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Author Topic: Sex, Violence, Lust & Powers! (M Seeking F)  (Read 18366 times)

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Offline DarkcideTopic starter

Sex, Violence, Lust & Powers! (M Seeking F)
« on: May 13, 2012, 10:52:50 pm »
Howdy [you], my name is Darkcide and I decided to finally retire my one request thread as it got very cluttered and hard to navigate. I wanted to present something that was prettier to look at, and that made looking through my roles an easier task.

About Me & What I Am Looking For
-I only play as heterosexual males, and with actual women playing as women for sexually based roles. Sorry if this steps on anyone's toes and I don't mean it to sound as if I am insulting anyone because I'm not.
-I'm obviously a man of color, and I will only play as men of color. Identity has been a huge part of my life, but that doesn't reflect in my roles. All of my roles do not have to do with race, and I am open to any and all partners playing any and all races because I feel like every race is beautiful.
-I absolutely adore women with curves, which is why most the models I use? Are curvy. An hourglass figure? Is awesome, although I do think that people have a different definition of what constitutes as curvy or thick. What I mean? Is a Gianna Michaels or a Christina Hendricks.
-Details and strong writing are a must. I give what I get for the most part, and short posts without substance do nothing for me. I am not saying that every post needs to be like a page long or something but just give me something to work with. I also try not to be a spelling or a grammar nazi, I'm not perfect myself but do double check your posts please. I'm an English tutor, and that is what I will be teaching so yeah lol.
-No god modding, I'm sure that is something that gets under everyone's skin.
-I only play as original characters, though roles might be influenced by different forms of media. I don't like playing as existing characters.

Please send a pm as opposed to posting in this thread, and before you pm me? Please refer to my O/O's page.

Also, feel free to take a look at my MFF roles, I'm looking to play a few of them as well.

Onto The Roles
However enough about me, I am sure you all are here to see the roles right? Granted I grouped these roles into different categories but there is a lot of overlap between many of them.

Ass Centric Roles
While my love for asses appears in several roles, some of them have that interest front and center.

(5)Anorexic waist but your ass is colossal- There has always been one especially sore spot for you, the spot in question? Is your ass. It is quite large, and despite you being in great shape? Nothing will get rid of it. You've always been self conscious about it, and at this point in your life? You've learned to accept that you have a large ass, and that you'll get attention because of it. You're very attractive, but you know that is what will always wind up standing out in a lot of guy's eyes. The guys you've dated in the past have either not known what to do with you in terms of intimacy, or they were intimidated by your backside. Either way it has proven annoying for you, until now that is. You've started dating a new guy, and your relationship with him is passionate and exciting. The guy really makes you feel like a woman, and despite your strong willed nature? You find yourself wanting to melt when you're with him. He reminds you of a guy who was once the baddest guy on the planet, but who has seemingly matured and become something else entirely. Either way you find yourself becoming dangerously addicted to him and enjoying the attention that he gives to your bottom. He's openly a fan of it, and ass worship? Becomes a part of your love life with him.

It is empowering, and yet? You're aware that he wants to deflower you anally, and that is something that doesn't sit all that well with you. He's not the smallest guy in the world, and just having a finger there initially? Was quite uncomfortable. Still you find yourself teasing him quite frequently with your backside, showing it off when you're with him and playing cruel jokes on him during sex or even just when the two of you are together. The teasing becomes a bit much, to the point where he can only take so much before it becomes time to teach you a lesson. After he essentially forcibly deflowers your bottom, you cut off all ties with him. But then you find that your addiction to him has spiraled out of control, to the point where even if you have to give up your bottom to him? You want him back because you know the two of you belong together and nobody can satisfy the other like you two can.

(5)Swallow A Thong- She came from relatively modest beginnings, growing up in a small town where everyone knew each other's name. It had been a decent life growing up, although she got a lot of attention both positive and negative due to her most notable feature. The girl's ass was absolutely large and no matter how much she worked out, how toned she got or what she wore, it was highly prominent. Eventually she left her town in an effort to see more of the world, and she planned on going to school in the city. There were different possibilities as far as work, but the one that paid the most and took care of all of her bills was to try her hand at being a dancer. This was not an easy task for the very self aware and shy young woman, but a friend of hers encouraged her to do it and laid out several rules for her. Eventually a local rapper who was fairly successful and a number of his friends went to her club to celebrate his birthday and he instantly honed in on her.

The guy was definitely attractive, and there was something genuinely new and exciting about him. He asked her and a few of her friends to hang with them when they got off to help him close out his birthday. They had rented a suite at a hotel, and they offered to pay the girls a lot individually. Her friends encouraged her to do it, especially since she liked him and the party all went back to the hotel. He noticed that she was still very shy, and so he decided some"Molly" would help her to relax. As that and the drinks started to take hold, he took her to his room and pretty much screwed the daylights off of her. The night bled into the morning, and the morning bled into a weekend and by the tme Monday rolled around? The two of them were now legally married, and he expected his beautiful new wife to satisfy every whim of his while centering her world around him. When he didn't get his way? She quickly learned that his temper was an ugly thing to behold.

(5)Technically A Virgin- She'd always been chaste, hoping to remain a virgin until she got married. To that end, she didn't have sex. However, her recent boyfriend was really making a case for her to reconsider that notion. He was different from her exes in the past, they had been boys and he was definitely a man. Dangerous, exciting, and he flat out turned her on. Everything about him. Not to mention he knew how to make her really feel desired, and he absolutely loved her large backside. It'd always been a touchy subject for her, but he didn't mind in the least. She'd already practiced and enjoyed oral sex with him, he was her first there and it was something she was becoming more and more skilled at. However it wasn't enough, he wanted more but he knew she had her mind made up when it came to her virginity so he presented her another option. The two could have sex, and she would still technically be a virgin. When it came out that he wanted to fuck her in the ass though, that nearly sent her running for the hills.

Yet she liked him a lot, she enjoyed being with him, she liked that he gave her orgasms, and even if he was definitely on the larger side, she really enjoyed pleasuring him. So with a bit of reluctance on her part, she agreed to give it a try on the understanding that they'd prepare her for it. He wouldn't just stick it in. By the time the two actually practiced it for the first time, she wanted to be able to take him without him breaking her in half and that began nights between the two of them that consisted of anal training. She'd be made to wear butt plugs throughout the day, and when the day finally arrived? She knew this would change things. The two of them frequently practiced oral, and she was unsure of how to feel about the notion of practicing this as often as they did that. Still, she would technically still be a virgin.

(5)I Heart My Ass- She'd always been told how great her ass was, and the older she got, the more proud of her heart shaped bottom she became. She decided that modeling would be a great career choice for her, as she knew there was a very popular market out there that celebrated butts. She'd done some photoshoots, but she was absolutely giddy at the prospect of getting a coveted magazine spot for round bottomed women. The magazine in question did an annual contest for the spot, and she knew that if she were able to get it, it'd cement her career in modeling. She was already in great shape, but she wanted to leave nothing to chance and she recruited a personal trainer male friend of hers to help her prepare for the contest and to get her portfolio together. She knew he was attracted to her, and she also knew his schedule was pretty full. So she flirted with him in the hopes that he'd set time aside for her. He was willing to do so, and to promise her that he'd make sure that her butt stood out above all of the rest, however that very same butt of hers would be his fee.

(5)One Sided Deal- Her ass had always been a sore spot for her. It was big to say the least, and while it was very proportionate to the rest of her curvy figure, and she worked out and taught yoga? It was always prominent and she was painfully aware of it. She had been relatively innocent when she first got with her boyfriend, but that went out the window rather quickly as he couldn't keep his hands off of her, living up to a certain stereotype regarding black men. Her boyfriend absolutely loved her backside, even if she was very shy about it. He always put his hands on it, and would smack it and want her to show it off when she went over to his place. Despite his love for her ass, he was all in all an excellent boyfriend and she enjoyed being with him. Although he objectified that part of her anatomy at times, he still knew how to boost her self esteem and to make her feel wanted. Initially sex with him was a hurdle, because she wasn't used to it lasting as long as it did with him or being with someone who was as large as he was. In the past guys had been intimidated by her butt, and viewed it as an obstacle to try to work around. He on the other hand absolutely enjoyed her bottom and wouldn't let it deter him in the least. Although she was able to get used to sex with him to a degree, she was not a fan of his large size. Especially since he was a considerate lover to a degree, and not overly mindful of how big he actually was. Sex with him, especially when he didn't go slow with her caused a bit of discomfort on her end, he usually wanted to bottom out in her, and if he got rough which he enjoyed doing? She'd have to fight back tears. Despite his size, he was still able to get her off with incredible ease, even when she was uncomfortable. She absolutely loved when he went down on her, and encouraged him to do it as often as possible. She liked to return the favor, but she liked to be in control there, as she didn't like him trying to face fuck her. While sex was unconformable at times with him, and he could even be slightly degrading or vulgar, she toughed it out because she loved him, and he was absolutely faithful to her and would make sure she got off too.

He was interested in photography and he had done several video shoots, and the urban site he shot for prominently always had women of the week that they liked to put on display. He had been trying to get her to do a photo shoot for awhile now, after awhile she finally relented to one photo shoot that wound up getting an absolutely huge amount of attention. He proposed to her the idea of the two of them starting a website and making a huge killing which she wasn't at all cool with. He wouldn't let the matter go however and he decided to make a deal with her. If she let him make the website, and if she gave him good material that they could put up? He would go and get her the ring she's wanted from him for some time, he would propose to her. A big fear of hers was that he was afraid to commit, and a proposal went a long way towards offering reassurance. The two agree to the deal and initially she's elated about being engaged to him at least until she realizes how often he wants to put updates onto the site, or that she essentially agreed to it and all of his demands for the website. Especially because the site becomes a runaway success and it gets a lot of subscriptions and she really doesn't like being objectified. The attention, number of describers and their comments is disconcerting for her and he feels the need for escalation in regards to their material on the site. It isn't enough to shoot her masturbating, customers want to see the two of them have sex, and then they want to see the two have rougher sex with one another, and then they'll eventually want to see anal which is something that she is absolutely reluctant to try.

Horror Roles
Horror is quite possibly my favorite genre, and I have been a lifelong fan of it. These roles have a more decidedly horrorific tone in comparison to my other roles.

(5)Apocalypse Please- Nobody knows how it happened exactly, well mostly because there isn't anyone left. A virus infected the population and turned them into creatures that resembled classical vampires. As far as he knew, he was the only normal person left on the planet. At this point he was used to living on his own, he had developed a routine and resigned himself to his fate. The man had been a soldier, but he has now educated himself in a number of fields due to not having anything else to do. He has fortified his home, and converted it into a fortress. During the day he gathers supplies and anything he'd possibly need, as well as hunting down the creatures while they sleep and making any neccesary repairs. During the evenings he tries to keep himself sane and to survive the creature's attacks. It is just him and his dog Achilles for the most part who has been his constant companion. That all changes when she encounters him one day. She'd managed to avoid detection all these years due to a coma, her brother had given his life to keep her alive and to ensure she wouldn't die. By the time she came out of it. Most of the group of survivors had died, and her brother had died a few nights before. She survived by hiding and keeping a low profile.

When the two encountered one another during the day? It shocked him more than it did her, and his disbelief was apparent. The two then began to live with one another, and it was a lot for everyone to adjust to. For her, it was hard to get used to the man. He hadn't been around people in years, and as a result? His people skills were very poor. While he had to get used to dealing with another human, especially a woman which was a new nightmare itself. She needed certain things that he didn't have, and he had to remember tact to try to spare her feelings but the most terrifying notion was that it had been so long since he had sex or an attraction to anyone. Now with her here, those familiar feelings gradually returned.

(5)Dead Nation- The world had gone to hell due to an unknown epidemic a couple years ago. The dead have reawakened and began attacking the living. The amount of deaths was staggering, and even more disturbing was that those killed would rise as the living dead. Small pockets of survivors formed, but all in all the number of the living dead in the USA far outnumbers that of the living. She initially lived in one of these societies with her father. The climate generally got uglier in this makeshift town, and he was doing all that he could to keep the men who lived in the town from having their ways with her although he never let her know this. One day a drifter passed through town, and the overzealous man in charge of the town watch pressed him and attempted to detain him. This resulted in the drifter killing that man before he was ambushed and locked away. During all of this madness, the town had wound up being attacked by another group of survivors. The girl's dad had talked to the drifter a few times, and he knew they were going to lose the town. He also knew that the man would be able to protect his daughter in ways that he never could, and asked him to guide her to safety wherever it might lie. There was a rumored settlement out west that was very large and still kept bits of society intact. Upon freeing the drifter, he agreed to this bargain and her father bought the two time.

Something about the drifter fascinated the girl. His survival skills were borderline superhuman. He moved silently, his skills with weapons and in unarmed combat were extremely advanced, and he had excellent senses as well. The two travelled together and became all that the other had. Since they were fairly close in age, she decided eventually after realizing that society was dead and survival was all that mattered that she needed to have something to offer him. To that end she initiated intimacy between the two of them their first time, and they developed an unspoken relationship of sorts. He'd protect her, he would see to her survival and teach her self defense and how to be more resourceful. While she'd play the role of lover, therapist, and the only source of levity that he had known in some time. With those roles clearly defined, the two had a long road ahead of them in which both the dead and the living were threats.

(5)Kill Or Die- The two of them met on a flight, she was going with some friends to an unnamed country for Spring Break and beyond excited. He was a cute guy who was going on business of his own and the two were sat next to each other and flirted fairly liberally. They were going o be staying at the same hotel and they agreed that they would see each other during this vacation, both sharing a very strong mutual attraction. The small country they were going to had the lowest crime ratio in the world, though nobody knew the secret as to why. For one weekend per year, law was no longer a factor. People could do what they wanted, take what they wanted, without fear of reprisal. Many people spent the entire year looking forward to the weekend, and while the death counts and assault counts were always huge? It was a fair trade for the rest of the year. The first night everyone was there was fine, but everything afterwards became an entirely new nightmare. Mobs of masked and armed people came calling and the initial onslaught left many dead.

The guy came to the girl's rescue when a group of men tried to force themselves on her and he was very capable of handling himself, he told her that if she wanted to make it through this alive? She was going to have to dig deep and kill to stay alive. She proved to be a quick study and proved her use when she revealed that she was exceptionally skilled with firearms, she'd learned how to use them at an early age even if she never had to. After that it is up to the two of them to rely on one another to make it through the weekend or off the island alive.

(5)No Escape- She was a young woman who was asked to housesit in a secluded mansion, and she readily accepted the gig as it paid great. Despite being told to not throw any parties, she invited a small group of her friends out for the weekend to enjoy the privacy with her. Chief amongst them was her new boyfriend who she was eager to get some alone time with. They all came out and seemed set on enjoying a weekend of ill advised decisions. Yet none of them were aware that there was something else in the house. The house's occupants were occultists who were doing a ritual of sorts, and the young sacrifices? Were merely the final step to completion. There was a demonic entity in the house, that would attach itself to its' victims like a parasite and it'd feast on the victim's soul while hungering for the souls of the other teens. How were they supposed to know what they were getting themselves into? How was the kleptomaniac who was looking to score supposed to know that he was going to be the first victim? And how were the rest going to know that something was off about their friend?

(5)Feed Me More- Hate was a powerful thing, and it was a powerful motivator. Her world had been turned upside down. She was a young FBI agent, and she had fallen in love with her partner, the two became married and she was head over heels in love with the man. By all accounts it was a happy marriage, but he was taken from her by a group of occultists which introduced her to a world she never knew existed. With her husband dead, it left a huge hole, one that she filled with hate. She wanted the men dead, she wanted them to suffer, but they had otherworldly abilities and she knew there was no way she'd be able to make them pay. So she travelled deeper into the rabbit hole and discovered a way to even the score. She learned of a powerful demon, one who derived power from violent sexual acts. She was able to discover his whereabouts and she freed him. When he questioned her as to why he shouldn't kill her, she told him that she knew what he was, she knew how he got power, and she was willing to offer herself, stating that she'd give back anything that he gave her and then some. He was highly amused with her, but also very much attracted and when he saw she was serious he decided to take her up on the offer. She was more than willing, and he couldn't force himself on someone who was willing but that didn't stop their intimacy from being absolutely rough and violent. To his surprise, despite being a human, her hate for these men was able to motivate her to take everything she got and to give it back to him. He had been alive for thousands of years, and she was without a shadow of a doubt, the single best experience he'd ever enjoyed. He cared little for her mental state, she had effectively become his sexual slave. She knew that he'd become powerful enough to kill the occultists and the beings they worshipped, but she had to endure to get there and that was easier said than done.

(5)The Occult- She was a demonologist & a psychic who dedicated her life to the study of the occult. She had a fairly religious upbringing, and she sought to educate and protect people from the paranormal. To that end, she had performed exorcisms, she had investigated supernatural activity, and she had even performed séances. She was an expert, and she had seen and done a lot in her young age. But on the flipside, the supernatural was such a part of her life, it was hard for her to really step outside of that world. It made her somewhat socially awkward despite her beauty, and she didn't associate with people too much unless they were in that world. She had thought she had seen everything, until she met him. He had been born to a possessed woman during an exorcism, and he was not completely human. This sort of thing was unprecedented and he was utterly fascinating to her. He was immune to possession or otherworldly suggestion, and he seemed to make spirits and entities fairly uncomfortable. She was working on a particularly nasty case, and she attempted to enlist his aid. He wasn't interested in the least, but she convinced him to care at least somewhat by becoming very flirtatious with him. The two began to work on the mystery of the home of the activity, all the while she began to discover more and more about her new ally.

(5)The Thing That Should Not Be- She was a scientist who made the discovery of a lifetime. At the behest of a corporation she'd been doing work in Antarctica when they discovered the remnants of an ancient city utilizing satellite technology. The city predates numerous ancient empires and she is to help head an expedition into these ruins in an exploration mission. This is an exciting time for our lovely scientist who is elated at the culmination of years of work, and the team is put together, combining numerous specialists in different fields. One in particular who she found herself concerned with was a man who was referred to as a fixer. He was an obvious mercenary, military of some kind and completely out of place as their destination was devoid of other people. To their shock, upon getting a good foothold in the place, they discovered the remains of unidentified but ancient life forms. Things are progressing swimmingly, and the discoveries they make are sure to change the course of human history. The fixer's attraction to her is well documented during the course of the expedition, and while she is at the very least attracted to him, she rebukes his advances. The further into the unknown the party goes, the more horrific their discoveries become, especially once they realize that they are not alone down there. There was a good reason for the city to remain lost to time, it is a remnant of what came before, of terrible unspeakable things that the human mind is not ready to process.

Race Centric & Interracial Roles
These are roles where race plays a vital part in some aspect, so thus the category.

(5)Trying To Get On- She had a fondness for black men, it had started early in life and it only grew as she got older. To that end, as a young woman she exclusively dated men of color and out of her circle of friends? She was the only white girl, but she absolutely loved it and there was nothing awkward about it. The love that she had for men of color was turned back on her because they had a fondness for her as well. A white girl with ass was a novelty of sorts that they just couldn't get enough of. Any guy she dated also had to have a certain swagger to them, she had a fetish for roughnecks and nothing got her soaked like a man who could handle himself and live by his own rules. She wound up meeting said guy at a party her best friend was throwing, there was just something magnetic about him and she knew instantly upon meeting him that she wanted him. To that end the two flirted very heavily and he took her back to his place and essentially knocked the bottom out of her ass. It proved to be a great night for all, and she found herself getting very attached to him in a short amount of time. Despite the way she acted in her personal life, she had a very good job and she was an absolute professional when the situation called for it. She knew this guy was into some illegal vices, but she didn't care as long as he continued to give her the treatment she got the night of the party? He could be Tony Montana and he'd still have her wrapped around his finger. However there are things that they say about the wrong sort of guy, and he was definitely the wrong sort of guy.

(5)Damn! She Got Ass- He always stood out in his neighborhood. His city had been notorious for gang activity and poverty, and many of his friends growing up had fallen into that trip. The guy was a good student, he was ambitious and while he grew past a lot of that nonsense that his friends were on, he was also well known for being able to help himself in a fight. As a young adult, he still lived in his neighborhood and he was balancing that with college as well as an aspiring career in music. The guy didn't date within his own neighborhood anymore, he was tired of the girls he met and their problems he wanted something new.

He met her in class the two of them shared, she was a white woman who indeed had a very prominent backside that she frequently got comments on. The two of them first started to catch wind of each other because she was also a fan of rap music and she stopped to listen to a cypher that he and some other students were participating in. The guy's technique definitely caught her ear, and she asked him about it in their class while they waited for the professor to show. He was surprised by just how knowledgeable she was when it came to music. Turns out that she was raised on the stuff, and absolutely passionate about it.

To that end she started to tag along with him, and she became a muse of sorts as well as being brought into the operation. When she went to his neighborhood? She'd be greeted with loud "Damn, she got ass!" comments by his neighbors. The two were very much attracted to one another, but she knew that if she brought a black guy home? Her father would kill her, and that alone worried her. Yet she was even more worried that she found that idea exciting, as she really liked the guy.

(5)Black In The Back- She grew up in the sticks, and she had always lived out there. Her town was a fairly small one, the population was somewhere around 1,000 and most people had fairly large plots of land. Most of the people in town knew one another, and she had always been somewhat infamous for her good looks as well as her rather prominent backside which earned her many nicknames, including 'Black in the back.' The town was so small it limited a lot of the potential for dating, at least it did until her sister's wedding. Her sister was going to be marrying a guy they had grown up with, and she was going to be the maid of honor. The best man however was someone that she had yet to actually meet. Her future brother in law had did a tour in the armed forces, and he cemented a very strong friendship with another soldier who had actually saved his life in combat. They'd all heard stories of the guy, and everyone was pretty excited to meet him.

The town had absolutely no people of color. The soon to be wed couple lived together with her parents, as they were in the midst of finding their own place. The best man was invited to stay with them for the duration of the preparations and the wedding, and he accepted the invite. It was there he met the maid of honor for the first time, as both were up fairly late one night and she heard the tv in his room and invited herself in. Both of them found out rather quickly that they had a bit in common, they nurtured a mutual attraction, and there was something about weddings that brought out the more passionate sides in people. While they kept their flirtation quiet for the duration of the wedding, everyone was completely blown away when she was discovered to be pregnant a couple months later.

(5)Bury Me A G- The young woman was an absolutely gorgeous mixed girl, whose parents were an interracial couple. Her father was black, her mother was white. She definitely favored her father's side however and was light skinned. She didn't grow up around a lot of people of color, having been raised in the suburbs. That all changed when she lost her parents, and due to the financial hardships that followed she moved to the greater L.A area. Compton to be exact, as her father had family out there who would at the very least look out for her. She'd been an only child, and now she was living with several other teenagers who were a lot more misbehaved in comparison to her. She caught a lot of crap from them for her mixed heritage, but the older members of her family absolutely loved how well behaved she was. During these years, she met a boy who she went to school with and who lived on her street. He was notable for being smart, but he just always seemed to fall in with the wrong crowd. Despite that, both of them wound up becoming very good friends.

There was a mutual attraction there, but neither party wound up acting out on those desires and in her annoyance at his inability to take their relationship to the next level she started dating his best friend. Turns out that was a bad choice, as the guy got her pregnant but he wound up getting locked up for murder. Life without the possibility for parole. She was now stuck raising a child by herself, even as he set them up with a little money. Her friend remained loyal though, he frequently checked in on the two of them, he'd give her money even if she'd try to turn it down, and the two somehow grew closer without really dating. Yet he was falling into that same lifestyle, which upset her since she knew he was capable of so much more.

(5)Mi Amor- Both of them were born and raised in L.A, and despite the hostility that's existed between Blacks and Hispanics for years in the area, the two of them had still wound up together. She was impossibly stunning, and seen as something of a princess by her considerably sized family. The male members of her family were highly protective of her. Out of all of her family, she was going to be the one to make it out of the city and to really do something with her life. She was smart, she was motivated and she avoided a lot of the ugliness that her family got into. He was her only weakness. Her boyfriend was a gang member and seemed to be heading nowhere fast. Despite this, she saw a lot of potential in him and she was head over heels in love with him, to the point where she got his name tattooed on her body. Eventually dropping out of school, he continued to live in a self-destructive manner until he was presented with two choices. Prison or enlistment. He chose the latter.

Their relationship had been so back and forth due to his cheating, and he had made so many bad choices that she hid the fact that she was pregnant when he left. Especially after an argument between the two of them led to him putting his hands on her. He was a changed person upon returning, his experiences had sobered him and left him with PTSD although he'd never tell her that. Her life had been ruined in several ways because of him, and he knew it. To his displeasure she was currently seeing someone else, and he did his best to stay away from that whole thing. Her relationship with this new guy was different. She liked him to a degree, but she didn't love him, and she found him to be too passive for her. It also didn't help that she was still very much in love with her ex, and she was genuinely surprised at how mature he had become.

The woman's family was livid that he was back, and they maintained a lot of animosity towards him. The kid however absolutely seemed to enjoy him, and she found herself dangerously attracted to him. Even more than she had been in the past. She knew that she couldn't go back, all it would take was sleeping with him once more, and she'd lose that sense of self and breathe him once more. She had promised herself she'd never be a victim again.
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Re: Sex, Violence, Lust & Powers! (M Seeking F)
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Power Play Roles
In these roles there is a dynamic in regards to power between the two characters. Whether this is a dominant/submissive relationship, or non-consensual? You'll find those roles here.

(5)I Want What I Want- She was beautiful, rich and highly spoiled. Utterly used to getting her way and manipulating whoever she felt needed manipulating to get what she wanted. She had never had to pay a bill in her life, and had done pageants for years. However she was nowhere near the goodie good that her parents believed her to be and she had a real mean streak to her as well as a very high sex drive that she never really got to explore. A big part of her problem was that she was sexually frustrated, and she refused to hook up with any guys in her well off neighborhood. They were predictable, and she had always wanted to meet a guy who would be more dominant with her and who could be a man. She went with some friends to a popular club that recently opened and she met a guy who stroked her fancy.

He was a young black guy who didn't live in the area, it was something of a drive for him since he lived in the ghetto of the major city that her suburb bordered. Her parents were on a business trip across the country, so after dancing with the guy some and talking to him? She wanted to get to know him better and invited him back to her place. She hadn't planned on sleeping with him that night and instead was going to get to know him, however to her delight he was quite persistent and essentially fucked her something fierce. The guy was an absolute monster in that regard, and the next day? She didn't even want to get up or move around. The began an affair of sorts, since he was something of a player and seeing several girls on the side. He began to refer to her as his rich little snow bunny and she knew he was into something illegal, but she didn't know what. It didn't matter to her either, because when they were together he made her feel absolutely alive by denying her any sort of freedom and punishing her the second her spoiledness reared its head.

(5)Beauty Is A Curse- She was an exceptional beauty, who was widely known for her gorgeous looks. She belonged to an affluent family, and had scores of suitors who greatly desired her hand. She turned all of them down because she did not like the idea of men wanting her solely for her beauty, and she resented that she was known primarily for her looks. Her parents fussed with her as they wanted grandchildren and her to find a suitable husband. She eventually relented, however reluctantly when an extremely rich and extremely powerful young man set his eye on her. It was a powerhouse of a marriage proposal that her parents refused to turn down and so she found herself engaged to a man that she had yet to actually meet, even if she had heard of him and knew of his reputation. She was surprised to discover that he was fairly close to her in terms of age, and that he was actually very easy on the eyes.

The daughter was given material, and told to study it. Since she was a virgin and her future husband wanted to keep it that way he still felt she should know something about intimacy since for all intents and purposes? Her job description was going to be to please her husband, to have his kids, to be a trophy for his arm and to provide companionship when he needed it in that order. She was sent adult films, books on sex and expected to study them so that she could please him when the time came. The wedding itself was absolutely amazing, with no expense spared and after their first night together? He took her on a honeymoon of her choosing, where the terms of her new life were made readily apparent to her and it was a jump to say the least. Keeping up with her husband's demands, and going from a virgin to this. The guy would spend entire nights having his way with her, and he didn't like to be told no. Despite this treatment of her, she was utterly pampered and he'd readily get her anything that she wanted. She had a legion of servants waiting on her, and aside from her husbands considerable sexual appetite and his dominant nature in their relationship? It wasn't too terrible. She was definitely attracted to her husband and even if her job description seemed to be more of a concubine than anything else at times? She accepted that they were married and she wanted him to treat her like she was his wife and she wanted for there to be genuine love in their relationship. To that end she started to grow more of a backbone when it came to him. She'd initiate intimacy with him, she wouldn't let him take her like she was a cheap whore, she'd ask him how his day was and express the idea that she wanted to give him heirs. In spite of herself? Her efforts wound up succeeding a bit too well.

(5)You've Got What I Need- The two of them were very close friends. They've known each other for awhile and there is definitely a mutual attraction between the two of them. They are closer and more flirty than a lot of male-female friends should be. However neither one of them thinks much of this. She is in a long term relationship, but she feels very unfulfilled. Her guy doesn't do anything for her sexually, isn't as big as what she's used to and he is a waste of her time but it is hard for her to break it off. He doesn't work, he lies about going to find a job, and he steals money from her. His nature is too passive for her and she knows it is only a matter of time until it ends.

Because of the nature of their relationship, her friend is fully aware of her sex life as she is his. She's very envious of him in that sense because he is free to do what he wants as he is unattached. He doesn't really get into relationships and he frequently partakes in one night stands. What is really getting to her is that before her boyfriend? She used to have really good sex. She knows that she has skills, and to this day she has exes that still try to hook up with her because she's the best they've ever had. To that end she takes to the internet and starts posting solo videos of herself on an adult site and is elated at the attention that she gets. She gets in touch with a group of very open people sexually and decides that for the sake of curiosity? She wants to meet them at the dinner gathering thing they're having. She drags her friend along as she doesn't want to go alone however even though he's not at all interested in this sort of thing. However he goes because she is possibly his best friend. Both of the friends are thrown for a loop however when everyone thinks the two of them are in a relationship or at the very least sleeping together which makes them both think heavily on the issue.

