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Author Topic: The World of Ora (Closed)  (Read 5173 times)

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Offline DariusfallenstarTopic starter

The World of Ora (Closed)
« on: May 14, 2012, 09:19:59 PM »
Game Closure Notice

I've been contacted by two players with concerns that they are uncertain how to continue posting or fit in. This, in tandem with the fact that my schedule is growing increasingly tight, too tight to recruit new players or introduce reasons for reluctant players to adventure in the current group, has led me to decide to end this campaign.

For those of you who were regular posters and truly enjoyed playing, I'm sorry. Perhaps I'll try this again in the future.

The game page is available here. Please do not post in it unless you're a confirmed player, but feel free to use the additional information to inform your choices, if you so desire.

I'm interested in running a small group of no more than four or five players in a D&D-based, roll-less game set in the World of Ora (details included below). Ideally, the format would center around a small adventuring party along with a fourth or fifth character, portrayed by me. I've had 15+ years of experience running table top games, but never ventured out into the forum-version of it before, so I'm going to start gingerly, with fairly strict requirements before relaxing into a more comfortable structure.

  • Everyone should be comfortable writing 250+ word posts if called upon to do so. I expect descriptiveness and detail, without bogging the group down too much. Anything over a page, unless appropriate, would be too much. Please be comfortable and confident with your grammar and punctuation; I'd like participants to be on roughly the same level of skill, so feel free to review the post style of active members (via the link above) to determine whether or not you'd be a good fit. 
  • I'd like participants to pick a race and class and create their character based on *how the player thinks the class/abilities would manifest* and not on the "per-the-rules" format that I'd use in a standard D&D game. My aim is to give everyone freedom of expression, within a formal structure. The power level of the game will be moderate (for those experienced with table top games, think of your characters as being around level 8 to 10, out of 20). I welcome every participant to have their own unique backstory that may or may not be cannon in the world. If you want to make it fit better, discuss it with me on the side.
  • Participants should be able to post twice a week and expect me to respond at least four or five times, to keep things rolling. Because I won't be including rolls, I expect everyone to play fairly and would prefer players willing to discuss questionable moments during conflict via some form of chat service. For example: if your character is not very strong and you're engaged in a contest of strength with a monster, either bow to the situation and lose, or send me an IM to discuss the outcome. I want to run a game where player death can happen, but it should be fairly rare.
  • Finally, I run what I consider to be a "living" world; I run a table-top game in real life and the events of that group and groups before may influence the world around the forum and vice-versa. The idea of weaving the stories together (albeit separately) intrigues me and I hope anyone interested in playing would feel similarly piqued. 

Obviously, because I come to E for erotic roleplay, I expect there to be far more opportunities for sexual interactions and magic than in a standard table-top game. Please propose characters that suit such an ideal, either in this thread or to me via email. I will only approve characters that I feel fit a group (so feel free to discuss makeup here) and players whose style fits the story I'd like us to weave together.

Fetishes Explored: I don't want to limit any fetishes in scenario. That said, I don't want something that turns into Bible Black or ubah-smutty Hentai.

Setting Summary
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Ora is a world of high magic with a massive background that will not be entirely divulged here. If you'd like to discuss possible character backgrounds and how they would work in the world, please message me privately so I can fill you in on what you should know, rather than info-dumping you.

Level of Magic

Ora is a world rich with magic. The Creation Stone (a powerful and holy magical item that resides in the city of Accord) allowed a multitude of unique types of supernatural to spring into existence, some of which overlap with arcane/divine magic and some which do not. That said, the vast majority of people have no special powers (other than those native to their race).

Players can expect there to be the traditional D&D tropes: wizards in towers, clerics in temples, psions in meditation, etc. On top of that, there are individuals who have been Gifted with unique powers from the Creation Stone. These powers can be as unique as knowing the maps of all the oceans, or Bloodline Gifts that influence an entire family, granting them unique insight or abilities. Some, rare and powerful, Gifts unlock entire new types of power, such as the awesome Exo-Mage.

On top of this, the world’s proximity to the Elemental Plane has given rise to a whole series of elementally-touched races and classes.

At times the cities of the world have known great prosperity and amazing enhancements: messages that automatically traveled from continent to continent for a small fee, and so forth. Vast wars and chaos has changed that, bringing much of the state of the world into what we might consider a typical fantasy setting, with evidence of ancient wonders and high magic lurking here and there.

The Gods of the world are Distant and their influence is felt only through their Clerics, who are often guided by Prophets. Prophets alone have the ability to somewhat communicate with the Gods, and even then, the results are often murky.

Level of Technology

Ora’s technology level varies widely. Reclusive Gnomes and Dwarves have access to some of what we might consider “modern” marvels, and the Lords of Hell created space ships. Most technology is kept close to a races’ vest, though: Dwarves don’t share their information and Gnomes are well-known to be insane. The Lords of Hell and all of their technology has been suppressed or destroyed. Humans and Elves rely mostly on magic, not technology. The Dulosians rely on art and creativity and, as such, have some advanced technology, but most is backed by supernatural influence. The Force Lords use the Altrichar to fuel mechanical devices that do amazing things, and the Jun use potential and mystic thurgy to empower artifacts that should not work.

