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Author Topic: Artairus Dent's Ideas (M looking for F) - SciFi, Fantasy, and Smut, more stories  (Read 558 times)

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Offline Artairus DentTopic starter

Hey All,
 I'm new to RP but I'm a writer who has had good success in a few areas, including erotica.  I consider my writing strengths to be my imagination and my ability to envision and create complete worlds.  Examples of my erotic writing are available on request if you want to see some of my work.
 I'm looking for someone who can write a lot and frequently.  Meaning, 3 times at least a week and longer posts (4-6).  I'm also looking for someone with good language, spelling and mechanics and a minimum of typos.    I will be the first to say that I can mess up with homophones and typos when I don't proofread due to lack of time (hell, there may be some in this post).  However, if the mistakes are excessive it can get distracting for me.
 I'm totally up for RP'ing, but I'd also like to state that I'm open to writing a story together - meaning, if you want to write something my character says or does and vice versa, I'd like experimenting with that.  I mention this in my preferences, but I loved the book "Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist" (not the movie).  The book was written from each character's point of view a chapter at a time by two different authors.  I'd be willing to entertain that format.   Not a necessity, just throwing it out there.
 I'm only interested in writing with women playing women.  If you check out my prefs, you'll also see I enjoy getting to know my collaborators beyond just the story.
 Planetwrecked - Taken
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is actually a story I started, but set aside.  It would be interesting to explore it with another writer. 
 A human male, Danir, is on an interplanetary starship.  A freak accident happens and the ship drops out of hyperspace and disintegrates, leaving only Danir and one other survivor in an escape pod.  The other survivor is an alien woman.  She is humanoid, but distinctly not human. Relationships between Terran Humans and her species are best described as tolerant and there have never been inter-species relations.  She was en route to be mated to her life partner through an arranged marriage.  When they get their bearings, Danir and the alien woman realize they are en route to an unknown planet and it will be at least seven years before anyone can reach them, possibly longer.  He is a man and she is a woman and there is one other catch... her species is entirely asexual/nonsexual until a predetermined date, which is also the date of their mating ceremony.  Upon reaching their date, they enter their second phase of existence in which they are entirely obsessed with mating.  That date, for this woman, is in two weeks' time - two weeks before
What are the physical characteristics of the woman's species? What sets her off from homo sapiens?  I'd love to meet a partner who has some ideas for her species.

The Ghosts of HT 399 - taken

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The year 2034 - The international space agency launches its first manned mission to the huge asteroid HT 399, discovered between our the orbits of Earth and Mars.  There, they find a great structure built by an alien civilization.  There are corridors and tunnels carved throughout the rock. They explore it but only scratch the surface.  Shortly after leaving HT 399, there is an accident and they lose their Oxygen systems.  There is only enough air to get one crew member back.  Mason Simms, the Australian navigator and arguably the most brilliant crew member, draws the long straw and gets the trip home.  He returns as a damaged man and leaves the space program opting to teach physics at a small college in Tasmania.  2043 - The space agency is sending a follow-up mission to HT 399.  Wunderkind, Prita Siddiq is the youngest captain ever chosen for a mission.  She travels to Tasmania to try and meet with Mason.  They do NOT get along, but he begrudgingly gives her a few tips.  The mission goes well, but when Prita returns to Earth, she is increasingly haunted by thoughts of Mason... and he of her. They are eventually drawn together because they are haunted by spirits from the Asteroid.  They also begin to change in physical appearance.  Their continued lovemaking strengthens this transformation and they become hybrid humans/aliens with brand new genetic code.  A mission is launched and they return to HT 399, their transformation having armed them with the knowledge of how to activate the systems buried within the asteroid.  The rock is transformed to a ship and they depart our system, en route to the alien race's home planet which had been devastated by a plague.  HT 399 was their message in a bottle, and Mason and Prita will be the founders of a new race.


Two stories below that I didn't get any takers on.  Feel free to PM me if interested, otherwise I will assume these were just bad ideas  ;)

Courting Djeannie

I want you to bear with me on this.  I will be the first to admit I've fantasized about a finding a lamp with a beautiful genie in it who would obey my every command.  I've also seen a ton of stories on erotica sites that tell this very story and they are always very popular.  However, I've found every one of them turn into basic spank stories.  "Jeannie, I wish that girl would suck me off."      Yes, Master.  "Jeannie, now you suck me off."  Yes, Master."  Here's the truth, nothing bores me more than a story where the characters don't have to work at it and where there is no conflict. 

What about this? A man finds an old lamp and rubs it, out comes the most beautiful creature he has ever seen.  However, this is the deal.  This Jeannie is happy with her life.  She doesn't mind being enslaved by the lamp.  In essence, she's a career woman.  Instead of three wishes, the Master gets a set period of time.  (1 week.  1 Month.  1 Year, something like that).  The master also can't wish for anything direct.  E.G., he can't ask for a million dollars to simply appear in his bank account.  He has to ask her to influence a horse race or see through the cards at the poker tables.  This magic should not ever be too easy.

Speaking of not easy: Sexually, he actually can't order her to do anything physical for him, and there is an even greater catch.  IF she sleeps with a man and loses her virginity, she loses her powers forever, so it is in both of their best interests to stay apart.  Can they do other things? Sure, but not the actual deed.  Like I say, she's a career woman - she's not looking to settle down which would be what she commits to if she sleeps with him.  Yet, they begin falling in love.  What I like about this plot is the characters really have to work at it.  I also love denial, it always builds tension.

The Naked Truth

This is absolutely my most sexual, gratuitous plotline, but still with a focus on character and eventual romance.Two roommates, a guy and girl.  They are best friends and have never been remotely interested in each other.  However, they are both extremely competitive with each other.  At a point in their lives when they are between relationships they start betting.  The first wager is who cleans the bathroom.  The loser doubles down and if they lose the second bet they have to do it in the nude (or some similar scenario).  This progresses and soon they are making large and larger bets. 

This progresses into sexual favors and possibly even into some power issues.  For example, if he wins, she has to do whatever he wants, when he wants it.  If she wins, tit-for-tat, she makes him pleasure himself in front of herself and her girlfriends.  I don't necessarily see this going full dom/sub/switch, but who knows.  Perhaps they even place bets on who can score with someone else, but as the story evolves they realize they are getting more and more jealous and they truly want each other.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested in any of these or if you have other ideas or want to talk about.



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Offline Anithinum

Re: Artairus Dent's Ideas (M looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2012, 07:31:18 PM »

Based on everything mentioned above, we have very similar taste in writing. From reading the plot, I love the idea, it's really something I can get my teeth into.

If you're up for it, I would sincerely like to have a run at this. I'm not the professional writer, but I do have an overly extensive imagination and I do enjoy collaborative writing. So if you're not looking for the ultimate perfection, I think this story would be incredible to expand on.

And I can maybe whip up an edited version of "her" species in Photoshop, in which I possess a skill or the other.

Offline Artairus DentTopic starter

Hey everyone!

Thanks for the wonderful responses to my first 'pitch'.  I got some takers and now have someone for 'Planetwrecked'.  I have, however, posted three more ideas.  Would love to hear from folks!