She realizes that she at this point needs to be able to have satisfying sex, she's gone too long without it and she needs someone to dominate her but it has to be someone she trusts. She comes to the realization that it needs to be her friend, and at this point? Her boyfriend is frequently spending nights away from their place and will tell her that he'll be gone for weekends at a time because of "work". She invites her friend over and proposes her idea to him and he is initially very reluctant because while he is extremely attracted to her and has wanted to fuck her since he's known her. He also knows that crossing that line will forever change their friendship. However she's very persuasive and he agrees to give it a try. This is the start of an intense relationship between the two of them that quickly grows beyond just sex. It extends into all of the areas of their lives and he finds himself just as committed to it as she is. Neither one of them want to leave the paradise they've built for themselves, even if it is kept a secret and even as she is still technically with her boyfriend and he's still involved with his "regular" girls. Both parties' jealousy manifests in different ways, because neither one of them will be the one to step up and put their foot down and to make their relationship an official relationship.

(5)The Big House- At a maximum security prison, there was a new experimental unit being ran. It was a fairly controlled environment, but it was set up differently from the rest of the prison. She was in there to be made an example of. She'd comitted several crimes and had been able to get out of woman's prisons early on in life. However she pissed off the wrong people and when the state passed a new law allowing women to be jailed with men in certain cases, she was chosen to be the first woman to be sentenced under this new law. She knew that this was going to wind up being a fate worse than death, but she also knew that she would be able to survive with the proper protection. She was jailed with one of the most feared inmates in the place, and thankfully he wasn't hideous or anything. She reluctantly proposed that she'd do whatever as long as he kept her ass safe, though he insisted that if that was what she wanted? Her ass would be the last thing that was safe. Her choice at that point was either to willingly submit to his demands, to attempt to fight him and to likely have him treat her more brutally as a result or to wind up being passed around between inmates.

She wasn't a fan of the arrangement. He was strictly straight, and so he had gone without sex for years by that point. Now he was trying to make up for all that lost time with her and he didn't care how uncomfortable she was or how humilating she found a lot of their activities. She had to satisfy all of his considerable demands and he was definitely possessive of her, demanding full obedience. Yet there were a few benefits. She was afforded a good deal of luxuries in that place, other inmates weren't going to touch her no matter how badly they wanted to and the guy had a plan he was putting into effect that was immediately a very good plan that would see the two of them essentially being able to rule the prison or at the very least that particular unit. Although she started out highly reluctant at the start of their relationship, she eventually got accustomed to her new life and had realized that sex with her new master was one of the few hobbies she'd be allowed. So she decided to get really good at it, and once she figured out she could sway him towards certain decisions or trains of thought through his lust? That gave her all sorts of ideas and she became drunk on the power she'd been afforded.

(5)Go Home- The two of them through fate working in strange ways became step-siblings. His father married her extremely rich widow of a mother. She actually adored her new step-father, and felt that he was too good for her mother who she had a very complicated relationship with. She hadn't counted on getting a new step-brother in the deal, and she first met him at the wedding. The girl was a young woman who ruled her private college with an iron first. She was gorgeous, intelligent, and the most popular girl on campus. Whatever she wanted, she got and while she seemed to be the picture of innocence? She was manipulative, devious and capable of being quite cruel when she felt the situation called for it. She didn't really date too much as all the guys she knew she was either able to intimidate them, or to manipulate them. She felt they were sheep, and she fancied herself as outright being better than them.

Her new step-brother didn't fit in with her community at all, and that much was obvious when he eventually moved in. He had been raised in urban areas for the entirety of his life, he was tattooed and he didn't dress like everyone else did. All the same, she found herself repulsed by him but fascinated by him for all the same reasons. He spoke his mind, he was his own person and a definite alpha male. He saw right through her facade and while he was obviously attracted to her? He also didn't fall for her games right away and she decided to dedicate that summer break to getting him wrapped around her finger while also hoping to satisfy the intense mutual lust that she knew was brewing between the two of them on her own terms. Being a control freak and all.

(5)Fun & Games- She was a thrill seeker who had climbed mountains, swam with sharks and now she was looking for her next rush. To that end she wound up catching wind of a very small but very select company that piqued her curiosity. Clients would pay to spend a week with a handler of their choice. During this week, they'd give into any or all desires the handler would have and they'd surrender to them completely. The service apparently got rave reviews however and they saw frequent return business. Curious about the idea she decided to give it a go. To that end she checked out their list of handlers and she found the one for her. He was a man of color that was roughly the same age as her, incredibly fit and she found herself hoping that the stereotype for colored men was true in regards to his size. The two met for a lunch date where they'd discuss the terms for the prospective week, and he made it clear to her that she would be staying with him for that week in time and also made sure with her that she was perfectly onboard with the idea of having sex with him and of allowing him to do with her as he wished. She gave her consent and stated she was looking forward to their time together. It wasn't long before the time came for her to leave for his place, in which the most intense week of her life began.

(5)Cause & Effect- She was the most desired girl on campus senior year, one of those rare sorts who was seemingly out of everyone's league. Utterly gorgeous, with an amazing rack and unbelievable ass, she worked out frequently and has hair that other chicks would kill for. Herr attractiveness doesn't just stop at the physical. She's a good student, with an infectious smile, and to those whom she's friends with? She is a genuinely good friend. The problem is that despite all her positive traits? She's not the nicest girl on the planet. She's used to being the Queen Bee. She enjoys it, and anyone who challenges her rule? Is taken care of rather smoothly. She doesn't date, like at all. She's someone who is attractive to the point where it has made her a bit insecure. Any guy who gets with her? Is obviously going to be going after one thing and isn't going to really see her for her or treat her the way she wants to be treated. Naturally this is a touchy subject for her. At the very most, she'll go out on a date with a guy and won't go to his place or her place for the sake of appearances. Not to mention she easily intimidates people.

A guy who is something of a loner has his eye on her. He's an outcast by choice, and utterly dislikes what he deems fake people. He is antisocial, just as ill-tempered as she is and he refuses to conform. He's a loner and perfectly fine with it. To her displeasure, she's paired with him on a project which requires the two of them to spend a good deal of time together raising a fake baby together. She absolutely won't let him go to her place, so she didn't really think ahead and they went to his place where he lives free of parental supervision. The work between the two of them takes on a snarky turn, and to her surprise? He decides to give her the spanking he feels she never got as a kid. That'd be shocking enough, but the time he spends to freely admire her and to touch her after? Is even more shocking and outright offensive.

She finds herself thinking about him a lot, how he's got more balls than any guy she's ever met and about how despite his spanking her and the attention paid to her appearance? It was different in comparison to what she was used to. Not to mentiont hat despite him being socially beneath her, he is a very attractive guy. If it had stopped there? She would have been relatively content despite the disrespect shown to her person. However he doesn't intend for things to end there, and through a combination of blackmail and coercion on his part? He essentially forces her to allow him to touch and to explore her figure as openly as he'd like that night. This agreement is made with the understanding that his penis doesn't come out, and she feels that this will make him square for all of her mean comments. He discovers she's actually a virgin and through his touching of her, he gets her off for the first time which is a shocking experience for her. Again, if things had stopped there? That'd possibly be understandable.

However his designs for her run far deeper, and despite how dominant he acts towards her and the indecent things that he does to her? She gets most angry with herself for actually starting to enjoy it. Initially when he spanked her? It was painful and humilating, it still is but she also gets off on it. She starts to look forward to him giving her orgasms, and despite her initial distaste with him making her return the favor? She starts to delight in the power it gives her over him. He makes frequent demands of her throughout the day, even if their affair of sorts is a complete secret that he constantly threatens by wanting to get some nooke from her throughout the day at school even. Their relationship floats between affection shared between both parties, and hostility on her part that is met with swift punishment. Despite discovering that she does enjoy being submissive to a degree, she won't let that come at the price of her independence and occasionally he does cross a few lines. Her big worries however are the fear of them being discovered, his desire in taking her virginity and his growing interest in her backside as well as the startling realization that she's falling for him. Her feelings aren't one sided, and he will openly admit that he is in love with her and he is quite unhappy that they have to keep what they have a secret. It is a concession that he makes because he does care about her as much as he does.

(5)My Most Prized Possession- He belonged to a small circle of "friends." All of whom are absolutely amoral, extremely wealthy and enjoy using or viewing other people as toys to be manipulated with at their leisure. After one of the group gets a girl to become a live in slave of sorts, they all decide to hop onboard and make a gentleman's bet to see who can go the furthest in that regard. Who can train and break in the most desirable and obedient plaything out of the group.

She went to school with him, and the whole time she was there? She hadn't dated anyone and would spurn his advances. Feeling he was too arrogant and too much of a womanizer and rightfully feeling that he wanted in her pants. Who could blame him though? She had the brains, she had beauty, and she had an amazingly curvy body. So after getting her information, He had some of his employees abduct her one night and when she woke up? She was in what is to be her new home wearing the skimpiest of clothing that do nothing to conceal her assets. He then began trying to break her spirit through various means, that includes repeated instances of him forcing himself on her. Pain and humilation were constants in her new life, and her prideful nature and rebellious nature made everything more of a process. She learned that obedience would make things easier for her, but how could she let this man do these things to her? She may have been attracted to him, and he might have even been able to force her to climax but she was a human and deserved to be treated as such. This began a very hostile relationship between the two of them that could float the line between love and hate, and became especially complex when she discovered that if she allowed herself to? She could actually enjoy some of his attentions towards her.

(5)Beg For Me- She was somewhat shy and didn't date near as much as her friends. All of them would be clubbing and partying and she'd be up late studying and maintaining her GPA. It threw a lot of people for a loop since she was absolutely gorgeous with an amazing ass on her. She was lonely though, and she wanted to date the sort of guy who only came along in dreams. To her surprise, she'd wind up meeting this guy and he was very interested in her. Extremely handsome, intelligent, hard working, affectionate, charismatic he was everything that she hoped for and more. He hadn't even rushed sex, and she surprised herself by being the one to initiate relations between them. However she'd soon learn that was a mistake on her part. The guy was very big, to the point that the idea of taking him inside of her was a terrifying one. However he became a different person when he was turned on, the sort who wouldn't accept a no and was very aggressive with her. Seemingly indifferent to her being in pain during sex, he wanted to ensure that she'd be able to take him fully.

Even then he wasn't always like that with her sexually. He'd been her first, and originally he was fairly gentle with her and wouldn't try to go all the way in. Knowing she was new to everything. Even with the discomfort she felt for the first month or so of them having sex? She was still able to enjoy it some because he took the time to be gentle with her. But now? He figures she's used to it and he can have the kind of sex that he enjoys. He pulls her hair, he likes to choke her, and leaves her sore after. She loves him, and when they're not having sex? He's the most considerate boyfriend ever, but intimacy becomes something that terrifies her and she is stuck between not wanting to lose him to someone else but also the fear of him zoning out and borderline abusing her when he's turned on.

(5)How Can You Still Be Horny?- The two of them were roommates, she'd known him for awhile and even if there was a fair bit of sexual tension? It was generally a decent setup that the two of them had. She lived to be an absolute tease to him, because she was the one girl he couldn't have and it drove him mad. She definitely found him attractive, but he slept around and being another notch on some guy's belt didn't sound like her idea of a good time. She was a pretty avid sports fan and the two had made a drunken bet some months ago about their respective NFL teams and how they'd do come time for the Superbowl. The two had gotten very intense regarding the bet, and the stakes had been incredibly high. He had the forethought to make sure the two of them made a written agreement for it, so it hung in the back of both of their heads. If her team won, he would have to give her his prized car. It was a classic, and very expensive. If he won however, he'd get a better ride. She would have to serve as his virtual slave until the next season started. Which meant that she'd have to do whatever he said when he said it, and he could do anything that he wanted to her. They clarified that the terms do include things of a sexual nature, however she wasn't bothered by it. Her team was by far the favorite, and when the superbowl rolled around? Their two teams faced off, and his was already at a disadvantage due to an injury.

However his team somehow wound up scraping out a win, and when the game was over he looked at her with the biggest possible grin on her face. That was how it all started. Even if she was unhappy about it and tried to talk her way out of it, she honored the agreement. He was a bit more considerate of a lover than she thought he was going to be, but his sexual appetite was unlike anything she'd ever seen. He was turned on more often than not, and he had a rather large bucket list of things that she was now lucky enough to try with him. To her horror, she discovered that she actually enjoyed it more when he got rougher and rougher with her and this made her question several things.

(5)Replica- You're a beautiful young woman who is also somewhat broken inside through the circumstances of her life. Granted, you're naturally intelligent and you're currently working as a bartender. You however have horrible taste in men. Good guys never did anything for you, you always loved the bad boys. Your boyfriend is definitely a bad seed. He's a criminal who works under a local crime boss, and has a very quick temper. Both of you can be very wrathful, and it leads to heated fights between the two of you. However when you two have sex? You'll lay waste to an entire room and rock the other's world essentially. Despite the frequent clashes between the two of you, neither party will walk away. He can hit you, he can call you all the terrible names in the book, and he can cheat. You'll never leave him however. Still he angers you to no ends with his womanizing, and when he cheats? It kills you, and you have no choice but to find ways to get even though you can't bring yourself to sleep with anyone but him. The two of you have a kid together, and despite his cheating and the nature of his work? He does what he does for you and the kid. And you know that he loves you in his own fucked up way. Right?

(5)Simply Irresistible- There was no other way to say it, she hated him. As far as boyfriends went, he was absolutely terrible. He cheated on her, he was verbally abusive and as far as she was concerned she was nothing to him but a place to get his rocks off. Yet she couldn't leave him, and no matter how mad she got at him? He knew just how to calm her down. The secret to his success was through her pants. She'd been with guys before him, but he was the first to ever give her an orgasm and he knew her body like the back of his hand. There was no possibility of sex getting stale with him, every time was a new experience and as much as it disgusted her, she enjoyed the feelings of being used by him for his pleasure. Even outside of their sex life, he was the sort of dangerous guy that she had always been attracted to and so she put up with his shit, she even went out of her way to ensure that he still wanted her and he was still attracted to her. After months of looking, she managed to discover something that kept him with her exclusively. The only problem was the element of danger involved, since she realized that her boyfriend was something of a sadist. Sex with him was usually on the rougher side, but it was still safe. The more she allowed him to abuse her, and to treat her like she was a piece of meat for him to hurt and to use? The more interested he seemed to become in her. She may have hated him, but she was still very much in love with him and very reluctantly began to allow him to do things that he had only imagined. Love was a precious thing, and if it meant a good deal of pain? So be it.

(5)Good Girl, Major Assets- She'd always been something of an innocent, mostly naive to the ways of men and while her friends were all out experimenting sexually, she'd spend her nights in studying and reading. She pined for new experiences however, she just didn't know how to go about getting them. To her credit she was very good looking, and her one most notable asset was that she had a very large rear end. She tried her hand at a dating site one of her friends suggested, and was overwhelmed with the replies she got. Actually taking her time to read through all of them, she became more and more dismayed at how crude the guys were. She was the sort of girl who enjoyed reading books like Fifty Shades and she had a very distinct idea in her head of the sort of guy that she wanted to get involved with. Thankfully, one of the messages stood out above the others and when she looked at the guy's profile, she instantly became infatuated with him. He was highly attractive, well educated and in great shape. To that end, the two of them agreed to meet for a date.

The whole time she definitely felt like a fish out of water, the guy just screamed experience, but he was gentlemanly to her all the same and she agreed to go home with him, the whole time fighting the voice in the back of her head that urged her to run. She was able to overcome her shyness and she slept with him that night, the experience itself left her very conflicted. She wasn't a virgin, but she had never been with anyone who handled her roughly. On one hand it was demeaning and a bit on the uncomfortable side, on the other hand she soaked through his sheets and was left wanting more. The two agreed to keep their thing casual, but the man seemed to have other plans and slowly but surely made efforts to take her over completely.

(5)Hired or Fired- Little miss perfect was the best way to describe her. She was naive, very religious, she doesn't use profanity, nor does she drink and she's still a virgin. She worked hard to get where she is, and she is initially beyond excited when she learns that she's being considered to be the secretary for a young & successful VP. This position would offer her a huge salary with benefits, and it had great growth potential. Her new boss was very handsome, very charming and she felt positively giddy around him. That was until it came time to earn the job. She was told she had one last test to pass, and to her horror he pulled his pants down and told her to show him how badly she wanted the job. He wasn't going to force himself on her, but if she wanted to serve as his secretary? She was going to have to give him head, which she did very reluctantly. She hoped that it would end there, that it was a one time thing. But that was proven to not be the case at all. Her new boss enjoyed humilating her in private, in spitting all over her morals and beliefs and when he got bored as he often did during work? She was there to be a diversion for him. He forcibly took her virginity, and insisted that the two of them were an item. His orders extended to out of the work place. She was ordered to get on birth control so he could cum in her without worry, she was made to get private piercings, and she was to practice kegel each night. He wanted her to remain as tight as she had been when he deflowered her.

It was a horrible way to live, and his demands seemed to know no ends. She'd be forced to fellate him under his desk while he was in meetings, she wasn't allowed to wear panties at work and she found herself changing over time. She started to use profanity, she would drink, and to her horror she found herself even starting to enjoy sex with him and she was able to easily reach climaxes despite being treated like dirt. One night something clicked in her head and the next time he tried to demand nookie from her? She turned the tables and asserted a certain level of dominance over him, knowing that she could control him by his desires and telling him that if they were an item like he said they were? He was going to show her respect, and he was going to make sure he earned that which he desired from her. Their relationship would experience a shift following this, and while she wasn't the top in the relationship? She knew how to control him when he got too far out of line.

(5)Home Is Where The Hate Is- Her parents had adopted him years ago, her father had been best friends with his father and after the boy's parents died, they readily took him in. Unfortunately the two kids did not like one another at all. They were too close to one another in age and they used to have horrific fights constantly. The rivalry between the two of them intensified until the point where they were teens. The boy had been on thin ice with his behavior. He was always getting into fights, he was always getting in trouble but the final nail in the coffin wasn't even his fault. She took their father's prized Jaguar out for a joyride and wound up totaling it, and then when her parents found out she quickly blamed it on her foster brother. It had reached the final straw and he was sent off to a boarding school. He held onto a lot of rage about the whole thing and refused to visit during the summers or the breaks, eventually emancipating himself and then later enlisting.

The armed forces was where the unruly boy found himself, and he grew and changed a lot. She on the other hand had developed into a sultry and sought after young woman, yet she made many bad choices in life and bounced from guy to guy. She was something of a party girl and her parents took issue with a lot of her choices. Eventually he reestablished contact with his adoptive parents and they grew more and more proud of all the progress he had made and his accomplishments. He had become the good son, and once he completed his four years he returned back stateside where they readily allowed him to stay out the house while he worked on getting his own place and taking care of everything else he needed.

She had no idea this was going to happen and she wasn't at all happy about him being back in the picture, especially as their parents were going to be leaving the house to the two of them while they enjoyed a second honeymoon. Now a man, he still had a lot of ill will towards his foster sister because of what had happened but there was something that both parties felt more than hate, it was a mutual attraction and want born about through unresolved issues on both ends and both of the two foster siblings finally being able to acknowledge privately how attractive the other is. Granted, he expressed his attraction to her by basically forcing himself on her and expressing his distaste at just how slutty she's become since he's left, and how he is going to break her out of it.

(5)Good Girls/Bad Guys- What do you get when you pair a rich girl who is disillusioned with her lifestyle, and who craves excitement and has an insatiable love for bad guys and you put her together with an unhinged, amoral young man with a fondness for illegal street fighting and violent sexual acts? You get an absolute mess is what you get. She should have known that going in, when she first met him. There was something magnetic and dangerous about him, and she liked that he positively scared her. The fact that he got into a bar fight the first night should have clued her in, but she didn't back down. When he took her home and spent the entirety of the night having his way with her, and it hurt to move around the next day? That should have given her the drive to leave. Yet she still stayed on, and it only got darker and uglier from that point on.

(5)A Life Of Servitude- A near future is not a good place for young women. After a series of events, the moral compass of society has seemingly failed as a whole and now women can be and are often treated as nothing more than objects by men. Whether this is behind closed doors or in broad daylight. A huge enterprise is built off of the sale and trade of young attractive women, and prostitution is made legal, and brothels become huge business. The only way to really avoid this sort of life is through wealth. If a woman belongs to an affluent family or is somehow able to scrape enough money out herself to belong to the upper class, they're untouchable for all intents and purposes. These women are seen as actual citizens, and anyone who were to try to do anything to them? Would be met with grave consequences. Our protagonist was an absolutely gorgeous young woman who has been able to hold onto her virginity due to her father being a highly successful businessman. She feels terrible for the women who are not as fortunate as her, but she's been able to live a relatively carefree existence. At least until her father was discovered to have gone into bed with the wrong people and he's left absolutely broke as a result. She's taken, and then she's offered up as one of the bids at an auction taking place. Virgins are highly prized, and the rate on them can be absolutely huge.

A number of extremely wealthy men have their eyes on purchasing her, because of her beauty, her amazingly curvy body, her relatively young age and the fact that she was wealthy. She's fully educated, she's free of blemish and she's a perfect specimen. This obviously doesn't sit well with her. She's displayed as an item with such selling points as the senstitivity of her body being rated, her tightness, and the level of arousal that she experiences. Most of the guys are much older, and very unattractive and the thought of having them do anything to her makes her sick to her stomach. She knows she's going to be bought, so when she sees a younger man at the auction? She instantly tries to appeal to him in the hopes that he'll buy her and not one of the old men. Her ploy works out and despite hating her position, she also finds him to be extremely attractive which is always a good thing. He has a harem of sorts in his home, but he's exhausted all of his options with them and has gotten bored. He definitely wants to deflower her, but more than that he wants to train and break in a woman to be a companion of sorts for himself and he finds himself definitely taken with her. After purchasing her and bringing her home, he introduces her to a life of servitude and while her will and spirit make the transition to being his plaything rather difficult? It also makes him want her more.

He doesn't wait long to deflower her, and after he devotes his time and efforts into turning her to his ideal companion. This life is an unbearable one for the prideful young woman to say the least. Humilation, sexual servitude and abuse become the norm for her. She's forced to keep herself in the absolute best shape for him, and to learn to cater to each and every one of his needs and the absolute worst times are when he wants to show her off. Whenever they go out, he has her wear a butt plug that has a tail on it, and it is a very dehumanizing experience. Despite everything else, she does find she gets a somewhat perverse thrill out of being his absolute favorite amongst the other girls, and the only one worth even considering impregnating down the line. Were she to push, and to become more assertive, she'd even discover that her abuser had somewhat genuine feelings for her and intended on having her become his wife once he felt she was trained enough for the position.

(5)Making The Lyrics Real- She was a highly desired young pop singer who was known for her racy and sexually charged lyrics & image. Frequently winding up in the tabloids for her behavior, she reveled in the attention. All the same, she wasn't near as bad as she would lead her fans to believe. She enjoyed the success, and she enjoyed having the celebrities she admired growing up try their hands at courting her. There was one person who never forgot her though. The two had been dating when they were younger, and when she became famous, she left him behind so she could focus on her career. Even if she has had regrets about the whole thing, it has worked out in her favor at least until she was abducted one night and found herself in a dark basement confronted with her ex-boyfriend. He'd never quite gotten over her, and he knew that the whole bad girl image she tried to live up to was just an act. He promised the two of them would make it a reality however, and that began a new life of humilation, pain, and pleasure at his hands. The things she used to deny him, she wasn't allowed to anymore.

(5)The First Lesson- She'd always been a perfect student, and academic success was everything to her. In that regard, she was fairly repressed and she was a virgin when she entered college. Her curiosity got the better of her, and she signed up for a human sexuality class that both made her uncomfortable and intrigued her. The class was always on her mind, but she realized she was woefully behind as far as understanding the material since it was far more than just simple reproduction and that sort of thing. It was centered on what constitutes as sexuality in the eyes of society, and the professor stressed for all of the students to be comfortable and confident with their bodies. He likely shouldn't have been teaching this class, and if the board got wind of the things that really went on? He likely would have lost his job. However he encouraged his students to have sex, and to experiement and to come back to the class with their own experiences and insights. She had none to speak of, so to that end she approached one of her fellow students and asked for him to help her out.

He was definitely experienced, to the point where he served as a TA of sorts in the class. He was charming, attractive, and he agreed to help her as long as she put herself in his hands entirely. It started out innocently enough, but it started to take on a darker turn as he all but forced her to allow him to give her an orgasm. Her very first one which absolutely blew her mind. Against her better judgement she went to continue seeing him for instruction, she got off on the loss of power and she was beyond attracted to him even if she was highly reluctant to explore everything he had to teach. Their lessons became excuses for sex sessions, and he rather bluntly deflowered her. After that, the sky was the limit for him and the two became frequent partners with him trying new things out on her and stressing the importance of her learning to utilize the muscles she never had to before. When she did well, she was rewarded by him taking her harder and when she did badly she was punished in the same manner.

(5)Keep Her Entertained- His boss was a noted crime figure who commanded fear and respect, and he was one of the bosses' top guys who he frequently turned to when he wanted things done. The guy was most likely the closest of all the bosses' associates, and to that end his boss gave him a special job when he planned on going out of town on business. He had recently married a witty, demanding trophy wife, and while he was out of town he wanted to make sure she wasn't bored. So he asked the enforcer to spend time with her, to watch over her and to treat her like an extension of himself. He was to do whatever she asked, and he was to make sure she had a good time. Upon meeting her, the guy was definitely thrown for a loop. She was a truly unique woman and the two had immediate chemistry. The woman was somewhat neglected by her husband at times, and she found this ladies man of an enforcer to be absolutely gorgeous. The guy flat out turned her on and after a 'date' of innuendos, when they got back to her place, she reminded him that he was to do whatever she wanted and she ordered him to treat her like he would one of his own dates. Obviously he was torn, but he rationalized everything in his head and the two fucked each other's brains out. It didn't take long at all for the two crazy kids to fall in love with one another, and for her to steal a good chunk of money and to convince the enforcer to run away with her.

(5)Her Personal Hell- She was absolutely gorgeous, her only crime was loving a guy who didn't deserve her. He was a drug user and seller, who owed a lot of people money and earned the ire of a lot of dangerous people. One of these people was a criminal who was far more powerful and who had his men beat the man nearly to death before telling him how he could save his own life. The criminal wanted his girlfriend, badly. If he were to give her to him and to disappear and never come back to the city, he would spare his life. The druggie readily accepted this deal, and to her horror she was given to the criminal as if she were an object on the understanding that he would kill the guy if she didn't. She hated that she was in love with him and very reluctantly agreed to the deal.

Now she goes arm and arm everywhere with this new man, he dotes on her, he pampers her, and he even has her as the star attraction at his club he owns, making it very clear that she is not to give private dances. Only to entice customers into spending more money. The criminal is a horrifically jealous person, and is the sort who will threaten her if she does something to make him jealous. He's a very complicated man. He does not like using profanity in his day-to-day life outside of when the two are having rough sex, he does not drink and he does not use drugs and he believes himself to be a somewhat honorable person. He's also absolutely ruthless and very violent when pressed. Even their sex life is a bit on the odd side, if very trying from a psychological standpoint. He isn't content to just have his way with her like most men would be. He wants their intimacy to be special, and to that end he'll always try to squeeze as much 'romance' out of it as he possibly can. He'll want her to be as seductive as possible, and force her to make him believe that she wants nothing more than to have sex with him. She's to always be an active participant, and she he will force her to have orgasms, and is quite capable of telling when she's faking and he won't allow himself to finish until she does first.

(5)Alternate Form Of Payment- She had been a young medical student, who didn't have the benefit of family to pay for her expensive classes. So she wound up indebted to a crime boss, and she owed a large sum of money to the man by the time her education was nearing its' end. She'd never thought that it would add up to be so much, but it did and she suddenly found herself in very deep water. The crime boss had a young nephew who worked for him as a hit man and he offered the doctor a way to take care of her balance in one fell swoop. All she had to do was spend the night with him, and ensured that he had an unforgettable night and then he'd tell his uncle to forget about what she owed. She was highly reluctant to accept the deal, it was absolutely humiliating, but she was lightly coerced into it and she had sex with him. True to his word, he erased her debt, but the event was the single most humiliating experience of her life and it scarred her. She went on to become a highly successful doctor, but her personal life was a wreck. She swore off men because of him, and she bounced from girl to girl.

Years later she was utterly shocked to find the man that she hated at her doorstep. Bleeding out. He was dropped by two guys who coerced the doctor into helping him out as he had been set up and was dying. She reluctantly saved his life, and she wanted him out of hers, but the two became stuck together when it was discovered that his uncle wanted him and anyone who came into contact with him dead. The two of them were forced to go on the run, and this man yet again had walked into her life and ruined it.

(5)The Monkey's Paw- Gorgeous, with a killer body and a heavy sex drive. She had no troubles getting a man, and she got plenty of them. She was perfectly fine with being promiscuous and would send off many of her past lovers with a sharp comment. The girl had a fondness for fit men, and what she initially thought were well endowed men. Lots of guys wanted to lock her down, and have her see them alone, but she'd laugh at them and treat them like insects. It was a pattern that continued for a number of years, and in her line of work, she met a lot of different guys. She was a dancer and she was frequently asked for private parties which paid good money, she wouldn't have sex for money. However if she liked a guy enough? She'd dance for him and then agree to eventually bump uglies with him, she couldn't stomach the idea of someone paying her for sex however. This pattern continued until she met an absolutely gorgeous & successful young drug dealer at one of the parties she worked. She was absolutely taken with him, and as she danced for him she was delighted to discover that he was extremely well endowed. The rest of the night had been a blur, the two had been drinking and doing other vices.

When she awoke, she felt impossibly sore and she discovered that her and the man had gotten eloped. She was not married to this guy, and things were never going to be the same. She wasn't allowed to be with anyone other than him, she wasn't allowed to dance anymore, she was expected to fix several meals throughout the day, to clean and to do laundry. The woman was also expected to satisfy every sexual desire he had as soon as he got them. Her new husband thrived on control, and she discovered that his being so well endowed was not a good thing in the least. If she was just playing with his member, or allowed to freely perform oral on him she was able to fully enjoy herself. He took care of himself and the novelty of his size was something she'd never experienced. Penetrative sex with him however was unpleasant due again to his size, no matter his skill. He was simply too large. Whenever she tried to rebel, or act in an insubordinate manner he was not at all afraid to put his hands on her and the relationship quickly became abusive. There was a broken part inside of herself that loved him, and she loved when he doted on her but it was a combination of that and fear that kept her from leaving despite knowing that he saw other women.

