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Author Topic: Kristen's idea thread. New character motivation... 'Chameleon'  (Read 1540 times)

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Offline KristenTopic starter

Alright... I've been toying around with creating another character that would make sense in an assassin-predator type role.

Name (Tentative): Chameleon (or The Illusionist).

Brief ability outline: Chameleon's glasses are hyper-analytic. Statistically coherent it can be programed to provide varying types of setting (surroundings) information intensifying or faltering in degree of detail. They operate on a scanning system, almost a la 'Ironman' ... only... thoroughly lacking in Jarvis's witty conversational skills.

Chameleon's clothing is has been altered. The fabric can consistently shift color with the aid of a wristwatch type device. Thought had gone into generating an outfit that could intensify and become bullet proof but it has yet proven impossible to find a way of doing it without defeating the purpose. Another interesting trait about the outfit is that it can expand slightly. The extremities of only certain outfit pieces are altered for expansion.

This is to say... a tank-top, at the tap of a wrist could begin to expand... the extremities of the fabric near the shoulders beginning to expand until it has become a t-shirt... what's more, it can continue to expand until the sleeves have lengthened into a full on shirt. Each item of clothing has very specific elements of it's expansion built in... chameleon might want the arm extensions of a short shirt to expand, but not the lower extremity of the clothing piece. She may wear a set of gym shorts that can expand downward along her legs until they now look exactly like identically coloured leggings.

She may have a swimming one-piece that can expand at either end of her arms as well as the end down at her thighs. What would be a low-cut single-piece swim-suit could logistically expand into a body-tight scuba-diving apparent outfit.

The product she creates this clothing out of is based on regenerative growth. The clothing itself almost cellular in how it responds to her device's command.

Typical characteristics: Chameleon is a glorified assassin but she considers herself more of a gofer... she goes for this... she goes for that. Her fighting is exceptional, but her operating procedure is generally geared towards escape. She naturally blends into the crowd. When she has the feeling of being followed, she sets a route walk into motion. She moves from place to place, generally attempting to locate her own pursuer once she figures she has, she begins to adjust her outfit as darkness and visual interruption allow.

She might walk into a building's restroom... and walk out seconds later with retracted attire, her pants now a pair of shorts, her original long-sleeved black shirt now a red short-sleeved one... and she begins to jog. She smiles, waves... continues jogging. If still being pursued, she makes another alteration... it could be something as simple as color. She could apply a pony-tail... adjust her outfit once more. The secret is timing. Obviously... in a crowd she cannot activate her material when it would draw attention, but there are always places... dark locations that remain just subtly sheltered from view in any given place. The quickness with which her clothes can change allows for her to become very difficult to track based on description of clothing or even hair color.

Similarly... Chameleon implements the same tactics to pursue her own prey. She follows them... often altering her own appearance enough to not set off any subconscious alarms. The mind might recognize a face after all... but it recognizes an outfit first... or it could be a particular hair-style... a scar that stands out... anything really. Otherwise the mind is subject to tormenting double guesses. The... 'have I seen you around before?' mentality.

Chameleon doesn't have a network of criminals that work for her... as such she accepts she must work 'for' others in order to be able to 'work' at all. Her own goals will always be her primary interest, but unlike many well founded villains who have the means and wealth to pursue their every desire, much of Chameleon's time is spent doing 'contract' work for bigger players. She siphons off resources, intelligence and items of interest as opportunities allow. By working freelance, she is able to often play one side against another and relies on her ability to not get caught in the act.

Her most used method is the typical 'double cross'. Tedious peace between two gangs based on a 'coordinated effort' that has them not necessarily liking each other, but forcing them to trust each other often result in a chaotic end. A shootout... no lingering survivors... and one group is always found 'missing' from the scene. Most importantly... the money, drugs or item being acquired or exchanged is also gone with no one to account for it.

Chameleon's deceit is self-perpetuating. By taking the role of the servant... she positions herself to influence the decisions of those who run the gangs she does freelance for. By not being in any position of authority whatsoever, Chameleon maintains an image of innocence or at least, professional integrity. Those who may attempt to kill her out of paranoia that she knows something can be easily killed by her and her kill will be respected by the other gangs who understand her value and ability to defend herself. This is a freedom she could not have in a position of power. A gang leader is not accorded the same professional courtesy... if he is killed, it simply shows he couldn't handle his gang. If he chooses to kill another, even in self defense or defense of a loved one... his position of authority will often bring his whole gang into the line of fire of another gang who took offense to the action.

