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June 29, 2022, 01:53:52 am

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Author Topic: Lycan's Lusting for Exotic Experiments! (Light, NC, BON Exotic Solos!)  (Read 848 times)

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Okay, my muse is alight with ideas, so I'll be trying to make a comeback! My tastes have expanded, and now I wish to delve into some more exotic breeds for fucking. But before we get to that, some important notes:

1) I work a job, run some system roleplays on Skype, play various games obsessively, spend time with my boyfriend, ect. That means that I will not be a rapid poster. I'm gonna try to hit 1-2 paragraphs a post and 1-2 posts per week. I MIGHT do more if I get inspired, but I can't promise anything more than that.

2) I LOVE plotting with people! That's the one way to get me super excited for the story is to plot. Working with people to build a world, an interesting conflict, weave together plot elements, ect, will help my muse get writing. I do want sex to be a focal point, so the challenge is to write the sex as an important part of the plot. I also enjoy epic scale stories. Things like saving the country/world/universe, fighting wars, starting rebellion, unraveling conspiracies, all make for tons of fun. Big, awesome stuff!

3) Please read either my Ons and Offs matrix OR my O/O thread. The matrix has the absolute basics of my preferences, whereas the thread goes into more detail. A few things are negotiable, but these things are NON-NEGOTIABLE: vore of any kind, scat/watersports, guro, gore, incest, inflation, necrophilia. Do not ask me about them.

And now... ON WITH THE IDEAS! All stories can be done with any combination of genders involved. I will play male, female, and anything in between! I have the most experience playing as submissive women, but I can do more.

Idea 1: Centaurs

For this, I want to rip off the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron with the basic plot. A herd of centaurs are living freely in the untamed wilds, when a female centaur (played by me) is found and captured by humans. That's all I have on the story so far, but I like this idea a lot. The other race doesn't have to be humans, as a two legged furry race, elves, orcs, whatever suits your fancy.

Idea 2: Merfolk

Not quite sure what to do story wise, but do want. Will fill in with info once I get an idea.

Idea 3: Tentacles

There are a few variations of this idea that I'd be willing to try. I can either play as a monster girl with tentacles, or be the victim. Right now the idea I have in my head has to do with an archeologist woman who accidentally unleashes an ancient beast. Definitely wanna develop this one out more.

Idea 4: Naga

I don't have a proper story idea for this either, but I do want to rp this. Will fill in with info once I get an idea.

Idea 5: Futanari

I have very, very little experience with this on either end, so ideas are highly recommended.

Bring on the ideas!