(5)Let's Make It Interesting- The two were classmates, and aside from hearing each other talk and briefly acknowledging the attractiveness of the other silently, they had next to no real communication with one another. Yet both parties were on the lonely side, both weren't having much success on the dating front, and both actually had surprisingly similar interests and tastes. She was interested in classically masculine men, and those were in relatively short supply in her school. She'd been in nothing but serious relationships and she wanted something new, something exciting. She wanted to meet someone who would really push her out of her comfort zone, and she found her mind racing with possibilities from the pornography she had recently become interested in.

He was single, and he wasn't having the best of luck with meeting women. He'd had several girlfriends, but all of them were what would be considered bad girls. That just wasn't him, he didn't want that sort of thing. Not anymore. But he didn't know how to find anyone new. So the two turned to the interesting world of online dating, hoping to find that perfect match. Both got a lot of attention on the website, they were educated and attractive people. It was only natural, but one day they caught each other's eye because he visited her page and they immediately recognized each other. Both parties were too shy to really say anything in person but they exchanged looks all throughout class the next day and so he took the initiative.

Both parties got to talking quickly enough after the ice was broken, and she agreed to go on a date with him. Drinking, dining and dancing led to them going back to her place. It had been a lovely date, but she didn't want to just have sex with him. It was too conventional, so she asked him to take things a step further. Talk that evening had went to their exes a lot, and she could tell he resented his a good deal. She wanted him to take out his aggression towards them on her, and to really punish her and to treat her like she was one of them. It was an eye-opening experience for both, that greatly changed their dynamic.

(5)Weak & Powerless- She was not built for prison, compared to many of the other inmates, she was relatively tame and she knew going in that she was going to have a tough time of it once she was behind bars. She was even aware that statistically, sexual abuse from other inmates or male guards towards female prisoners was not unheard of, especially for an attractive young woman like herself, she never could have expected a guard like him however. He was instantly attracted to her, and while he was objectively an attractive man himself, he was not a good person in the least. She became the target for his attentions and it started tame enough with things like him fondling her during pat downs, watching her shower or undress, and him making threats. It quickly transitioned into far more insidious things with him withholding food unless she serviced him, degrading her and eventually flat out assaulting her. The way that he saw it, she was a criminal and she deserved everything that she got and then some. He had a reputation amongst the inmates, and she definitely wasn't the only one who had been a victim of his abuse. She easily became his favorite target though, and her dismay grew with each passing day.

(5)Bad Meets Evil- She was the sort of bad girl every guy wanted. Fiery, fearless, and very self assured in her own sexual appeal. Everywhere she went, heads turned and she reveled in the attention. The girl had her share of relationships, and had broken several hearts as she refused to stay locked down by a single guy. There were a host of issues that she contended with, but they were hers and she excelled at being bad. She honestly never saw herself as the kind of woman who would get tied down to a single guy, until she met someone who was worse than she was. The guy was charming, he had a commanding presence and he believed in being respectful towards the women in his life. He was also violent, and involved in the drug trade. The guy had money, and he would freely flaunt his wealth. She'd been a dancer when they first met, working at a club that was a front/headquarters for the organization he belonged to. He noticed her and flirted quite liberally with her, and she was receptive to his advances. She knew he had money, and that he was her ticket out of dancing potentially. What she didn't expect was for him to live as violent of a life as he did, or to find herself becoming as in to him as she was. There was just something magnetic about him, and she found herself hopelessly addicted to him in the manner that guys usually were towards her.

She moved in with him, and quickly became all about him. Going out of her way to do things she never imagined she'd do, like cooking, cleaning, and keeping their home in order. She loved being pampered by him, but she loved capturing his attention and affections more. It was like the single greatest drug in the world when his attention was centered solely on her, and as naughty as she could be for him, she found herself making love to someone for the first time in her life. It was a new and scary concept, as was the new lifestyle that she belonged to. They got front row seats at NBA games, ate at the finest restaurants and they went on vacations to different countries. Yet it all came from violence and drugs. She had to be taught on how to deal with the cops that wanted to bring her man in on several different charges, and he did his best to keep her away from a lot of the uglier elements of his business. She wound up hating the hold that he had over her, nobody had ever held so much control, and he could step out on her or do whatever he wanted yet she'd only try harder to make him happy.
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I'm an absolutely huge comic junkie and a self admitted nerd, so roles that fit in those sort of interests? Belong here.

(5)Fallen Ones- At the beginning of time, there were angels and devils. We were amongst the most powerful of our brethren, but you being Lucifer? You always had a spark of rebellion in you, though you did well hiding it. I was the angel of death, and the two of us were lovers and I was absolutely devoted to you. The angels constantly faced off against demons, and after intensive study? You discover that if you were to wear the crown of hell, you would reign supreme and believed it to be better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. To that end you convinced me to help you get the crown, as I believed we'd be destroying it. However when I discover how wrong I was, and when the rebellion happens and the fallen angels are sent to hell? Despite my attempts to lend aid to the rest of the angels in the war, I'm stripped of my wings and forced to live for all eternity on earth.

I watch humans age, and die throughout the history of mankind. My contempt for everything growing, and I find myself more than aware that I'm no longer anything. Not an angel anymore, and I could never be human. In modern times, you've found yourself growing bored with the war. You also dislike much of the conceptions that have been formed regarding you. Hell no longer suits your whims and despite how relatively amoral and lacking in compassion you are? You find yourself bored, and vacate your throne deciding to make your own destiny on earth. You create an identity for yourself, and live amongst the humans despite still having access to much of your powers. You discover what I'm doing presently, and despite the time that has passed? You still maintain feelings for me and decide that you want to reignite our passion, seemingly oblivious to my contempt for you.

(5)What Defines Us- (I'm a huge Batman fan, and I've always loved the relationship between him and Selina Kyle. The role itself is partly inspired by elements of TDKR, as well as comic storylines such as Hush, The Long Halloween, Knightfall, War Games and No Man's Land. Though the characters will be original? This is basically how I would have done the two if allowed to write a story. I'd like to play this role out with a loose timescale and not all in order.)

The two of them couldn't be more different, however there were a few things that united them. They wore masks both literally and figuratively, they had suffered in the past and they were both impossibly alone and broken despite having so much. However they worked on opposite sides of the law. He was a vigilante, one who has suffered and given up nearly everything in his life in his crusade. He expects to die alone, and he doesn't see an end to his mission short of death. She on the other hand is far more amoral, looks out solely for herself. Originally it started out of neccesity, but now it has become her nature. She isn't evil however like a lot of criminals, she doesn't want power or anything of that sort, she kills only out of self defense, she isn't a psychotic and she mostly steals or conducts heists. She's operated around the country and has recently come back home to Empire City. The vigilante is still operating but at a far lesser scale due to crime being nowhere as high as it once was. His fight has been very successful, and it is merely the calm before a storm. She figures this is the perfect time to go to work as she's beneath his radar. The two wind up crossing paths however and she gets away, though the two share a mutual attraction and interest in one another. Especially with him discovering her identity through detective work, and finding something of a kindred spirit. He doesn't want to turn her in or anything, but he wants to discover what makes her tick. To that end the two encounter each other frequently, both in costume and out of costume with her having no idea who he really is though she finds herself very drawn to his civilian identity as well as there is a lot to him.

This dance continued until someone new came to town. The man was the single most dangerous mercenary on the planet and he was spoken about in hushed tones. He had been responsible for coups, high level assassinations and had commanded fiercely loyal and well trained operatives. The product of a super soldier experiment, who discovered our lovely thief. She was strong armed into helping him out in his current goals and he revealed the identity of the vigilante to her which was a shock. He wanted this man to trust her, and he wanted her to lead him into a trap. She let on in her costumed identity that the vigilante? Had her at a disadvantage and if he wanted to trust her completely? He had to show he trusted her, which led to him freely revealing his identity. The two were lovers for awhile and although it was initially a ruse on her part? She grew to deeply respect the man and even fell in love with him. The more time she spent with him, the more she tried to encourage him to run away with her. She didn't want to go through the plan, but it wasn't to be and the mercenary was too much of a threat to be denied. So she regretfully led him into the trap when he wanted to confront this new threat and sought her help to do so.

The villain had been responsible for breaking all of the vigilante's enemies out of prison and he had gone nearly sleepless in an effort to round them up over a period of weeks as she watched him kill himself to defend the city. A city she absolutely hated. When the time came, and she led him to the trap? He was woefully unprepared for the savagery he'd encounter and was beaten almost to death and left broken in every sense of the word. However the villain's designs weren't done for him and he had him transported. The public and even the woman believed that he had killed him, and the city was plunged into a violent nightmare afterwards for two years. She would have left, but the ghetto that she had been born and raised in? Would be left unattended to and she still carried a large amount of guilt. So she stayed behind as a loose protector of that area. The situation became more dire and the city was eventually declared a No Man's Land and left to fend for itself. The vigilante spent the two years recovering, and retraining himself. He relearned all he had before and returned stronger than he had ever been. He sought her out, and despite not fully trusting her? He wanted her aid, as he was going to end this reign of terror or die in the process.

(5)The Girl Friday- She was the assistant, confidant and advisor to a very powerful man who was the CEO of a multinational corporation. It just so happened that the man was also a costumed hero who utilized his company's resources to fight superpowered terrorism. The man was the result of a successful experiment dedicated to creating super soldiers, and with powered beings becoming more and more of a day to day reality, it was only a matter of time until the government got to work on forming a response team. He was a reluctant member of this ensemble as he preferred working on his own. She'd known him for years, and despite having no superpowers herself, she was every bit the genius that he was and more focused on their R&D department than he was. She was one of the few people who knew of his double life, and her role as a confidant couldn't be overstated. She secretly loved her boss, even if he pissed her off beyond words at times. The man was a womanizer and she was forced to put a smile on while he ran around with girls that were quite dumb. She held out hopes that one day, he'd wise up and see what was right in front of him. Especially with the current crisis the two are trying to quell.

(5)Out Of The Business- In a world where superheroes and their foes are real, it is an everyday reality that people deal with. In highschool, you had fleeting crushes on a number of the heroes but wanted to be one yourself. Eventually you got the chance to, gaining powers from a freak accident. Delighted at having abilities, you hastily put together a costume and sought to stop crime. Busting up a few small timers inflated your ego, until you realized that just like there are the worst examples of humanity? That can extend to people with powers, and yours weren't as formidable as you thought. An extremely cruel and sadistic criminal who absolutely hates superheroes encountered you and took you hostage. His mental powers are quite dangerous and with them? He subjects you to months of cruelty where you seemingly vanish off of the earth, and he forces you to enjoy everything that you see and that is done to you. This succeeds in breaking your spirit completely.

You would have lived out the rest of your life like this or until he decided he had enough of you if it wasn't for a series of events. At the time, a new but very powerful hero crossed paths with your captor and when they fought? Your captor's hold on you somehow was broken, which left you in a state of utter confusion before he was taken in. You can remember the hero, even if he did not remember you especially since he went on and became quite well known. You on the other hand had to seek intensive counseling, therapy and now 6-10 years later? You're a bitter, cynical and depressed young woman who wants nothing to do with heroes and their like. Despite your best friend being a famous hero herself, you're now a special consultant/journalist of sorts for a newspaper. The section ironically enough? Deals with superhumans. It was through this gig that you wound up meeting your off-on again lover. He's the same hero who managed to save you all those years ago, although you never told him just because the experience was that traumatic. He is a hero, but far from a boy scout. The man womanizes, has a temper that is as ugly as yours, is not a fan of commitment, and refuses to be a role model. He can be downright abrasive at times. Yet, you know that despite all of that? He is a good man, who does what he does because he is untimely a hero. The two of you wound up meeting because you were doing a case, that he was involved in. Though you were on the scene first? You managed to evade the villain long enough, focusing on keeping the kids he had held hostage alive before he arrived and took him down. The two of you cannot stay together for any length of time however. You're friends, though not exactly buddies. You hate how he sleeps around, and how he talks to you at times. He doesn't kiss your ass like a lot of guys you're used to. While he gets annoyed with you for the same thing, your mouth. You can be quite abrasive, foul mouthed and rude when you want to be. Plus you have a horrid temper and a drinking problem. Still, every now and then the two of you will be intimate with one another.

Things have gotten so bad for you at this point, that one night? You somewhat drunkenly proposition him despite his worry for you, even allowing and encouraging him to do that one thing you'd never let him do. All in an attempt to feel something, not caring if it is negative. Your best friend fixes you up with a new guy. He's a hero, though not as high profile as your other guy. He's much nicer, part of a team and seems genuinely into you. You two start dating, although nice guys? Don't really appeal to you all that much. However you start getting a number of new cases, among other occurences in your life. You find you're pregnant and really don't think your boyfriend is the father, which leaves you in a sticky position especially as you don't want to tell him that you've slept with you know who. Knowing that would be bad enough, but that it was recently? It'd end things, you want to wait until you know for sure. The biggest of the events though, is that your former tormentor? Eventually is broken out of jail, and lets slip that he plans on paying you a visit as your relationship with you know who worsens.

(5)You're My Sidekick- There wasn't a huge age gap between the two of them, 5-6 years at the most. Yet he had been doing this whole thing longer than she had. He was one of the best martial artists on the planet, a very low-end superhuman, and he utilized a variety of weapons. He had struck fear in the hearts of criminals, but she had quickly become an annoying tagalong. The most frustrating part was that she was good at the job. She could handle herself, she was highly intelligent and one of the best marksmen he had ever seen. She had been inspired by him, and now because of that she was scraping out her own heroic identity. She discovered who he was by chance, and she's become a fixture in his life and one of the closest things he has to a real friend even if the two bicker constantly. She insists he is her sidekick, and she has to watch him navigate the mess he made of his life. Especially his relationships with women in the superhero community. He grew to admire her, and he became very fond and protective of her. Yet for someone with perception like his, he was blind and he couldn't see the signs.

(5)Shall We Begin- She was a powerful & curvaceous superheroine who always had a quip ready, and had put a lot of criminals away in her career. She was mostly carefree, and even if she had some tight fights, she hadn't yet been given a reason to be afraid. At least until she met him. He was an especially infamous criminal, incredibly powerful in his own right and absolutely evil. The two fought, and she found herself shocked when he actually managed to beat her in said fight. He took her afterwards, and she came to in a form of bondage that managed to negate her powers for the time being. The villain wasn't content to just beat her. He wanted to teach her a lesson, and he wanted to completely break her. She had heard countless threats from male villains about how they'd rape her if they got a chance, and if they found out who she was underneath the mask. He had the means to do so, and he kept her hostage while putting her through absolute hell. The man promised that when everything was said and done, she'd learn to fear him.

(5)Behind The Mask- Crime ran rampant in their city, and the cops were often powerless to stop the wave of super villains. A lot of the activity could be traced to one man, an untouchable crime boss who had political connections and an army of assassins and mercenaries at his disposal. He was allowed to do what he wanted, and anyone who even dreamed of telling him otherwise disappeared. Until a masked man declared a one man war against the man. He had abilities, resources, weapons, and he was an incredible fighter. Every night he would go out into the city and he'd effectively deal with the criminal element. The battle between the two of them started to become personal, and the man spent a lot of money and time on the goal of killing this vigilante. She on the other hand was one of the few honest cops in the city, a young noted beauty who recently made detective who absolutely detested crime. The vigilante approached her, and asked for her aid in stopping their mutual enemy and although she was initially reluctant, she eventually agreed to the partnership and the two began to pool resources and efforts towards stopping the man, all the while she began developing a strong attraction towards the mystery man, dreaming of him nightly and finding that he was dominating her thoughts.

(5)I Really Like You- She's a succubus who managed to escape from her home dimension, she's made her way to Earth and she's absolutely fallen in love with the place. There's war, but not on the scale that she has to deal with back home. The people are far different, and everything just feels lighter and more grave. She is aware that when feeding, she essentially steals the life force of humans and she's not sure she really wants to do that despite her enjoyment of the act and of sex. To her surprise, she comes across what she believes to be a young man who she's delighted to discover has a healing factor. She realizes almost immediately that she could have sex with him as often as she wanted, and it wouldn't kill him. At the rate he heals, he would only feel a bit winded after and so she sets out to seduce him without revealing what she is. The two find themselves in a passionately heated relationship, with her quickly falling for him, even as Incubus from her home dimension enter the world to track her down and to force her back into servitude.

(5)We're The Future- They belonged to a powerful race of godlike beings, world conquerors who claimed entire planets into their galactic empire. Their technology was highly advanced, but it was their racial abilities that made the galaxy kneel before them. They were capable of self propelled flight, of breathing in space unaided, they were almost completely invulnerable, the energy they could project from their eyes could instantly burn through steel and turn living beings to ash, their reaction time made them appear to be blurs, they had heightened senses, could cross vast stretches of space in a short amount of time and they could singlehandedly tear apart ships and buildings or support the weight of either of the two. They struggled with extremely quick tempers that could lead to horrific acts of violence. As infants, they are matched genetically with their future mate. Attempting to mate with any other aside from one's genetic match will often lead to defects or miscarriages. The only ones who are able to side step this are ones with royal blood. They're able to reproduce with any of their race without these problems, the biggest hurdle for their race is that none on the planet currently possess royal blood.

Their beloved former leader was killed by one known as the great betrayer, and it is unknown who his heir was. It is known that he had one however. The race is in danger of dying out, and they have become desperate to find the heir to the throne, as he'd be able to save them by sidestepping their limitation. Since the leader's murder, their most powerful warrior was chosen to be Grand Regent until the heir was discovered and he has led the search for him.

She was a young soldier who was renowned for both her beauty as well as her skill in battle. Despite her young age, she had achieved much and the Grand Regent secretly harbored a deep desire for her which was an alien concept to their people for the most part. They were not a loving race, empathy and affection were seen as weaknesses and the weak were snuffed out, intimacy was only for the purposes of procreation and never for recreation. Early on she had been genetically matched to the child of the man who would become The Great Betrayer who was a famed warrior himself before turning on his people. The betrayer for whatever reason sent his son into space where he eventually wound up on Earth and was raised on the planet, eventually becoming the planet's foremost defender from the numerous superhuman threats on it.

She was devoted to her people, and she knew they were dying out, so she made it her mission with the council's blessing to find the son of the betrayer and to have his children. Despite what his father had done, he was not held guilty for his actions and so she searched and by chance was able to discover that he had been sent to Earth. A planet where the people looked a great deal like her own, but lacked their abilities or their physiology. The wide range of superhumans both amused and intrigued her, even if nearly all of them were weaker than her race. It didn't take long at all for her to encounter the son of the betrayer who was the same age as her, and when they met, she was genuinely confused by him. He defended weaker creatures, he was compassionate, he had no interest in conquering, and he behaved in a manner that was alien to her. Their first encounter turned into a full out brawl that ended in a stalemate. It was his first time encountering someone as powerful as he was, and he had thought that he was alone in the universe. Despite her off-putting ways, he was very much attracted to her, while she respected him as a worthy opponent and did not find him to be unsuitable at a physical level.

The hero did not want to produce offspring, he was unsure of his obligations to his people, and he was very annoyed at her persistence. Regardless of his desires, her duty to her people overruled that and she stated as much. She would remain by his side until he sired children with her. They came to the shaky agreement that if she was to remain on earth, she was going to have to blend in like he did, and work on curtailing her violent ways for the time being. Life as an earthling was offensive to her, but she managed to discover several things in his company that she had never known. Affection, concern for her well being and eventually love. She never imagined that intimacy could be done for any reason other than reproducing and found that she greatly enjoyed it with him. She was profoundly changed through her experiences, and came to cherish their relationship. For awhile she even forgot about their people, at least until it was discovered that her lover was the long missing heir to the royal bloodline and the salvation for their people. The mission to reclaim him became far more dire, and the world conquerors would stop at nothing to get him and to force him to sire as many children as possible with as many different suitable mothers as possible. 

(5)Heightened Everything- This role is centered on a young super couple, and it focuses mostly on their relationship as well as their sex life. She had the ability to manipulate matter at a sub-atomic level, and used these powers quite frequently. She could eat whatever she wanted, as she would augment cakes and the like into nutritious foods. She often joked that she didn't need to work out because of that, but also because of her sex life with her boyfriend. Among other powers he had superhuman stamina and invulnerability, and even with his heightened senses that greatly increased his enjoyment of sex, he could last for a long period of time and every session between the two of them became a workout session. She didn't trust buying condoms, and so she made her own for when they were together. They were paper thin and for him it'd almost feel like nothing was there, but they were extremely durable so they wouldn't break at the same time and they'd fit him perfectly. He went off world a lot to protect the planet, and whenever he returned, a ground rule was that if she was sleeping, he would wake her up. The two were absolutely in love with one another, and they endured a lot together. Whether it is him becoming temporarily depowered and finding that their sex life suffers as a result, or her very nearly being killed in a battle and rebuilding herself with some 'slight' improvements that he absolutely loves. They were ready for anything, except her condoms not doing their job one night when she discovers that she is pregnant.

(5)Off-Worlder- She was from a war-torn planet, and she was one of the deadliest individuals on said planet. Having been trained from birth to be the perfect warrior, she led a rebellion against the tyrannical ruler of the planet who openly desired her. She had once been his bodyguard, but she'd seen him do too much evil to serve him any longer. Then one day, he landed on the planet. To a planet of aliens, he was an alien being and he was sentenced to die in the death matches the king frequently had. He defied the king however and shocked everyone with his strength, and abilities. You see, he hailed from the planet Earth. He was not born of that planet, but he was blessed with extraordinary powers that made him a god. For years he was a beloved hero, but after finding out he wasn't of Earth and being betrayed by the Government that raised him, he turned his back on them and his secret was made public knowledge. The people he saved hated and feared him, and other heroes who had been his friends attacked him. He was stronger than all of them, and after issuing a warning, he left to find a place where he'd be accepted but he was caught in a wormhole.

Upon landing on this new planet, he still had many of his abilities but was initially weakened. He gradually became stronger and he refused to die, and he defied the king at every turn until the rebels launched an attack on the arena in the hopes that this new being would join them. Though he initially wanted to be left alone, his heroic nature won out when they were under attack and he reluctantly joined them. Him and the rebel leader butted heads frequently, but an underlying attraction existed between the two of them and on this violent planet, he found a place where he was accepted and where he belonged, and with her he found his equal and someone who could balance him.

(5)Power- She was a special agent given one assignment. This assignment would last her for the entirety of her life, she'd be in deep cover and her service to her country would never be openly acknowledged. The agent was a young patriot however who was willing to risk life and limb for country. She was to seduce, and then marry one of the most powerful beings on the planet. He had been raised by the United States Government after being discovered as an infant and he was utilized as a secret weapon, until announcing his presence to the world by singlehandedly stopping several falling satellites. The man was a hero, and he put his life on the line to defend innocent lives. The powers that be were utterly terrified of him. His power was immense, he was seemingly invincible and if he ever went rouge, the loss of life would be catastrophic. They were upset that he had a public presence, as they couldn't use him as their weapon of mass destruction anymore. But they needed some method of control, and they decided the heart would be the best way to do it.

She was given the assignment due to her beauty, her lack of ties, and her intelligence. Planted so that he would save her, and she'd be grateful the two became a couple and he fell in love for the first time in his life. She was to keep tabs on him, and to ensure that he never went rogue. It was easy enough to keep him human and invested in her, he'd never been with a woman before and he was utterly in love with her. Despite being able to tear buildings in half with his bare hands, he was incredibly gentle with her and she found herself beginning to fall for him as well. Behind the power and the identity, he was humble and goodhearted. He did not know why he had powers, and she realized how alone he was growing up. She forgot her objective and wholeheartedly embraced her feelings for him. It turned out however, that he wasn't alone. His people were not quite as benevolent as he was.

(5)Good People- The two of them grew up together in a shitty neighborhood in a crime-filled city. They were the absolute best of friends despite having diverging paths. She was always smart, well-behaved and she managed to steer clear of a lot of the violence. He on the other hand had been wild as a youth, falling in with the wrong crowd and making terrible decisions. When they were younger they had flirted with that fine line between friendship and romance, and they were each other's firsts before he notably started to change because of his associations. One of those decisions led to him being sent to prison where he underwent a transformation. It'd be a full decade before he'd return to their old neighborhood, a vastly changed man through his experiences, and he returned on a mission. The purpose that motivated him, was to see an end to the crime in their city and he created a new identity to fight it.

To his surprise she was still in the neighborhood, partly because she had a young daughter but also because she was working within the community in an attempt to incite change. When her old friend returned, she did note a change in him but she was also very resentful towards him as he had become a part of the plague that was infecting the city and she had a hard time forgiving him for it, even as he desperately wanted to make amends. To her displeasure, her daughter wound up taking an instant shine to him. While she had problems with him, she found herself becoming fascinated by the new vigilante that struck across the city and she felt that he should emulate this citizen's model.

Historical Fantasy
I don't do a lot of these roles, but sometimes? I get a stroke of inspiration and make exceptions.

(5)Today You Become A Woman- In ancient Rome, we both belong to an affluent house owned by a lanista serving in different stations. You're a young body servant for our master's wife. She has worked hard to keep your virginity intact, and you are her personal servant. I on the other hand am the champion of the house and a popular gladiator. Known for my prowess in the arena, as well as with women, we both serve our purposes. You are very curious regarding sex, wondering when you will experience it for the first time since you know your mistress has worked very hard to ensure you're still a virgin. However a chance to gain position and favor comes for our master, and he is entertaining some very affluent and powerful people. They've seen me give a demonstration in regards to fighting, but they want more. It is a chance for the ludus to fight at the Circus Maximus which is the biggest arena in all of the republic.

As Romans are noted hedonists, they desire to see a show of another kind. And despite the mistresses' displeasure with the situation? The master offers to have me fuck you in front of the guests. Before this? We had only had limited contact with one another. Fleeting glances, and a few words but that is about it. Now? You're forced to give me your virginity to a group of onlookers. In the midst of the intimacy? I find myself enjoying it, and notably taking it much easier on you than I normally do other women and although it is a bit painful? You gradually start to enjoy yourself and all of the guests are delighted with the show. However after it is all said and done, you have to live with having been deflowered in those circumstances and having been reluctant and I decide to pose a reward of sorts for becoming champion to our master. You're the reward to a degree, and I make it known that I would like your "company" exclusively in addition to you serving your mistresses' needs.

Now? You're technically servicing a man you barely know, although he notably doesn't press you for sex. The two of you are able to spend nights together a few times a week instead of you sleeping in the villa with the other servants. Over time however, you grow to care for him even if you're not a fan of the games and willingly sleep with him. You find this really suits you, although you must contend with the possibility of him being killed in the arena. As well as the attention that he gets from friends of the mistress and visiting women of power and influence who wish to experience his services. He? Has no choice in the matter. Your mistress will get you out of situations where men may want to have sex with you, but that doesn't stop them from either trying or expressing interest and this? Absolutely enrages him and further inspires him to try to gain freedom for the two of you so no other man may ever lay hands upon you.

(5)I Need You In Me and I Need It Now- You're the daughter of a very wealthy and prominent lanista who runs one of the biggest ludus' in all the republic. You've been absolutely spoiled by him and you always get what you want. To that end, you're a young woman now and he plans on having you marry someone of note and power with a title to their name. You on the other hand have other interests that you'd see met. Especially with your father being away so often. You've grown up around the gladiators and there is one in particular who has caught your eye. He has been dominating in matches, and he's currently undefeated and has the crowd's favor. He's fairly young and could potentionally challenge the ludus' champion in the future.

You request him to be brought to your quarters, and you voice your desire to lay with him which he's forced to grant despite the dangers that come with doing so. This becomes a regular thing for you, and you frequently call on him to be a lover to you. Forbidding him from laying with whores like the other gladiators do, and not allowing him to sleep with noble women who come by the ludus and express an interest in the gladiators. You grow extremely fond and protective of him, even as he flirts between his enjoyment of the loose relationship and fear of being discovered or dislike at being under your control essentially.

(5)Blood & Glory- They belonged to a fearsome nomadic people, and they were always in the midst of war. Their numbers swelled with each successful conflict, and the art of war was something that was taught to men and women alike from an early age. The two of them had grown up together, and they were both exceptional warriors who embodied the martial prowess of their people. They had a rivalry of sorts as children, and would frequently try to show up the other. They were separated as teens and they went their own ways, but as young adults who were at the age where people found their mates? The two former rivals were reunited after years apart. She was a priestess for their gods, and had essentially become royalty amongst their people. Many men desired her, including the young son of the chieftain of their particular tribe. He on the other hand was a highly successful warrior who led his own troops, and whose arrogance had swelled from his success. The man had no interest in marriage, or anything of the sort. Not until he met her once more and found himself under her spell. She was the single chink in his armor, and she was confident enough to tell him that his heart would beat for her and her alone. Before her, he was a womanizer and several young women found their way in his bed. She was not going to settle for being one of his conquests, especially since she knew she was worth far more than that. To that end she drove him mad by shooting down his efforts to seduce her, yet she dangled the rope enough to let him know that she was interested. If he wanted her, he would have to make a wife out of her. Not a concubine and not a bed warmer. Once he was willing to do that, and once he was willing to remove his ego out of the equation? She would be his.

(5)Oh My Goddess- In times past they were worshipped as gods, and they lived amongst men. That was thousands of years ago however, and since then the gods have slumbered. They finally awoke in the modern world, and found it to be completely different from what they remember. They're no longer worshipped. there are other beings with power on the planet, and they're forced to learn to live amongst modern man and to coexist with them. Some of the gods were more accepting of this idea than others, she was one of them. A noted young beauty amongst her people, she was many times older than what she looked like, due to her people aging differently. The modern world was of great interest to her, and she wound up meeting a modern young man who became utterly infatuated with her. Her people were warriors, and he was a soldier. The goddess was excited at the prospect of learning from him, and the two quickly began to fall in love. Even as her people looked down upon her for having those feelings for a mortal, and his people didn't know what to make of him falling for one of those "gods".

(5)World Of Blood- She was an exceptional young priestess, the princess of a tribe of war-like people who boasted incredible magical prowess. As a child, she saw a vision of herself laying with a man who was the living embodiment of their god, she knew that she was going to birth this man's children and that their children would unite the world. The land worshipped a multitude of gods, but there were two war gods in particular that were universal throughout the world. One was a bloodthirsty murderer who was said to bathe in the blood of the fallen of both sides. He reveled in violence indiscriminately and his followers were savage marauders who worshipped foul demons and raped and pillaged as they saw fit. Her people were set upon when she was a young girl, and the only thing that spared her from rape and murder was a powerful omen when one of the men tried to set upon her. He was struck down by lightning, and the rest of them took that as a sign. By the time she was a young woman, she was a devout follower of the other god of war. An honorable figure who was fierce, but who valued honor and martial prowess above all else.