Overall, the racial disconnect and reliance on magic has kept the broad technology of Ora at the late middle ages with a few caveats: Most people in civilized cities can read, disease is relatively uncommon, and health care (via common magics) is at an incomparable level. If not for all the wars and evil in the world, Ora might grow to become a truly great place with a fusion of technology and magic.


As stated above, the average commoner could expect to live a long and relatively comfortable life (albeit without magic or wealth) if not for wars. Though they are poor, most commoners expect a solid level of care from local Druids, Clerics, or simply Gifted Healers. Not all care comes without a price, of course, but it is available. In addition, because the world is so old, knowledge of anatomy, biology, and chemistry is at a level several hundred years past the typical middle ages fantasy locale – healers can do much more than set bones, especially with a little magic to aid them.

Distribution of Knowledge

Most knowledge, like wealth, resides in the large cities and among the mercantile and wealthy class. The Bardic College, various Arcane Universities, and traveling scholars facilitate a broad availability of learning, provided commoners have the time and wherewithal to learn. Most communities of note are big enough to have school teachers of some sort within them; as a result, a certain (very basic) knowledge is known to most. This includes the basic laws of the land (don’t steal, don’t kill, etc.), along with how to read and write and some knowledge in the commoner’s area of life (a commoner might get advanced training in farming, for example).

Most people of a given race will know the dominant Gods of the geographic area they are from, along with a few specific laws. Because the Gods are considered Absent, however, God Worship has fallen into extreme disfavor among the mass populace. In cities with a temple or Cleric stationed there, this trend is reversed, but primarily because the Cleric can display real power, and not because the commoner’s genuinely love/admire the God the given individual represents.

It is not uncommon for someone who worships X God to enter a city and find out no one there has heard of the deity in question.


Trade is dangerous but very profitable. Most trade is concentrated among a few very wealthy merchants who guard their wagons well. Travel along long roads almost guarantees some form of assault, either by homeless bandits (from recent wars), rogues, or some sort of monster.

The least dangerous and most profitable form of trade has normally been by Sea, but there are troubles with that, now.

Racial Distribution

The majority of people in the Alliance are human, though the most populace race on Aeyun is the Shadow Legion, closely followed by the Chosen. No numbers are known of the other continents, though it is known that there may be as few as 100 Force Lords left alive, of which 20 or fewer are of the original stock.


Ora is a world with a history of a series of evils, most of which were banished or suppressed but rarely defeated. Curses, ancient catacombs and lairs, unique and chaos-touched monstrosities, and impossibly tortured animals litter the landscape, in addition to the normal bandits and naughty “civilized” races.

Races Available. (Request further details if interested)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
• Blooded: Race with an innate ability to manipulate and sense blood
• Brial: Utterly adorable, small-sized, fun-loving people who indulge in mischief.
• Elecrian: Cat-like creatures evolved to have innate healing powers
• Earthen: Sentient hybrids of animals and rocks; considered “revered” by the Dwarves
• Dulosian: Over-sized humans capable of expressing supernatural powers through artistic and passionate displays
• Imbued: Humanoid race with the ability to exert their will over events around them. They are the sons and daughters of the Golden Lords.
• Childe of Greatness: Spawn of an ideal, power, or God. Highly mutable, may include level adjustment. 2+ years of roleplay experience required.
• Chosen: Elaborate, paladin-like warrior class with extensive supernatural abilities.
• Jun: Humanoid Asian-Based race with the ability to effect chance.
• Myregar: Metallic aliens capable of absorbing magical properties from ores they consume.
• Sarard: Half-shadow people with shadow-based abilities.
• Steel Elf: Archers/assassins. Specializing in trick arrows/shots, similar to elves in second edition DnD.
• Specialty Elves: Blood (insane elves), Ice, Nightmare (read and cause nightmares), Rock, Sound, Steel, and Wind.
• Specialty Dwarves: Blood, Earth, Fire, Ice and Night
• Visigniat: Naturally evolving hybrids of plants and animals; considered “revered” by the Elves.
• Humans, regular elves, Drow, Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings

