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June 21, 2021, 08:32:56 pm

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Author Topic: The Gathering (Part 1 Recruitment+Interest)  (Read 587 times)

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The Gathering (Part 1 Recruitment+Interest)
« on: May 18, 2012, 12:09:32 pm »

Deep in the world where darkness rules and light is nothing more then a memory an ancient evil stirs. Forgotten by all due to times long past it stirs and shakes the world with its awakening. Tremors never felt in the lands scare the population as walls and towers that have stood the tests of time start to crumble and fall. People flock to the kingdoms capitols seeking shelter only to have the very walls that protect them crumble inwards trapping and killing thosands. Kings and Queens are suddenly cut off from the world and the mighty armies march leaderless into the field of battle. Slaining all in their path in an attempt to bring about an order in the chaos the shaking lands have created. War erupts as monsters feeding off the fear of many come out of the darkness and attack settlements and farms that were once protected by guards and soldiers. Terror grips the lands and people retreat to old hollows for shelter.

Only within a few areas have true safety been granted. Five captiol cities based on faith, arcana might, terrian, cunning, and engineering, remain largely untouched. Why these places have been spared no one knows. Some say faith in the most solid foundation, others claim magic can bend the rules of the world, yet an open city without walls or towers shows little fear for a rumbling land, while the cunning trick it to do what they wish, some build around it and craft foundations that master the earth itself. But even these cities show signs of stress and need to discover why the world quakes and shakes. A council has been called for the remaining cities to meet upon a neutral ground in hopes of reaching a reason for the quaking. But who will be selected and will they discover the source of the trouble and bring it to a heel? Only time may tell and that is in short supply. For evil doesn't wait it only hungers for the fear it creates.

The Game
Hello all. Just decided to roll with this idea here and wanted to toss it out to everyone here. See if their is any interest. If so do post the following to show that you have interest. "Yes mi lord" at some point during your first reply. Otherwise I'll know that you didn't really read what I've posted. Anyways this is a simple little game with at timetable upon it. You the character have been selected by one of the five cities to go to a council meeting. You can be any core race of any alignment or class selection. I only want 5 people in this game overall and will not do more then that. Their will be a posting time frame as well. You have 60 hours to post after I have started the game and I will give forwarning when the game is to start. If something comes up that prevents you from posting I accept you to get in touch with me or I will play your character as an NPC to the best of my ability so the other players will not be slowed down. If you do get in touch with my I'll still NPC your character but only based on guidelines you give to me.

I will be using Pathfinder rules for this game and books. If you don't have books just go to google type in pathfinder SRD and go their. Its rathering organized and helpful. The character level will be 4th level for all the people that wish to join and just max your HP for your given class. You have 20 points to spend on abilites using the point buy system. You have a nice sack o gold of about 6000gp. Use it wisely and do buy food. No wonderous items may be purchased. Oh and if you have read this part post "Alright" so I know that you've made it this far in your first post.   

The last thing I'd like to toss in here is the fact that if you create a character within the world I'd like a background. Something believeable and interesting. Course everything you make will be that so just go with what you would like to play. Now if you have questions about the cities use general knowledge. Faith based cities would generate holy warriors and clerics, Mage cities would produce mages and spell users, plain cities would generate rangers, druids or barbarins,  while cunning cities give you sneaky people, and engneering give you fighters and the rest of the classes. If your made it this far also post "ok" on your post. All my sayings that you should post in your first post can be placed anywhere in your first post. Just want to see if so I know that you have read what I've posted here. Shows your more interested.

Create a 4th level character using pathfinder rules and MAX HP with 20 point buy system
Select a city that you came from, faith, arcana, terrian, cunning, or engneering.
Find my sayings and post them in your first post.
Give me a background
Follow the rules.
Ask Questions
Have fun.

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