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Author Topic: Story Requests [F seeking either M/F or M/M stories]  (Read 3295 times)

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Story Requests [F seeking either M/F or M/M stories]
« on: May 16, 2012, 11:26:08 PM »
Story Requests

*Selectively open to both m/m and m/f storylines. Ideas that currently interest me the most are in Green

*If you have another idea, and you feel like we would line up well as writing partners, feel free to message me. Most of the time I'm only seeking m/m storylines however.

* I've included a basic sketch of someone who might play well in a certain scenario, but I'm pretty open to discussion about what all goes on. My plots are very loose sketches and I would much rather edit and tweedle them to make a good story than be stuck to any one particular idea. Interactions between characters will always affect the direction things take. Fluidity is one of the things I like about roleplaying.

* If you see a character of mine you like that I don't have a storyline listed for (or if you want to suggest one) feel free to message me to talk about it. I'm pretty much always happy to kick around story ideas. I may or may not be interested.

* Feel free to check out my Wiki page or my Ons/Offs thread.

* For examples of some of my stories, here are a few of them.  All of my active stories are listed on my wiki.

Story Style:

I prefer character-driven RP to charting out every single plot point.

I greatly prefer slow rp's, character development, building a relationship between our characters. I don't generally play one-shots.

I'm not that interested in playing opposite a character whose primary characteristic is anxiety.

Posting Style:

My general 'sweet spot' for RP posts is between 3 and 6 paragraphs. Brevity may be the source of wit, but it can be very difficult to respond to when there's nothing moving the action forward.

I don’t like to be poked and prodded for posts. I find it very annoying, and that will kill a roleplay for me very quickly. I also don’t poke and prod at people to post, take your time.

If you get bored/unenthused/blocked/don't like where a story is going, please just say something. Even if it's that you're tired of it and want to call it quits. I'd much rather know than not. :) No hard feelings. I usually consider the first 10-15 posts as a trial period to see if a story gels or not. Sometimes you never know until you try. If we get to 10 posts and you're not feeling it no harm no foul, at least we gave it a go. :)

I only RP on forums, no PM, no IM. Writing partners or other folks are of course welcome to pop in and say hi on IM's though. Sometimes it's easier to plan that way in real time.

M/F Ideas: Seeking male characters

Freedom Fighter Taken - Rubicon
Scene: Either modern United States, or 1960’s US.
Playing with: Maggie
Sketch: Maggie is a drifter and music junkie, tied to protests, concerts, and general rabble-rousing. The police are called on her while she's camping out in a local parking lot and a local cop offers her a job working around his place, rather than just sending her down the line.
Notes: Looking for a fairly genial or passionate police officer. The character of Maggie is an anarchist, if this is a personal issue for folks (I don't know why, but apparently it can be) then just nevermind this request.

On the Diagonal
Playing with: Maggie.
Sketch: Essentially, I'd like to play out a storyline based on the world of The Stand, with you playing Nick Andros (preferred) or a male original character. I want to fiddle around with events from the book (such as, having certain main character not die.) I have a terrible craving for something like this at the moment, though I might be a little fussy about it.
Notes: Obviously it helps to have read the book at least once. I'm happy to refresh details, and if the person playing Nick would like, I have some ideas to alter his handicaps throughout the story. Once again, see note about Maggie vis a vis anarchy.

M/F Ideas:Seeking female characters.

Arranged marriage
Scene: Victorian/Edwardian England
Playing with: Lee Rothschild
Sketch: It's a time when arranged marriages, or at least orchestrated marriages were fairly common. This would be two people who don't know each other, thrown together by fortune and circumstance to try and build a life together. In Lee's case his family has loads of money, but an incredibly new title and his family would seek to pair him with a woman from a well established aristocratic family who may have fallen on harder financial times.

M/M ideas:

Scene: 1940's-1960's, small town
Playing with: (Flexible)
Sketch: It's a time in the world when being out of the closet simply isn't an option. Maybe your character is married but still has feelings for other men, going through anonymous hookups in bars until meeting someone he can't just walk away from.  Maybe a young man and his wife move to the suburbs and he falls for the gardener. Maybe your character works for the government and faces being fired if he's revealed to be gay. Maybe two characters meet in a 're-education' camp.
Notes: I could go a lot of ways with this (clearly) but mostly I like the time period and taboo-ness of being in the closet, and the push and pull against societal 'norms.' This is the age of the second world war, McCarthyism, integration, the Korean War, MLK, JFK, Vietnam, Rosa Parks, the beginning of the Cold War, atomic testing, threats of communism, nationalism. A lot of deep story fodder to play with, I'm not willing to do a 'fluff' piece.
I might also consider playing this story as a F/F piece.

Vietnam and the Wonder Years - Taken by MonkeyBee
Scene: Either a military story, set in Vietnam during the war, or California after the war.
Playing with:Ray Feoras
Sketch: I have in mind to play a Green Beret, either during the war, playing alongside a fellow soldier, or just after returning home from the war. In the returning home scenario, I think it would be more dynamic to play opposite a less militial/more peace oriented character.
Notes: I am not a historian. I do lazy research, such as can be gleaned from movies and tv shows. If you've read The Things They Carried and have seen Good Morning Vietnam then you know about as much as I do. I'm more than happy to fill in blanks, and with all stories I research as I go. So, it's not necessary to know a huge amount about the Vietnam war to play. If playing a civilian or a young soldier, they probably would know very little about what was going on anyway.

