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Author Topic: Phantom Spirit Interest thread [Open! Still need Teachers/Students, and Evil!]  (Read 5154 times)

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Offline KarasuTopic starter

I like it, however after he set his place afire, beings from the magical academy would have come for him. The Aurora Lux academy would have simply offered to teach him better control and use of his power, while the Opacare de Notce academy would have simply demanded it of him.

Half-fiends also would be about as tolerated as you had stated so good work there, many beleive them dark creatures, so he likely would have had a visit from the Opacare academy rather quickly and only the Aurora one after the fact. Feel free to put this in your background if you like or I can RP it with you either way XD

Offline Thrasius

Alright, so does he have to join one of the academies yet? Or is there a placement test/something to that effect that would determine what school they are going to be in?

Offline KarasuTopic starter

you can have him just entering if you like and yes there is a placement test, it's mostly a power test wherein the headmaster or his second determines power level currently and power potential.

The classes would be as follows:

If he's had some experience, he woudl probably be at no higher than the amateur or intermediate level. Delphi for example is at the advanced level because she grew up in the academy, thus she's had more experience, though her power in front of others seems to hold at the rookie level (due to self confidence issues)

Offline Thrasius

Alright, just edited his bio. Let me know what ya think.

EDIT: Just added his level and his academy to the bio.
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Offline KarasuTopic starter

alright, Mark this on your sheet:

Academy: Opacare de Nocte
Level: Intermediate

(This would go for all students, but I have to give your your rank or the headmaster of the school your under.

All teachers subsequently are Master level (with the rare exception of some being one lesser for the rookie and lower ranks))

Offline KarasuTopic starter

right we still need others, come on people this can be a great sandbox!

I at least need the two headmasters and soem teachers to start!

Offline Thrasius

How many teachers do you need to start?  ???

Offline KarasuTopic starter

well actually I need one or two (at lest one) light teacher to start, but I'd need the headmasters as soon as possible and the big evil >>

otherwise I can NPC the other teachers and headmaster as needed as well as play Delphi XD

Offline KarasuTopic starter

Well boys and girls, The IC threads are up, make your posts at will ^^

Offline AidenWhite

Name: Ryousuke Hagimoto
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Half-human, half-demon
Status: Student
Magical side: Unknown
Magical affinity: Leaning towards destructive magics
Appearance and description: 5'11, blue hair, athletic build. Usually sports a leather jacket over a tank top with skinny jeans and black leather boots.
Personality: Ryousuke is over-confident, cocky and arrogant. But he has a base for this because back at his hometown he was known as the strongest out of all the demons, half-blooded AND full-blooded. His powers run on his anger and he usually has a lot of it because he is angry at the world. He is a sort of lone-wolf, who doesn't team-up and be buddy-buddy with others. He views everyone as a potential enemy and stays rather distant from everyone. But, just because he is distant does not mean he is shy, by any means. If someone wants to pick a fight with him, they'll get it and then some. He does not hold back on anyone and always goes all out, which led him to be brought to the academy to control his natural killing instinct as well as control his powers rather than relying on negative emotions to draw them out. Ryousuke is not evil at all because he believes all his actions are for the greater good, he just doesn't achieve them in the best way possible. The other thing Ryousuke respects, besides great power, is the persons goodness. Ryousuke could sense evil whenever he was near it, like a 6th sense, and he always sought to stamp it out. But again, even though his intentions are good, he ends up destroying a city block for one person.

Backstory: (How did he/she arrive at the academy of their choice? Were they chosen by the headmasters? Were they dropped off their by the parents or a mortal school?)
Ryousuke, even from birth, has been a sort of maverick and a loner. He was dropped off by his birth-parents in an alleyway at the age of 7 weeks and was found 3 days later by his foster parents. At the age of 3, Ryousuke got into a car accident chasing after a ball and was losing blood quickly. Luckily, his foster-father was there to give him his blood through a contact transfer and was quickly sent to the hospital. The day after he miraculously came back to health and tests were ran on him. Everything seemed normal.

Then at age 7, Ryousuke was attack by one of his classmates after Ryousuke called him some rather mean names. Before the other kid could get close to Ryousuke, Ryousuke panicked and started to run, but instead he flash-stepped behind the boy where he had the chance to knock him out in one blow. However, as soon as he hit the kid, the kid was hit much harder than Ryousuke thought possible and the boy was hospitalized. Ryousuke was kicked out of that school and had to move.

