Why can I see the one on one requests board?

Started by Teo Torriatte, May 16, 2012, 05:18:34 PM

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Teo Torriatte

I'm just curious about this... if unapproved members can't post a new request nor reply to any requests, what is the point of letting me see it? I hope I'm not ruffling any feathers by asking this, it is just that it seems like kind of a tease. Unless that is actually the point and I just answered my own question.  ;)


It's to give new members an idea of the roleplay available on our site. :)

Star Safyre

For the record, there are also multiple request boards that are not visible to the public or unapproved members.  Don't go thinking we lay all our goods on the front doormat.  ;)
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Most of us don't. Star does, though... don't let her fool you...

Teo Torriatte

Thank you both for your replies to my question. In fact it was posts in that board that showed up in a search engine that led me to finding this site to begin with.