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November 24, 2020, 06:59:39 AM

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Author Topic: End of Days [M seeking F]  (Read 574 times)

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Offline LavaskeTopic starter

End of Days [M seeking F]
« on: May 14, 2012, 12:28:34 AM »
I know it's cliche.  I know it's been done a million times.  I know that it is far-fetched and often poorly thought out.  However, the post-apocalyptic theme has to be one of my favorite things in all creation.  I am dying to get a good game in.

So here, listen to my pitch:

Here's what I have going for me, as a writer/storryteller:
+  I am more than capable of creating a rich cast of characters that go beyond the semi-common stock and archetypal heroes and villains that you see too often.  Every hero will have his human weaknesses, every villain will have his redeeming moments.  With the exceptions of the heroes and villains that do not need them.
+  I am a competent writer.  I might even be a good writer.  Hell, I might be a great writer.  I sincerely doubt it's #3 though.
+  I am a good collaborator.  I will talk with you OOC on a regular basis to shoot ideas back and forth for how the story should proceed.
+  I love a good setting.  No room ever has the bare minimum, unless it fits the story.  Expect lavish backdrops to whatever scenes are taking place.
+  I am an awesome person.  This is because I am a NERD.

Here's what you can expect to find in this RP:
1.  There will be action.  Lots of action.  We're talking rampaging monsters, hordes of hungry undead, guns, fast cars, marauders, hot sex and hot sex in fast cars with marauders while rampaging monsters contend with hordes of undead... during an explosion (should said explosion be desired).
2.  Tension.  Horrific, horrific tension.  This is not going to be the happy go lucky story of a girl who wanders out from a bunker to start the best (and only) garden the new world has ever seen- it may not even be the tale of a rough and tough woman who wanders out of the wastes to successfully repel a bandit attack on a peaceful settlement.  No.  This will be a bleak and dangerous world.
3.  Humor.  Because fuck it, I don't want to make myself depressed now, would I?

Here's the basic premise for the plot:
1.  The world has come to an end by very unnatural means.  Perhaps a rogue planet entered the atmosphere, shifting the gravitational pull of Earth such that a mass extinction took place.  Crops died.  Cities froze or burned.  Or perhaps an ancient evil inside the earth awoke, releasing dark forces across the planet to destroy mankind.  Trees would wither.  Animals would grow huge and hostile.  The dead would rise and set about to rip the flesh of their loved ones.

2.  Decades have passed.  Your character is either somewhat old and has witnessed the downfall of the old world, or has been raised in the new lands.

If you are interested:
I require three things from you.
1.  You be able to converse outside of Elliquiy on an Instant Messenger (I like to chat with the people I meet)
2.  You shoot me a PM, letting me know that you are interested.
3.  You forgive my inability to come up with three real things that I require from you.

Hope to hear from people soon!

Offline LavaskeTopic starter

Re: End of Days [M seeking F]
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2012, 07:05:53 PM »
Okay, so I almost got this game up and running, but after a night of brainstorming I never saw the girl who I was supposed to carry out this RP with online again.  Perhaps because of different time schedules or whatnot.

So, now I'm looking for a partner again!  This time round, though, I have a bit more information.

Here are some details about the setting:

  • I want it to be possible that our characters are from "the before times".  Thus, the world is either freshly ruined, or our characters are preserved via cryogenics or some similar process.  This way, at least one or two people can look over the wastes and reminisce about what the world was like before it was gone.
  • The world is going to be a horrifying, savage place.  Filled with terrible beasts and horrors and undead.  I was thinking this might be because of a rift in reality.  I'll have more poetic sounding details later.
  • There should still be some places to hole up safely.  Small, tribal villages in the like.  We can work out the details later.

Anyways, if anybody is willing to play, catch me on AIM or YIM.