She served as the advisor to a king who believed himself to be following the path of her god. He was an older man who had been a mighty warrior in his day, but now was more content with whoring, feasting, hunting and the frequent gladiatorial combat games that were held. The king greatly desired the much younger priestess for his bed, and grew increasingly wanting when she was the only woman to frequently shoot him down. It was during one of these games that she chose to actually attend where she found herself looking at a figure who she believed to be the living avatar for her god. He was a warrior who was sentenced to die for his crimes, but he refused to do so. Slaying the ever increasing number of opponents set before him, she becomes convinced of the man when he single-handedly slays 50 men despite taking horrible wounds. The people of the kingdom at this point had grown to admire and love the man for his tenacity and prowess.

The king still wants him dead, but she convinces him to spare the man and to grant him his freedom. She wants the man to serve as her personal guard and the king very reluctantly grants her request. The man's wounds are tended to by her personally, and she talks to him as she heals him. Finding out more about him, his crimes, and where his prowess comes from even though there are huge gaps in his memory. He serves by her side honorably, as the continent is plunged into war. She offers herself to him eventually, and when the king finds out, he is furious. She encourages him to slay the king, and to take the man's throne as the kingdom and the true believers require a strong leader.

(5)A Crown For Your Cunt- There were several who played at trying to rule above all else in the land. Several self-styled kings, heads of houses and rulers of a people wanted to be the one to conquer everything. Laws were more a suggestion than anything else, but the realm's true king was a cruel monster who demanded fealty on the threat of death. His kingdom was vast, and he subjugated his people, and was not well loved. Her family rebelled against the crown, and they were fighting a losing battle against the king. The only thing that kept them from being wiped out entirely was that the king was fighting a war on multiple fronts, although he was still doing quite well in the war. Her family had a large number of supporters, other noble houses had lended their support to the cause and her father declared himself a king. All the same, her father desperately needed something to turn the tide. He needed numbers, and he needed true warriors. She had been devoted to her family from an early age, and it was surprisingly her that came up with the idea. If her family could stave off the king, she'd offer herself as a bride to one of the self-styled kings in return for an alliance.

The problem was, they were not of that continent. Long ago they had once been, but they were the only people who were ever truly successful in rebelling against the crown. They'd once been slaves, but the current king's great grandfather had been a gladiator who incited a huge rebellion. His forces had become massive and despite a long conflict, they were able to evade the crown and they left the continent for the east where they had set up their own empire. They'd become a confident and rugged warrior people but they lacked a stable home. Living off the land as nomads, their numbers were constantly growing as they pulled in an ever increasing number of slaves. The problem was that their numbers were too great to settle in any of the cities on the other continent. The western continent on the other hand offered the oppurtunity for a stable home, and so she left with an entourage to meet this king on the eastern continent.

Upon meeting him, she was taken back. The current king was actually quite young, and for all intents and purposes, exotically handsome. She was a noted beauty herself. That, along with the promise of a permanent home for his people twisted his arm enough to where he agreed to the union. The two were wed, and he pledged to sail to her continent after the winter they were currently facing. During this period of time, they set about training the recent additions to their nation and worked towards the task of gathering a sufficient number of ships. The marriage itself wasn't readily happy due to cultural differences. She knew that she was going to have to lay with her husband, that much was a given. She had never expected sex to be a mostly recreational thing though, and satisfying his demands was a tall order. In her eyes it had always been about birthing children, but he wanted to have her quite often. Not to mention that women were considered equals in his society, and her traditional ladylike manner greatly annoyed him. She was expected to be as fierce as he was, and the two frequently butted heads as she had never been prepared for this sort of thing, she had to seek instruction from her sworn maidens as to how to make him happy and he in turn had to learn about her homeland and the people he'd eventually rule over.

(5)There's Ruling And Then There Is Ruling- She belonged to one of the most powerful families in the kingdom, and her father was a shrewd but ambitious man who was excessively wealthy. Her ambition however outweighed that of her father, who she felt overlooked her because she was a woman and not the proper heir that he wanted. She is intelligent, she is ruthless when need be, and she is an exotic beauty of note. Gorgeous, with a lush & curvy figure, and she's not above using all of her assets to her benefit. She doesn't just want to be wife to a man of power, she wants to be the queen and she will stop at nothing to do so. She does however have a fondness for attractive men, especially when there is an air of danger to them. Her father wanted to marry his daughter to a suitor that would elevate the position of the family.

He on the other hand was the recent head of another of the most prominent families in the kingdom due to the death of his father and older brother. His family, and indeed the lands that they laid claim to boasted some of the most fearsome warriors in the kingdom. He in particular had never planned to rule, instead dedicating himself to being an absolutely dangerous fighter and he was infamous for his fighting prowess, his adventures and his vicious temper when fully pressed. Coming into power was something sudden, but it required him to be more measured and more patient in his dealings. To that end, his mother and his advisors felt like marriage would be the best possible option for him.

Both sides were not overly fond of the ruling body, and while they had less than happy dealings in the past, they also realized that an alliance between the two of them would mean great things for both families and that they'd be able to amass enough power to challenge the crown itself if need be. So it was agreed that the two would be wed to cement an alliance between the two great families. He was unsure of marriage, having preferred a life of whoring and adventuring. She on the other hand was absolutely giddy at the idea, she knew of her future husband through his reputation, and she knew she'd be able to dominate him no matter how fierce he was. Upon finally meeting, he is left completely dumbfounded. Her beauty surpassed the stories, and she was charming and completely unlike any woman he'd ever met. It was love at first sight for him. Even when their wedding night came, despite his sexual experience, she wasn't the blushing virgin he had expected. In her family, sensuality was something that was taught to the girls at an early age and she absolutely rocked his world. From that point on, she'd continue to challenge gender conventions and she went out of her way to make sure her husband became fully aware that she was his equal, and in some ways, his superior.

(5)Rampage- He had cut a bloody trail across the realm, and was feared by many. The man had once been a slave, forced to fight to the death on a number of occasions. When he wouldn't die in those fights, he was condemned to be executed. On the day of his execution however, a large dragon had appeared and had laid waste to the town. This was notable because the dragons were thought to be extinct. Now, years later he has amassed a large army and he has fought a devastating war against the kingdom that has claimed countless lives. He liberates slaves, and those who would fight against the tyranny of the oppressive king and his army boasts several different races.

The king was a xenophobic man who secretly followed a higher power. He made enemies of the other races such as Elves & Dwarves under false pretenses, and killed massive numbers of both people. He made notable reforms, and his council was formed of a brotherhood of sorts that dabbled in magic and worshipped a god of blood & darkness. She was an assassin, raised by that order as beautiful as she was deadly. The rebel leader was proving to be a threat to their designs, and he was seemingly able to control the dragon that had rescued him. They wanted the man dead and they entrusted her to do so. She'd infiltrate the army as a slave, and she'd get close to the man and gain his confidence. Once this was done, she would then kill him. If it meant offering him her maidenhead to get close, so be it. She followed her orders to perfection, but she never expected to admire the man, or to come to believe in his cause or even to fall in love with him. That much was never a part of the deal.

(5)Come Inside- Despite his young age, he had lived enough for several lifetimes. Within his tribe he was destined for great things, and he had become their most fearsome warrior at an early age. Slaying countless enemies, bedding numerous women and becoming an absolutely skilled fighter. This way of life continued until the tribes became problematic enough to threaten the kingdom. All of their prowess was not able to best superior technology and numbers and the war came to a quick end. The fighter was forced to compete in gladiatorial combat games for the entertainment of civilized people. He refused to die however, and went undefeated. The man who ran the games became so incensed that he pit him in a match that would surely lead to death. Still he wouldn't die, and an affluent and powerful lord was so impressed with his performance that he bought the man's freedom and asked him to become a sworn sword for his family.

The fighter was taken back and he accepted, which led to him becoming a part of the great house. He served as the man's protector as well as quite possibly the dangerous warrior he had to call on in times of war. The lord had several children, and she was the most notable of all of them. Buxom, beautiful and bold. She was highly ambitious and a source of constant frustration for her father. She had numerous suitors but was not interested in any of them and she would harshly dismiss them. She did not like the constraints placed on her because of her sex, but she also readily used her sexuality to her advantage and was highly manipulative. The seductive young heiress found herself highly attracted to the dangerous young fighter and made several passes at him.

The two would eventually become lovers when he accompanied her on the road and they were set upon by a company of bandits. He managed to slay all of them but was wounded in the melee and she saw to his injuries, and he laid with her still riding the high from the battle. The man was torn between his duty, and between the lust/love that quickly developed for her. She was a keen manipulator, and she could go from being the picture of innocence in an instant to a sultry vixen. For her part she definitely appreciated him as a bed mate, and she admired his prowess in battle and honorable ways. But he was a means to an end, and when her father inevitably passed? He'd become her right hand.
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Martial Arts & MMA Roles
I've practiced martial arts in some way or another for most of my life, and a great deal of my friends are martial artists. That is why I have so many martial arts roles!

(5)The Old Man Loved You- The two of them practically grew up around one another. She was the only child of a well respected and regarded coach who spent his life training fighters. He had turned out several standouts but his pride and joy was a young man who he took in and practically raised. The boy's own home life was absolutely terrible, he was always skipping into schools and getting into fights. This was how her father noticed him, he was being jumped by a number of boys but he stayed in the fight and managed to get them to back off. His aggression and his stamina were definite bonuses but it was his heart that her father respected most. He cleaned the kid's scrapes and bruises and gave him an ice pack for his black eye, he also offered to drive him home but was deeply saddened when he saw just where the kid went home to. He knew that he needed something to keep him from going down the path a lot of boys did, and to that end he offered to train him for free. As long as the kid went to school and maintained decent grades. Initially he was skeptical but he knew several of the fighters the guy had turned out and eventually he agreed to this deal. He'd come in every day after school and would spend all of his time at the gym. Learning from her father and the other fighters there.

Initially the two didn't get on well with one another, as he found her to be stuck up and bratty and she found him to be a miscreant. They were roughly the same age, and she wasn't like other girls. She was very pretty, even back then but she was also very assertive and she absolutely loved the fight game and was kind of a tom boy. The boy lived in a single parent household, and eventually his mother died from an overdose. So his trainer took him in and became his legal guardian. The boy became more and more of a noted fighter and quickly amassed an impressive amateur record. However he got wrapped up in some foolishness with his friends and he wound up getting sentenced to two years because of it. Once he got out, partly out of shame and out of neccesity he enlisted to the armed forces to try to turn his life around. He had let his surrogate father down, and to that end he wanted to make things right.

He continued fighting during his enlistment, and was in even a champion before his service ended. By the time he returned home, his coach had died and the daughter was running a once proud gym that unfortunately was facing tough times. Her father had always had a good heart and took on a lot of charity cases, he was not a good businessman however and the gym was in debt. Initially she was very wary when he returned home. When he lived with her and her dad, the two had become closer and while the old man never knew? They were lovers and they were each other's firsts, the arrest however soured their relationship and left her deeply resentful. She saw that he was a different person but she was still very reluctant to try to renew their relationship. When he found out her situation, partly out of guilt and also out of gratitude to her father he asked her to be his coach and his manager. He'd continued fighting and he knew she knew as much as her dad did. He was going to try to go professional as there was a huge tournament in the planning stages and together they'd save the gym. At least that was the plan.

(5)The Reward- They were both essentially slaves to the same man. A powerful and influential crime lord who had his hand in a number of money making vices. His latest craze was the lucrative world of underworld fighting, a circuit that was brutal enough to where many fights ended with death. The fighter was a bitter and cynical man that fought for him due to past occurences and a betrayal. He had traded his life for the life of a woman that he had been in love with. She had been marked for death, and he pleaded with the crime boss to spare her. In return for that show of mercy, he'd work for him until the debt was paid. The woman however had been playing him the whole time, and it was all a ploy to get the fighter under the crime lord's boot. So he fought and fought in an attempt to pay the debt off. He knew that if he tried to run, there was nowhere he could go. He wouldn't be able to escape his influence.

The crime lord liked to give the illusion that he was generous and to that end he gave the fighter a reward as he built an undefeated streak. The fighter was single, and so he offered him the services of a young woman in his employ. She was serving the crime lord as well. She'd come under his employ through similar circumstances as the fighter. Her looks and her body were seemingly her biggest assets and to that end, he had her performing as an attraction in his bar where she was forced to dance. He held the threat of forcing her into prostitution over her head frequently, and had she been working for him longer? He very well might have. As it stood though, she was offered to the fighter to do with as he pleased and she was made to understand that if she at all refused him anything? She'd be offered to far worse.

So she showed up at his apartment, wearing nothing underneath her jacket and she offered herself to him. He surprisingly declined, but he was sharp enough to know how their boss worked and so he didn't send her off. Instead allowing her to stay the night. She was grateful, but also very curious as to why he turned her down. An attraction developed on her part when he revealed he wouldn't do to someone else what had been done to him. From that point forward she kept very close to him, she'd make sure he'd walk with her on his arm and she grew more frustrated with him because when she genuinely tried to offer herself to him? He'd turn her down as he knew she was ordered to do so. That was how their relationship of sorts saw its' birth.

(5)Blunt Force Trauma- When a beautiful woman is seemingly incapable of smiling? People are bound to notice it. She rarely if ever smiled due to her past. She'd been with an extremely abusive man for a number of years, who invited all of his ugliness and anger upon her. He dragged her down into a hell she never thought she'd be able to escape from, one that was overseen by the man and his friends. Eventually she was able to run away, and she fled across the country. Away from her family, away from him and she even changed her name in the hopes that she'd be able to start again. Still the scars remained and she was frequently asked in her new city about the fact that she never smiled. For the most part she kept to herself, but she still lived in fear of the past and one day she broke down into tears at a book store. A man chanced upon her, and despite his imposing build? He had an unearthly calm to him and he asked her what was wrong. She didn't offer up too much of an explanation, but he utilized excellent judgement on his part and even from how afraid she was of him? He knew there was something that was attacking her from her very core. So he gave her his business card, and asked her to come check out what he had to offer if she liked in the future.

It turned out that he was a martial artist, and he ran a school. She considered going to check him out, but didn't really act upon that thought until encountering him again at the bar where she worked. One of his students got into an altercation with several drunks, and he handily took down all of the men. This gave her the drive to look into lessons more seriously. His students were professional fighters, cops, people who worked security and even people who were serious about self defense. The combat system he taught blended together several styles, but he got to know several of his students very well and even though the seeming aggression behind everything got to her? She was fascinated by what she saw, and noted how guys who had just been beating the shit out of each other carried on like the best of friends after. That calm that he exuded extended to the whole place, and it felt as much like a temple as it did a martial arts school. She approached him, and expressed her interest in possibly studying under him but she hoped to at least initially be able to receive private lessons. He granted her request and she soon studied under him several times. She learned a lot from him and her confidence, personal strength and sense of self worth gradually returned to her the more time they spent together. This relationship even extended outside of the dojo as she awkwardly asked if he'd like to see her outside of there sometime and he enthusiastically agreed. She proved to be a source of levity for him, and she was able to even get him to lighten up more and to just enjoy the little things. The two fell in love without ever giving words to it, and the past was never brought up.

She quickly developed a knack for fighting and even began to compete, finding solace in taking down her opponents in brutal fashion. It seemed like nothing could go wrong. At least not until the past came back to haunt her, after two years of searching? Her ex and those friends of his had finally located her.

(5)His Kryptonite- She had a thing for fighters, her father was a fairly famous boxer and she grew up around them and in gyms. While she could handle herself and she didn't back down from anyone, she wasn't a fighter by any stretch of imagination. She knew the game well enough to tell great fighters from good fighters, and she was looking to get into management game. A few guys have come through her father's gym but nobody who had it. The gym's top fighter who was a hopeful to get signed to one of the big leagues was trounced by an unknown in the gym one day and curiosity got the better of her. She was able to track the guy down to a bar, where he bounced but she saw that same fire he showed in the gym when he violently takes down a group of loudmouths. She buys the guy a drink, and the two talk some. He keeps to himself for the most part, and he is definitely closed off. The guy's in need of money, and she offers to help him out. She knows where he can find fights, she can get him into them and in return she wanted to be his manager. He was initially reluctant but he relented, and while her dad was put off by the young man's attitude he could definitely recognize his talent and he agreed to take him on. It was just supposed to be about fighting, and about training. She had never really planned to learn his life story, or to feel sympathetic towards him, or to want to offer the angry fighter comfort. That didn't stop them from happening however.

(5)Train My Body- She was a professional fighter, one of the pound for pound best women on the planet. She spent most of her life training, and she absolutely loved the fight game. There was also a good deal of ego that came with her success, and she was very outspoken and a bit of a shit talker. Still she had the belt, who was going to tell her otherwise? She was vocal about how she enjoyed sex in the days leading up to matches as it boosted her testosterone, what she didn't mention was that she had a boyfriend of sorts. Her partner was actually her current instructor. She'd long been versed in submission holds, however she wanted to improve her stand up game and to that end she was studying under a noted thai boxer. He'd been a world champion in his sport several times, and he was a professional fighter as well. It was for the best that the fight media didn't catch wind of the coupling. She was his most successful student, though they notably argued over how she carried herself and her trash talking. The two of them were still lovers nonetheless, and when she was getting an itch before or after a fight? She immediately called him.

This arrangement had worked great, at least until both parties started wanting things. She enjoyed the life of a celebrity, and frequently enjoyed clubbing and parties. He was more reserved and he did have feelings for her but he was at a point in his life where he wanted to settle down and he wasn't sure if she was capable of doing that or if she even wanted to do that. For her part though she was in love with him, and while she loved being in the public's eye and the crazy lifestyle that she lived, she cherished him because she got to taste a more mature relationship with him and she felt that someday? She could see herself settling down with him, and having children with him. The guy made her feel alive, and he treated her like a queen, but they were both still fairly young and she knew that settling down meant just that. As much as she loved him, she just wanted him to have fun with her at her expense for the time being.

(5)Blood & Bone- There was a lot of money to be made in the world of underground streetfighting, and wherever there was the opportunity for money, criminals would surely follow. He was part of a close-knit crew that were involved in a number of different enterprises, his personal favorite was streetfighting and he was a highly accomplished fighter with a very heavy reputation. An ex-con who operates by a code of sorts, he's often on the run from the law. Despite this, the guy is very protective of his loved ones and he would readily give his life to defend them. She on the other hand was a cop, working undercover to try to gather intel on the underground fighting world, more specifically a crime boss who has a very deep interest in the fights that takes place. She sees an in through the fighter and his crew, she infiltrates the crew under the cover of being a fairly talented fighter herself. She is shocked to discover just how much of a family the crew really is, how much she enjoys the lifestyle and must contend with her attraction to the fighter growing out of control as the two flirt with becoming an item.

(5)World's Best- She was an odd young woman. Exceptionally beautiful and intelligent, she wasn't interested in many of the diversions that most girls her age were. She was ladylike in certain regards but she was a free spirit and she was very stubborn. She spoke her mind and frequently got into fist fights with other girls as well as boys. She wished to learn more however and to truly become a strong fighter, which was something that put off her friends. She loved the martial arts and admired fighters and in her quest to find the perfect teacher? She managed to track down one who was quite infamous. He was considered one of the best fighters on the planet despite his rather young age and when she first met him? She almost wound up getting herself killed.

He was in the middle of a death match with a highly dangerous fighter that had killed his own master. She attempted to impress him by attacking this man but was way out of her league and she got hurt as a result. He was definitely impressed by her spirit but he wasn't able to best the killer of his master. The man spared him however and told him that the next time that they'd fight? He better give him a fight worth fighting. To that end the fighter resolves to travel the globe and to improve and tap his hidden potential so that he can avenge his master. She however will not let him travel alone and insists that he's her master and she is his student and she proves quite persistent. He untimely relents and allows her to tag along, and in the process of their travels? She develops strong feelings for her master and starts to seek his affection as well as his approval. She wishes to make him proud, and she learns a lot about herself in the process as he does himself because his entire life had been dedicated to fighting. He had never really considered anything else worthy of his notice, not until he noted his student's feelings for him.

(5)Touch Gloves- She is difficult to say the least. She lives with her dad who is a total asshole to her and her siblings. She catches a lot of shit because she's not the most feminine girl in the world. Despite her physical attractiveness, she does not behave in a ladylike manner and she frequently gets into fights at school. Her aggression gets to be a bit much and she decides she needs an outlet. After seeing an MMA match on tv one night? She goes to a local gym the next day and she wishes to enroll and learn how to fight. She finds the training? To be a lot harder in comparison to anything she could have imagined. One of the trainers however? Takes a liking to her and becomes a surrogate father of sorts for her. He also frequently has the best fighter in the place work with her.

This fighter? Is very close to her in terms of age, and she becomes very drawn to him. He finds himself attracted to her as well, as she's much more interesting than his girlfriend is. The two of them start to grow closer and develop a budding relationship of sorts as fighting starts to take precedence in her life and she really starts to get good at it. All the while hiding what she does from her dad. She grows more empowered from the fighting and even finds herself becoming more feminine from a combination of the confidence she gains and the guy in her life even as she proves impossibly difficult for him to deal with.

(5)Centered- She was a young woman who had endured much in her young life. She was cynical, highly promiscuous and prone to excessive drinking or drug usage to dull her pain. She frequently got into fights and she was almost always angry. Her temper wound up landing her in deep water with a guy who wanted in her pants, and he beat her to a pulp, leaving her for dead at the side of the road. She's chanced across by a young martial artist who had secluded himself off from the rest of the world due to his own personal demons. He brings her back to his place and nurtures her back to health, talking to one of the few contacts he has left, and finding out who she is as well as her story. He has been wrestling with hopelessness for some time now, and a lack of faith in himself as well as in people as a whole. The martial artist refuses to let her go until she is fully recovered, and he also wants to know who it was that did this to her, though she won't tell him anything. Her curiosity is at the least piqued because she finds herself very much attracted to him. The anger she feels reminds him of himself, especially when he was younger and so he decides to teach her, in the hopes that through his instruction she's able to come out the other end more full and more centered. It takes time, but eventually she does accept his teaching, and she finds herself greatly changed by the experience, and indeed the dynamic of their relationship undergoes a similar change.

(5)Path To Greatness- Both of them were students at a legendary academy that trained some of the realm's greatest fighters. All students had dreams of becoming one of the immortal weapons. The realm was split up into several major cities, and the immortal weapons were the champions of these cities. Defending them from threats both external and internal that the constables could not otherwise handle. There were several different classes each day. Unarmed combat was the cornerstone of everything, and students were encouraged to discover the style that worked best for them. Weapons training, history, philosophy, healing, and application of chi were just some of the courses students had to look forward to. Standings in the school were determined by tournaments amongst the students, and if students had grievances with one another they were able to challenge one another in the arena to settle them. To become an immortal weapon, the village's ancestral beast had to be defeated, and the victor would undergo a ritual that would give them aspects of the beast along with the beasts' chi.

She was fated for greatness. Her father was the primary instructor within the school, an unparalleled and skilled warrior who had defended the city for years. Her older brother had been an immortal weapon before his death, and she was expected to become the next one. She had already surpassed the prowess her brother displayed at her age, and she was supremely confident in herself. Her father was somewhat concerned with her having much in the way of pride, but nothing in the way of humility. All the same she was brave, independent and utterly devoted to the study of the martial arts. The way she saw it, becoming the next immortal weapon was her birthright. She developed a rivalry with another student who was her age. He wasn't a native, having come from a far off land. He had a zest for the martial arts all the same and learned and adapted at an accelerated rate. His anger was both a strength and a weakness for him, but he was every bit as fierce in combat as she was and he had been the first person to fight her to a stalemate.

When the trials came, she was horrified to discover that he had been chosen to challenge the beast to become the immortal weapon. When he left to confront it, she stole off into the night and intercepted him there. When the villagers gathered outside the temple, they were shocked to discover that there was now an unprecedented two immortal weapons.

(5)Daughter of the Tiger, Bride of The Dragon- In her village, the men were noted warriors who would return from battles with stories while the women were all beautiful, yet docile. She was the daughter of the village's leader, and easily the most beautiful woman in her village. Yet she was different from all her sisters, and from all the other young women. She had dreams of wars, of being taught the martial arts by a woman every bit as beautiful as herself, and she delighted in hearing the gory details of her father's stories. There were many suitors who desired her hand, though she wasn't interested in them in the least and she chafed at the expectations that were held for her. One day the village went under attack, and instead of defending the village, the men all fled. When she pressed for the truth, she discovered everything she knew was a lie. The men weren't warriors, they never left for battle, and the stories were just that. There had been a truce put into place twenty years before. The women had been the warriors, and the men were the nurturers. After a horrific battle with this army of brigands twenty years before, many of the women including her mother were slaughtered. Her mother is the woman she sees in her dreams.

In exchange for lands and tribute which the men left to give, they'd be left alone as long as they kept their women docile. The truce had been broken and her father wanted to flee. Instead she utilized the lessons learned in her dreams, and encouraged all of the women to take up arms. She stated they'd be able to fight through muscle reflex despite never having trained, and they slaughtered the enemy army. The daughter decided it was time to travel, and to find her own place in the world. She did not wish to stay in the village anymore, and so she left. Her formidable fighting skills were often put to use, and she fought for money. The ideas of romance & finding love had almost died out in her, at least until she met a truly formidable warrior who travelled the world just as she did, dispensing justice as he saw fit. He sailed on a large ship, with a devoted crew of followers. And after discovering her near death, he nursed her back to health and kept her as an unwitting 'guest' on his ship.

(5)The Pursuit of Greatness- They were two exceptional young fighters who were practically raised alongside one another. Their sifu had taken them in at a young age, and they became best friends as well as rivals. Both of them grew and improved in their martial prowess, becoming highly distinguished martial artists in their own rights. The two were each other's firsts, but they wound up going their separate ways after they finished their training. The anger in her heart at the events in her life led her down a violent path, with her becoming an assassin who was addicted to conflict. Rage consumed her, and she became highly feared in the fight community. He on the other hand was every bit as competitive, but he fought without the anger and wound up taking on students of his own. He travelled the globe testing his prowess against other fighters, but he never became a killer and the matches were more often than not respectful. The two were reunited years later when their master was murdered, and they both came to pay their respects. She wanted his help in finding the person who did this and paying for the blood shed with more blood. He agreed, but mostly because he wanted to save her from the monster she had become.
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The Sex Industry
Exotic Dancers, Porn Stars, and Sex Educators. I've had dealings with all three in my life for better or worse, so I present roles!

(4.5)I'm Not A Porn Star- I'm a highly successful adult film star, who not only performs frequently but also has several series' of films that I put out frequently. In several of these, I feature other male performers of color instead of myself. One of them is a somewhat regular sexual partner of yours. You're a beautiful young woman who was gifted with an amazing body. You absolutely enjoy sex, and he flat out says you're the best partner he's ever had. You're aware he does pornography, and after some encouraging he convinces you to do a scene with him in an upcoming film. You do the scene, and had a fairly good time doing it. You consent to have it put onto the dvd's but you make it clear that you don't intend to do porn for a living. However I take notice of you and want to do a scene with you in my top selling series. You are definitely attracted to me, and the idea of sex with me is an appealing one. However it takes a good bit of money and convincing to agree you to do this scene. The demand for you after the first one has been quite heavy, plus I've taken a shine to you myself. We do the scene, and you find yourself being nominated for awards which leaves you in a very sticky place as you're highly reluctant to do porn. However you realize the money could be especially helpful in putting you through school, and the fame and accolades can be overwhelming.

(5)Hell & Back- She is an exotic dancer who works at a highly successful Gentleman's club. She really doesn't want to do this for a living, but life has deemed it this way. She wound up leaving her parent's and moved in with a guy that she was in love with. He was bad news and used to abuse her horribly and would treat her like absolute shit. It got to be too much, and she left town and changed her name. Now she's currently dancing to put herself through school as she wants to make something of herself in life. The woman is possibly the most attractive dancer at the club, with a body that is to die for. However she winds up missing out on a lot of money because she will only give dances. She doesn't screw customers, she doesn't remove her panties, and she doesn't give blow or handjobs. A lot of guys are looking for this sort of thing, and she wound up actually punching a customer in the face when he got too handsy and wouldn't let up. Dancing makes it extremely hard for her to meet new guys, many of which won't take her serious because she dances. The money is good, but the job itself is hell. There are nights when she'll leave the VIP rooms in tears and has had to deal with customers getting highly abusive and has fought off a few attempted rapes.

The man on the other hand is a long time martial artist. He is highly devoted to his craft and abstains from drinking, or drugs. He has the utmost respect for women and tries to live honorably. He competes often and this fills him with joy. However he recently had his heart torn from his chest. Him and his girlfriend had been together for roughly 4 years. The man was completely in love with her, but the woman lied to him and she used him. After being roped along on a rollercoaster ride for a long period of time, she left him when he was at the worst point in his life. His martial arts have suffered due to his depression and loss of confidence. Some nights it takes everything he has not to want to die, because to have given all of himself to her without a safety net? It would have been bad enough, but for someone as prideful as him? It was almost like killing him. Plus he is trying to instruct, and business is nowhere near as good as it could be. He's never gone to a gentleman's club, but he decides to give it a shot on the advice of a friend.

The place is quite packed, yet somehow she notices him above everyone else when he goes to tip her while she's on stage. It could be that he is quite young, since she's used to old guys hitting on her. But there is other young guys. It could be that he is highly attractive, and in excellent shape from what she could tell. It could be any number of factors, but one of the biggest ones is how respectful he is towards her. After her set, she immediately goes over to him. Shrugging off several propositions and guys pawing at her and she sits down by him. The two of them talk, and the conversation is a pleasant one that lasts a very long time. He realizes she is losing money, which is something she doesn't even notice. So he decides to be a gentleman and make a deal with the DJ. He will pay for a VIP room for the rest of the night, if she doesn't have to be pestered to go onto stage or anything of that sort. Paying a good deal of money for it. When the two of them make it to the room, he makes it clear that he doesn't want to have sex or anything. He is really enjoying their conversation. The woman eventually winds up giving him her phone number, and has him text her so she'll know his number. When the night ends they go their separate ways and he assumes that she was just being nice. However he wakes up to find a text message from her, and the two go out to get coffee. Dating several more times, the two find kindred spirits in one another. Two depressed people who have dealt with life's turns, are able to find solace in one anther's arms. She supports him and his martial arts in ways that his ex never did, and she feels safe with him and is able to find love and acceptance which is new for her. She is even able to help him with his business. However paradise doesn't last forever, not where these two are concerned.