Classes Available (Request further details if interested)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Note: List does not include prestige classes available to custom classes, of which there are at least one, if not more, for most of these. Elemental Knights, for example, can prestige into “Mage Knights” and “Magma Knights” among others. If you request information about a specific class, I’ll just email you the whole list for review.
• Chosen Specialty Classes (Chosen Only).  As my “pet” class, the Chosen are extremely versatile, but within the framework of being militaristic and extremely driven.
• Elementalist: Casting Class. Core class is 137 pages long, including spells.
• Elemental Knights (Fire, Frozen, Rock, Wind) – Elemental Paladins who use rune “spells” rather than similar supernatural abilities associated with Paladins.
• Galvanist: Psionic-based class that specializes in new “schools” of power.
• Diadem of Force: Rogues and Assassins who worked for the Golden Lords.
• Warrior of Mondyr: Animal/totem-flavored Monks.
• Imprinter: Tattoo-based buffing class.
• Champions of Nature/Earth: Core nature-flavored Paladin class, intended to feel Druid-like.
• Immortals: Very roll-intensive, capable of eventually becoming immortal.
• Puppet Master: Psionic-like individuals who craft “living” puppets.
• Exo-Magus: Alternative spell-casting class, uses a “mana” type system to write custom spells on the fly.
• Pledged Assassin: Base-class Assassin with a 60-level progression built in. Very stealth/accuracy based.
• Black Justicar: Paladin-like executioners.
• Dyn Bonded: Individuals who steal racial or monstrous powers using special stones and learn to harness/use them as their own.
• Jack of All Trades: Gains abilities from each of the core classes.
• Masquerade Vampire: Vampire class based on the game. Very elaborate and roleplay orientated.
• War Born: Navy Seals; supernatural uber warriors.
• Wrath Wrought: Fighters imbued with uncontrollable anger that is released after people they’ve warned keep pushing their buttons.
• Path of 7 Monk: Monk Prestige class.
• Priest of Dulona: Class for Dulosians who wish to use their passion/creativity to create objects/enhancements/in war.
• I will allow most standard fantasy tropes as well.

Character Template
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

I'm going to use an "effectiveness" scale to determine what situations will challenge your character and to show me where the characters should shine. Don't think of the numbers as "hard and fast" but guidelines that help everyone feel useful.
Melee Combat Effectiveness: (Scale of 1-12, how capable is your character in a brawl or with weapons and armor?) Your character's total effectiveness should not exceed 27 between all four variables.
Ranged Combat Effectiveness: (Scale of 1-12, how capable is your character with ranged weapons and in defending against them?)
Magical Combat Effectiveness: (Scale of 1-12, how capable is your character with magic and in defending against it?)
Healing Effectiveness: (Scale of 1-12, how capable is your character at healing?)
Appearance: (An image will work at first, keeping in mind that I expect descriptiveness from participants and not reliance on image files)
Exceptional Strengths: (How strong, fast, wise, intelligent, charismatic, durable, and lucky is your character?) Please have no more than 3 times the strengths as you have weaknesses; this campaign is not intended to be "God Mode"
Notable Weaknesses: (What areas is your character weak in? Does he or she have a limp, an addiction to a rare drug, or are they weak willed, or slow?)
Skills: (Standard D&D skills apply with a few caveats: because we're writing and not actually playing D&D, I allow players to be flexible, to create skills, and to allow them to do things they would not otherwise do. Spellcraft, for example, could be used to identify magical items or other wonky things)
Special Abilities: (Please make these reasonable and of moderate power)
Background: (Your background is personal and private; there's no need to share all the details of your career so far here when you can convey that in character to the other players. Include only a rough outline, along with reasons why you are adventuring.)

Main Continent (Aeyun)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

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Offline Sol Lua

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2012, 10:14:09 PM »
Hi Darius,

Looks like a fun idea.  I put together the basis of a character.  It's open to change, and certainly subject to a deeper and more detailed back story, but I'd like to know if this is along the lines of what you're looking for.  You didn't mention alignments, but I'd probably play it something close to LE, with a degree of loyalty to friends and comrades, and a far seeing approach to things, which would make her able to function, even in a more good aligned party.  I'm also not sure if I read the race correctly, and how human-like they would appear.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Callista
Race: Sarard
Class: Pledged Assassin
Age: 21
Melee Combat Effectiveness: 11
Ranged Combat Effectiveness: 8
Magical Combat Effectiveness: 6
Healing Effectiveness: 1 (potion crafting)

Exceptional Strengths: High speed, evasion, and accuracy.  Knowledgable about alchemy and poisons.

Notable Weaknesses: Frail to direct blows (low Con), vulnerable to holy/light attacks

Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Craft (Alchemy), Disguise, Escape Artist, Hide, Jump, Listen, Move Silently, Open Lock, Perform, Search, Slight of Hand, Spot, Tumble, Use Rope.  ((Perform and Use Rope should come in handy :) ))

Special Abilities:
Ability: Shadowform- Becomes insubstantial for 30 seconds 3 times per day.  Able to drift slowly in any direction, but not through solid obstacles.  Affected by wind and unable to end the effect prematurely.
Magic Item- Soul Eater- Magical Dagger with Ghost Touch and Blood Drinking (restores a small amount of health when dealing damage), possible hidden powers for further development.

