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Author Topic: The hunter's prey.  (Read 589 times)

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Offline shadowrangerTopic starter

The hunter's prey.
« on: May 17, 2012, 06:25:54 AM »
Hello Hello, these are just a few of my idea's. Feel free to Pm me about any of of them with any queries or even if you have an idea of your own.

I will be updating these often as I come up with new plans.
IMPORTANT I've noticed that people tend to have a habit of looking at past posts in roleplays to judge wether they wish to roleplay with a person or not. I am asking that you do not do this with me for a variety of reasons. Depending on my muse, what my partner has given me to work with and the fact that I am fairly new to this type of role playing all factor in my posts. Also, I am looking for people to challenge me so that I may become a better writer, which means if your writing is far more advanced then mine I am going to want to play with you as it gives me a chance to excel and strive for something better then I already have. I understand that this is something that may be considered for mentors and to much trouble but I beg that you take this into consideration. Thank you.

The angels revenge. Non con, Extreme.

He was just so sick of this war, sick of watching his brethren die under the hands of the hated daemons. Sick of humanity being swayed by temptation and all the while his heavenly Father never intervened. He had seen to many, to many pure beings, angels filled with kindness and love deposited at no man's lands in the human realm, dead, tortured, mutilated. He couldn't take it any more!

He had a plan, if he could just capture one of Lucifer's favoured daemons he could bargin for peace and if the evil one did not want his slave back...well then he would simply do as they had done unto his family. He captured many, killed even more but eventually he set his eyes...on her. A succubus of highest standing, the devils personal favourite wondering the mortal realm. No one had heard of her being sighted here for eons and suddenly she was...right there for the taking. Anger burned deep in his chest, revenge would be justified, needed to set right all the wrongs. Then he could go ahead with his plans of bargaining for peace, no one would even know if he kept her, for just a little while.

This can be as dark and angsty as you like, the idea being lots of torture and psychological delving at his inner struggle.

Assassins surprise

He has always been a killer, over time he perfected his art, never getting caught and always evolving. The difference between him and other kills was he was disciplined enough not to kill. It was this discipline that caused him to be a ghost, unseen, undetected and unfathomable. Eventually people came to him with jobs and he turned his hobby into a business.

After years he was offered the highest paying job ever, 50 million for just one girl, that kind of money paid for extras and his client asked for them. When he took her however, she shook him to his core. Never had he met a girl so...perfect for him.

So he takes her, starts with the 'extras' that the client asked for but also starts to learn about the girl. She in turn slowly develops stockold syndrome and falls for him.
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Offline shadowrangerTopic starter

Re: The hunter's prey.
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2012, 06:42:37 AM »
Time twister

She has always been a bit of a geek, devouring every piece of fiction that ever came her way. Falling for every character and spending more then her fair share of time daydreaming. It got her into trouble at school, not with the teachers of course, a bookish straight A student would never break the rules (and get caught) but her peers didn't understand her strange way of just staring off into the distance and the vocab she used was certainly not 'normal'. Eventually it got so bad that her perants placed her in martial arts classes in order to defend herself and slowly she learnt to be focused and disciplined, at least when it suited her.

But she never stopped dreaming.

So what happens when she is walking home from a friends after celebrating the end of school and blacks out, only to find herself in a strange land that reminds her of...well a fantasy novel?

Offline shadowrangerTopic starter

Re: The hunter's prey.
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2012, 11:53:31 PM »
Boredom leads to corruption.

Life has always been good for Sasha, she coasted her way through school, moved out of home at 17, got herself a job at a quirky coffee shop and started taking a Psychology Major at university. Her family moved away and she was given freedom and independence, never having to answer to anyone for her actions. But the novelty soon wore off, she broke up with her boyfriend and despite dancing almost every night at her dance studio she found herself...bored. Until he walked into her life. A late 20's PHD student who was now her tutor for her class in personality and life styles psychology he was quiet and commanding, slightly bookish but tall and it was easy to see his well defined muscles when he took his jacket off. It wasn't just the physical aspects that enthralled her, it was the clearly dominating presence, the intelligence that sparkled in his eyes and the razor sharp wit that he used to keep his class in line.

In a matter of weeks she was obsessed. She just had to know more about him and the more she thought about the more he intrigued her. Finally she had something to challenge her mind and force her to think as opposed to effortlessly doing well no matter class she entered. Eventually she found out he had a girlfriend and for all of a few moments she felt dispair. Then it no longer mattered, she had to know him. What lengths would she go to in order for him to notice her? What would she do in order to get him to furfill her fantasies?

Offline shadowrangerTopic starter

Re: The hunter's prey.
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2012, 05:08:21 AM »
FANDOMS! *whooooooo*

Stargate SG -1

I would ideally like something along the lines of the team gets captured in one of the planets they are exploring by a strange race who have escaped the notice of the Goa'uld (so set in the early seasons before the replica's) and each of them are sent to different places in order to keep them from forming a plan of escape. In his prison, one of the men of the team (happy to negotiate between Jack, Danial and Teal'c) find a young slave girl of a strange race and befriends her. While he is ordered to do unspeakable things to her for his new masters amusement the two befriend each other and eventually she gathers information about the rest of the team in an attempt to gain freedom. Will they escape this horrid planet together or will they get caught and punished?

Happy to talk about other plot's for this fandom as I am seriously craving it right now!
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