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Author Topic: Rp story ideas (F looking for M)  (Read 675 times)

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Offline Lady ScytheTopic starter

Rp story ideas (F looking for M)
« on: May 15, 2012, 05:41:09 PM »
Well, it appears I have ALOT of available time as of late. And I'm a bit of a writer (even outside of this site) so it gets my blood pumping to write and live my stories. So I'll try my hand at a few story pitches, and see if I get a bite.

---I need a superhero-----
A young girl. Of only 17. Doomed to be a social outcast for her weird abilities. Lilith. A dark girl of dark powers. The ability to summon demons was always hers. To control the darkness that threatened to consume her. Now she was lost in a world of chaos. An unforgiving world, out to destroy innocence. Not that she had any to spare. And now that the world has taken the only thing she cared about, Robbie, she didn't even care enough to even WANT to control her powers. Now everyone is out to get her, for their own gain.
If only superheroes were real.  ----TAKEN----

------into the future, but back to the past---
A space and military explorer, Rikka finds herself on a new planet. Looking for new energy sources for her people and those still occupying earth, she adventure out on this new, uncharted planet with only her "stunbox" with her. It carries her little computer personality (also her ships personality) with it. After stumbling upon a seemingly intelligent "barbarian" in leather pants and with a mighty sword, Rikka finds herself stunned. and eventually without her stunbox. This barbarian seems a little grabby and possessive for Rikka's liking.. She seems to have found herself in a shit ton of trouble.----Taken----

----Not so simple is it fucking fairy boy---
Shell never liked those fucking vampire legends. And twilight annoyed her to no end. A bunch of pathetic fairies were what those guys were. She never saw the appeal. Who wanted to live forever? and while blood was cool she never wanted to ingest it. So when these "Bad boys" showed up at her high school,, she payed them no mind. Not even interested. All the girls flocked to them though. It was sickening.

But she couldn't keep one of them from staring at her. It was kind of creepy really. And it's not like she didn't have her own problems. Some freaky shit had been going around with her body and  around her. So she didn't have time for the pretty boys.

Something strange was going on in this town and she was determined to find out what.

----Mass of sexually--
Pretty self explanatory, I love the game, would love to do some OC, with the main character and an OC character of mine.
I would actually like to pair up with a Turian. -----Taken-----

Well, if you have ever watched tribetwelve. if you haven't i hope to persuade you to at least read the wiki. I wanted to do my spin off of it with a sexual twist, pretty much, slenderman designates my female character as his companion.

These are all kept vague so to build upon them and so we can talk out what you and i would like to do with the stories

Message me if you see something you like. I'm an avid writer, and I do paragraphs and paragraphs of work. I would appreciate if any rp partner I have puts in a good effort, you don't have to match me, but just be thorough and semi-decent length with responses, I can only work with what you give me.

Check out my posts and see if you are interested

-Love you all, Adelaide
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Offline Lady ScytheTopic starter

Re: Rp story ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2012, 08:57:13 PM »
Addition *
I would like to do a twist on the witchblade series. I would like to continue where the anime left off :)

Offline Lady ScytheTopic starter

Re: Rp story ideas (F looking for M)
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2012, 09:29:26 AM »
Another edition****

I had started an rp with someone, but they found they couldn't really "kick it off" and now it's been stuck in my head and i'd really like to continue it, if possible. I could show you the back and forth posts (there were only a few) to show you where we were at,

I'll post the link to the roleplay here:

We could start it over, and i'd keep similar elements

I'd like to find an equally as thorough poster, this rp has been nagging at my head for the last two days
The original roleplayer said he couldn't do it justice and he kindly declined further roleplaying for this story. :)
Message me if you are inerested