Background: Born in the Shadow Lands, Callista grew up learning the ways of the knife from her mother, and the secrets of alchemy and poisons from her Father.  When she was a young teen, her parents smuggled her out of the Shadow Lands, leaving her far to the north in Dulon Landing without explanation.  It was the last time she had seen either of them.  Able to pass closely enough as a human, she spent her first years thieving in the streets, making her way from town to town to avoid people realizing what she was. 
Then the day came when she stole from the wrong man, and was caught by a Master Assassin.  Rather than kill her, he seemed amused by her and decided to take her on as an apprentice, allowing her to continue honing her craft with a skilled teacher.  Eventually, she began taking jobs and travelling on her own, always listening for stories from the Shadow Lands, the home she only distantly remembered.  Each contract honed her skills, bringing her closer to the day she could venture south and find the answers she needed.
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Offline Cold Heritage

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2012, 10:18:26 PM »
I'd like to voice my interest; but it will take me some time to put together something.

Offline Cold Heritage

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #3 on: May 14, 2012, 11:15:56 PM »
Eh, forget it then. Good luck with things!

Offline Kate

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #4 on: May 15, 2012, 07:20:19 AM »
Name: Luna
Race: Elf (Wind)
Class: Puppet Master Mistress
Age: 173

Melee Combat Effectiveness: 4
Ranged Combat Effectiveness: 6
Magical Combat Effectiveness: 12
Healing Effectiveness: 5


Exceptional Strengths:

  She is very lucky mainly, and secondly very charismatic for those that are not pushy for a particular agenda.

Notable Weaknesses:

  Easily overwhelmed, and not used to fighting while injured or fatigued. Her body is the opposite of robust, nor strong, nor does she wear armor.


  Spell-craft, horse riding, appraisal, History, Etiquette, Languages (top 3 most common languages she is fluent in)

Special Abilities:

She has an ability to use mirrors as portals to other mirrors, although only very large mirrors work in this way, once created (a minute of focus), others who follow her within 10 minutes can do so. Although the travel is instant, which mirror she has made a connection to however may not be one she envisaged. She has not known others with this ability, nor does she want to think of what would happen if any were shattered during the journey.

Special Item:

  Crystal Ball (1 inch in width)


Luna used to be good until she found her village raised to the ground while away looking for new sites. Since doing so she choose to use her talents in making people and creatures into living puppets to effectively be the payment their evils have inflicted on the world. She only uses this ability on those that are truly evil by her standards or abused the rights or life of others. Typically this involves them being servants or performing humiliating sexual acts. After she has felt they have paid their debt to life or learned not to mess with others rights she will let them go. Puppets she chooses typically are beautiful or handsome or have other traits that suit her sexual perversions.

Luna is very sexually perverted, which means often those that she frees could believe that the payment was worse than the crime and seek vengeance or feel shamed indefinitely. She doesn't care to follow up on the success of her views, caring only on what feels right and justified by her own standards. Most may consider her more evil than the trappings of those she makes into puppets. Those who think so are welcome to their opinion.



  Riding Gloves (Non magical)
  Wind-Robes (unique to Wind Elves)
  Bracers of Defense
  Necklace of Adaptation
  Ring of Protection
  Ring of Regeneration
  Riding Boots (Non magical)
  Silk Belt (folds out as 100 foot of silk rope)

Within Robes:

  Pouch-Pocket 1 (Concealed Padded Lining) Containing :Crystal Ball (1 inch in width)

  Pouch-Pocket 2 (Concealed): Purse:
    Current Value of Contents: Approx 1000 gp (assorted minor gems and coins)

Worn - On Silk Belt (unfolds as silk rope)

  Weapon Set: Flight of Florals (rapier main gauche)

   Enchanted Alchemical Silver sword ( Ghost-touch ) & Enchanted Alchemical Silver Dagger ( Returning )

  Pouch 3 (of holding): Right Hip: - Containing
   water/food (approx 1 week)

  Pouch 4 (of holding): Left Hip: Empty

Slung on Back

 Pleated Silk Rope which Vertically ties a waterproof Scroll Case which is
 covered in silk loops which act as an external Bandolier for 7 wands

Water-proof Bleached wood Scroll-case

 Contents Section - large - containing:
    Dozen blank sheets of paper
    Quill's and Traveling (Metal) Vial full of Ink
    Assorted Maps
    2 x Healing Potions (metal vials)
  Contents Section - Small - containing:

 Wand Bandolier Contents:
  Bandolier Wand slot 1: Cure Poison
  Bandolier Wand slot 2: Cure Disease
  Bandolier Wand slot 3: Remove Curse
  Bandolier Wand slot 4: Healing
  Bandolier Wand slot 5: Restoration
  Bandolier Wand slot 6: Empty
  Bandolier Wand slot 7: Empty


White Riding horse (Bit/bridle, saddle, saddlebags)
  Saddlebag 1: (full of feed/water, horse-care paraphernalia)
  Saddlebag 3: (Bedroll,Winter-furs (horse and person), Winter-boots, Rain-overrobe (horse and person), Lantern,Oil,Flint and Tinder etc, extra set of Wind-robes, and riding gloves, riding boots)
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Offline DariusfallenstarTopic starter

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #5 on: June 11, 2012, 11:43:10 PM »
Update: everyone is still interested and we may have a new player, whenever he posts and his character is approved, I'll toss mine up and we'll go.