(5)I Don't Fuck Customers- You're a sexy young exotic dancer who is doing it to put herself through school. You don't like your job, but you make the best of your situation. You're one of the curviest and best looking women at the club, so you naturally get a lot of attention. However despite the interest guys have in you? You have a very strict set of rules that you follow. You do not give your number out, nor your real name, you don't have sex with customers no matter how much they offer, you really don't like being touched, and you want them to keep their junk in their pants. A lot of the guys you meet are scumbags, and it is even worse that you have to deal with one in your personal life. Your on and off boyfriend is in and out of prison, he is dangerously obessed with you and there is no love on your part in the relationship. He's gotten violent before, though he doesn't anymore because he knows you'll leave. Despite that, you don't want to be with him and you frequently stay with other people so you don't have to go home. It is to the point where you don't even have sex with him anymore. You're doing well in school and did the smart thing, and worked far away from where you live.

However you want some things to go right to make up for all the bs. One night, you meet a guy at your club who actually manages to pique your interest. He's very close in age to you. Very mature, and well together for someone in your age bracket. The guy is quite attractive, polite, and intelligent plus he has a danger to him that is different than your boyfriend but you can't place it. The two of you talk for awhile, and you find yourself liking him for reasons you can't quite place. When the two of you go back to the VIP, you allow him to touch you and find yourself getting more interested especially as you grind on him and find out that he's quite sizeable. At this point, it has been a long time for you since you've gotten any sort of relief and you start to get more bold. Making a bet with him that you could get him off and won't charge him for it, you go up to using your mouth despite his warning of him being tough to make climax. This only serves to get you more worked up, and after he starts returning the favor? You go up to one of your friends, and ask if you can borrow a condom. Afterwards the two of you sleep together, and damn is it amazing. Following this, you explain your situation but also say that you want to give him your number so the two of you could hang out sometime. Naturally, this becomes quite dangerous.

(5)Put A Ring On It- You're an assertive woman who has been through a lot, you've had your share of bad relationships and now? You know what you want, and are not willing to compromise on it. You're very attractive, with a curvy body and thick ass and so you've never had a problem attracting guys. However you scare quite a few off because you don't pull punches and you're very blunt and outspoken. Currently, you're working as a dancer and you absolutely hate your job aside from the money. Being treated like an object is annoying, the guys are disgusting, and the job is just completely demeaning. Even though the environment isn't safe, you're more than able to take care of yourself. You've known how to fight for years, and those skills come in handy since you won't tolerate guys violating your personal space and won't do sexual favors for a customer no matter how much they offer. Your job has made it harder to meet the kind of person you'd like to meet, but it at least puts you through school and pays your bills.

One night though, you meet a guy who completely blows you away. He's something of a loner, and goes to clubs often because he's lonely but has a degree of social anxiety since a recent heartbreak. The guy is very attractive, in good shape, every bit as smart as you are, and quite outspoken and blunt despite his anxiety. You notice him, and go to sit by him and as the two of you get to know each other? You find yourself crossing that customer boundary and really getting interested in him. It turns out that he also practices martial arts, and the two of you have a lot in common and are the only real individuals the two of you have met in this setting. You eventually go back with him, and go surprisingly far before you're able to stop yourself. Getting immensely turned on in the process. The two of you don't sleep together, but you do give him your number and real name and tell him that you'd like to see him outside of the club and really get to know him.

This guy seems as if he could be your dream guy, and upon spending more time with him? You grow attached, and begin to pursue him aggressively. Knowing that he is what you want, and that someone like you? Would be able to satisfy him and to make him happy for the first time in his life.

(5)You're Such A Whore- You originally started dancing to help your family financially, as a result of wanting to feature dance? You got into adult films. You don't love the career in the strictest sense, but the money is definitely helpful. Despite that, you're quite tame for an adult film star. You do a few scenes a year on average, like under six or so. You won't do two guys at once, you won't do anal, you won't let someone cum on your face and you rarely do guy-girl when you actually perform scenes. The sex that you have in your scenes isn't even that stimulating to you. Outside of movies? You mostly delve in flings because most guys just aren't that interesting to you or they want your paycheck or they're weirded out by the porn thing.

He was a different kind of animal. One who you met through a friend of yours who also does porn. It turns out that he doesn't even know what you do for a living or who you are, eventually finding out and he is seemingly unphased. That night, the two of you screw each other at your friend's place and you note he is really aggressive. He is also more experienced sexually in comparison to you and very dominant. Outside of just the sex which is amazing, he treats you like an actual person and is challenging and complex. He genuinely wants more for you than to just do porn, believing that you're capable of doing anything you want and even facing your horrendous family without flinching. You quickly become putty in his hands and find yourself being introduced to more and more things while second guessing your career choice.

(5)Never Say Never- You're a young woman who has wanted to do porn for a few years now, you're very sexual in your personal life and upon turning 18? You go scouting and try your best to get your foot in the door. For a girl with your beauty and body? It isn't hard to get an agency to bite, and they get you in touch with a rather large name company that wants to sign you on to a multiple scene deal. Seeing this as your in and an easy way to get buttloads of attention? You agree, figuring it'll be a cake walk. You're absolutely giddy about your scene, especially when you find out you'll be working with a guy whose work you're familiar with. However for this particular scene? He's given explicit orders from the director, that you're unaware of. To break you into the business by breaking you essentially. He's to make you cry, utterly degrade you and treat you like an object. This completely blindsides you and after the scene? You're left in tears, although the director is happy with the scene. The actor comes to talk to you afterwards and offers some words of encouragement, an apology and the two of you? Wind up talking and you find that despite the scene? You do actually like him because he's a perfect gentlemen outside of the business. He takes you out for dinner, and you hesitantly have sex with him off camera and find it to be absolutely enjoyable. The duration of your shoots for the company? Are going to be with him, and they want a lot of the same since the particular scene? Got a whole lot of buzz and attention. So now you're stuck with a guy who you absolutely like as a person and enjoy sleeping with, being told to treat you absolutely roughly in front of a camera and having more of that treatment be in demand.

(5)This Isn't Me Anymore- She was a young and highly successful adult film actress. Known for her incredible looks, her very shapely bottom, her enthusiastic nature, intelligence and personable nature. The woman had a legion of devoted fans and didn't fall into many of the stereotypes that followed adult film stars. She was very private about her personal life, strongly believed in monogamy and was a hopeless romantic, was very picky about the sort of films she did and wouldn't do anal, gangbangs or anything of that sort that she wouldn't be privy to in her personal life and she didn't date people in the industry. She wasn't really big into the club scene and she was also very, very lonely. She was more than aware that her career made it hard to people, and while she completely enjoyed sex? She was again, a hopeless romantic. It has gotten to the point where a lot of men put her off, and she has been doing more scenes with women.

However she winds up meeting a new guy that completely changes her world. He's an accomplished dramatic actor that she's going to be doing a photo shoot with. He's seen as a sex symbol and so they thought to pair him up with a legitimate sex symbol for a very sensual photo shoot. The two wound up having somewhat similar personalities and he seems genuinely curious regarding her choice of careers. He is also surprised by the sort of films she's a fan of, he played the lead villain in one of her favorite recent films and all in all she completely fascinates him. Despite her line of work, the guy just radiated pure sexuality to her and she found herself getting very turned on. He invited her to his place to watch some movies since they had very similar tastes and she didn't want to leave without getting a chance to screw him. When she started to turn on her usual charms however, he stopped her and told her that she didn't need to be the porn star. She just needed to be herself and he took control of the situation then and it was the first time she had ever been submissive to someone before but she also squirted for the first time in her life.

The two remained close after and would bump uglies every now and then, however he drove her mad because she wanted a relationship with him. Even though he understood her line of work? He made it clear in a polite manner that if they dated? He needed to have her and her alone. It was obvious the two cared for each other, especially when he gave her a very unique gift that held a lot of sentimental value. Her feelings for him started to effect her work, especially as he introduced her to all sorts of new walks of life. She allowed him to deflower her anally, and after evaluating everything that was going on in her life? She announced her retirement from the business and showed up at his doorstep, ready for a future with him.

(5)An Old Town Girl- (I'd like this to be in Black & White if that makes any sense. It firmly takes place in the Sin City universe) In Basin City, or Sin City as it is called by the locals everybody knows about Old Town. The ladies of Old Town police themselves, and are noted for their beauty, their ferocity and their ability to make a man's dreams come true. She was one of the girls of Old Town, fairly young but quite popular for guys who were into that exotic look and who liked to be beaten horribly and humiliated. She was unique amongst the women in that she was unable to be submissive, in large part because she had never met a man that could be dominant with her and make her believe in it. Just like the other girls in Old Town, she was able to handle herself with ease. However she was more dangerous than most outside of someone like Miho. She made the best of her situation, was very choosy who she took on as a client and she was just as dedicated to protecting Old Town as the other girls. Whenever some John hurt or killed a girl? She'd be one of the ones to hit back and claim an eye for an eye. Everything was simple, until she met him.

He was a P.I, one with a reputation and a past. He was known for using violence to get to the bottom of cases if it was warranted. He also had a past from before he settled in Sin City. A past that left him with a very particular skill set that made him one of the most dangerous people in the city. He has killed plenty of men but he's notably less amoral in comparison to most of the people in the city. He isn't mentally unstable like some of the other characters from the Sin City yarns. He's highly respectful towards women, he has a code of honor that he follows and he tries to be a generally decent person in an utterly corrupt town and he understandably has nothing but contempt for the cops. His current case is a hell of a doozie, one that puts him directly into contact with some of the most dangerous factions in town. He's been hired to find out what happened to a missing woman. Initially he's reluctant to take the case, as the guy is a John for one of the Old City girls and admits to her being a prostitute but he's also sadly in love with her and afraid that something has happened to her.

The P.I takes the case, though he's very reluctant to go to Old Town at first. He still considers the prostitutes to be women and will be respectful towards them but he is also uncomfortable with their occupation and so when he does finally go to Old Town to ask around? His discomfort is made somewhat clear as he's very formal with all of the girls. The guy however is a looker and gets a lot of attention, even if the girls are reluctant to give him any information because they always take care of their own and don't abide outsiders doing their business for them. However he came into contact with her because he was able to learn that she had a close relationship with the missing girl. It turned out the two of them were involved somewhat when they weren't working because she'd never met a real man, and she's impressed with the leads that he's gotten already. She has some information that could be very helpful, but she'll only give it to him if he takes her along for the ride since he's discovered she was killed. She wants to killl the person or people responsible and in the process? The two share a very unlikely and strong attraction to one another.

(5)Fan of a Fan- You're a gorgeous young adult film star who has taken the industry by storm. Known for your performances, sexual prowess, gorgeous looks and intelligence? You're poised to become the next Jenna Jameson except a bit more extreme although you're loving it. Things get very confusing however when a new guy enters your life.

Since you've been doing adult films? You've been single and haven't wanted to date any other stars. However you meet one of your biggest fans at a party, who you actually turn out to be a huge fan of and have had a bit of a crush on for awhile now. Even saying in an interview that if you could sleep with anyone in the world? It'd be him. He's the leader & frontman of your absolute favorite band in the world since you're actually a pretty big metalhead. However he's absolutely blown away meeting you. Revealing he's had a crush of his own on you for awhile now.

The two of you grow closer and closer until it becomes clear that a relationship is inevitable unless someone just cuts it off at the knees. Although he's a fan of you? You know well enough to know that should the two of you get together? He wouldn't want you to do adult films anymore. You want him, but you also want to become successful on your own merits and porn is the avenue you chose. So after the two of you are intimate for the first time? And it turns out to be better than you could have ever hoped for? You leave in the middle of the night, a note on the bedside.

He's quite heartbroken by what happened between the two of you, and as are you. You continue doing films but it just isn't the same anymore. Especially when you hear the band's newest single and you know immediately it is focused on you, even as he starts to enter into a number of high profile relationships one after the other. It turns out that he isn't the only one who has had to experience a massive heartbreak.

(5)Good Neighbors- Dancing was never a top choice for you, in fact you actually hate it. A single mother has to do what she has to do though. Especially when her ex is in prison, and is a scumbag either way. You're quite lonely, and you refuse to have sex with your customers or to get to know them because it just feels wrong and almost all of them are perverts. You're not the only one who is lonely though. Your new neighbor is a pretty lonely guy as well. He's very quiet, and you two only really see each other in passing. However an odd chemistry develops between the two of you, especially after a stalker from the club follows you home and makes a scene at your door. He handily takes care of the situation, and you ask him to join you and your son for dinner which he accepts.

Despite not knowing what you do, he shows up at your club one night to meet a guy that he knows and bumps into you. But he doesn't make a thing about it, and isn't phased. Remaining respectful, and even telling you that you don't have to remove your clothes when he gets a dance from you. He seems like the perfect guy in his own little way, and your kid responds well to him. Everything seems perfect, and even though the two of you don't come out and say it? You're both aware that you're now involved with one another. However what you don't know is that he is actually muscle for hire, and neither of you were really prepared for your ex to be paroled early.

(5)My Kind Of Woman- She was fairly new as a courtesan, but the place where she worked was the sort that catered to the most powerful of men. The women lived there, and were trained to be the perfect companions. It extended to more than just sex, and more than anything else the people that they were with were given the full partner experience, it wasn't a wonder that they usually served politicians, the absolutely wealthy and why many times their clients would attempt to buy them from that lifestyle. What man wouldn't want a woman that was the perfect partner? It happened every now and then, although it usually happened with the girl's consent and it was highly expensive. Some guys on the other hand treated the place like a regular brothel and would pay top dollar to go in for a quick screw which was perfectly fine as well. That was what he had done for some time now. He was pretty notorious amongst the girls. They all agreed that he was absolutely gorgeous, he was highly sensual and a perfect gentleman and they loved absolutely everything until it came time to actually do the deed with him. The guy was imposingly well hung and taking on his monster was a daunting task for any of the girls in the place, not to mention that he wasn't the sort to take it easy. He earned all sorts of nicknames for his member, but he was a regular.

Upon seeing her, and especially catching notice of that shapely bottom of hers, he decided that she was the one that he wanted for that night. The girl was initially floating on cloud nine with him as he romanced her, although she grew more nervous once she was able to gauge for herself how big he was. He'd been with several of the women there and enjoyed all of them, but she was something special. As tight as a virgin, with something of an air to innocence to her not to mention that he knew she was fairly new. After he had himself a time with her, he went to talked to the woman who ran the place and he threw down a massive amount of money to purchase his new favorite girl. Despite it going against protocol, she sold her without consulting the girl and now the girl is the live in companion and bed warmer for this man who it turns out made his money in a less than wholesome fashion.

(5)All Work & No Play- For two young aspiring adult entertainers? This was it, this was the chance of a lifetime for them. A notable company was planning on having an innovative new website, where for an extended period of time? They'd move two young adult film actors into an apartment together and prompt them for shoots but would otherwise see what'd develop as their lives together are filmed and new daily updates are added to the website. The concept alone ensured a good amount of attention, however the key to it would be the actors that they chose. They'd need to be capable of supporting long term interest and would need to be worth watching.

The porn industry uniquely found her. She was living a somewhat unremarkable life and was a very sexual person in her personal life. With a gorgeous face, nice natural breasts, and a round ass with a flat stomach? She had a look that they were just looking for, standing out in contrast to all of the silicone barbies that usually worked. She started out with modeling, which transitioned to nude modeling, to doing adult films. She had an energetic nature to her that people just found endearing and while she could be totally nasty when it was called for? She was very sarcastic and had a notable sense of humor. While he got into the business through a chance meeting at one of the sex parties he usually frequented and was noted as an aggressive yet passionate performer.

For her, it'd be her first time ever doing interracial and they figured he'd go nuts over her because of her build and her large backside. However the two of them shared some personality traits and even though there was an attraction? Initially they didn't get on too well with each other even though they knew they'd spend the next few months pretty much fucking each other's brains out. Despite this being a job, she still wanted to be seduced all the same and wanted to feel passion and not just like this was work. He wasn't used to that with the girls he worked with, so naturally? There'd be problems there, at least at the beginning. The two are given several prompts so that a good deal of their scenes? Are different from one another. They're expected to deliver at least one scene a day, and their personal lives? Would be nonexistent. Despite their mutual dislike of one another, they'd have no choice but to get to know one another better and to eventually get along.

(5)Too Beaucoup Nam wasn't the best place for an African-American soldier, which was something he discovered sooner rather than later. He encountered a lot of shit while he was out of country and he considered going AWOL a few times. At least until he met her, she worked as a massuese but it wasn't paying off like she had hoped it would. She gave him a massage one day when he went into the parlor where she worked, and against her better judgement she listened to a friend of hers and stated that if the soldier wanted more and was willing to pay more? He could meet her at her apartment and he'd get everything that he wanted. He naturally followed up on this, and it quickly became a regular thing between the two of them as the conflict raged on.

(5)Perks Of The Job- She was a prostitute. Mind you, she's not a drugged out back alley whore. She is fairly high end, definitely clean and very attractive. She's either operating as an escort or out of Strip Clubs. Nobody really know why she does it, however it isn't an easy life. Especially due to a certain Detective who won't let up on her for a second. He comes around to see her often, and the sucky part is there is nothing that can really be done about it. He's corrupt as all hell, but he's still a cop and her line of work? Is very much illegal, which he has no problem reminding her of. That is why he's able to get what he wants from her when he wants it, the fear that if she tries to say no? He'll bust her.

Even aside from that, him coming around never leads to anything good. The guy is attractive, but he doesn't pay for it and at the most? He'll throw a few dollars her way as a tip which is more of an insult than anything. He keeps her from getting other business while she's occupied with him, he is quite large which can be problematic, has an amazing amount of stamina which forces her to be occupied with him longer and refuses to use condoms with her despite it being known that she forces clients to use them. Somedays he might just want her to provide oral, other days he'll want what he feels is a quickie, and on the worst ones? He'll want more. It isn't enough that he gets what he wants from her, he'll force her to sell the illusion that she is enjoying herself and will frequently force her to give him the girlfriend experience. It has become something of a routine, although it is one she's not a fan of and one that she is desperately trying to find a way out of.

(5)A Warm Place- She worked as an exotic dancer, one of the major draws at the club where she danced. She was used to getting what she wanted and for the most part? Liked the money she got from her job. The clients were scumbags for the most part but all in all she was happy. She did however like one of her regulars. He was attractive, doing fairly well for himself and the only one who she would have sex with when she went to the back with him. Finding it a lot more satisfying than dancing, and usually making a good deal more because of the time they spent back there, not to mention she enjoyed screwing him. Things were going along well enough, until her piece of shit boyfriend that she lived with? Discovered that she was having sex with someone else and got extremely violent. It didn't matter that he was high all the time, refused to work and had sex with other women but the idea that she'd do it? Enraged him. She was forced to flee, and to try to find somewhere else to live for the time being despite being relatively broke at the moment.

To that end she called her favorite customer up and asked if they could go get drinks. When they did, she related what happened to him and he offered a friendly ear. Eventually he outright asked her to quit the foreplay and to ask him what she called him out to ask. She eventually asked if it'd be alright if she stayed with him for the time being, he remarked that he didn't care but she would need to pay her rent off in a way that was familiar with them both. She figured that'd be easy enough as she already enjoyed having sex with him. However she'd come to discover that he was a very different person outside of the club, and that even extended to his sex life and there was no way she could have possibly been prepared for the real person that he was, and the demands that he'd make of her or the way that he lived his life. The guy lived by his own rules, and he was as dangerous as he was charismatic. The things that he did in his personal life? Nothing could have prepared her for them.

(5)Hesitation Marks- Once upon a time, he had been a troubled but prominent young fighter. He was destined for stardom, until he was banned from fighting for beating another fighter to death. Fighting had been a huge part of his life, and after the ban, he left the United States and fled to Asia. Overseas, he was able to still fight, although all of the brawls that he engaged in were underground street fights. To make ends meet, he worked as muscle for an American crime boss over there. Using his size, skills and talent for violence to beat and coerce others. There was a vast emptiness inside of him, that he didn't know how to fill. His social skills were somewhat lacking, and so he decided to turn to prostitutes to fulfill certain needs. That was where he met her. She was a working woman, who was fairly high priced in comparison to a lot of women in her line of work. She had a Madame, she regularly got tested, and she didn't walk the streets. She was somewhat curious when they first met, she'd never been with a black man before, and despite anything else, she found him very attractive.

The two started to see each other often, with him becoming a repeat customer. She began to satisfy more than his carnal desires, he desperately craved intimacy and companionship and so he'd start paying her to go on dates with him, to spend the night with him, and to become more intimate with him. She was attracted to him, and sex with him wasn't the most terrible thing in the world, but she was violently opposed to a lot of the things he started to want which was why she charged. She didn't kiss customers in the mouth, she didn't like to go on dates, and she disliked the girlfriend experience. Yet despite all this, she started to charge him less and less, she started to see fewer customers that weren't him, and she even began having unprotected sex with him. She was aware of his more violent side, and he did scare her to a degree, but he was also more vulnerable with her than she was anyone else. She knew where this would lead though, and she was proven right as he craved a monogamous relationship with her and he did want her to stop selling her body. She was highly reluctant to quit however.

And even if she knew he was involved in the seedy underworld, nothing could have prepared her for the ramifications of that lifestyle, especially when he earned a dangerous enemy who would stop at nothing to see him punished for all that he's done, and that including hurting the people or person that he cared about.

(5)Girlfriend Experience- Escorts offer all types of services, one of the most expensive ones is generally referred to as The Girlfriend Experience. The focus isn't just on sex, it is a more comprehensive experience that continues after the sex between the two parties. It can include french kissing, cuddling, foreplay, and genuine conversation or the eating of meals together. She was a young escort who had achieved a good deal of success in the sex industry, her clients were all highly wealthy and powerful men and many attempted to shower her with gifts or to convince her to leave this line of work. She specialized at the girlfriend experience, although she was quite picky in that regard. Her newest client however was one she was going to pull out all the stops for. He heard about her through word of mouth and paid her a visit. She was surprised to be confronted with a successful actor who she happened to be a huge fan of. To that end, she spent longer with him than she would any other client. Usually she'd spend the full advertised time with them, but she actually spent a full night with him and even let him have sex with her without protection which was a huge no no for her. Granted she still said anal was a no go, but when they were cuddling she couldn't help but to ask him why.

He explained how he'd given up on relationships because of how fake people were, he was naturally an introvert and this just seemed to make more sense as she wasn't lying to him. After that he became a regular client of hers, and by far her favorite. She'd cancel other appointments if she caught wind of him wanting to pay her a visit. They wouldn't just screw and cuddle after. He'd take her on dates, they'd watch movies together, and to her surprise he took her on a holiday overseas. She quickly found herself growing more and more attached to him, so imagine how heartbroken she was when he wound up getting a new Hollywood girlfriend. He still went to see her, but it just wasn't the same anymore. She wanted more, she wanted him, and if it meant giving up her lucrative line of work? So be it.

(5)Professionally Amateur- She was a young woman who was making a killing doing amateur porn. While she could have gone on and tried her hand at professional work, she didn't want to bother with the politics and she figured that if she shot and sold everything herself, there'd be more profit in it for her. Her most notable feature had always been her large plump ass, and that informed her choice of men and partners. The woman had a huge preference for black men, she always had and always will, but she didn't just want black men, she wanted large black men and to that end she often used the internet among some other means to find prospective partners to shoot with. She had a very strict list of guidelines regarding that sort of thing however.
1. No couples.
2. Black men only.
3. The guys had to be in shape, she didn't want anyone who didn't take care of themselves.
4. No small dicked men.
5. She was only looking for men who were interested in filming, no offscreen sex of any kind.
6. They had to send pictures of themselves and of their members, if they didn't look like the pics in person she'd send them packing.
7. The men had to use protection both with her, and in their personal lives.
8. They had to get tested and provide test results.
She had her own website, and she frequented adult hook-up sites, she got plenty of responses from men who were supposedly interested but many chafed at her requirements. She was still able to get scenes frequently recorded, she just often turned to the same guys she knew until she received a request from a new guy. The actress had a hard time believing this guy looked like his picture, or that his cock looked like the one he sent her but she decided to take a leap of faith as she was utterly attracted to both and had never been with someone as large as him. She was absolutely giddy at the thought. Upon finally meeting him, he actually looked even better in person and she was very excited about shooting with him. The scene turned out fantastic, with her even squirting on camera and having the time of her life with this guy. She kept his contact information and began to turn to him to shoot a lot of her new scenes with. Although she didn't say it, there was a level of comfort that developed to the point where she started to let him fuck her bareback, and she even began to have sex with him off-camera, not realizing that she was falling for this guy. Outside of his looks, his cock, and his sexual prowess she enjoyed just hanging out with him and his personality was the thing that turned her on the most.

(5)Scholarship- He was a successful rap artist who held a contest, the young woman that he felt was capable of twerking the best? Would get their entire college experience paid for courtesy of him. One thing she'd been blessed with was an exceptionally large ass, and she liked to dance for fun. So she entered the contest and to her complete and utter surprise, she wound up winning. He flew her out to meet him, and congratulated her. He was a man of his word, and he paid her tuition off for the semester immediately, paying for her books, her rent and even giving her some spending money. It was funny, the guy became a mentor to her and he wasn't that much older than her. He did however expect a few small things in return, he wanted to feature her in some of his music videos which wasn't that big a deal for her. She actually liked the idea of getting famous, but he also wanted a few sexual favors on the side. And while she was attracted to him, and not necessarily adverse to having sex with him, she didn't like the idea of essentially doing it for money or how demanding he could be. He travelled a lot because of his career, but frequently visited town and/or flew her out to see him and when they were together she was expected to be utterly nasty for him and to scratch all of his itches.

(5)Catch 22- She was absolutely gorgeous. She had a killer rack, an amazing ass especially given her size, and a perfect looking twat. She was fairly sexual, so her career choice was only natural. She became a nude alt model and started up her own website where she'd display nude pictures and videos, or she'd masturbate on camera or use toys on herself for her paying subscribers. Despite this choice of work, she did not consider herself a pornstar in the strictest sense. She had no videos or pictures of herself being involved with anyone else, she didn't have sex for money and she had no interest in having sex on camera or in really crossing over into the realm of porn. She just made really good money to be her normal sexy self. All the same she did get rather lonely, and she knew that guys had preconceived notions about the sort of thing she did. So she stopped dating for awhile, and she wouldn't tell people what she did. As sexual as she was, she was a one guy sort of woman. She had a laundry list for the sort of guy she'd get involved with, and even if she could have any guy she wanted, she didn't want the sort of guys that she'd be expected to date. She wanted someone generous and genuine.

It was with that frame of mind she managed to meet this dream man of hers. She met him off of a dating website, where she notably did not post pictures of herself in fear of being judged or recognized. She looked at profiles and found his to be quite interesting. So she sent him a rather detailed message and even if he was skeptical because of the lack of a picture, he decided to message this party back as they obviously weren't a scammer. The two eventually agreed to meet for coffee, and he figured that it'd be a simple excuse to grab coffee since his admirer was likely unattractive and they'd go about their separate ways. He was lonely as well, and he held out hopes that this mystery woman would be the one. Imagine his surprise when they finally met face to face and she was beyond gorgeous, and by all accounts out of his league.

The two hit it off famously, the whole time he was in disbelief and they agreed to see each other again. When she actually opened up to him enough to have sex with him? She was giddy at just how generous of a lover he was and that he was absolutely large in that sort of way that some men are. He was taken back by her sex drive and kinkiness behind closed doors but he wasn't complaining. The two became an actual couple, and quickly fell in love with one another. It seemed that nothing could go wrong, not until one of his friends recognized her and showed him just what his girlfriend did for work.

(5)Fair Trade- College can be stupid expensive, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She knew she was hot, she knew she had a killer body and she knew she was a very sexual person. So she decided to take out ads on a website, and set up rates. She'd offer men a good time in exchange for financial stability, and she'd make sure to screen all of her potential clients. It proved to be a lucrative business, and it was relatively safe. She had rules in place, she was always careful, and depending on the customer she could charge what she wanted. One day she got a reply from a potential client, and like she always did, she asked for a picture. She knew guys could be liars, so she always got very specific as to what she requested in said picture that way they'd have to actually take one as opposed to just finding a picture on the internet and claiming it was them. To her delight, the guy was very attractive and she actually got rather excited. She'd never been with a black man before, and all of her clients were usually older, this guy was roughly the same age as her.

The two set everything up, and he showed up at the appointed time. She was attracted enough to him, to offer what was essentially a very large discount. After inquiring as to what he wanted, she decided she was alright with giving him the girlfriend experience for the night and allowing him to spend the night. She wound up enjoying herself a lot, and the two parted on good terms. She silently hoped he'd contact her again, but it didn't happen. Once school started back up, she actually ran into this one-time client. He was a TA in one of her courses, and the two instantly recognized each other. The course was a troublesome one for her, as it wasn't one of her strong suits and she wanted to make sure she passed. The short tutoring sessions in the writing center weren't going to cut it, so she approached him after class with the intent of securing his services in tutoring outside of hours they were on campus. He eventually relented, but he wanted something in return and he offered his services on a session by session basis. For each time he'd tutor her, she'd give him a session in return.

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Nerds & Outsiders
I'm a proud nerd and at various points I've been an outsider, many of these roles feature someone from the mainstream getting involved with an outsider.

