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Started by seeker619, May 17, 2012, 12:15:51 PM

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WWE Divas- This role play would deal with a veteran diva of your choice and my char(I'd be playing the other diva and maybe some male wrestlers.  After your char wins her match she is knocked out by a cheap shot with a chair over the head.  My char comes in and finishes of the duo that teamed up on you.  Soon a romance between the two woman heats up and they plan their takeover of the WWE.  Or is it all a setup to bring one of the two down.

Forgotten Island- A man veers off course and gets lost during a severe storm.  He winds up stranded on an island.  However this island is inhabited by vicious and wild woman who only want men for sex and labor.  He was lured here.  Does he befriend one of them just to take her hostage after he gets out of his prison cell.  Do the two fall in love and wind up having to fight there way off of the island?  What rituals do they have?  Finally and most likely he will escape on his own and exact his revenge.

The hunt.  A man kidnaps woman to enjoy their flesh for a while before he gets bored.  He tells them they have a fifteen min head start and he will hunt them down and kill them.  Your char finds other woman while on the run but who to trust and who to be wary of.


Actually I only recently started watching it again and that is what brought on the idea.  You can surely play Chyna but I'm afraid I don't know miss Kitty and to try and play her character not knowing her way of speaking fighting style etc I would rather not do that.

I wouldn't mind playing out the master slave bit but I would be a new woman to the WWE.  I would also need to be the dom as I am not much of a sub.  Any other ideas please let me know.  Thanks for writning.

BTW what is a liege?


Thanks again for dropping me a line however I don't think it will work.  The rp was to be based on sub/dom relationships in the wwe and since we are both dom it wouldn't work.  Thanks anyway.