Offline Kate

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #6 on: June 12, 2012, 12:30:17 AM »

Offline DariusfallenstarTopic starter

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #7 on: June 12, 2012, 04:40:24 AM »
I've had a couple serious nibbles in the last day and have decided to allow up to 4 players, provided it suits the group and I feel the writing works with what I'm looking for.

I'm going to put a note on the thread that the current openings are full for now. If the open slots aren't officially full in 72 hours, I'll re-open.
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Offline AribethAmkiir

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #8 on: June 12, 2012, 04:22:50 PM »
Name: Hollywillow
Race: Dryad
Class: Druid
Age: 17

Melee Combat Effectiveness: 4
Ranged Combat Effectiveness: 6
Magical Combat Effectiveness: 8
Healing Effectiveness: 9
Appearance: Alluring, and lithe, Holly embodies the sensual side of nature.  A malleable, velvety soft, smooth grey bark acts as her skin and is only clothed with plants and vines tangled about her form with an innocent disregard for modest tastes.  She adorns her changeable hair with flower blooms of pink, blue, and red.   Her robin’s egg blue eyes shine with a promise of mirth and merriment which ultimately completes the seductive package.
Exceptional Strengths: Holly is quick in the woods and forested areas, possesses an alluring charm, and a wisdom beyond her years.  She is quite knowledgeable about nature, and is surprisingly durable and strong for her frail looking frame.
Notable Weaknesses: If Holly is separated from her livewood staff, she grows deathly ill and if not reunited with it within 72 hours she will die.  She is rather naïve and out of place in cities and prefers not to enter them.  She is vulnerable to fire.
Skills: Balance, Escape Artist, Handle Animal, Heal, Hide, Knowledge (nature), Listen, Move Silently, Ride, Spot, Survival, Use Rope
Special Abilities: Entangle, speak with plants, tree shape, charm person, tree stride.  She is capable of healing moderate wounds with a touch, or as a spell, and has access to a number of common druid spells.  However, the cost of these spells drains her and she has a limit on the number of times she can cast before she becomes fatigued and must rest.  Unlike most druids, Holly is unable to take on an animal form, as her unique physiology is incompatible with that type of magic.

Background: Holly was born through a natural magic that even the elves can’t explain.  Her first memories were of growing inside her bonded livetree.  After a few years, when it grew large enough, Holly was able to step into the world, care, and protect her tree.  She always had a curious and mischievous spirit and whittled away her younger days exploring as far as she could go, teasing the other trees, and playing with the animals.  She led a tranquil, peaceful, and boring life.

The boredom faded away one day when a wizard came upon her tree.  She fought valiantly against him, but was ultimately defeated.  Instead of killing her, he had a grand experiment which he enacted.  With his mystical arts he transformed her tree into a gnarled and twisted living staff.  The magic twisted and warped Holly’s soul in a similar way.  The wizard had hoped that she would remain bound to the staff and in extension be bound to him.  Hate and anger filled Holly and when the wizard decided to command her, she moved to him without hesitation.  Holly strangled the man on the spot and took her tree staff.

A druid found her wandering aimlessly not long after, and with a lot of patience and coaxing he gained her trust.  In a way, the staff allowed Holly to do what she had always wanted, but on the other hand she felt she had failed as her tree’s guardian.  The druid was kind and wise, and he helped Holly down another path.  He took her as his pupil and trained her in the ways of a druid.  She accepted the task of protecting the whole of nature and has done so ever since, ranging far from her birthplace to find those who would harm her Mother and punish them accordingly. 

Offline DariusfallenstarTopic starter

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #9 on: June 12, 2012, 04:26:42 PM »
Holly is .

Still on hold for 48 hours for the final member to post (would love another guy in this). I'll put my character up shortly. 
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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #10 on: June 13, 2012, 04:12:17 AM »
Edited. Seeking one player for now.
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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #11 on: June 13, 2012, 09:03:44 AM »
Do wants! *pounces Darius and licks his cheek* I'ma PM you with what I'd like more info on... I trust I can live up to what you want in terms of posting and such :p

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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #12 on: June 13, 2012, 04:02:34 PM »
Rawr. Replied.