(5)You're Different-(The character is very much inspired by Lisbeth Salander) You're a young woman who has been dealt a very harsh hand in life. Abuse, rape, and alienation lie in your past, and currently? You're closed off from people. Antisocial, damaged, and generally disliking of people you don't let anyone get close. Despite this, you're quite capable of defending yourself and you are highly intelligent. You're used to men only wanting one sort of thing, which is why you don't deal with them. You can also be pushed to great violence and you hate abusive people and rapists. There is nothing conventional about your look and you have no problems with that.
Currently you're working as a tattoo artist-piercer, although you have a number of other interests befitting of your extremely high IQ. You're in a bad place however. Isolated, and generally miserable. When you're under the influence one night, you jump into the river from a high ledge. A man who happened to be in the area spots you and dives in after you, managing to save your life. He brings you back to his place, although you're very uncomfortable with this. Surprisingly he doesn't come onto you, and you've known nice guys and tend to dislike them. Seeing them as false, or phony. He's nothing like them. He doesn't pry into why you did it, and instead offers you some dry clothes though they're big on you and gives you a ride back to your place before leaving. You start to see him more frequently at this club you frequent, as they have cage fights and he starts to compete often. Digging into the guy, you are able to find through your skills on a computer that the guy is a former marine who was dishonorably discharged for disobeying orders and assaulting his CO, and you deduce he is in town looking for something or someone. One night he gets into a huge brawl with underlings of the major crime boss in town, and you against your better judgement but due to feeling you owe him help him out. He wins the brawl, but is pretty injured and instead of taking him to a hospital? You take him back to your place, and patch him up feeling that he'd get in trouble with the law for the fight. You've somewhat been finding yourself getting drawn to him, but that night? Kind of solidified it for you, and when you discover why he is in town? You decide to lend him your aid in his vendetta.

(5)Popularity and what comes with it- You're quite possibly the most popular girl in our school. It is our senior year of Highschool and your boyfriend who was Captain of The Football Team cheated on you and the two of you broke up as a result. Valentine's Day is coming up and you feel awkward as you've never been single on the holiday. A group of your frenemies seem intent on not letting you live down the fact that you're single. In a bold display you insist that you've met someone new, and in a moment of panic you pick out a guy who is new to the school and say he's your boyfriend. He is greatly confused, and quite reluctant as he's very non-conformist and disdains your crowd. However the guy is attractive enough to get them off of your back about being single, however they insist that you and your new boyfriend come to this weekend retreat with them and he is highly resistant about the whole thing. However you convince him to play the part of your boyfriend for the time being, since you're hellbent on eventually becoming prom queen and know you can't do it solo. You strike a deal with him, and he eventually agrees to the terms. However in the midst of all this, you do find yourself actually growing attracted to him and he starts to feel the same in his own way.

(5)There's Something About You- The most popular girl in school, falling for an offbeat guy. It only happens in movies right? Well not in this case. You're popular, very much so. You enjoy being popular and you like that the guys are interested in you and the girls either want to be your friends or they hate you. Yet you also don't like how full of it everyone you know is. You want to be seen as a real person, and not some sort of idol or whatever the case may be. To that end you're into a lot of different things that step outside of the conformity of your circle. For instance, you're into really heavy music. To that end, you and a few friends go slumming so to speak. Going to a really rowdy and notorious spot for a show.

There's a guy you go to school with who isn't popular in the least. Mostly because he's extremely antisocial. He doesn't like people, and he doesn't hide that fact. He's actually very cute, but he doesn't play on the sports teams and he is somewhat on the violent side. Having gotten into altercations with several of the more popular guys at school. He's something of a loner and doesn't really associate with anyone at school. Though he's known to hang out with older people, and his sort of crowd? Is at that show you and your friends go to.

You're surprised to see him there, and even more surprised when after a group of assholes get into it with your friends and a fight breaks out? He steps in and defends you. Getting plenty scraped up in the melee even though he wins. You were for the most part abandoned by everyone else, even the guy who was supposedly into you. You are definitely curious about your knight in not so shining armor and invite him back to your place since your parents are out of town. No, not for that. But to clean him up and make sure nothing gets infected. The two of you talk some, and despite never having spent a lot of time around him? He is definitely something of a surprise. Quiet, speaking only when he really needs to but he's obviously very, very intelligent and exeptionally well built. You surprise yourself by kissing him that night before he leaves.

After that night? He becomes something of a minor obsession. Your crush for him develops more and more even if you know that dating him would be social suicide. You visit him the next day at his home with breakfast which surprises the living hell out of him. You work in the office at school during your free period and were able to get his address that day. He reluctantly lets you in, and you discover he doesn't live with his parents. Over the next few weeks you find excuses to spent time with you, and over that period of time? He slowly starts to open up a little more, and even grows somewhat attached to you in his offbeat sort of way. He's different to say the least from anyone you ever met. Very antisocial, but very loyal and caring to the people that matter to him. He doesn't believe in relationships, usually chasing sleazy one night stands with girls who look nothing like you. In spite of himself, the two of you find yourselves dating privately without ever really coming out and saying it. The big surprise here is that he is capable of being very affectionate and very tender with you, though he won't talk too much about his past. This is for good reason because it is quite dark and not as dead as he'd like to believe.

(5)A Torrid Affair- You're the most popular girl on campus, easily. Your looks, body, intelligence and charismatic personality either make people hate you or absolutely adore you. You're practically treated like royalty by your peers and you love it. When provoked, you can be an absolute bitch and tear people down to size without any effort on your part. You're dating a guy who is seen as perfect by everyone who isn't in the know, but you're doing it more because it is expected of you than anything else. The guy is boring, doesn't have a personality, and you won't sleep with him after the tragedy that was your one time together in which he was absolutely terrible. To find excitement, you've gone elsewhere.

The guy you're currently seeing on the side is the total opposite of your boyfriend. Something of an outsider, who is non-conformist and somewhat eccentric. He disdains popular people and tends to not care what people think about him. He doesn't come from money like you and your friends and it reflects in where he hangs out as well as the people that he associates with. Despite this, he's genuinely exciting and by far the most adept lover you've ever had. The two of you are intimate with one another although it is kept a secret from everyone. Even though you tell yourself it is strictly about the sex and the excitement between the two of you? You actually have very real feelings with him, and get quite jealous as he does see other girls. You're aware he doesn't fit in your world and you don't fit in his but that doesn't change how you feel and when he's with another girl or flirting or anything? He can expect to hear it from you later, especially as you start finding excuses to spend more time with him and he finds himself genuinely confused because one minute you're gushing and extremely affectionate and the next you're berating him or reverting to your mean girl personality as a means to keep up your defenses so to speak.

(5)Going Nowhere Fast- You're a young and successful investment banker who is up for getting a promotion to VP at her company. You are gorgeous, you had the best education and your family is absolutely loaded. Life is going pretty much the way you want, except for your relationship with your boyfriend. In comparison to you, he works as a tattoo artist and he plays in a band. You live in totally different parts of town, and generally associate with different people. You first met him because you drunkenly wanted to get a tattoo one night, and he recognized then it'd be something you'd regret and urged you not to. Upon sobering up the next day? You thanked him and you two started to see one another. To his credit he is very good looking, he's funny, caring, more than able to excite you and he's great in the sack. All the same your family wants to meet this guy in your life, and despite his good qualities? A lot of your friends disprove as they feel he's beneath your station.

The differences between the two of you become more apparent when you drag him to a work related partner and he threatens a male coworker of yours who always attempts to flirt with you. Your boyfriend seems content in life and believes that his band is going to become successful. You know he is smart and it frustrates you to no ends that he refuses to live up to his potential. His partying, the crowd he hangs out with and several other factors serve as a source of conflict between the two of you. Especially when his band gets offered a deal to a prominent independent label.

(5)I Need A Man, Not A Boy- She was the absolute most popular girl in school, she had recently turned 18 and was looking forward to finishing Highschool. She was over the people there. All of the guys in the school wanted her, but she wanted nothing to do with them. They weren't mature and they were boys playing at being men. Nobody actually expected her to find a relationship in the school though. There was a new first year teacher at the school, he was only five years older than her and someone who the students identified with easily. She however instantly developed an attraction towards him. He was good looking, he was smart, and he was challenging and the sort of guy that she wanted. The funny part is that when he was in 18 and the like, he had no luck whatsoever with women. He was still developing and he was painfully awkward then and had only recently started to break out of his shell.

She's quite flirty with him, and the two spend a lot of time together as he's helping her with a project of hers. A relationship develops between the two of them, but they absolutely need to keep it secret. He'd get fired if anyone discovered their relationship, and it kills her to have to keep it a secret. To know that she can't go to prom with him, to see other teachers flirt with him and to not be able to do some of the things he does with his grad friends because of her age. He's thrown for a loop because she's flat out gorgeous, he never dreamt that he'd hook up with a girl that looked the way she did and it is something that is quite new for him.

(5)Into A Swan- In school she'd been going through an ugly duckling period where she was still developing. She used to get teased harshly, just about everyone treated her like crap aside from one guy who she had an absolutely huge crush on. He was civil to her, and if people tried to pick on her in front of him he would rectify the situation quickly. After graduation, she never saw him again but it is hard to forget a person's first crush. They would wind up crossing paths again roughly eight years later. She was now absolutely gorgeous, very self assured and she was a successful teacher. She'd had several students that were her favorites, in the current year however there was one in particular that took the cake. The cutest little girl who had the same last name as her old school crush. There was a reason for that however, she was actually his daughter. It turned out that his girlfriend from those days, the head cheerleader who used to give her the most crap had gotten pregnant near the end of senior year. The two were in an off-on relationship to this day that was emotionally and mentally draining for him, especially as he just wanted to focus on his daughter.

The two were reunited when the girl stayed after school for some extra lessons with her favorite teacher and he came to pick her up, he was thrown off by just how much she changed. The two caught up and after that their lives would become intertwined, especially as she found that crush of hers remerging and she could tell he was attracted to her even if he wasn't the sort to really date anymore.

(5)Y.O.L.O- She'd been a good girl for all of her life. Studious, honest, and chaste. Her parents raised her with something of a princess mentality, and she had been the perfect little angel. However there'd always been a longing of sorts, she was curious as to how other people her age lived and she was always looking through a window it seemed. It was with great reluctance that her parents allowed her to go away for college, but that was when things would start to change for her. She moved into the dorms, and she was rooming with a girl who was something of a weekend warrior. She brought her along to a big party that she was going to one night, and the whole thing was completely new for our perfect sweetheart. The music, the drinking, and the people. It didn't take much for her to get drunk, or to dabble in recreational favors. There was one guy in particular who caught her eye and she couldn't help but feel attracted to.

He was someone who did what they wanted, when they wanted and he was everything that her parents had ever warned her about. Yet a combination of drinking, Molly and just flat out being attracted to him and finding out pretty quickly that he was into her allowed him to convince her to pony up her virginity rather quickly to him. Yeah it was a bit painful at times, but sex and her first orgasm were things she never dreamt of and she came to in his bed freshly deflowered. She was worried because he wasn't there next to her in the morning, but it turned out he wasn't far. He figured she would have a hangover so he got her some stuff for it. The two would become intimate again before he dropped her off home, this time far more gently but she was head over heels for this guy and pleaded with him to see her again which he agreed to do.

After that she started to spend a lot of time with him, and she started to drink more, she started to go out more, she was exposed to things she never imagined as he lived a truly different lifestyle and quickly started becoming known as his "wifey with the ass."

(5)My Darling Fraudulent Angel- Both of them couldn't wait enough for senior year to end, their classmates treated them like shit for varying reasons and their home lives weren't much better. For her part, she was treated like the school slut despite still being a virgin. It happened when she was in 10th grade, she went out with an upper classman but wouldn't put out. The following day he started telling the school how she was this freak, and how she put out in the first night. After that she started getting hounded, and the more she tried to fight the accusation the harsher it got for her. Now as a senior, all of the guys figured she was a stuck up whore and the girls wanted nothing to do with her because of the rumors. She was utterly miserable, and it didn't help that her parents recently divorced and she was stuck with her controlling mother whose hobby was blaming her for everything that went wrong in her life. He on the other hand was new in town, and given a lot of shit from people because he was the only black guy at the school. His parents fought frequently and he was just as miserable as she was.

They might not have noticed one another if it hadn't been for him jumping to her defense when a football player got very aggressive with her. He decked the guy in the face, but was jumped on by his friends. She ran to get a teacher and when they left, she was grateful for the kindness he showed her. To that end she helped him to her place so she could take a better look and make sure he wasn't too banged up. She knew a thing or two, her mother was a nurse. The two developed a pretty instant attraction towards one another, and they started to spend all of their time together. Even if their classmates, their parents and the whole world conspired against the two of them. At least the two of them had each other, and they pledged that after graduation they were going to leave together.

(5)Fucking Nerds- She was a highly desirable young woman, both in terms of her looks as well as her personality. A very sexual person who was quite experienced, highly opinionated, and an unapologetic nerd. She loved cosplay, she loved comics, and she was practically royalty in her social circle. All the guys in the group had tried to make passes at her before, and several of the girls in the group had as well. She was very picky when it came to her hook-ups, and a lot of the people that she had hooked up with weren't near as nerdy as she was, which admittedly annoyed her at times. She had been on the road for a couple years now, working a large comic convention as one of their booth girls, and now she's back in her home city to pursue a college degree. There've been some changes to her gaming group since she's gotten back, and one in particular in her eyes is definitely for the better. She's always wanted to meet a guy who was that perfect blend of attractive both in looks as well as personality, who happened to share her love for all things nerdy.

At first, she really didn't want to like him as he could be kind of an asshole but it was because he was just as opinionated as she was, and the two butted heads due to their similarities. They began to spend more time together though, especially because they did share a class together and they each found the other to be magnetic. He was aware of her reputation for hooking up, and the two had frankly blunt conversations with one another on the topic of sex, and how many people in their group weren't experienced or how badly they felt they performed. One night after a bit of drinking, she rather openly encouraged him to fuck her as she wanted to see whether he was all talk or not. Instantly jumping at the chance, he not only fucked her, but he fucked her well. They both sang each other's praises until the sun came up, and he approached her about making this a regular thing between the two of them, and having it be their own little thing. He had never planned to start falling for her however, or to start falling for her hard. She never planned on putting her modeling contacts on hold due to pregnancy, but things had a habit of happening sometimes.

(5)Head Like A Hole- Set squarely in the 90's, in a well off High School that could be anywhere, she's one of the most attractive girls in the school. She has a killer body to boot, however there is the small little issue of her scaring the hell out of almost everyone in the school. She's very non-conformist, quirky, cynical and she has a heavy interest in the macabre. She can be downright hostile, and she hates a good deal of her classmates. Possessing a very sharp tongue, she's cut a great deal of her classmates down to size and now a bunch of the more popular kids? Share a mutual hatred with her. Even though they call her a freak and the like, a bunch of guys still want to get into her pants all the same. Though none of them are aware of the fact that she's still a virgin.

A new guy transferred to the school part of the way through the semester, and became fairly popular just off the fact that he is a handsome & successful athlete. He's not dim like the rest of his teammates however and he has a very surprising amount of depth to him. The guy generally goes out with older women, and he has an attractively dangerous appeal to him. Some of his more popular friends decide he would be the perfect guy to tame the queen of evil. This new guy will attempt to seduce her, and see if he can fuck the evil bitch out of her. It is presented to him as a gentlemen's bet of sorts, and although he's initially wary about the idea? He changes his tune upon seeing her for the first time and makes the bet that he can nail her before the year is over, and get her to change her tune. Having never met her, he's in for a rude awakening upon meeting her for the first time and is thrown for a loop. However that doesn't scare him off like it would any other guy, and despite being popular? He seems somewhat genuine and over time? The two of them start to spend more time together and she finds herself growing closer to him, and allowing herself to be more vulnerable. The door into her good graces is provided through her interest in art, and their mutual admiration for all that is Nine Inch Nails.

Him on the other hand? He finds himself genuinely becoming changed through his time with her. Recognizing the popular kids as being more of the morons that they are, and even realizing a few things about himself. He starts to care less about impressing people and actually falls for her, which sucks because the impending bet hanging over his head. Were she to find out about it? There's no telling what could happen and he is surprised because he'd never known anyone like her. She's extremely affectionate when she's with him and she actually seeks his approval and gets quite jealous over him. More than his fear of what would happen if she discovered the truth? The biggest thing he feels is guilt, because in her own way? She's perfect, she doesn't need to change and she makes him feel things that he's never felt before.
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Sex, Sex, Sex!
Sexual addiction is a very real thing, and isn't as much fun as people might think. Some of the roles here? Reflect that, others are smuttier roles. I also threw in roles with people discovering the joys of intimacy for the first time.

(5)My Perfect Slut- You are the perfect woman seemingly. Highly intelligent, articulate, gorgeous, with a curvy figure that any man would kill to get his hands on. However in regards to your own sexuality and attractiveness? You're very shy. So to break yourself out of this? You registered on an adult site. Opening a regular blog on there. You frequently post nude and suggestive pictures of yourself, with sexually explicit blogs and questions. You get an unprecedented amount of attention on the site. Guys offering to come from across the globe to spend a night with you, and constant praise. This does wonders to boost your self esteem however you're very hesitant about meeting anyone. Not wanting to wander in a trip, and there are profiles you find attractive but you have rules you follow. The attention is something you crave though, and the more sexually charged your posts are? The more attention they get.

However one person in particular has caught your eye. The man is highly attractive, his body is perfection in your eyes, most importantly though he is extremely intelligent and has depth. The two of you have taken to talking frequently, and you've kept in contact for some months. You know he lives near you, but you're very reluctant to meet him. This all changed when in a rare moment you gave him your number and he brought you to a climax over the phone. You finally agree to go out on a date with him, and upon doing so? You find he is everything you've ever wanted and more.

You always had a high sex drive, but once you got together with him? He unlocked things in you that you never could have imagined, and after the two of you become intimate you even consider letting him deflower you anally. He is able to stimulate you mentally, sexually and spiritually and you begin to give yourself to him completely. He is even on board with allowing you to take uncensored pictures and videos of your intimacy with him and to post them up. It seems all things are well, however you encounter resistance from a number of sources. The two of you being an interracial couple brings several hurdles, his fear of commitment, you're becoming utterly attached to and almost devoted to him at times. His frequent travels, and both of your jealousies which manifest in different ways.

(5)Do Me A Solid- You're a gorgeous young woman who works at a sex shop that is attached to a strip club. Under most circumstances? You would never consider dancing, but since it was your birthday you decided to cut loose. Well in the process? You got extremely turned on though you manage to bring it down. You are single, and surprisingly? Despite being a very attractive and sexual type? You don't even have a fuck buddy currently. That night you're hanging out with a really good guy friend of yours. You're quite attracted to him, and despite having a very active sex life? He's still a really good guy and has always treated you respectfully. You however in the midst of hanging out with this friend of yours, get insanely horny to the point where you decide nothing would be hotter than screwing him. It takes ego stroking on your part, but it does happen and it changes things between the two of you drastically.

(5)Get It Wet- You've always been somewhat shy despite your good looks, although you're a very sexual person on your own. The current guy you're dating isn't the first guy you've slept with, but he's the first to really nurture your more sexual side and to make you feel empowered when you do it. On the surface he is quite imposing, and he frequently intimidates people. However he's different behind closed doors when he's with you. More gentle, sweeter and he lets the tough guy image fade away when you're together. The two of you are a pretty happy couple, although as of late? He's developed a minor obsesssion of sorts. He believes that any woman if properly stimulated? Is capable of squirting, and to that end? He's hellbent on making you do it, and after a lot of effort on both your parts? He convinces you to let go, and you finally wind up doing it. Upon doing so however, you realize he's going to expect and want this more often. What sucks about that? It can take a lot out of you and it can get a bit messy, and he's focused on making you do it often...

(5)Knock Her Bottom Out- A lot of guys think women don't like sex as much as they do which is a lie. You can attest to that, although that isn't to say you're a nympho or anything. You just have a very healthy appetite sexually. You're in school, but you dance to put yourself through school and even if it is far from an ideal career? It pays the bills. To your credit, you don't have sex with customers or anything of that sort. However you're at a point where you're starting to consider it because you're not happy with your current boyfriend. Even if he was doing everything right, which he's not. There'd still be the elephant in the room in regards to him being very small and you not getting any satisfaction with him sexually at all, especially with you being as curvy as you are. However you manage to meet a new guy at your job, and there is just something about him that you find to be an immense turn on. He's very confident, cocky even and has that aura of danger to him. While you're dancing for him, he asks you out on a date in the near future and despite having a boyfriend? You agree to it.

The two of you go out and have yourselves a nice time, and when you go back home with him? You're shocked to discover that the guy is very large. Although it is a bit of an adjustment at first, you discover yourself to be a bit of a size queen and wind up breaking things off with your boyfriend to date him instead. He's exciting and fun to be with, the sex is absolutely amazing and what chiefly drives you to fall for him rather quickly. However he is quite dominant, and figures out quite early on that he can control you somewhat through sex as you're not used to having someone who can get you off. The bad thing about a guy like that is he's far from a good guy, and is going to do what he wants regardless of dating someone.

(5)A Black Belt For The Bedroom- He was quite possibly the luckiest guy in the world. His girlfriend? Was an aspiring sex educator. Going to one of the rare schools that offer Human Sexuality, she always believed in going past the call of duty. It wasn't enough to have textbook knowledge, or to watch adult entertainment, she believed in experiencing and in that regard? He was dragged along for the ride. She was already very knowledgeable and fairly experienced when the two of them first started dating. But since then? She's become a different person entirely. It wasn't always this way for her. She was originally fairly innocent in life, but after being exposed to sex for the first time and watching her first adult film? It all went to hell.

Her boyfriend? He'd had sex with several women throughout his life and started early. But he was unprepared the first time he slept with his current girlfriend. She was very dominant, she vocalized exactly what she wanted him to do and flat out knew more than he did. Since then? She's taken him to strip clubs, sex parties, and the all sorts of places he never would have thought to go if he wasn't dating her. To that end? He makes it clear that they're exclusive to one another, which isn't a problem for her as she's in love with him. But it still gives him reason to be concerned at times. She doesn't cheat on him, or use her knowledge on anyone else or any of the other things he thinks up but it still makes him very uncomfortable. He's become a much better lover since he started dating her, and it was a process getting him there and making him unlearn a lot of the things he'd practiced before then. On her end? She learned how to better balance sex in her life by dating him. Although she's very open and doesn't bite her tongue? She's now more of a classical lady in public, and that's opened up doors for her. However she has problems with him as well. She can be very possessive of him, and though he's a flirt by nature? He won't stray, still it pisses her off to no ends when he flirts. Not to mention his MMA that he does? Means that the weeks leading up to fights and such? He'll usually cut her off which doesn't sit well with her at all, and she'll actively work to get him to break that rule off.

This was the norm in their relationship, until an opportunity landed in her lap that she couldn't pass up. Due to her interest in sex, her knowledge, the columns she did online and most of all her extremely good looks? A company wanted to offer her a deal. Plenty of money, and her own series of adult films that she'd get to direct and have distributed. She'd pretty much become a brand, but she had to perform in the films as well which is problematic for her. Not so much for fear or shame, but because of her boyfriend and because she loved him. Initially they were very wary, as they didn't feel having her sleep with some random guy who wasn't in the industry would sell. However she showed them a picture, and more importantly assured them he was more than equipped for the job. He? Naturally didn't like this idea one bit, and it leaves them both in a very precarious place with one another.

What will happen with the couple? Play to find out.

(5)The Other Roommate-She needed a new place to stay while putting herself through school and the dorm life just didn't cut it for her. So imagine her surprise and glee when a male friend of hers who happened to be gay told her that he and his roomie had an opening as far as their apartment went. She eagerly jumped at the chance and agreed to pay a third of the rent. She had a fairly decent job working at an adult bookstore/sex shop. What she hadn't expected however was her friend's roommate. He was very straight and very much attracted to her. The guy was something of a womanizer and frequently had girls come over to their apartment. He also frequently generated a lot of noise from his room because of this. She was primarily focused on school, as well as her job so she didn't get to date much due to this focus. This became problematic for her though because she was a very sexual person by nature. She enjoyed it a lot but guys would get overly addicted to her because of it and just how good of a lay she was. She wasn't a dominant person by nature, but she also never really submitted and usually had absolute control of what was going on.

She frequently considered the possibility of fucking her new roommate, but she didn't want anything to do with him if he was going to continue screwing everything that wore a skirt. So when he'd try to flirt with her, or hit on her? She'd wind up turning the tables and it got to the point where he knew she'd be a ride that he'd never forget but he also wasn't going to be able to get what he wanted from her unless he did that with her exclusively. It wasn't even that she wanted a relationship, she'd be perfectly content to be friends with benefits but she also wasn't going to share with anyone and if he was going to sleep with her? She was going to be the only person he'd sleep with and she would more than make it worth his while. She quickly realized the power she had over him and made it harder. Whether this meant teasing him, or letting him catch peeks of her or even pleasuring herself a bit loudly at night? She knew it was only a matter of time.

(5)Surprise Surprise- Every guy says that they want a lady in public, and a freak in the sheets. This describes her perfectly. When she's out and about, she dresses in a respectable manner and she carries herself with a certain amount of dignity and class. She actually comes off as being somewhat timid or reserved when people first meet her. When she is alone however, she changes into a completely different person. She's insatiable and while that thing was alright in her younger days? She wants more now. She definitely wants to have sex, but she wants it to be with someone with whom it will be meaningful. She knows that once she finds this person, she's going to release over a year's worth of pent up desires on them. She enjoys adult films, frequently practices kegel and she masturbates like a guy.

She winds up meeting a guy at the store she works at. She's something of a film buff, and horror is her favorite genre. She sees him picking up some very obscure classics that sparks a conversation between the two of them and her eventually agreeing to go out with him to an indie horror film festival that will be in town. This initially has her very nervous as he's a very different animal from the guys she's dated in the past. Coming off as more dangerous, and that sort of thing as opposed to the boys next door she's been with, his profession plays a big part in that call. The date itself goes well, and she is surprised by just how considerate and warm of a guy he is. Eventually she decides that she wants to go home with him and when the two finally do sleep together? He's the one left intimidated even if she had an absolutely great time and considers him to be the best she's ever been with. He is intimidated because he'd never been with a girl like her and she hinted that she'd just gotten started.

(5)Nothing To Fear- She was fairly promiscuous and enjoyed sex for the sake of sex. She didn't get into too many relationships since outside of sex, most the guys that she associated with didn't really inspire enough passion from her to make her want to settle down with them or to stay exclusive to them. One night stands were more preferable in the long run. She was able to get any guy she wanted, and was very self assured in her desireability. She eventually met a man who she found to be something of a male counterpart to her and she was instantly drawn in from the moment she met him. The two worked together, in different departments and she met him at a club that a lot of the people at their place of employment went to after they got off work. He was very taken with her and the two danced and flirted shamelessly through the night. He was tall, dark and handsome and something about him genuinely excited her. To her dismay they didn't have sex that night as he had to leave for a business trip later that night. The guy didn't leave her thoughts however and she wasn't able to do any of her usual hook ups. She was too curious about the possibilities that this Mr. Right held. They stayed in contact throughout his trip, talking late on the phone to one another and when he returned? She was absolutely giddy.

The night came where the two of them were going to finally do the deed and she was beyond excited. She was always something of a size queen and she was fairly certain he was packing which had her utterly delighted. What she hadn't expected however was for him to be as big as he was and she immediately became apprehensive once he revealed himself to her. She was eased into the situtation when he performed oral on her like a champion, though when it came time for them to actually screw? She found herself eventually tapping out as she had bitten off a bit more than she could chew. He didn't seem too angry about the whole thing, but she felt very ashamed as she usually made guys tap out with her. The following morning she asked him not to move on, and to continue seeing her. Promising him that given time she would pleasure him in one way or the other because she really liked him a lot.

The two continued to see each other, and their relationship as a whole was exciting and new for both parties. But sleeping with him made her feel as if she were a virgin all over again.

(5)Good Dick Is Hard To Find- She was a curvy young white woman who had always been attracted to black men, it might have been a product of where she grew up or something else. Even she didn't really know when it started. She'd always been in relationships, never the sort to date around. Being single was new for her and she wanted to step out of her comfort zone and to fool around with someone just for the sake of having fun. To that end, even though she was talking to a few guys she found herself becoming more drawn to a coworker of hers. He was technically under her since she was a manager, and their company had a strict policy about interpersonal relationships when one of the employees can directly influence the terms of employment for another of the employees. The two got along great, they often worked together and both could make the other laugh for hours on end. After a very long day where it had just been the two of them working, she decided to throw caution to the wind.

The two had carpooled to work that day, and when he dropped her off home she invited him up to hang for a little while. After a few close calls, the two wound up screwing. She had figured beforehand this would get everything out of both of their systems, however she hadn't expected him to be that good. The guy rocked her world, and she was left in awe. Even as she was close to breaking her period of being single with one of the guys who she actually really liked, she wasn't so ready to consider her intimacy with her coworker as a one off.

(5)Corruption Is In The Air- There were two stages in her young life. Before her boyfriend and after her boyfriend. Before her boyfriend, she was the epitome of innocence. A frequent sight at her small town's church, the sort to blush madly at the frequent comments she got about her shapely bottom and the kind of girl who did not even use profanity. She was a straight A student, and had always had something of a princess complex even if she was very shy about it. The girl did have a sexual side to her, although it was very private and she had been a virgin. Once she discovered masturbation, it became the best thing since sliced bread. She loved romance novels, and she was a shameful fan of porn. Still, she kept her virginity intact because they didn't have the kind of guy she dreamt about in her small town. Her parents were absolutely shocked when she declared her intentions to move out of state for school, but they allowed her to all the same.

She got an overwhelming amount of attention from guys. She was very good looking, had an amazing body on her and there was just that cute and adorable quality to her that was endearing to most guys. Her roommate was a pretty free spirited girl, and had a punk sensibility to her. Through her roommate she discovered a lot of new things and even got hooked up with a job that she knew her parents would have a heart attack about. On campus there was a sex shop of sorts that sold condoms, toys, outfits, adult films and books. She absolutely loved this job and frequently used her discount to take things home and she watched porn like a guy would.

The period of time after she started dating her boyfriend, brought about huge changes. She began dressing differently, she became foul mouthed, got a tattoo on her backside which basically stated she was his property, started smoking and started drinking. Not to mention when she gave him her virginity, she quickly became a size queen and loved to be treated like an object for his enjoyment when the time for intimacy came around. Becoming bolder and bolder to the point where she'd encourage him to have sex with her in public, and she'd do little things like attempt to fellate him while he was driving. It was always about new experiences for her. It wasn't long before she moved in with him, and by then she was a totally different person.

Which sucked when her parents decided they wanted to come into town for a visit.

(5)Living Repressed She remained a virgin all throughout High School, and by the time she hit college, she realized just how repressed of a life she had lived up to that point. Her friends spoke often of their own sexual exploits and of how much they enjoyed intimacy and she decided it was time to play catch-up. To that end, she made a rather large bucket list for herself, and vowed by the time her Freshmen year ended, she would fulfill every single item on the list. Granted, she could not bring herself to shack up with every random guy she met. She decided that the best way to go about doing everything on the list, would be to find herself a boyfriend. The funny part about all of this was that she was absolutely gorgeous, and she could easily have any guy that she wanted. The reason for her repression was because she was such a focused student, to the point of being OCD about her studies. That same level of focus was a part of every decision she ever made, and so she searched long and hard for the man that would become her boyfriend.