At age 10, his foster-parents died in an accident and left him with nothing, so he was sent to an orphanage where he had to fend for himself. This is where he developed his philosophy that everyone is a potential enemy and so he cannot get close to anyone.
At age 12, there was an athletics event at the orphanage and it was held at a nearby park. Ryousuke was chosen because he looked fitter than most 12 year olds there and even fitter than some of the 14 year olds. The race had boys from the orphanage who were between the ages of 12-15 competing. The race began and finished in a blink of an eye with Ryousuke winning before the other racers had a chance to run. Ryousuke, then, took a towel, drank from a bottle and walked away from the scene. After this, he was shunned from the groups of other boys and girls.

At age 14, he managed to make a friend who was a girl who was there because her family was looking for a possible heir to a giant corporation that her father had. The girl took him with her, but he still seemed distant. Not even a month later, he had run away. Ryousuke ended up in a strange neighborhood where he encountered an old-man, who looked around his 60's but was actually thousands of years old, who told him that he was keeping an eye on Ryousuke since the car accident. He asked Ryousuke if he ever wondered about his abilities and why he has them. Ryousuke didn't care, he just thought he was better than everyone else and that they couldn't bear to handle his greatness. The old man asked Ryousuke to come with him and promised him to tell him everything about the whereabouts of his abilities. After Ryousuke was told that his foster-parents were both demons and that he was given demon blood to survive, he scoffed and called the old man a liar. He got up, but the old man flash-stepped to confront him. Ryousuke sensed a challenge and he never backed down from a challenge and he never held back. The fight began and ended in 60 seconds. The old man held Ryousuke by his shirt and asked Ryousuke to come live with him and train in order to harness his demon magic, power and speed. The very convinced Ryousuke agreed to this before blacking out.

Three years later, he was sparring with one of the demons in his neighborhood. In his three years there, he found out that the entire neighborhood was more or less completely filled with demons. Ryousuke had a title in the neighborhood as the strongest demon, which the other demons found dishonorable because he was only half-demon. The second strongest demon came to fight with Ryousuke, but before the fight even began, Ryousuke knew the difference in their power but he didn't care. Ryousuke won the fight with overkill, taking out half the neighborhood and killing the demon he was fighting. The old man who was taking care of Ryousuke, who was called by Ryousuke, Jii-chan, stepped in and took care of the damages and sent his regards to the family who lost their child. Jii-chan promised to take care of Ryousuke and the entire neighborhood believed in him because he harbored great respect from the entire neighborhood because he was the brother of a demon-king. Jii-chan scolded Ryousuke, but as always, Ryousuke wasn't listening. Jii-chan was fed up with Ryousuke and in the end was forced to send him to an Academy to control Ryousuke's killing instinct and powers and hopefully teach him the fundamentals of respect for your opponent. Ryousuke thought that as soon as he got there he would've been gone within the week, but Jii-chan read his mind and told Ryousuke that it was impossible for him to leave, because even if he managed to leave, he, himself, would take him back using his full power. Ryousuke was told to pack within the week as he would leave later in the week. He was being sent to the Light House in the Academy to learn about true goodness and to learn respect and honor, along with learning his powers and controlling them. Here began Ryousuke's adventures at the academy.

Academy: Trained personally by Falladaris
Magic Level: Advanced

« Last Edit: July 08, 2012, 01:21:55 PM by AidenWhite »

Offline KarasuTopic starter

well this is one of the more interesting profiles to be sure.

It's alright rather nice backgroudn wise, for his magics I'd say he has battle magic, with the flash stepping and whatnot.

Good move with the demons, and demonic Village, from what you describe, the "old man" he met would have been the first Battle magic user, the demon Falladaris, in the village he runs known simply as Falla'Day

So put this to your profile then:

Academy: Trained by Falladaris personally
Magic level: Advanced

Offline AidenWhite

Alright, I'll start posting when more people join, I don't want to start entirely without them.

Offline KarasuTopic starter

until we get the evil basically all we're doing is establishing backstories and expanding on relationships in the game, you knwo basic stuff. Give ya somethign to do while we wait XD

Offline KarasuTopic starter

We still need teachers, headmasters, and anythign evil at this point, plus the orphanage headmaster!