Offline arkhos

Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #13 on: June 13, 2012, 09:31:41 PM »
Name: Nemea Tamaska
Race: Elf (appears as a sub-race that is not easily identifiable)
Class: War Born
Age: 21 (Looks 21)
Melee Combat Effectiveness: 10 (Specialized in Long Sword)
Ranged Combat Effectiveness: 4 (Minimally trained in the use of ranged weapons)
Magical Combat Effectiveness: 10 (Stealth magic/Misdirection/Illusion/Song magic)
Healing Effectiveness: 3 (able to craft bandages and other simple poultices)

Appearance: Nemea stands just over six feet tall and is built of lean, hard muscle. His pale-white skin is framed by long, straight white hair, causing many to think he is much older than he truly is. His handsome face is set with dark eyes that glow faintly red, betraying a hint of the magic (and drug addiction) that he harbors within. Pointed ears, when visible, confirm his heritage. He wears a mix of dark chain and plate armor, though the plate portions are extremely thin and not nearly as bulky as that worn by other races.


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Exceptional Strengths:

Nimble – Nemea is incredibly agile. He uses avoidance more than he does mitigation when it comes to combat. He would rather avoid a blow entirely than accept the blow and allow his armor to absorb it. His combat style is more akin to a dance, than it is to a true, traditional warrior. Intermixed with his magic use, he is a true force to be reckoned with in battle.

Exceptional Awareness – Nemea spent his life holed-up in a relatively small area until just recently. As such, small changes around him are almost instantly noted. Not only does he not require as much sleep as other elves, but it is very difficult to surprise or catch him unawares. In addition, if he concentrates for a short period of time, he becomes aware of fluctuations in nearby energies, magical influences and enchantments, spells, and powers.

Empathic – Nemea possesses an innate ability for empathy. Studying physiology during his long, long years locked up at home, he is able to read patterns of behavior and 'feel' general emotions of those within line of sight. This does NOT allow mind-reading, but merely just a general gauge of how a particular creature is feeling.

Notable Weaknesses:

Addiction – Drug. Nemea is addicted to a narcotic called 'Nightshade' amongst his people. His mother introduced it to him when he was young, as a way to 'enhance' their intimacy. The drug is considered a taboo, so this is not something he speaks about openly. The drug allows him to harness the powers of magic and mysticism with ease (which represent his scores, above). However, if going long periods of time without the drug he will suffer ill-effects. The drug works to suppress the regular nightmares that often suffers from, allowing him to master mind and body as an instrument of war - as long as he is under its influence. Without it, the nightmares return, his abilities suffer, he slowly becomes lethargic, and can eventually die.

Addiction – Sex. This addiction was gifted to him by his loving mother and her constant use of his body once he was old enough to please her. When enticed and the mood is set, it allows him to more easily avoid/control the nightmares that often plague him, offering temporary respite from the torture they provide. Going more than a few days at a time without intimacy causes extreme irritability. Much longer than a week, and he begins to plot taking it by force. At the extreme, going without intimacy will cause the nightmares to -worsen-. Nemea has absolutely no qualms with paying for it – or taking it by force, but only if absolutely necessary.

Linear Training – Martial. Nemea was extensively trained with only one type of weapon: the long sword. While able to use other types of weapons, of course, he is not as skilled in their use. His current 'ability' with a Long Sword is as posted. With any weapon OTHER than a Long Sword, his skill drops by 4 points.

Skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Concentration, Disable Device, Etiquette, Handle Animal (specifically – Horse), Herbalism, Hide, Intimidate, Move Silently, Open Lock, Perform, Ride, Search, Spellcraft, Sense Motive, Spot

Special Abilities:

Dream-Walking – Nemea has the ability to enter other people's dreams. To do so, the intended target must be asleep, Nemea must know the name of the person he is trying to contact, and the closer he is to the target, the stronger the effect. After a short period of concentration, Nemea can mentally appear to the target, converse with them, interact with them, etc. Depending on the situation, the target could be startled enough to awaken. i.e. Nemea 'attacks' the target in their dream, and though he can not actually harm them, he might be able to startle them enough to wake them up – causing lack of sleep, especially if repeated. The target can remember everything that happened during the dream.
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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
« Reply #15 on: June 13, 2012, 11:26:34 PM »
All done! Thank you for being so patient with me while I was barraging you with questions and stuff. >.>

Name: Soliria “Sol” Tulwar a.k.a: Freak, Outsider, etc
Race: Childe of Greatness
Class: Imprinter
Age: 16

Melee Combat Effectiveness: 3
Ranged Combat Effectiveness: 6
Magical Combat Effectiveness: 12
Healing Effectiveness: 6

Appearance: Petite and delicate, Sol stands barely a hair over 5 feet (and many who have seen her without a hood up to hide her appearance wonder if perhaps that extra inch or so isn't just hair). Her eyes are mismatched, one a bright blue, almost teal, while the other is a much deeper shade. Her skin seems to shift colors, occasionally a pale tan shade, but in certain light, it appears nearer to ivory, and her markings look silvered instead of gold. Her hair is much the same, looking white in most lights, though other lighting exposes pale shades of silvery blue that almost makes her hair seem some sort of living thing when she moves. She sports several piercings in her pointed, elfish ears, and her clothing of choice is usually comprised of whatever suits her surroundings topped with either robes or cloaks with large oversized hoods to hide her features when pulled down.