Be it a spying task... an intimidation visit... a kidnapping... an escort of categorically illegal transports...  or even clean-up assignments, Chameleon positions herself ideally to service her own desires while being officially 'ordered' to be present by another.

- Visiting a rival gang's leader. These are not her people... in fact, in the absence of having people of her own... Chameleon thrives on playing one gang against another.

Here, Chameleon is collecting a new weapon being prepared for her. It's a hand held automatic with a new feature. The weapon is loaded normally, but in a thin compartment to the left of the handle, a retractable blade has been added. Chameleon can fire the gun... and when out of ammo, she can use her thumb to activate the emerging of the blade that protrudes from the bottom of the gun's handle. She then has the top of her otherwise typical gun but out of the bottom, a modest foot-long blade is available for instant use. The top of the gun can be 'ejected' to allow for the guns handle to be more 'comfortably' held. After the fight, the blade is retracted, and the gun can be assembled once more.

This is a gun that a particular gang that specializes in employing 'crooked cops' would be very interested in having. The appeal to this gun is the opportunity to demand obedience, the stillness of the soon-to-be-victim and their cooperation with the barrel of the gun pointed at them. At the last minute, the emerging blade can be used in order to quickly and (most importantly...) quietly kill the victim without a single shot fired.


Unfortunately... one cannot serve every side without arousing suspicion. Things can only go missing for so long... double crosses can only happen so often before inquiring minds will insist upon questioning you. A great mistake in times like this is to act as a sovereign, to refuse to participate... to refuse to subject yourself to their investigation. Yes... so stupid. As point of fact... while most killings in a gang-related confrontation could be categorized as 'just business'... as nothing personal... a staggering number still remains of kills that are indeed personal. Some of the personal kills are competitors... others are killing of your own as a result of betrayal or even failure; but... ironically enough, alot of personal killings are done to freelance workers who don't know their place.

A freelance worker must know their role... they can't expect the 'protection' of being 'respected' by all sides and yet, refuse to submit themselves to standard questioning. A freelance worker who does that will make no one happy... and someone very angry. A freelance worker who insults a strong leader might amuse their competitor, but if they do it, they had better be sure they're gaining a friend because the gang leader they offend will not be so quick to forgive the insult.

Chameleon understands this rule best of all... if she wants to be a boss, she must be a boss. That brings it's own risks. If she isn't going to be a boss, she can't afford to act like one. Chameleon is a villain who understands the role she has chosen to undertake, and in so doing, she specializes in manipulation, even in places where she may be thought to be utterly compromised. Fear on her face... a sharp hitch in her breath, a single tear or a deep held inhale before speaking, maybe even the flinching of her eyes as though struggling to speak truthfully... these can all be very useful tools in bringing her 'interrogator' to believe exactly what she wants him to.

Scenario #2... Speaking of being a manipulative specialist focused more on deception and snake-like behavior rather than 'sovereign' command or authority... Chameleon can also make for very appealing bait if one suspects that a hero/heroine is onto them.

This isn't so much her fault as it is yours. She's just completed her infiltration and removed the 3 stationed guards. Upon taking the few minutes it requires to break into the system she's infiltrating, you just happened to walk in on her. Maybe you were wondering where the guards were? Maybe you needed something from that room as well?

Wrong place.

Wrong time.

Now you're Chameleon's 4th problem...

Heaven help you if she doesn't think she can believe you're as surprised to see her as she is to see you.

Well... not being entirely trusted always makes for a rather theatrical appearance when you're meeting a very important 'somebody' who insist on protecting themselves with a bunch of highly armed 'nobodies'. Still... a 'nobody' with a big gun and sufficient body-armor to make your own killing strike questionable is very quickly evolving into a 'nobody' that warrants your momentary obedience. Still... she'd be lying if she said she was never nervous during these entrances.

In a sea of nobodies, you can always tell who the 'wanna-be-somebodies' are. Young... ambitious... cocky smile... sense of entitlement. They might make your stomach turn from time to time but honestly...?

-... these are the guys you find easiest to manipulate. So passionate, so proud... so... easily heated.

"Little old me? Would I be up to no good?"

"I mean... are you absolutely sure you want to tell me I shouldn't be in here? The men standing outside had a similar message for me and well... they're uh..."

"Oh my dear... one doesn't shoot the rabbit while in it's cage. No... you must unlock the cage, sound the horn and give the poor creature a head start."

... It's just not sporting otherwise."

The city is not big enough for you to hide from me... so run little Rabbit. Run.

"Now... let's play our game."
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Re: Kristen's idea thread. Re-imagining how Poison Ivy came to be.
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I think it finally worked haha.