M/M or M/F

Scene: England 1850's-1920's
Playing with: Lee Rothschild
[Sketch:[/b] This story would play on the nature of a relationship between the upstairs of a house (Lee) and one of the staff from the house. The character could be a male valet or footman, or one of the maids in the house, if the opposite character is female. Either way makes for a very different story

More than meets the eye
Scene: BDSM convention
Playing with: Ylen Godart
Sketch: I’d like to do a somewhat backwards roleplay. Two characters meet at a kink convention (may or may not play together straight away), and decide to go out more conventionally. Your character maybe is not as open about his lifestyle or out of the closet yet, or has always been curious about the darker side of things and is looking for the opportunity to try out his hidden desires. I’d like to play with collaring, training something of that ilk.
Notes: Looking for a Dom male character most likely, possibly a female Domme. I'd like to play with some of the psychological aspects of kink in this story. I know everyone and their brother is looking for a Dom, but I figured I’d throw this one out there just in case.

Scene: Either a pre-agricultural, prehistoric world, or a non-agricultural hunter gatherer society of indeterminate time.
Sketch: I think it would be very interesting to play a story outside of typical modern constraints and conveniences, in a society that developed independently of modern ‘Taker’ society, people who live closer to the earth and might be considered less ‘civilized’ by modern standards. I could also see this as a post-apocalyptic story, after civilization has crumbled. The terms 'Leavers' and 'Takers' are lifted from Ishmael, to serve as a general backdrop of the kinds of worlds the terms represent.

Unstuck in Time
Scene: Either modern day (with an old world transplant) or some other time period with a modern transplant.
Sketch: One of two directions, either a spell or a glitch of time/space brings a character from the past into the modern day and they’re forced to navigate the modern world of technology and possibly try to get home or decide to stay. Or, a modern day character experiments with time travel and ends up in the land of Ago, and has to either try to blend in to find a way home, or maybe ends up stuck where they land.

Fandoms/Tropes/Unformed settings:

The Stand - I'd prefer original characters, but might be flexible. m/m or m/f
Vampires (provided they do not sparkle)
Military m/m
Downton Abbey
Mad Men
The L Word
Star Trek-verse (particularly anything involving Spock)
Lord of the Rings
Master/servant or Lady/footman - in a Victorian/Romantic era sense, not necessarily a bdsm sense (though flexible) m/m or m/f
Post-apocalyptic stories, survivalist.
Fantasy, although my general ideas about how that goes are apparently atypical. Low or High Fantasy, although my preference is for high.
X-Men - (if someone wanted to play Nightcrawler, that would be bomb-dot-com)
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« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2012, 09:41:16 PM »
Click character photos for wiki profiles. :)

Name:Ray Feoras
Orientation:Gay or straight (depending on storyline)
Sexual Nature: Dominant/Kinky/Caring
Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, he likes to read. Moody and prone to depression or personality disorders.
Name: Aiko Chen
Orientation: Straight
Sexual Nature: Submissive/Masochist/Slave
Personality: Happy to serve, a bit spoiled, likes to be pampered and doted on. Usually played as a succubus.
Name: Sitri
Orientation: Straight
Sexual Nature: Very flexible, generally more dominant than not.
Personality: Very gentle and loving, he loves people of all kinds, particularly poets. An incubus.
Name: Lee Rothschild
Orientation: Flexible
Sexual Nature: Dominant/Kinky/Sadist
Personality: Lee can be very bossy and self centered, and loves pretty things and collecting them.
Name: Ylen Godart
Orientation: Pansexual
Sexual Nature: Submissive/Masochist/Kinky
Personality: Very intelligent and comfortable with his kinks and sexuality. Extremely tightly wound and organized, bit of a workaholic. Very passionate about music.
Name: Jos Kincaide
Orientation: Bi
Sexual Nature: Vanilla/playful/switchy
Personality: Playful and silly, he likes toys. Can be a little childish, but very mellow.
Name: Aaron Kincaide
Orientation: Straight (Can be bi depending on storyline)
Sexual Nature: Dominant/Vanilla
Personality: All-American, kind of a jock, generous, giving, slow to open up to people.
Name: Maggie English
Orientation: Straight/Heteroflexible
Sexual Nature: Mostly vanilla/flexible/open-minded
Personality: Mouthy, anarchist, dislikes rules.
Name: Lola Reyes
Orientation: Straight
Sexual Nature: Vanilla/Submissive
Personality: Spirited and confident, she likes to take care of people and be taken care of.
Name: Dominic Tavares
Orientation: Gay
Sexual Nature: Dominant/Kinky
Personality: Takes no bullshit, can be very warm, very artistic he likes to create beautiful things out of neglected areas.
Name: Alex Williams
Sexual Nature: Kinky, submissive, bratty
Personality: Playful, stubborn, mouthy, a little lazy. Likes yo-yos.
Name: David Anderson
Orientation: Gay/Bi
Sexual Nature: Dominant/Kinky/Sadist
Personality:Hard working, a little controlling, tendency to be an alcoholic (potentially in or out of recovery) and a terrible tease.
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Plotbunny Changelong
« Reply #2 on: January 12, 2013, 02:19:01 AM »
*Updated current cravings.
*Added Roommate Wanted
*Removed Boardman Academy
*Closed This Time Next Year

*Removed several storylines which no longer interest me or are taken
*Added Vietnam and the Wonder Years and fleshed out story idea.
*Removed Standom plots for now.
*Updated current cravings.
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Re: Story Requests [F seeking either M/F or M/M stories]
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2016, 09:56:01 PM »
* Removed a few old topics that no longer interest me.
* Added Arranged Marriage, and Upstairs - Downstairs story ideas
* Added color coding to ideas.