Exceptional Strengths: More than anything, and perhaps not even a “strength” in some situations, Soliria seems to always know more than anyone should about the people and situations going on around her. Blessed with a unique gift of insight, as if she sees things others cannot. When putting to use her unique skills, Soliria is able (and often it seems as if she doesn't have a choice in this) to reach an eerie level of calm, as if the entire world and everything around her falls away. This is of course a strength for those of her “profession”, as it requires an extreme amount of attention to detail and focus, but can also be just as much of a weakness. Her keen insight and intellect also gives her an unusually sharp mind for the arcane arts. Though she may not always be able to cast the spells, she usually understands them quite well.

Notable Weaknesses: The most prevalent weakness Solfiria has is her psychosis. Though in passing when she does not have to speak up often it is not as noticeable and she simply comes off as “quirky” or “odd”, prolonged exposure to the delicate, outlandish beauty makes it quite obvious that something's “not quite right about Sol”. She is prone to extreme mood swings and personality shifts, and has a difficulty clearly communicating with those around her, often speaking in riddles. More than once in her lifetime, this inability to express herself clearly has made her unique insight a moot-point, as she found herself unable to get her message across clearly enough or in enough time. She has little to no martial skill, only barely being able to defend herself in a haphazard manner, she lacks the strength to lift most of the heavier weapons such as long swords or axes. Achluophobia (fear of the dark).

Skills: Concentration (this largely only applies to when she is imprinting someone), Decipher Script, Listen, Heal, Spot, Spellcraft (the ability to make on-the-fly, unique imprints for those she's working on), Knowledge (though she hasn't read very much or been given special classes in anything, Sol has a unique ability to pick up on the things going on around her, remembering even minute details), Sense Motive

Special Abilities:

Soul-Sight: The ability to see potential previously unknown strengths and powers in those around her. By growing close to them and bonding herself to them via sexual contact, she has the potential to help bring these strengths and powers to light (This ability is almost entirely GM controlled)

Imprint-Given Abilities:

Mark of Binding: This mark, located on both her palms, allows Sol to render any target she touches completely immobile for up to four hours, though she can end the effect sooner, and a lack of concentration when using the ability may cause the ability to be less potent.

Mark of Calm: When activating this mark, located just beside her right ear, near her cheek, Sol has the ability to potentially calm any living being around her, be they animal or otherwise. The effectiveness and duration of the ability is at the GM's discretion.

Mark of Dark Vision: This mark is located between her eyes and resembles a downward facing sun. When activated, this mark allows Sol to see in complete darkness, and has the potential to alleviate or reverse the effects of magically created blindness.

Mark of Muting: Located just below her lips, this mark allows Sol to quiet, and potentially mute, a single living being for up to 10 minutes.

Mark of Silence: Located on her right cheek, this mark allows Sol to quiet, if not silence, her own movements for up to 2 minutes.

Mark of Forgetfulness: Located on her left cheek, this ability allows Sol to cause a single target to temporarily forget a particular event or person. The duration and effectiveness of this ability varies based on the complexity of the alterations to the target's memory.

Mark of Language: Located between her shoulders and just below her neck, this mark allows Sol to temporarily understand and speak a single language so long as she has heard at least a small amount of it within an hour of activating her mark.

Mark of Blending: Located on the tops of her fingers, this mark allows Sol to temporarily blend in to a crowd, causing those around her to simply overlook her presence for up to 3 minutes. The effectiveness and duration of this ability can vary depending upon Sol's mental state (is she calm, is she frightened, is she focused, is she easily distracted?) and can only be used once per day.

Background: Solfiria lived a painfully sheltered life as a child, kept away from everyone and everything, her father even going so far as to keep her a secret from others. After her family's sudden abandonment of her early in her teenage years, she was forced to live on her own, traveling from one place to the other, doing her best to blend in and struggling to survive. Around the age of 14, she became apprenticed to an Imprinter in a large city and began to learn her trade. Shortly after turning 16, her Master found her presence no longer as desirable as it was once, her psychosis making it difficult for him to be around her. Using the excuse that she would learn better from others, he convinced Sol to strike out on her own once more, and she has been wandering ever since.

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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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Room for any more?

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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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Room for any more?

No sir, sorry.

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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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Sol Luna hasn't posted in about 2 weeks, and the pace has been fairly solid - if a bit slow. I'm going to open Ora up to 2 additional applicants (max). Please read the thread over and see if the style suits you first.

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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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The game is very fun and Darius' GM style makes it even more enjoyable.  /endorsement

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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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We've got a promising male applicant about to post. Still seeking an additional female character able to post 1-2 times a week (so far we've been slow, closer to 1.5). Feel free to shoot me an email. As a heads up, I'd like to tie any additional characters introduced in via mutual backstory, if possible. In an ideal world, it would shorten the "intro" time for new characters.

