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Author Topic: Kismet's Cravings (F looking for F and M)  (Read 701 times)

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Offline KismetTopic starter

Kismet's Cravings (F looking for F and M)
« on: May 19, 2012, 06:22:45 PM »
Kismet & Her Cravings
My ons/offs can be found here. To summarize what you'll find on that page...

» I'm looking for quality roleplayers. I can't respond to posts that are only 3-5 sentences. I need meat, substance, but I need quality. I don't want pages of fluff either.
» I'm in a submissive mood; most of these plots (except for one) are looking for a dominant partner. When it comes to partners, I need someone who's going to give me something with substance and work with me to advance the plot, but is also friendly and communicative as well.
» I'm looking to do F/M and F/F roleplays. If you're someone who likes playing futa females and sees a plot marked F/F, and would like to play a futa in that role, go for it!
» Note that if a role is bolded, it's the role I want to play. All ideas are open unless stated otherwise.

Of Faes and Fantasy
RPs that take place in a modern setting, with a touch of fantasy. Magic is rare in these worlds, and the fact that faeries, sirens, or any creature of magic in general is unknown to most humans.

Something Beautiful
» F/M OR F/F, dub-con that grows into a relationship, chance for orgies (by her entrancing others with her voice)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

The circus, stationed on a quaint beach, has a new act this year. A mysterious woman, a siren in disguise, with red hair and blue eyes, closes out the circus each night by singing soft sonata that always moves the crowd to tears. You decide to listen to this song for yourself, and accidentally become entranced by the woman’s song. You break her out of the circus at night and take her for yourself, on the beach, then take her home. She doesn’t know much about human life and customs, but she cannot return to the sea, for she is stuck in her human home. Somehow, you’ve become the only person that this woman, the siren, can rely on.
The Golden Years
» F/M or F/F, risky public sex, etc...

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You have turned (insert your character’s age here) years old, and on the night of your birthday, you find a woman standing over your bed, watching you, grinning. She introduces herself as your Good Luck Star— the last of her kind that has chosen you to receive her power. Your Good Luck Star can grant you any wish you’d like— although she cannot raise the dead and cannot make someone love someone else— but can only grant you a wish after she’s been come to orgasm. While she seems to not understand a lot of things about human culture (that is, it’s considered inappropriate to have sex in public, for one…) she has an unlimited amount of wishes to offer you, and her strength is yours. What will you do, with this unlimited power? Simply make a better life for yourself? Or more?

Platinum Virgin
» F/M, rape/noncon, relationship building
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You have decided that life is no longer worth living, and jump off a waterfall, hoping for death. However, you are saved by a water faerie, who took you into a nearby cave and breathed life back into you. Out of rage, you decide deflower her, but after the act is over, she doesn’t hate you, only pities you, and wants to help you rebuild your life. You decide to take her home, and slowly, she teaches you how to trust again, and how life can be beautiful again.

Little Red Hood
» F/M, werewolves, bestiality, non-con
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You’re a werewolf, and you’ve been stalking this girl with a red cape who makes daily trips to her grandmother, who suffers from Alziehemers, yet won’t be moved from her home in the forest. Before she makes it to her grandmother’s house one day, you decide to take her for yourself and bring her back to the pack to be their playtoy. You humiliate her by fucking her as a wolf, take her as a half-man/half-wolf, and if she’s good, maybe she’ll see your human side… Maybe…

Aphrodite Galaxy
» F/M, my character submits to yours, dub-con, sci-fi setting
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You’ve finally captured her. She’s an alien, the Aphrodite— sure, she looks human, but she’s got the power you need to take over the galaxy— the Aphrodite Touch. She has powers of mind control, but ironically, you can completely control her mind through a device you've made and a chip you've planted inside her, and tell her exactly what you need to do. She obeys only you, and will do absolutely anything you ask. How will you use her power? To make the galaxy a better place? To corrupt it? Or to satisfy your own sexual desires?

Back to Reality
Roleplays that take place in modern day settings, without the magic.

Night Love
» F/M, cheating/adultery, my character submits totally to yours
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You’re a family man, with a wife and kids, and a very successful position at your business. Your company is holding an overnight meeting, and they book a hotel room for you at an elegant establishment. When you finally decide to check into your room for the day, however, an enigmatic woman is sitting on the bed. She appears to be 19 years old, and she was given to you by the company for a job well done. She will do absolutely anything you say, and claims that her highest priority is to please you… You can’t help but sleep with her for the night, and are forced to take her home, or else risk being fired by your company. You told your wife and kids that she’s a runaway teen that you’re taking care of temporarily, but how long will that excuse last? What’s her backstory, and why can’t you resist her?

Mail to Order
» F/M, “arranged” marriage, my character submits totally to yours
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You’ve been feeling lonely, and as a joke, order a bride on a joke website called You customize what you want her to look like— from her hair, to her eyes, to her bust— and laugh about it to yourself. A week later, a bride shows up on your doorstep, the girl from your dreams, in a wedding gown. She’s yours for the taking, to deflower…

Tunnel of Lights
» F/M OR F/M, teacher and student, blackmail, coercion, risky public sex
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You’re a professor at a university who learns about a study abroad student from England who doesn’t have a place to stay. She’s cute, naïve, innocent, and you decide to take her in so she can live under your roof. However, such kindness doesn’t come for free… You force her to have sex with you in risky, public places, slip a hand down her skirt when on the bus, masturbate her sneakily in the stacks of the library… And the best part is, she can’t say no, or she’ll be homeless again. Over time, though, you grow to pity her, until that turns into a forbidden attraction…

Pearls of Light
» F/M or F/F, brother and sister or sister and sister, non-con, incest (looking for a sub for this one!)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Your sister is jealous of you; of your smile, of your innocence, how mother and father obviously love you more than her. She went away to college this year, and you thought maybe her unwarranted hate would have disappeared by now, but it hasn’t. You’re a senior in high school, eighteen, about to go to college yourself, and you thought you’d have an easy summer… But when your sister corners you, kisses you, slips a hand down your pants, you want to say no, but you can’t… She’s corrupting your innocence, and has loved you as much as she’s hated you all these years, but why can’t you refuse her?

» F/M or F/M, mother and daughter or father and daughter, incest, dub-con
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Your daughter is a successful burlesque dancer and theatre actress — she’s a star, and she’s radiant. One day, she comes home to tell you about her success, dressed up in her theatre clothes still, and you can’t help but notice how attractive she is, how she’s blossomed… You pour her glass after glass of wine, come onto her, and she can’t refuse you now. You realize you love your daughter, but maybe not the way a good parent should.

If you're interested, please PM me and let me know what ideas you want to bring to the RP!
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