartbeat. She sought out a position in DrallTech after learning about the VR project and has been pushing the agenda from her first day. While she is a tease, and displays a very perverted sense of humor, Reyna is very choosy about her partners. She's been on the volunteer list for quality testing the VR pods, and can't wait to let all her exhibitions out in a safe environment with her partner.

Vincent Torry (A thrill seeker, loves to have a good time, takes security duties seriously. Dominant, but prefers a challenge, someone who's just as assertive)

Chief of security at DrallTech, Vincent is a retired soldier with two tours under his belt. Eagerly looking forward to the day he gets to kick Thomas's ass out of the building. Recently, Vincent has been making a decent bit of extra money by allowing techs at DrallTech to scan his brain to provide the basis for what being shot, stabbed, or otherwise attacked should feel like in game settings with realistic feedback on. Occasionally is recruiting for testing to determine if certain sensations within his area of expertise are realistic. Vincent's hoping he can have at least one fun session out of all the tests.

Lilly Falke (At best, socially awkward. At worst, completely reclusive. Communicated best through email, memos, and other forms of impersonal communication. Lilly lacks the experience to be dominant or a switch, and will be very submissive at the beginning of a story.)

Lilly was a dual major in college, unable to decide what route to take, ending up graduating with degrees in both Psychology and Computer Sciences. It turned out to be the perfect combination of majors. She is the mastermind behind the Enigmatic Emotional Response Engine, the system that operates all non-player characters to ensure realistic interactions. Lilly had very little time for socializing, and comes off a little shy and lacks confidence. She's constantly worried her lack of sexual experience has impacted the project, making her NPCs less than perfect lovers.

ENIGMA (This one can go many ways. A complete blank slate at the beginning if desired. Dominant, switch, sub, it's entirely up to the whims of the player. It all depends on what the AI picks up. I'm willing to start with her as a more developed AI, just ask.)

Existing only in the VR world, ENIGMA is short for "Enigmatic Emotional Response Engine." Enigma is an AI that controls all non-player characters. This may be potential lovers is the brothel zone, workers and citizens in the city areas, or characters and non-player opponents in games. While Enigma's subroutines handle the most basic interaction, the AI can take control of any established NPC is conversation gets too complex for a series of subroutines to handle. As a result, Enigma can take just about any form in the game world, even spawning new characters custom tailored to the AI's or player's tastes. Enigma is capable of both emotions and learning, and may come off as naive at first, having just been 'born'.

Story Ideas
Story ideas are completely negotiable, and left a little open for that purpose. If there's an idea or element you want to add to the story, let me know.

The Good Place A massive networked community, made up of dozens of minds connected to a hospital network. Some are comatose, others are undergoing extensive therapy or reconstructive surgery, some are dying. Whatever the case may be, the network has one single purpose, to make those minds as comfortable as possible during their stay, or potential final hours. Nearly everything is allowed in The Good Place, and those inside are encouraged to enjoy themselves as much as they can.

Heroes of Palia Open Again! (Anything/Anything, Action/Adventure, potential for a variety of scenes, group game potential, GMing potential)
- DrallTech is finishing up work on their most advanced scenario yet, a VRPG. Everything is going well for the testers who are enjoying a fun, if not slightly easy, game. However, when the main villain shows up for the first time, everything changes. Once the AI takes over for real time interaction, the AI scripts for the villain take over, merging with the Enigma core, resulting in an AI entity who will do anything to win, including killing the players so their avatars can no longer respawn. If the players want to win, they'll have to beat the game.

I'm really looking for a player or group to do this one with, I think it has a lot of potential to be real fun!

You 2.0  (Semi VR, inspired heavily by movies like The Surroage and Avatar.)

By 2230, Overpopulation had become Earth's largest crisis. Attention was turned from terraforming projects to trying to find a new home for humanity as quickly as possible. A potential candidate was found in a nearby star system on a garden planet United Earth began to call Gaia.

Despite it's lush environment, Gaia presented a variety of challenges for settlements; the local fauna was wild, agreesive, and bountiful. The planet was largely unexplored, long range scanning from Earth was impossible, and satellites were unreliable, and met consistent interference, especially thanks to the largest challenge of the planet; ruins left behind hundreds of years ago, many half buried, but some precursor alien civilization. Rumors even ran wild that there might be another intelligent species on the planet that's taken an interest in humankimd...

Few people were willing to take the risks of colonizing the new world; mostly military and govenment positions assigned the jobs of installing infrastructure were the primary settlers, along with a handful of volunteers and corporate interests. The entire project was considered to be in jeopardy until the Entertainment company Virutal Escapes announced their new flagship product; You 2.0.

Thanks to a breakthrough in FTL communication, Virtual Escapes was able to set up a system through which players essentially sync their senses with an avatar on a distant planet. Thanks to modern 3D printing technology, players are able to generate a custom avatar on the hostile world, and become a hero of the new planet; collecting valuable topographal data, slaying dangerous beasts, supporting the nearby colonies, and delving into curious alien ruins.

