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Author Topic: The Knight and his Princess  (Read 894 times)

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Offline Howling WolfTopic starter

The Knight and his Princess
« on: May 19, 2012, 02:35:39 AM »
The knight, clad in his traditional silver armor, with the crest of a red and blue dragon, surrounded by yellow stripes, stood on his steed at the edge of the Tournament field.  He balanced himself carefully on his horse and he prepared to  be introduced to the crowd.  He scanned the crowd, with hsi metal visor raised.  he didn't spot anyone he recognized.  Then again, why would he?  he was from a foreign kingdom.  That of  Erros, far to the East of this land, Barbate. 

As he was introduced Sir Erik Hammersmith of Erros, the crowd roared with approval.  As he looked to the more noble lady who were sitting in the arena box, he noticed they all were either taken, or had many, many night gathered around them.  He was not really concerned with them.  They were prissy and arrogant, and snobby.  He did not have time for them.  he was after a more simple, common, and rare prize.  The one commoner selected to hand the foreign night a bouquet. 

He had heard rumors that this woman was the most beautiful of all common woman.  She was the best of the worst, many said.  He stood up in his stirrups and looked out over the field.  He finally spooted her coming to meet him.  He smiled and removed his helmet, as was the custom in the land.  He dismounted the horse and stood still, awaiting her and her flowers. 

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Re: The Knight and his Princess
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2012, 02:40:07 AM »
((May I reply? Or is someone else taking the role? :-)  ))

Offline Raine Raiden Crossheart

Re: The Knight and his Princess
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2012, 02:41:56 AM »
((that would be taken already sweetie))

Offline Howling WolfTopic starter

Re: The Knight and his Princess
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2012, 02:48:05 AM »
(and yes..The Princess here is Miss Raine.  but I appreciate the interest).

Offline Raine Raiden Crossheart

Re: The Knight and his Princess
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2012, 03:03:38 AM »
A female with long navy blue/sliver hair woke that morning and yawned softly before she stood and stretched slightly. Grabbing her brush she brushed through her hair as she walked over to her vanity and sat down. Her stunning emerald green eyes staring back at her as she finished with her hair quickly, grabbing a ribbon and pinning it back while several thin strands fell about her face framing her face easily. When finished with her hair she stood and dressed in a long golden/silver long sleeved V neck dress, the sleeves making diamonds at the tops of her hands. She slipped on her very simple looking black shoes and walked out of her home.

The female walked onto the tournament field looking around quietly. She glanced over at the other ladies shaking her head slightly before she gently took the flowers from the one holding them and walked them over to the player. The sun shown down brightly making her skin seem to glow as she walked. She stopped when she walked up to the male that had been on the horse a moment before she stopped, looking up at him her eyes shinning brilliantly in the sunlight.

"I wish you the best of luck may these flowers bring you the best of luck." She said softly as she gently handed him the flowers. She bowed slightly and turned about to leave so the tournament could get started.

Offline Howling WolfTopic starter

Re: The Knight and his Princess
« Reply #5 on: May 19, 2012, 03:22:45 AM »
The knight gazed upon the young woman and heard her speech.  He said,"Thank you kindly, lass.  And, if I may, I dedicate this Tournament to you.  The one who has been humble enough to bring me flowers.  You are most kind and most welcome.".  He turned and laid the flowers in his staging area.  He looked up and accross the field.  It seemed that the first event was the Swrodsmanship Event.  Where knights battled and fough with swords, unti one was...defeated. 

He walked out onto the field once more and drew his sword.  He prepared for his first opposed, a slightly larger, in weight, man than himself.  Though his opponent had better skill.; he was not as nimble of foot and the knight rather quickly defeated him by thrusting the sword into him.  It clanked off his armor and the flag that represented his kingdom was raised, singling the end of the match.  The royal flag bearers signaled that he was through to the finals.  He would not have to fight again, until three more rounds had been completed, at least in this event. 

So, to pass the time, the knight went in search of the young woman.  he approached the area where most women stood that were not noble or royal and called out,"Pardon me? But, is the woman that brought me the lovely flowers this morning present?  I to meet her and get to know her name."

Offline Raine Raiden Crossheart

Re: The Knight and his Princess
« Reply #6 on: May 19, 2012, 03:47:11 AM »
The female blushed lightly and nodded before she quickly made her way off the field moments before the match started. She stood on the side lines watching quietly holding her breath as she hoped he would win this match. She smiled and cheered happily when he did in fact win his match. She looked over to another area where a male was shaking his head at her. She groaned softly and sighed as she walked over to him.

The male was rather plainly dressed in a pair of brown pants and brown top in other words commoners clothing to the royal's. He was well built and stood a bit taller then the female that was now standing in front of him. His blue eyes looking down on her making him sigh softly.

"Why do you do this? You know its not safe out in the open for you. So why milady why must you put yourself in danger at all times of the day?" He spoke, his voice stern yet laced with a bit of concern for the female in front of him. His arms crossed over his chest as he waited for her answer.

"I may be in danger all the time but that does not mean I have to have you breathing down my neck at all hours of the day. its not like I can't take care of myself. Anyway I'll be staying here till the end of the tournament so just go back." the female said as she turned and walked back over to where she had been waiting before. The male nodded and turned to leave he would leave her be but would stay close should she need his help.

The female had just walked back over to the rest of the ladies when she heard the knight speak. She altered her direction and walked over to him, she bowed slightly. "that would be me sir knight. My name is Kumiko but you may call me Kumi if you like." She spoke her voice soft and sweet as she stood straight and looked up at him.