She wanted the sort of guy who would be eager to hook up with her, but who wouldn't be too eager. She managed to find that guy, he was an upper classman and far different from the usual boys she was used to dealing with. The two actually got on quite well with one another, and it wasn't long before she started seeing him frequently. Upon having sex together for the first time, he was definitely surprised that she was a virgin but he took it all in stride and didn't take their thing too seriously. He was a bit of a player, she however fully intended on having him as her boyfriend and having him be the guy to complete her list with. He certainly enjoyed sex with her, and found her very intriguing but he was highly reluctant to get into an actual relationship.

(5)Just One Time- She'd only ever been with one guy, and she had dated him for years. Everyone always told her she could do better, but she never listened. He was a total scumbag, and she was curious about experimenting more sexually but sex was always about what he wanted and he was very vanilla in that regard. She'd never had an orgasm before, and it was a fact her best friend found appalling. The guy treated her badly, and it all ended when she discovered that he had cheated on her several times. She ended their relationship right then and there and was left fuming. There was no chance of getting back with him, but she wanted to get back at him and she quickly thought of how to do so. The couple travelled in a small social circle, and within that circle there was a guy who her boyfriend had always disliked but who got on well enough with her. The guy was attractive, charming and very experienced sexually. She realized her ex was jealous of him, and she wanted to try taking a walk on the dark side. She approached the guy and sprung the idea of having sex onto him, he was very uncertain as he didn't want to ruin the friendship that they did have and he didn't know what to expect from her despite finding her attractive. She promised she wouldn't become clingy, and she didn't want anything other than sex. When she did wind up sleeping with him however, she wound up getting off for the first time and she learned that her ex was definitely a smaller guy. All in all it was a great experience, and while she insisted she didn't want to date him or anything like that, she openly admitted she wanted more because of how enjoyable it was.

(5)Drug In My Veins- On the surface, she was snide to everyone. Always looking to break people's balls, and all her coworkers thought she was the world's biggest bitch. She lorded her relationship over everyone, and would crush anyone who tried to tell her otherwise. It didn't help her case that she was absolutely gorgeous, and that all the guys wanted a piece of her. What would surprise people however was that she was carrying on a casual relationship with one of the employees who worked under her. The two bickered constantly at work, and even in their personal lives to a degree but they also frequently spent nights together, and they were very much intimate with one another. While she had the power at their job, behind closed doors he was definitely more dominant with her and he reveled in the control when they were alone, loving it when she submitted to him. All the same, she wasn't by any means a pushover. She would take control when it suited her wishes, and she knew how to stroke his ego and also how to get him to do certain things.

Despite the casual nature of their relationship, she went above and beyond to make him happy. Often pampering him, going out of her way to appear sexy to him, and being absolutely filthy when he was in the mood for it. She never admitted it to him, but she was very much in love with him and she wanted to be with him. She felt she ruined that however by stating that she wanted their relationship to be casual from the beginning. He was actually seeing someone else. A total shrew of a woman who made him fairly miserable, while she on the other hand made him happy and they shared things he didn't share with his girlfriend. She frequently got hit on by other guys, and her friends wanted her to meet people, but there was always a mysterious guy who she was attached to and she didn't want anyone else. She wanted him.

(5)Learn You Something- Whenever people found out her actual age, it surprised them. She was utterly gorgeous, and had been for years. She'd been a young mother, but she kept in shape and she took obvious care in how she looked. It didn't hurt that she was just blessed with fabulous genetics. Due to wanting to be the best mother she could, she had dashed her dreams of college and focused on being there for her daughter. Working hard, and providing for her. Now her daughter has left for college, and for the first time in years she is actually able to focus on herself. The older woman's not at all content with her station in life, and she wants to go back to school, she wants to follow the career path she had always intended, and if she were lucky enough, she wanted to find some genuine passion. The father of her daughter and her had separated long ago, and she hadn't really considered dating in some time which was hard to believe as she frequently got hit on a lot. For awhile her daughter had been dating a young man who was a few years older than her who was a catch.

The guy was an excellent student, he had a good job, he was ambitious, he kept his nose clean and he was very respectful towards her at all times. The few times she had met him had been great experiences, and she even had to silently admit to herself that he was attractive. Her daughter didn't want that though, she went out clubbing every night, she'd get sloppy drunk and she continued to make a lot of bad choices. Eventually the young couple went their separate ways after he discovered she was cheating on him.

What he never expected was to run into the mother of his ex in one of his classes in the new semester, but there she was and the two instantly caught wind of one another. She expressed her condolences with what happened, and even admitted that her relationship with her daughter was becoming more and more strained. The two conversed rather freely, and began a friendship of sorts even with the undercurrent of a mutual attraction there. He helped her get settled in as far as being a college student again, and she was able to provide a lot of insight and knowledge regarding their human sexuality course. Without knowing how it happened, the two acted out on that attraction and became intimate. His mind was blown, and while she had a fun time and found him to be the epitome of what she found attractive in men, she also felt he could use some guidance in certain areas. He had a very large member, and as a result he wasn't as generous a lover as he could have been which was something she started to coach him on, especially as they became more of an item. The only problem with this developing relationship, was that her daughter became absolutely livid.

(5)The Most Important Part- They weren't exactly outsiders, but they were unique in that sex had long been a major factor in their lives. Even back when they were awkward teens and they went to school together. The same could be said for just about anyone, but it was different with the two of them. The curiosity and interest had started from an early age. It was hard for them to really relate with one another. Tragedy had struck early in her life, and she discovered as a young teenager that when she touched herself, everything just seemed to stop. It was like going to another place entirely, there were colors and silence and it felt absolutely amazing. It was her method of escape, and it was hers alone. It had initially scared her, she didn't know what was going on and it took years for her to figure out that while everyone had orgasms, none of them went to the place she did. When she finally started having sex, and she'd cum, she'd be there by herself. It became a lonely experience, and she didn't really have anyone she could ask about it as everyone had their preconceived notions and judgments about sex. So she turned to books, where she discovered she loved to read.

He was in a similar boat, and discovered that he was able to go to that place as well when he touched himself. It had started with an interest in pornography as a teen. The two had been friends when they were younger, both were in gifted classes and both were socially awkward to differing degrees. You know that weird but adorable sort of crush that friends sometimes develop for one another, they had that going on. Other than a very awkward attempt at a first kiss however, nothing came of it and she wound up moving away during their freshmen year. He was able to stop time just as she was, and he frequently made secret stops to the sex shop that was near his home. Just like her, he tried to find that connection with different partners as he got older but he never did.

The two wound up crossing paths again at College as young adults, and an attraction between the two instantly was rekindled. Especially with her unknowingly now closely resembling the woman who had gotten him into porn in the first place. When the two of them went back to his place and had sex, they discovered that they were both capable of entering that place together. It was a shock to say the least, as they'd both spent years looking for someone like them, who would be able to share that connection. Yet they have now, and the world was their oyster.

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Celebrities & Music.
These Roles either have to do with music, or they have to do with celebrities. In many cases? Both of them.

(5)I Hate Groupie Men- You're an actress, a singer, and a fashion icon who has had a very successful career. Still quite young, you've topped out many year end sexy lists and it seems like everything is going right for you. However one thing that stands out in interviews and definitely to you is that you're single, and in all actuality quite lonesome. You want nothing to do with famous guys as they have egos, and you figure that being famous? Doesn't make you better than anyone else, it just means you're in the public eye. To that end you work a lot, and when you can? You try to talk to regular guys, although they annoy you because the way they act around you. Like they can't believe they're talking to a celebrity, and in that sense they try to use you either to become famous or to meet other famous people.  You've become quite adept at spotting the bullshitters. You just want that experience of getting to date, since you don't even get to go on dates anymore. You're seen as a sex symbol, which is funny because you definitely enjoy it but only with someone who is special to you because you're a relationship kind of woman.

It seems fate was paying attention however as you wind up meeting a regular guy. You've always been interested in exercise, and you hear that martial arts are one of the best ways to get it. So on a whim you go to a martial arts school later in the evening, wanting to talk to the person who runs it to see if you can enroll. It turns out to be a guy who is pretty close in age to you and he's fairly easy on the eyes. He talks differently to you in comparison with other guys and aside from obviously finding you attractive? He doesn't know who you are until his young daughter walks into the room and goes ballistic upon seeing you as you're something of a role model for her. It turns out he's a single father, and upon finding out you're famous? He still behaves the same and enrolls you into the school.

Before his daughter was born, he travelled the world. Going to tournaments and winning them. His ex is the daughter of one of his instructors who left because she felt like he was holding her back from what she wanted to do with her life, and that a daughter would do that also. The two of you get to know each other, and inevitably start dating. You even grow close to his daughter which is a new experience for you, being a maternal figure. The two of you make for a pretty decent couple, although he finds himself somewhat dismayed by the constant attention from people and the media. Just dating you? Drastically changes his and his daughter's life.

(5)I Love Your Voice- You're an avid music fan, and music is definitely your biggest passion. You play in a band as the lead guitarist although you wish that your band was heavier. Your boyfriend is the rhythm guitarist as well as your lead vocalist. He's a very mediocre singer, and the biggest hurdle in your band being as heavy as you wish they were. He's not a bad boyfriend by any means, but he is also really lackluster. In terms of looks, he isn't your type but you overcame that. He tries to be assertive, but he isn't assertive in the way that you like for a guy to be. He just likes to toss around orders and be in charge, but he doesn't know how to take charge and command attention. You guys have different tastes musically, and his is far more commercial. He is fairly predictable, and in terms of sex? It feels pretty nice, but he hasn't ever gotten you off. You're not unhappy, you're just comfortable with him although he's started taking you for granted.

You go to karaoke one night, and a guy you meet there absolutely blows you and some friends away. He can sing his ass off, and scream and growl with the best of them. On a completey unrelated note you're extremely attracted to him and you go to speak with him after he finishes. Telling him about your band and how you guys could use a different vocalist. He decides to practice with you guys and see how it goes. Your boyfriend? Isn't happy about being told to step down from vocals, but the new guy and your band? Get on very well with one another and he agrees to join your group. He is that more classically assertive type that you like, and he refuses to use your boyfriend's material. Showing you guys some of the lyrics that he's written and it turns out to be a better fit for the band. You guys become heavier as a result and really get some momentum going. You and your new vocalist have very similar tastes and start to spend a lot of time together listening to music alone. He's openly attracted to you and as the two of you grow closer? You find your resolve concerning your current relationship fading quickly. Especially as your boyfriend's true colors show when he is jealous.

(5)The Escort- She was a curvy young woman with an amazingly large and natural ass that had grown up in an inner city area. She always had a fondness for rap music and was used to getting attention from black men. As a young adult she now made a career of modeling whether it was in music videos or urban magazines and she was noted for her large ass. She had dated a few rappers briefly in the past and realized she was getting nothing whatsoever out of the deal so she decided to start up an escort service. She didn't guarentee to have sex with clients because she wasn't a prostitute, but it was pretty much known that if guys wanted to take her out or to break her off a piece that they had better be willing to pay. This proved to be a very profitable business for her, however there was one artist who honed in on her with the precision of a laser. He was a rapper and one of her personal favorites, she looked forward to getting to meet him and to going out with him because of that and her outright attraction to him. All in all it was a pretty decent date and she definitely planned on sleeping with him when they got back to his place.

However she was thrown for a loop when she saw him naked. The guy was quite large and she'd never been with someone like him before and she knew that she couldn't back out of it at this point as she had been talking about wanting to hook up with him for a good portion of the night and she knew that association with him would only help her in the long run plus she did like him. It wasn't enough that he was a big guy, but also that he had an almost limitless amount of stamina and sleeping with him was like an endurance trial on her part. He proved to be a generous tipper, but it seemed he had too good of a time that night because he started to hire out her services more and more often and would always want another taste of her. To that end he'd hire her out for longer and longer periods of time until she was going on tour with him and getting more and more demands from him.

(5)Let's Try Something New- She was a highly successful singer who just happened to be the de facto leader of the biggest girl group in the world. They had legions of devoted fans and the media followed them around like clockwork. They were possibly the biggest celebrities over in the UK, and had made a huge splash in the United States as well. She enjoyed singing, and she loved her fans with all of her heart. However she found herself getting somewhat put off by the music they put out. It was undeniably pop, and she really didn't feel like it had that much substance. The corporate machine however wasn't about to let them switch up the formula too much, and they weren't going to be allowed to change up their image too much. Still fame definitely had its perks but there was fame and then there was fame. She was the latter. Even other celebrities were somewhat intimidated by her. She was smart, gorgeous, had an amazing body, and she was extremely sexy without being trashy or classless about it. She was very outspoken and articulate which was what made her the leader in the first place.

It always threw people for a loop however when she revealed the kind of music that she actually listened to. Her absolute favorite artist however was a very controversial American pick. Known for his outspoken views, extremely chaotic shows and dark lyrics and subject matter. He had experienced a great deal of success himself and while he originally started out in a notable extreme metal group? He went on to become a genre blending solo artist with a highly devoted fanbase even if he makes a lot of people very nervous and parents absolutely despise him. Like her, he is very articulate and highly intelligent. He was also known for his string of relationships. Frequently dating adult film stars, models and the like though they all left him feeling unfulfilled. He actually lived a very lonely life, and despite what his public image would suggest? He was actually more introverted, and he was a hopeless romantic. Yet the two of them wound up meeting each other by chance in a hotel lobby late one night when they were there for a huge award show the following day. The two of them immediately clicked and she expressed how huge of a fan she was of him. He was deeply flattered and asked her to do a guest appearance on his upcoming cd. She was elated with the idea but knew her management wouldn't go for it, so she agreed to it under an alias and wanted something in return.

She had been planning on going solo for awhile, but she wanted him to serve as the executive producer of her album and she was able to get away with it due to a clause in her contract. The two spent long nights working together, and she was deeply excited with the project. He knew from the moment he met her that she was the woman he wanted to spend his life with, while she was definitely attracted to him but she was more used to guys making the first move and never expected him of all people to be intimidated by her. The two however spent a lot of time together which got just about everyone in the world talking. He was not at all the person she expected, and she found her life changing in a huge way. He wasn't a fan of clubs, or that sort of scene and instead liked to go to small hardcore shows, galleries, and he liked to do things like sky diving and the like. Even the sex wasn't at all what she expected, it was a lot more sensual and intimate and she found herself falling for him deeply as well. Her friends in the group thought the two of them were the most absolutely darling couple, even if both parties' management and fanbase absolutely hated this coupling and felt it'd ruin them both. The only real problem with the two of them is that they both had tempers, and they were both very protective and possessive of one another. They never outright admitted to anyone they were a couple, but if someone tried to flirt with either party or more? Not only would that person soon regret it, but they'd make sure the other person in the relationship knew how displeased they were which led to frequent arguements between the two of them. The media only made matters worst through lies and half truths.

(5)The Role Of A Lifetime- She was considered by many to be the most beautiful woman in the world. An actress who had been doing films ever since she was a child, and stood out from a lot of other actresses because she wasn't as squeaky clean and she didn't bite her tongue in interviews. Girls wanted to be her, and guys wanted to be with her. Even still the differences between her and her peers were clear as night and day. She listened to heavy music, collected knives, and didn't hold her tongue. She had nothing in common with her husband who was an older man that got her hooked when she was very young. She was under 18 when they had started dating, and an impressionable girl but as a young woman she's come to realize that they have next to nothing in common and she isn't happy. She gets the role of a lifetime tossed her way, and it speaks to her on a level no other role has. It is beautiful, artistic and the direction she'd like to go in with her career. The director is critically acclaimed and it notably isn't a hollywood film. However there is one big issue with the role. It requires her to perform unstimulated sex, so the man she's acting opposite of? She's actually required to really have sex with him.

Her husband? Is furious about it, and yet she is secretly excited about the whole thing. Her co-star is an actor who had gotten his start in music and who she was quite attracted to. Yet she didn't think anything would happen outside of the sex for the role. The two of them had a lot of preconcieved notions about one another that were thrown out of the window once they really began to spend time with one another. The sex was absolutely amazing for both parties with her having her first real orgasm, and it looked great but they found themselves really falling in love with one another and were forced to struggle with these feelings. She was married, and he was attached to some popular pop singer. Both relationships were highly public, but they both knew that after filming that movie? They couldn't just go back to their lives and pretend that nothing happened. Not when the other always weighed on their mind, so to that end they'd meet in secret and spend time together. People at that level however? Weren't really afforded privacy and it wasn't long until the tabloids started speculating more and more heavily. Especially with her divorcing her husband.

(5)Hopelessly Addicted- She was famous, and her boyfriend wasn't nowhere near as famous as she was. Despite having a sultry and sexy image, she was actually fairly shy and reserved in her personal life. She'd been alone for awhile, and had tried dating famous guys which didn't work out as they sucked like a lot. Something that people didn't know was that she was a really big comic fan, and to her delight? She got to meet the writer and author of one of her favorite books at a convention. The guy was utterly thrown for a loop that she liked his material, and he was even more shocked when she invited him to get a coffee. All of his previous notions about the singer were totally wrong and he found himself really attracted to the real her. To her credit, despite being far more famous than this guy? She was starstuck and she found she could listen to him talk all day. She wanted to see more of him, and to that end she requested that he direct her latest music video and he readily agreed. The two became very close after that and talked frequently, she'd call him constantly while she was on the road and she found herself thinking about him constantly. Eventually she worked up the courage to ask him something big. It was her birthday, and instead of a huge party? She wanted to spend it alone with him, at a private place she had. She didn't want to think about work, she just wanted to spend the time with him that she'd been dying to spend for awhile now. This was a big step for both parties as they shared a mutual attraction but neither had really acted out on it for their own reason. This would turn out to be a mistake on her part, since after the weekend ended? She was hopelessly addicted to this new man in her life and she had been coaxed into really living up to her sultry image for him.

(5)Mine, all mine!- She was an extremely popular actress who was a star on a huge tv sitcom, and who was making the transition towards edgier and more challenging material. Despite her status as one of the sexiest women on the planet, or the photo shoots she had done? She was surprisingly very straight laced. She wasn't a fan of smoking, or drinking, and she hated the whole club scene. Preferring instead to stay in and read, or to listen to music. She took pride in being a square, although she was just the slightest bit a curious about what it might be like to take bigger risks. The answer to that question came when she got asked by another actor to be his date to the Oscars that year. He was a movie actor, who was critically acclaimed and while she thought he'd be more intense due to the roles he took? He was actually pretty down to earth, and she enjoyed spending time with him.

She'd never really had a serious boyfriend, she had always been more interested in her acting career but he was definitely a breath of fresh air and it wasn't long before the two started seeing each other more regularily. However she was somewhat unhappy because their relationship wasn't official, and she knew he saw other actresses even if he wasn't throwing it in her face. He was a lot more uninhibited sexually than she was, but she knew that if she wanted him to herself? She'd have to embrace that somewhat and leap out of her comfort zone because it didn't occur to her to just express this desire to him. He made her recognize just how little she had really lived, and that somewhat intimidated her to a degree even if he really liked her.

(5)The Past is Dead- (This role is greatly inspired by Chasing Amy). You're a young singer who performs with a band that has elements of punk and goth. You have a very strong and loyal fanbase that while it could be bigger? Is not anything to scoff at, especially when you refuse to sell out. You also identify as a lesbian, even if this wasn't always the case. You had a past with guys, that led to you eventually deciding to do away with them as they gave you nothing worthwhile and were only sources of pain for you. A new guy comes into your life, and he's also a musician. A good deal more successful currently, he's also a vocalist. The two of you seem to hit it off very well, and he finds himself quite attracted to you. However he's greatly disappointed when he finds out your orientation. You eventually reveal to him that you do like him, which is weird as you don't like guys and you definitely want to be friends with him. He reluctantly agrees to this, and the two of you begin to spend a lot of time together. He's generally a pretty aggressive person, angry even and he gets in fights often. You begin to discover why and work to temper his anger, and as the two of you grow closer? He finds your friendship harder to deal with.

He comes to realize he's in love with you, and winds up revealing it to you one night. While angry initially, the two of you become lovers as you realize that you return his feelings. The two of you are initially a very happy couple, at least until he discovers unmentioned things about your past. After that? The relationship changes and he has to decide whether he can forget your past and build a future with you, and you have to decide whether he is worth the grief and the verbal attacks about things that you did before even getting with him. Both of you are in love, but the situation just makes things unbearable for both parties.

(5)On & Off The Mat- She was a young diva living out a childhood dream by working for the WWE. She'd wanted to do professional wrestling ever since she was a kid, and now she was working for the biggest promotion in the world. She had great looks, an amazing body, a charming personality and a nice gimmick that saw her quickly gaining success. Fans instantly latched onto her. She was an absolutely huge geek in her real life, and a fairly big tomboy and that sort of thing was something that most guys found extremely attractive. Despite being somewhat uncomfortable with the attention being heaped at her without notice going to her wrestling ability like she wished it would, she became a sex symbol. Guys in the back frequently hit on her although she looked at a lot of them as being big brothers more than anything else. She did however have an interest in another wrestler, though he wrestled for Ring of Honor and was the top draw there. Hardcore wrestling fans loved the guy, and she approached Vince often with the idea of signing the guy away from his contract that it could be a good move for him.

What Vince didn't know however was that the two of them were mutually interested in one another. She had shrugged off advances from some of the biggest names in the locker room, guys that easily could have elevated her career because she enjoyed what she had with the indie guy. They hardly ever got to see one another as they were always on the road, but they tried their best to keep the flirtation alive. True blood wrestling fans became aware of the coupling, and more and more rumors started to spread until the management confronted the diva about the issue. She reluctantly admitted to it, and the lightbulbs turned on instantly. They decided to hire the guy on, especially after seeing how big of a draw he was in his own promotion and they wanted the potential couple to be given showtime which was a big jump for both of them. He found himself hired by WWE, and initially both of them were overjoyed at the prospect of finally getting to spend time together so they actually could be a couple. They hadn't even been intimate with one another by this point. However they started to realize that this relationship of theirs? Was now being turned into a big storyline and that wound up having something of a negative effect on their actual relationship as it was so much different from what they had in real life. Not to mention the rest of the talent? Were not happy with how much attention these two were getting, especially as the guy was so new and the diva was quickly climbing the ranks and getting a title shot.

(5)Break Ups To Make Ups- People love reality shows. It is a chance to see people at their absolute worst entertain us with their hedonism and general lack of decency. To that end, a big one that is being set up plans to have some young people from different walks of life who have some kind of dirt to their name living together without the possibility of elimations or anything like that. They are reveling in just how terrible the show is, and all of the housemates? Have done something of some sort in their past that is greatly frowned down upon. Whether it is a history of violence, promiscuity, stealing or a generally rebellious nature? The show goes out of its' way to offend sensibilities. Like every other reality show, thousands upon thousands of hopefuls wanted to be casted and only ten were able to make the cut.

As far as the girl was concerned? This was it. A chance at the big times. She was very attractive, a very sexual person and very aggressive. She fought frequently, didn't tolerate bullshit from anyone and would make her voice heard. She also had a preference for black guys, having grown up in a larger city and possessing a build that men of color typically loved. She knew she was going to be able to rule this house with an iron fist. All the same she was a lady despite fighting. She liked to be wined and dined, she enjoyed dancing and did her best to wear the latest fashion though if she got some drinks in her? You could take her to a strip club and convince her to shake her ass on stage. He on the other hand, had a history of violence and was dishonorably discharged for striking a superior officer. Him and the military just didn't work out because he didn't like to take orders or criticism. The two noticed each other immediately, and flirted heavily with one another. The producers decided to place a lot of emphasis on the developing relationship between the two. They were the most dynamic people in the house, and frequently got into altercations with the other cast members. They figured that highlighting a relationship between these two? Would keep audiences glued to their seats.

The two did hook up, but that brought a whole new series of problems. Neither of the two really made anything official, but they were very possessive with one another and could become violent and aggressive if they felt their 'significant other' was flirting with someone else or two timing them. She in particular felt very strongly towards him, and while she wouldn't outright admit it because of his personality? She had fallen for him and hated how flirty he was with other women. The two would develop a pattern of fighting, then making up, then fighting, then showing affection towards one another.

(5)Erase Me- He was universally hailed as a gifted and talented artist, however his music was a mask for the pain that he felt and the depression that he lived with. The young man had not had an easy life, and a chief source of problems for him stemmed from relationships. He avoided groupies and fans like the plagues because he didn't want a woman to be interested in him because he was famous or supposedly wealthy. This naturally led to him being extremely lonely, and he faced a lot of pressure and reluctance from his label that hampered his artistic growth. A lot of different factors contributed to his mental state, and it showed in his music which has become darker with each cd.

She was a successful artist as well, one who performed a completely different genre of music from him. The two were fairly aware of one another, but they wind up meeting because the two share an excellent working relationship with the same producer. The male artist is buried in working on his new album and is currently cutting himself off from the outside world to focus on the album. Their producer believes that she could be an asset to the album, and in spite of himself he finds himself liking her quite a bit. She was a lot more down to earth than he was expecting, and the two wind up hitting it off quite well with one another. She stays for the duration of the recording process, the two spend a few months together in their own world while he works on the album although they're sadly unable to be anything more than friends. She reluctantly lets on that she's involved with someone despite what she feels for him and she had never planned for this to happen.

This only serves to reinforce a lot of his notions and his issues. While the album proves to be a huge success, he gradually becomes more self destructive as a result and sometimes the only way for people to move forward, is to hit rock bottom.

(5)House of Balloons- He had a host of issues including manic mood swings, and that combined with his issues regarding rage led to him being banned from fighting which he had been aiming to do professionally. All it took was one incident and he lost everything. He had been engaged, fighting was his life essentially and he wasn't able to do so anymore, and he was forced to spend a year in a facility for the mentally unstable because of the incident. When he got out, he was left generally without a path and wondering where he would go with his life. The guy was utterly alone and he hated having to take his medication, he hated having to stay with his parents and he hated having to deal with his crippling issues. When he was a teen, him and his friends used to rap and record songs for fun. He had a real knack at it and he was pretty good at it. Fighting took precedent however. Depression was pretty par for the course, though he was deadset on getting the love of his life back despite her being toxic for him and his family not liking her all that much because of the things she's put him through.

She wasn't free of issues either. She was just as bipolar as he was, she was obsessive compulsive and she's made bad decisions that have haunted her. Most of her relationships with men tend to be pretty toxic and she ends up feeling used and unwanted. She's forced to take medication as well, and the loneliness she feels is overpowering. She has a single outlet and that was music. She could sing, she could write, she could play instruments and she could even produce music, and she does it as if her very life depended on it. All the same, she had a lot going for her. She was gorgeous, she had an amazing body, she was very intelligent and were someone able to deal with her neurosis? They'd find a loving and absolutely loyal woman who was in desperate need of love.

The two shared the same therapist who had spent a lot of time talking to both, and he realized that they both needed a friend and he felt like they could understand the other. Someone who would be able to relate to what they were dealing with, and he hoped they'd be able to help each other. So he did something a bit unethical and he double booked both of their sessions so they came in at the same time. Though they were both reluctant to do a joint session, he twisted their arms and said it'd be free of charge. Both of them wound up rubbing the other the wrong way, even if they were intrigued in their own way. She was more outwardly interested, he was a good bit slower on the uptake. The therapist gave her information so she'd be able to "bump" into him, and she wanted to get to know him more while he was set on feeling sorry for himself. Although he was highly reluctant to be her friend, she managed to win him over by insisting she could help him in one of the areas where his ex really wanted to see improvement. She could help him deal with his emotions better and to be a more full and rounded lover. To that end, she took him to a concert and he started to rediscover his interest in music which she encouraged and nurtured. It provided a means for him to vent all his anger, and his pain and it made her fall for him more desperately.

(I really, really liked The Silver Linings Playbook.)

(5)No Fairy Tale--They were two young music artists at the heights of their careers from two totally different spectrums. She was the single most successful pop star on the planet. She was always setting new records, she had legions of fans and was able to turn out albums fairly quickly while still showing growth on all of these records. Not to mention she had an absolutely wild image & lifestyle. She loved to party, frequented Strip Clubs and she was very vocal in both her music and her interviews on how she was a sexual person. Freely informing people of her kinks, and how one constant was that she always wore the pants. Her on-again off-again boyfriend was another musician, and the two shared a very controversial relationship with one another that culminated in a domestic abuse dispute. Even if she toyed with the idea of dating other musicians, she always wound up back with him and loved him even if she was unhappy with him.

The guy on the other hand might have been a prominent underground musician, but he was a very successful artist from a critical standpoint. He got rave reviews, was often praised by more successful artists for his technical abilities and talent, he had highly influential music and videos and was generally seen as an artist's artist. The guy put a lot into his music, and his personal life was somewhat hectic to the point where he didn't really open up about it. He had been battling with depression for years, recovered from alcoholism and had experienced a nervous breakdown. A lot of the depth that could be found in his music was inspired by his traumatic upbringing, and it led to a lot of the rage problems he experienced as an adult. Music had essentially saved his life. He was fairly controversial for his lyrics and his music, and his image was generally that of a dark and brooding rebel with a startling degree of maturity to him. He also just so happened to be the star's favorite rapper.

She absolutely loved his music and the things that he talked about, and when her boyfriend beat her? His music was what helped make her through it because the pain and the emotion resonated strongly with her, and she's publicly credited him with being an inspiration to her artistic growth. He naturally knew of her, everybody on the planet did, and every guy on the planet thought she was beyond attractive. Despite this, the two of them had never actually met one another. Even though their careers bordered one another. During an off-period with her man, she was beyond surprised to find herself mentioned quite positively in his newest song, which contained a notable lyric about him wanting to have sex with her. She was absolutely flattered by this and tagged him in a tweet that thanked him for the mention. Going above and beyond, she forced her people to reach out to him as she wanted to give him a good bit of exposure by appearing on a song with her and making a video for said song.