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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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Hey, everyone! I'm the guy Darius mentioned. He was a big help getting this sheet together, so thanks again, man!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Briar Singh
Race: Jun
Class: Jack of all Trades (Ideal: The Level Playing-Field.)
Age: 34
Melee Combat Effectiveness:  8
Ranged Combat Effectiveness: 11
Magical Combat Effectiveness: 4
Healing Effectiveness: 4
Standing an impressive (for a Jun) five foot ten, Briar is getting on in years. Slight bags under his eyes, the laugh lines etched into his face, and other marks all point to his advancing age. The evidence does little to detract from his looks, though; the lines have only added nobility to Briar's otherwise sculpted features. His physique is that of a man a decade younger, built tough and wiry through action rather than excercise. He is dotted with the scars of past adventures, telling of a man agile enough to avoid most, though not all, blows.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Exceptional Strengths:
  The Polymath: A thief, a scholar, a merchant, an athlete; Briar is all these things, and more. His mind is a vast repertoire of obscure knowledge, advanced skills and surprising intellect. He goes beyond the high adaptability of other Jacks by understanding, at a fundemental level, his various skillsets. Whatever he does not know-- which, he still admits, is quite a bit-- he learns with surprising efficacy.

  The Affable Rogue: Briar is particular among the Jun for his open, charismatic nature. Although he rarely reveals much of himself, he can quickly cajole another into spilling their life stories-- and potentially embarassing secrets. He is everyone's good friend, the happy patron of all taverns, and a merchant's favorite customer. Rarely does he show his underlying abrasiveness, although he does offer the occasionally poignant retort.

  The Bowman: Dangerous at a distance, Briar's prefered weapon is the ever accurate, ever deadly longbow. He makes use of a composite model with a lensed sight, for extra punch and accuracy at range.

Notable Weaknesses:
  Magiisensitive Epilepsy: Briar suffers from epileptic fits caused by certain magical effects. If the cast spell is liable to cause bright, flickering lights and is directly in Briar's line of sight, he becomes sick and disoriented, and must avert his gaze or be overtaken by convulsions. These often cause him to drop to the ground, possibly causing further injury. Because of this, Briar is incapable of casting high-visibility spells himself, which includes most offensive spells (namely, evocations.) Mundane lights have no effect; nor does magic performed in his peripheral vision, allowing spellcasters in the party to act accordingly.

  Angry Mob: A side-effect of his nature and primary ideal, Briar has treaded on the toes of certain institutions, licit or otherwise. They would very much like to return the favor, and maybe add a couple of broken kneecaps for good measure. They exist in most major cities, especially Accord. These groups are specifically the ones who have seen his face-- either he did not have or could not use the Ring of A Thousand Faces-- though some others may recognize his voice, or a piece of equipment such as his bow, or even the ring itself.

  Briar is competent in all skills, with certain exceptions: he has a general craft skill, for jury-rigging equipment repair, though he cannot construct anything from scratch (at least, nothing worthwhile;) he is not skilled in any proffession (although he is a capable performer of spoken word in all it's forms;) and he suffers penalties to Spellcraft and Use Magic Devices where his weakness is applicable. He knows several languages, including Common and The Path. His knowledges are many, but generalized; everything a man may pick up in the years of travel with a dozen different adventurers.

Special Abilities:
  Ring of A Thousand Faces: An old piece of jewlery, the Ring of A Thousand Faces allows Briar to assume the appearance of an average man of a chosen, humanoid race. When worn, it acts as a permanent (until removed) Alter Self spell, with the following exceptions: the chosen form must closely resemble the wearer's race (therefore, a Jun can change into an elf, a Chosen, or any vaguely human race, but not into, say, a lizardfolk,) can be no more than a foot taller or shorter than the wearer's height, and must be the wearer's gender. Briar can use this item to disguise himself as someone else who fits the limitations, but must have had the opportunity to closely study them. Barring this, he can approximate and use his skills of disguise to imitate, though it will never pass the keen eye of a more familiar party.

  The ring appears as a very wide, dull gold band, with hundreds of small, anonymous faces etched and molded into its surface. It quickly becomes difficult to look at, making unacclimated viewers uncomfortable. The faces shift place every time it is put on, though the ring remains recognizable.

Known Spells: Haste, Invisibility, True Strike, Speak with Animals, Create Water, Message

  Befallen of some unspoken tragedy in his native lands, Briar long ago journeyed to the continent of Aeyun to shed his old life. Here, he could excercise his capabilities to aid those unfortunates in need. Always on the move, Briar travels from countryside village to port town, from desecrated battlefield to large city; he has seen much of what this place has to offer, although certainly not all. Though he treads in dangerous waters, Briar constantly strives against the established order. If that occasionally means he gets to indulge himself in mischief and self-service, than so be it.

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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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Awww, he's an old man!   j/k   The character looks very interesting.  I'm sure you'll be a great addition.

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Re: The World of Ora (DND based)
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Welcome aboard. :)