At first, the players were a welcome sight to the settlers of Gaia; the planet went from.a struggle to survive to a contest to be the greatest help between players, piloting powerful, cybernetically enhanced versions of themselves with incredible strength, psionic abilities, or other gifts depending on their chosen class.

Over time, the nearly the entire colonization project either became part of the game, or were bought out by thr company. Entire settlements were constructed to have new towns for players to visit, and more and more settlers came to the planet, all so the company had more characters for players to interact with. Some say a seedy underbelly has even formed in some colonies to cater to players with more... adult tastes.

There's still much to do in the colonization effort; the planet is still largely unexplored, and many dangerous ruins still lay untouched. Many players aren't willing to risk their avatars and habe to pay the fee of printing a new one, content instead to slay more local monsters or duel one another for glory.

Our characters, however, agents content just to live out on the planet like an MMO playground. Whether driven by curiosity, desire, duty, revenge, or something more, both of them are far more willing to push deeper to find answers...

I'm really open to all kinds of ideas for this setting. More than anything else, the setting has been bouncing around in my head, and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do with it, including whether I want to play a Gaia local, an avatar pilot, etc etc. I'm hoping someone takes an interest in the setting, like myself, and we can discuss ideas.

Older Ideas and One Shots
These ideas are shamelessly plucked from one of my older RP request pages as I felt there would be relebvent here.

Heroes of Palia Open Again! (Anything/Anything, Action/Adventure, potential for a variety of scenes, group game potential, GMing potential)
- DrallTech is finishing up work on their most advanced scenario yet, a VRPG. Everything is going well for the testers who are enjoying a fun, if not slightly easy, game. However, when the main villain shows up for the first time, everything changes. Once the AI takes over for real time interaction, the AI scripts for the villain take over, merging with the Enigma core, resulting in an AI entity who will do anything to win, including killing the players so their avatars can no longer respawn. If the players want to win, they'll have to beat the game.

Fantasies Inc. Rebooted! (One-shot, smut driven, multi-partner potential, open for a variety of ideas on this one.)
It's been 20 years since the first true-VR system's public unveiling. While VR systems are still too large and expensive for most homes, companies have managed to create a vast and popular market in the form of arcades and rental centers. Fantasies Inc. is one such chain that skyrocketed in popularity, despite many protests. An adults-only facility, Fantasies Inc. can offer individuals or couples their dream encounter, even plug them into their 'dating network' for a few hours. With a limitless number of settings and virtual 'partners' to choose from, Fantasies Inc. can make any dream encounter possible.

Trouble In Paradise New and my biggest craving of my listed ideas! (NC themes, adventure and danger)

This is sort of an expanded idea built off the previous idea, Fantasies Inc. Essentially, I'm looking to GM a virtual 'game' for a character that was looking to have some fun in an RPG world with lots of adult potential. As they have their fun, something eventually goes wrong. A few ideas I had involved an AI character developing an obsession with them, or an error in an NPC's code causing them to achieve self awareness and trap the player within the game to avoid ever being 'shut down'. Lastly, there could be a human GM that's controlling the game, who either comes to recognize the character as someone who turned them down as a lover, an ex, or just an unhealthy fascination that causes them to try to keep the played locked within the game, subject to their whims.

Regardless of how they are trapped, I'm looking for player that refuses to accept their situation. While they might not be able to log out anymore, they know the game will shut down if they manage to 'beat' it, and defy the GM/AI at every opportunity, as they seek to break the player first.

Am I real? (Romance themed, I can play either side, though would prefer to be the human player.)
An employee of a large entertainment company is drafted as a regular tester for a soon-to be released VR system. One of his main tasks is to have regular conversation with the NPC inhabitants of the various VR worlds, which includes the occasional sexual liaison in the adult zones. Over his/her visits, the AI begins to learn about the tester, putting more and more of it's own consistent personality into the NPCs they encounter, frequently taking over the default code to do so.
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Offline Sarah Morgan

Nice to see some new characters added to this info!  I'm assuming this means your computer is officially fixed?  Anyway, I'm glad you're wanting to do stories in this setting again, because I've always liked it. 

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Oh! Me! Me! Me! 

One on one or group.  Love the idea of being trapped with the AI truly assuming the villain role.  I'm game!

Offline Sarah Morgan

Agreed on this one!  One on one or group is fine too, though maybe since we]re both interested, we could make it a small group thread, or even advertise it in the group wanted board?

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2/8/15 - Did a little updating, added some stories, removed some old stuff.

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7/18/2016 - Big update! Changed some character info, added and dropped some ideas, and simplified everything on the page down to something I hope is a bit more readable. Also fixed dead image links and some typos. Looking to start a new game or two!

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Giving an old favorite thread a shameless bump, I've been on a real VR kick lately.