Making a comeback... F looking for male characters

Started by Samantha, May 19, 2012, 11:35:03 PM

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Being Erica?
Based off a show, a therapist gets ahold of Erica, who has many regrets in her life. Dr Tom we'll call him, is indeed a therapist however he has the ability to send people back in time so they can adjust things, however they cannot change other people's lives.

I think there's many possibilities with this idea, looking for someone to flesh it out with.

Once Upon a Time.
Also a tv show that's currently popular. IMDB or wikipedia for specifics if you haven't seen the show, but basically, it takes the storylines of famous fairy-tales and makes a new twist on them...
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 Here is the link to my O/O thread please take a look if you're interested in writing with me. I will say that long-lasting role plays are my favorite, and romances.

If you are interested in roleplaying, please send me a private message so we can chat more!

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