The two meet for drinks before recording together, as he wanted to get a feel for her before agreeing to the song. He was one of those sorts of artists who was very picky about the songs he featured on, but he was absolutely blown away by her. She was every bit the individual that he was, every bit as rebellious and she really didn't care. The singer said what she wanted, did what she wanted and was highly intelligent. While she was a very sexual person, she didn't come off as a floozy. The girl was just sexy without needing to be obscene and he quickly developed a crush. She was impressed with his maturity, and the two had a fairly strong chemistry with one another. To that end, she brought him in not only for the one song, but to help guide the general direction for her next album as he was also a highly accomplished producer. She feared that with her current producer, her music was going to grow stagnant and she wanted to challenge herself and to add a bit of darkness to her music along with the more risqué aspects that she is known for. The label was very reluctant to do it, but after his own single blew up and he gained more widespread fame because of it, they decided to let the two do as they would.

He found himself genuinely surprised with her work ethic, as well as her drive. She'd go where he went, and spend a lot of time with him as they went through the entire creative process together. Conceptualizing it, writing it, producing it, and even promoting it together. The entire experience for her was possibly the single greatest one of her life, and the appreciation she had for his music became a full on crush as she came to really get to know him and to learn a lot of the stories behind much of his music as well as seeing him at work. The media quickly took notice of how much time they spent together and speculated as to whether the two were in a relationship. The duo kept the details private, but they had actually become intimate with one another during this period of time, they just didn't give words to what they were or titles. They didn't even really speak about it, it just happened. She was his first serious relationship however and he was so much different from her exes. The depth he had was startling, and it rubbed off on her, and while he was not a fan of partying? He would indulge her to make her happy. She started to adopt many of his mannerisms, and even began to refine her sexual image. Learning to suggest rather than overtly display, she matured along with him and she enjoyed it. He actually smiled in her presence which was new, and for the first time in his life he was happy.

Her ex however wasn't completely out of the picture, and the two had never stated to one another that they were actually together. No matter how much time they spent together. He was not a fan of the alleged relationship between the two of them and tried to work his way back into her graces. She was sent gifts from him, he made a public apology towards her for his behavior, and he pledged that from this point forward it'd always be about her. She found herself torn between the two men as a result. The rapper was still very new, and he definitely made her happy. Neither party had reached that point of loving one another yet however, and she still was very much in love with her ex. The two had been together for years, and her current guy never talked about his emotions and he very rarely opened up. As happy as he made her, and as much as she enjoyed the changes in herself, she didn't know if the two of them would be together forever. Honestly that scared her. She wanted to be married eventually, and to start a family. He never talked about what he really wanted, or even how he really felt about her.

As she tried to make up her mind regarding the two, a very ugly and heated feud developed between the two men after her ex tried to confront him and received a savage beating for his troubles. One on one, her unhinged ex did not stand a chance against the new guy. The ex however had a lot of friends, and he knew dangerous people and things gradually escalated between the two with her smack dab in the middle.

(5)Nothing On You- She's a highly successful and popular actress who has recently been voted the sexiest woman in the world by Maxim. She's seen as a sex symbol by all and has legions of adoring fans and men who drool over her. Despite all of this? Nobody really sees the real her. She's definitely feminine, but not the total girly girl that people would think. She enjoys loud music, tattoos, MMA, and she's quite lonely. This is something that'd surprise people as guys are lining up for a chance to be with her. However she doesn't want to be wanted just for her looks as she has more to offer. Not to mention she finds a lot of famous guys to be really full of themselves and not all that interesting. Celebrity culture is a huge turn off for her.

He was in the armed services, and found himself suddenly being bombarded with attention & stardom when he singlehandedly saved members of his squad from a devastating ambush, staying behind and engaging the enemy to draw their fire. He miraculously survived this engagement, and now the press has taken to calling him Captain America. He's very uncomfortable with the attention, as well as receiving the awards that he has received and this led to him not reenlisting when given the chance.

Since coming back, he tried to live a relatively mundane life. Going to school, training to fight, and working. He was still recognized everywhere and he still absolutely hated it. This fame wound up winning out when he received a very surprising email. The actress in question asked him to accompany her as her date to the Oscars, she didn't want to go, but she was up for best actress. He naturally accepted, and when they met, he was blown away that this was actually happening. She was the one who was star struck to a degree, and he was surprised at just how down to earth she was. The two of them hit it off famously, and discovered they had a fair bit in common. They were people who were in the public eye, disliked it for their own various reasons and shared a mutual attraction that wound up becoming something much deeper that both parties desperately wanted to keep quiet.

(5)Bad Meaning Good- Her success was staggering, she was a highly popular and sought after singer who was known for her sexually explicit lyrics and her sexualized image. She enjoyed showing off her curvy body, and parents absolutely hated her racy music. Yet she thrived on the attention and she built an empire off of it. Most people assumed that because of the way she carried herself, and her music that she'd be a serial dater and she'd hook up with guys left and right. That was quite far from the truth and she avoided dating like the plague. She had always preferred monogamous relationships, but she was highly focused on her career and she felt like if she were to date, there'd be unrealistic expectations involved on the part of her partner. So she remained single.

She never thought in a million years she'd develop an intense infatuation towards another musician. Yet she was hooked from the first time she heard one of his songs. His music was beautiful, meticulously crafted and utterly depressing. Yet it was relatable. He was becoming an overnight sensation despite his non-commercial sound, and his enigmatic approach served him well. He had not done any interviews, he did not do public statements, and it took awhile for pictures of him to surface. Her crush on the man intensified once she saw him. His look fit his music. He was handsome, brooding and just had a very dark mystique towards him. She took to promoting him via twitter by posting his lyrics and expressing her admiration for them.

To her surprise, he reached out to her and wanted to feature her as the subject for his new musical short film which was going to contain several of the songs on his upcoming cd. She readily agreed to it and this was how the two of them first met. Her interest hadn't been one-sided, she had been something of a muse for him and he found her to be quite attractive. The two started to hang out and he found himself being drawn in more and more by her depth. There were sides to her she never displayed in her music or in her public image. The two did eventually hook up as she grew comfortable with him, and upon doing so, he discovered that she was every bit as filthy as her lyrics were behind closed doors. She was assertive, she liked her men to be generous, she got utterly soaked when aroused, and had the filthiest mouth he had ever heard. The two just really clicked with one another, and spent a whole summer having one another and recording some of the best material of their careers. Her problem in regards to her whole sexual side is that it is something that she has struggled with for years, she suffers from sexual addiction and she had been better for a good long while until hooking up with him. Now, she couldn't quit him. She found herself utterly addicted to him and that honestly freaked her out which led to her breaking things off and saying they needed space.

The sad part is she knows that they're perfect for one another, but she can't be that attached to someone. Not again.

(5)Starfucker- She had confidence if anything. Looks, a brain, and charisma to spare. Her crowning achievement however was her plush sized ass, and she was a frequent fixture in magazine spreads & covers. The guys who had been lucky enough to have really been with her still continually try to get back in contact with her. She is a complete freak behind closed doors, and she knows that her lady parts are more than satisfactory enough to make a guy lust after her for the rest of her life. More than that though, she was just the ideal companion and she was tired of hooking up with regular guys who were going nowhere. To that end she decided to set her sights a bit higher. Her absolute favorite artist had embarked on a huge worldwide tour, and her city was one of the stops. She wanted this guy quite badly and she was going to get him. She had about a year to prepare, and she studied him intently. Gathering all the information she could, figuring out what his type was, and ensuring that once he got a taste? He'd never want to give her up. He wasn't that much older than her, and guys her own age were fairly easy to figure out. He wasn't an exception to the rule. It didn't even matter to her that he had a girlfriend, she wanted what she wanted and nothing would stop her.

When the concert finally rolled around, she had backstage passes and he noticed her after the show almost immediately. The two seemed to hit it off fairly well and he was definitely intrigued by her. To that end the two went back to his hotel room, and she eagerly took control and completely blew his mind. When morning came around, he wanted another go right then and there although she cut him off. She didn't want to just be some groupie that he got to bang when he was in town. If he wanted a go at her goodies again, he was going to have to find a reason to make sure she was around often enough.

(5)Bad Influences- They were both talented young musicians who were superstars within their own genres. He was an intense young rap artist who had come up from the streets, and was now making a fortune off of his gritty hardcore music. Tattooed, handsome and frequently in trouble with the law, he was a polarizing figure. Decidedly Hip-Hop but with elements of Industrial and Metal, he was known as much for his aesthetic as he was his intricately dark lyricism. His music rubbed many people the wrong way, his videos were very dark and graphic and he had a very anti-establishment mentality that would have spelled death for him if he hadn't caught on with the masses the way he had. Disenfranchised youths rallied behind him, and he was the rare rapper that metal fans listened to.

She on the other hand was a beloved pop singer who was known for her provocative music, her gorgeous looks, her openly sexual nature and her highly imaginative music videos. She was never one to bite her tongue, championing a lot of different causes, and flirting with different celebrities despite not being able to find one who really caught her interest. She utterly loved her fans, trolled the media and sold out concerts like it was nothing. All the while her music became darker and more complex over time, she was constantly evolving and growing as an artist. All the while she partied like a rockstar every night.

So how did two wildly different artists wind up meeting one another? Well it was all because of a photo shoot for Rolling Stone. Both saw their fame quickly rising, they had legions of fans and they got a highly coveted cover together. The two young artists were branded as the most dangerous artists in the world, and the magazine ran with that theme throughout. Both artists got to interview the other, and they were surprisingly well informed about one another. The magazine was a hit, and even if they went their own separate ways, the two did become fast friends after.

They were secretly working on a project together, and kept it largely under wraps, even from their own labels. All the while sharing a strong chemistry and mutual attraction that eventually blossomed into a physical relationship. The two were so adept at playing the game that nobody saw anything coming. Least of all her all of a sudden being several months pregnant and tight-lipped about who the father was.

(5)Into The Void- The two had almost nothing in common with one another, nothing aside from a powerful underlying loneliness. On her end, she'd never been in a relationship before. She was so used to being an ugly duckling, and of guys treating her a certain way that she kind of retreated inwards. In High School, she'd still been very much developing, and she didn't have a lot of the experiences other teens did. She didn't go to her prom, she was bullied and she caught a lot of shit because she was into video games and comics. Nobody really took the time to find out just how amazing of a person she was. It was their loss, but it was definitely something that had an impact on her, especially now since she was a very attractive young woman who knew that guys had certain things they were after when it came to women. She was not ready to give that sort of thing out to someone until she got to experience all of the things she had been denied growing up. She was a fairly positive person however, and she was a hopeless romantic who desperately wanted that fairy tale ending. The young woman was definitely a confusing sort, since she was otherwise fairly happy with a perky way about her. Not to mention that she was very gifted musically. She had been a band geek, and she could play a startling number of instruments, and she had a very pretty singing voice. She taught lessons at a Marshall Music.

He had lived a completely different life. He had spent a good deal of his time being highly promiscuous, and he was currently living an empty existence that followed a huge downward spiral. There was a good bit of tragedy in his life, and he was trying to pick himself up from hitting rock bottom. Sex, drugs, and violence led to a gradual dehumanization for him. In his time, he used to be a monster, and it got to be too much. After a failed suicide attempt, he left the city where he lived and moved across the country wanting to start over, in the hopes that he'd be able to find some peace. The guy naturally had a brooding and enigmatic disposition to him, and he mostly kept to himself. He'd been a local rock star in his city which led to a lot of his self destructive habits, but he had lost his love for the music in the scramble to try to fill the void in his life.

Both of them lived next door to one another in an apartment building, and she was fairly curious about him. Guys like him were fairly uncommon and he just looked like a badass, which was something she had admittedly always wanted to be. He was quiet though, and mostly kept to himself and the two didn't really start to interact until she heard him late one night. He was fooling around on a guitar and singing to himself. What she heard was beautiful, it was visceral, it was dark and she was utterly captivated. Despite her shyness, she knocked on his door and asked to hear more of his stuff which he very reluctantly invited her in to do. She learned that he used to do music, and was able to find his material. She liked what she heard a lot, especially his older work as it was more challenging and she could tell that it had been cathartic for him. She nervously demonstrated her own musical capabilities to him, utterly impressing him and the two struck up a very subdued but healthy friendship with one another that blossomed into a musical partnership. He began to coax her out of her shell, and she was able to help him appreciate music once more and even life again. Although he wouldn't come out and state it, he wound up falling in love with her even if he didn't come out and say it. The act became highly successful, but that success brought about problems of its' own as that old temptation was back and calling to him.

(5)About That Life- She'd always been so clean and wholesome, that was a part of the problem. She was a child star who became absolutely huge, with her parents closely guiding her career. Her music was total bubblegum pop, and she was a role model to millions of young girls across the country. Yet that wasn't her, she wanted more and she waited more and more for the day where she'd become an adult and she would be able to make her own choices and stop being this person. She'd dated other child stars, and they were absolutely boring. The singer wanted excitement but she had no idea what she'd do if she actually wound up getting some. Once she became an adult and moved out on her own, she gradually started to change her image. It became more racy, more sexualized and her music started to change. She'd developed an interest in Hip Hop and those influences could be heard in her music and seen in her preferred ways of dancing. Needless to say, her parents were shocked and appalled as were many others. But it wound up paying off, and she quickly discovered she was capable of having a career outside of the kid music she had once put out.

At an awards show, she took to the stage with a highly popular and controversial rapper and fully sexed up her image by grinding against him and groping him freely. It became the talk of the night, and it definitely had an impact on him as he invited her to hang out with him. She readily took him up on the offer, and she was both surprised and seduced by his lifestyle. She had always imagined how the other half lived, and now she was seeing it. The guy got into scuffles with other celebrities, he still hung with the same hoods he grew up with, and he was clearly interested in her. She readily went back to his place with him, having no idea what she was getting herself into. The two had sex, and it was a bit more than she was used to. The guy wasn't the smallest guy in the world, he was very rough and she was highly sore after. While it might have opened her eyes up some, she still liked him a lot and agreed to be his girlfriend while failing to get him to ease up on her when they were intimate.

(5)Death Magnetic- (In comparison to several of the other Music roles, I'd like for this one to really focus on the musical side of things. So if you have a heavy interest in music that you're bringing to the table? Please feel free to share, I'll be providing examples of what I'm thinking just so there is a basis for comparison!)

They were both superstars in their own genres, with no reason whatsoever to cross paths with one another. Except they were actually big fans of each other's music, and mirrors of each other in interesting ways. Both were voices for their generation, both were known for creative & dark music, and both had devoted fanbases. She was the vocalist, creative director, and artist for a highly popular Industrial/Gothic band that continued to push the envelope creatively. The band were beloved, but she was clearly the breakout star and the main attraction. People loved her voice, her lyrics and even the personality she gave off. It didn't hurt that she was absolutely gorgeous. She'd originally joined the band because of her ex-boyfriend who was the lead guitarist, but the band didn't really take off until she joined and her musical aspirations were growing past what the group had to offer her. She liked many different genres, including rap. She was an absolutely big Hip-Hop fan. One rapper in particular was probably her favorite working musician. (I'm thinking her band would be like old school NIN meets Lacuna Coil. Whereas her eventual solo turn would be as dramatic a departure as Gwen Stefani's solo work from No Doubt was.)

He was a rapper who hit the scene like a force of nature. He was wildly talented & creative, to the point where the underground couldn't contain him. The guy had been a local sensation as a teenager, and he had already achieved success as an independent artist. It was through a string of very well received mixtapes that the mainstream took notice, that and a stream of highly publicized feuds with other rappers where he took them to task for their watered down music and lack of skill. Those rappers didn't have a prayer. Musically his disses were just superior to theirs, and if they actually tried to let their hurt feelings spill into real life escalation, they discovered for themselves that the guy was not only able to fight well, but he enjoyed it. His casual dominance over many of his peers was propelling him into superstardom, and he was poised to become the hottest young rapper in the game without sacrificing his integrity as an artist. He was still as lyrical as ever, his flow & delivery were still as intense as ever and he still told stories and created pictures with his words. Granted, those words were on the darker side. But that was what caught her notice. (Musically a lot like Kendrick Lamar meets Tech N9ne meets Old School DMX, making the sort of impact 50 Cent did initially.)

She was a huge fan of his, and she had been to several of his shows. The two had shared brief conversations with each other on twitter before, though nothing materialized out of it. When it came time for her to actually start pursuing a solo career of her own, she decided on the direction she wanted to go in and shocked everyone with how different it was in comparison to what she did with her band. It wound up appealing to people who were fans of her, if not her band, but it also served to earn her legions of new fans and she got many different offers from labels that wanted to sign her. She found herself signing to the superstar producer/artist who had mentored her favorite rapper and his career, and just like that the two were on the same label. This led to the two spending a good deal of time together as they were two of the three top priorities for the label at the time. The producer-artist had been an influential figure for two decades, and though he was prolific when it came to production, he only sporadically released albums. When he did they were events, because the work that went into them and how rare they were. Even if he had ghostwriters, the music was seen as legendary in the rap world and created entire subgenres of rap in their wake. He was prepping his latest album which was heavily anticipated. He wanted to feature both of his protégés prominently on the album. The rapper, and the singer. She was fully comfortable performing on a rap album, and the rapper was going to be doing a great deal of the lyrical writing for the album and was going to feature on several songs. The album was also going to be utilized as promotion for both of them. She was gearing up to release her first solo album, and the producer's project was going to introduce her to the mainstream and truly debut her new sound. While the rapper had released his first proper studio album, with many rap fans declaring it a classic. It performed fairly well, but he felt like it was just the start and his sophomore effort was going to be the one that was truly a classic. The producer felt like it was going to be the one to really break him into the mainstream. Both artists were also going to figure into each other's work. (The producer is Dr. Dre meets Kanye West.)

This meant both of the young artists spending a whole lot of time together. They'd never really encountered one another face to face, even if they had shared several twitter conversations and shouted each other out publicly. It was different, to say the least. Both had these images of the other formed in their head, that were definitely tossed out of the window when they spent time together. Long nights writing, conceptualizing and recording gave way to interviews together, photo shoots together and they knew they were going to wind up touring together. You take two lonely, attractive celebrities and toss them together for that much time? It isn't surprising that a relationship would come out the other end. That isn't to say it was all puppy dog love, and happy endings. Both parties frequently made the people around them uncomfortable with their personalities clashing, and the media as well as people who considered themselves to be hardcore fans of either genre had issues with the relationship. Her band didn't like it one bit, and many other rappers brought up him dating the gothic white girl. Yet for all the scrutiny, all the fighting, and her contempt towards certain aspects of his lifestyle, it was their world where it was just the two of them.

(5)Hottest Tape On The Market- Several people released sex tapes to either try to ignite careers or to add fire to fading careers. Others find them released against their will and are forced to deal with the ramifications. She was one of the latter. A highly prominent and popular pop artist, she had the adoration of millions while guys the world over lusted after her. Things were going great for her, until she met him. He was a fellow celebrity, a possibly unhinged yet magnetic star who appealed to a totally different crowd. The guy was dangerous, he was often controversial and she'd never met anyone like him before. Everything he said, she hinged on and she broke several of her rules for a one night fling with him that she had hoped would lead to more. The two of them went to a trashy love hotel with him and even allowed him to film the two of them engaging in sexual activities. It turned out to be a one night thing for a number of reasons. For starters, the guy was absolutely large. Going from average guys to him was definitely on the painful side, and she felt a bit ashamed for actually tapping out at one point due to this. Not to mention he was also a rougher sexual partner, and while his style of love making fit his personality to a tee, it wasn't what she was expecting.

Two years later however, she was shocked and appalled to see that the tape leaked and that before long it became a hot selling item. All of the graphic details were there for people to see and she angrily confronted him about it, even though he seemed unapologetic, he claimed he wasn't the one who leaked it. But he did mention that they could both reap the benefits and that it was introducing her to an all new audience. That did nothing to cool her anger, and other than the gross invasion of privacy, one of the things that angered her the most was how weak the whole thing made her look. He taunted her lightly about it, especially after realizing that it had been on her mind constantly for the last two years and she angrily initiated intimacy with him. Surprising him with her aggression and even herself at how she was capable of fully handling him now. Nobody actually expected the two of them to really become lovers, but they did and she slowly started to come around to his warped way of thinking.

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The Summer Blockbuster
These roles are either very action based, or they are centered around crime. Either way, these roles would not be out of place as the plot for movies.

(5)The World Is Yours- You're a wealthy if somewhat amoral young woman who enjoys the finer things in life, is Machiavellian in her intelligence and is highly capable of defending herself. Your the daughter of a notorious crime lord, and were spoiled accordingly. However you also always had to prove yourself as well. You're the only girl, and you have several brothers. Your father however never planned on letting you run the family, and you have held a grudge ever since even if you've hidden it. You want control of the organization and have been biding your time. Your father's only real plans for you? Were to eventually be married in a political move, and to have children. You are far too self reliant for that. Not to mention while your family is ruthless? You far exceed them, and that is another reason you feel you deserve to be boss.

You have your eye on a man that your father has hired out a few times. A guy who works independently of any organization. Your father is somewhat afraid of the guy, just because he's absolutely ruthless and has something of a psycho reputation. The guys he is in charge of? Have been responsible for some very heinous things. The two of you develop an interest in one another, although he won't call it love. He feels the two of you are both attracted to each other, have equal intellects and common interests, you're both ruthless and want the world. You enlist him to aid you in a coup, and eventually? The two of you become heads of the family, and you're married. However you have come to realize that you have genuinely fallen in love with him, in your own way.

(5)There Is No Turning Back- You're a young woman who has dedicated her life to vengeance. At a young age? Your parents were killed in front of you, however what you didn't discover until later is that your mother? Was an assassin before you were born, and though she tried to leave the life behind? Her life caught up with her. You are raised by an aunt and uncle, and your life insurance money? You put it towards training in the Martial Arts and training and the such. Memorizing the face of your mother's killer, and working towards eventually being able to take them down. You learned to really love the martial arts, and excelled at them. Having very few friends, outside of one guy friend who you've always had feelings for. You committed yourself to your quest though, giving it more importance than you gave to boys. However there is one guy who you've managed to remember, he was the only person to ever beat you in one of your martial arts tournaments.

As a young woman you're following bread crumbs, and upon coming across a real lead? You find you're in over your head, and are very nearly killed if not for a timely rescue. Upon waking up? You're greeted by your hero, he's the kid who had beat you in the tournament years ago. Now it makes sense why. Although you've both trained in the martial arts and fighting techniques, his schooling has been on the killing arts and it turns out he's been watching you for awhile now. Curious ever since the tournament since you'd been more of a challenge than anyone else at that time, you'd been something of a hobby of his. It turns out for good reason. The people he's working for? Were associates of your mother who want to help you in your quest. They believe that you need more training and have tasked him to expand on your training and to turn you into a killer.

He's different though. He is an absolutely ruthless killer, whom shows his targets no mercy. Although he isn't a sicko who outright enjoys murder. He's somewhat spiritual in an odd way and isn't what you'd expect from a hired killer. He begins training you, and his tutelage? Is easily the cruelest you've endured, all the while he frequently asks if this is the route you want to go down? If you want blood on your hands and to lose your innocence? Every single time you insist it is, and slowly but surely you start to get it. Even if the two of you fall for one another in a manner that could threaten everything.

(5)Come To Bed Idiot- You're a very adept field agent for a secretive agency that specializes in espionage and has a somewhat checkered past. You're one of the best that they have, and used to working solo. However a top priority assignment sees you having to work with an agent from another agency, and the two of you quickly find that you do not get along all that well. Even your approaches differ. You're a very capable combatant, and have killed several times. However you use your brains, your beauty and your acting skills to see your operations through to completion. While he is more of the seek and destroy type, and doesn't bother with all of that. He's one of the finest killers on the planet, but this assignment requires finesse. The two of you are to pose as a loving married couple to infiltrate a very high end fighting tournament that is being held by members of a terrorist ring. He's posing as an accomplished and wealthy martial artist, and you his wife and to that end? You two have to play out the part to perfection.

His arrogance, as well as his very nature get under your skin. He's extremely intelligent, but behaves in the manner of a cunning animal and there's no real sophistication to him. He's a blunt instrument, and he generally annoys you. While he sees you on the other hand as being a stuck up tart. The two of you start to grow somewhat closer as you work together, and you start to respect him because despite his flaws? His willpower is beyond that of any person you've met, and he winds up saving your life. One night, after deciding to see an end to the tension? You tell him that he doesn't need to sleep on the couch that night and as he continues to express disbelief at the notion that you're inviting him to sleep with him? You pretty much tell him to shut up, and to satisfy you or the offer is off of the table. After this? The two of you aren't pretending to be lovers anymore, and that is where things get more complicated than they need to be.

(5)Hands To Yourself- She was a wiley and cunning thief who was one of the best in the world, and used her skills to pretty much buy her way into high society despite absolutely detesting the people who made up high society. She found a dark mirror of herself in a very wealthy man who was one of the best mercenaries in the world. He took jobs that were seemingly impossible, and wouldn't work for less than seven figures a job. The two saw something in the other and began a flirtation of sorts without discovering what the other did for a living. She however was very put off by his tendency to either stand her up or disappear completely. She could easily have any an she ever wanted, frequently charming them into falling in love with her in a matter of minutes before leaving with whatever she lifted off of them. She was impossibly gorgeous and seductive, but there was something about him that kept her around. He wasn't easy to figure out, and he was hard to get. He'd discovered she was a thief awhile ago, but when she discovered what he really did? It was more by accident than anything else and she was somewhat hurt because he didn't tell her and it had almost cost her dearly.

Despite her feelings for him, she left town and headed across the globe to try to figure out things and to do a job. He felt immense guilt and acknowledged his feelings for her and followed after. Upon crossing paths once more, her feelings dance between rage that he followed her and joy that he cared enough to follow her. He knew what she was doing and offered to watch her six, which she reluctantly agreed to. However she made it clear he wasn't allowed to touch her without her express permission and he couldn't get angry if she flirted with other guys since she had wanted to be with him but he was too busy for her. He agrees to these terms reluctantly but doesn't even bother trying to follow them. Especially as she finds herself having more and more sensual fantasies about him.

(5)Evil Is As Evil Does- There are varying degrees of what could be considered evil. But true evil however is a very frightening thing and the masked man? Was one of the most terrifying things on the planet. He'd been terrorizing the world for decades, however what wasn't known? Was that the mask and the identity were all passed down from father to son. The current bearer of the mantle was the fourth. He inherited the mask, his skills, his training, his resources and his small but formidable organization from his father. He was also by far the most ambitious and the most brazen of the bearers. They had all been focused on building their reputation and on profit, he however wanted more. He delighted in the fear he spread and set to work on recruiting even more men. His methods of recruiting however were extremely cruel. Very few made it through, but the ones who did were fiercely loyal to him. They'd die before betray him, and they were dangerous people who had infilitrated all sorts of corners of society.

The leader of a crime organization tried to set the masked man up, and was going to betray him after he did a job for him to the feds. However the masked man saw the betrayal coming and evaded it while exacting revenge in one stroke. It wasn't enough however. He was going to use the man to send a message to anyone else who entertained thoughts of taking him down or setting him up. The point was that nobody was untouchable. To that end he murdered most of the man's family in extremely gruesome fashions. He revealed what the man did for a living to his last remaining daughter who was a very young woman of 18 at the time, and then he raped her in front of her father to drive home the point. He wore the mask the whole time and despite it being rape? He didn't beat her, he didn't even speak to her. He used enough force to keep her restrained which wasn't hard, did his business and was done with it. The incident and the events leading up to it however caused the daughter to snap completely.

She saw her father as an absolute monster who was responsible for everything that had happened and killed him as a result. The masked man was very surprised at this turn of events, and upon seeing the "real" her. He decided to bring her along with him. He was a certain kind of evil. He was methodical, he didn't get a kick out of being cruel or inhumane. However he used cruel actions as a means to an end, and he operated through fear. She became a different kind of monster entirely though. Chaotic, sadistic, turned on by violence with next to no empathy. He trained her personally and the two became more than a student and a teacher. They became lovers, and she was the only one who would see him without the mask for the most part. She fell deeply in love with him and violently pursued his agenda, and despite her being more chaotic than he liked? He was still able to utilize her as a weapon and as long as she got attention from him, frequent intimacy with him, and she was able to hurt the people he directed her to? She was content for the most part. At least until she learned more about his history and decided that she wanted to be the one to give him his future successor.

(5)That Old Fire- She's the most dangerous kind of woman. One who is intelligent, seductive, beautiful and lacking in morals. They were lovers once upon a time. He was utterly in love with her, but she left him and broke his heart into two for an extremely wealthy man. He tries his best to live honestly and cuts out a lot of the bad elements of his life in an attempt to not regress to the man he once was. He doesn't drink, he doesn't smoke and he's forced himself into abstinence. He knows that if he lets the beast out, he'll become that violent person he once was without a care in the world. Imagine his surprise when she contacted him and asked him to meet her. The two met at a bar, and she looked as stunning as ever. Still he was very hostile towards her, even as she tried to apologize for what happened and told him that he was the only man she had ever loved. She hinted that her life was in danger at home, and when her husband sent some of his men to collect her? It turned into a violent brawl which he wound up losing because he again wouldn't let his old self out.

She's taken by the men and he's left now very concerned about his old flame. He asks a friend of his to look into it and when he gets in later that evening? She's there waiting for him in his home completely undressed. He tells her to leave, she refuses and it turns violent between the two of them before they become intimate for the first time in years. After sleeping with one another? They restate their love for one another, the beast is back out and he is trapped in her web once more which suits her needs perfectly.

(5)Agent Under Fire He lived a very lonely existence of sacrifice that had made him very cold and very cynical. He didn't develop attachments to people, and he never stayed in one place for long. The man did not even bother to really have friends, and his more intimate dealings with women were one night stands. He'd made so many sacrifices, and crossed so many lines that even he knew that he was a somewhat broken person. It was all worth it in his eyes, if he killed one person to save millions and damned himself in the process? He could endure it. He's a veteran of secret wars and works for a very top secret agency that is dedicated to national security at all costs. He's one of their top field agents if not the best, and were he to be captured or killed? The United States would disavow any knowledge of him or his doings, he technically doesn't even exist. For his latest mission he is to shut down a large and powerful organization. The organization is full of mercenaries that are highly trained, extremely loyal and who have absolutely no morals whatsoever. The man who runs this organization is a legendary French assassin who hires his people out to various cartels, syndicates, and terrorist groups. The agent was put unto the assignment when as a statement, many of the group's operatives claimed responsibility for the murder of several world leaders and they were mobile to where a war couldn't be declared.

She had a very different lot in life. She was infact the illegitimate child of the assassin, but she wasn't raised by him. He didn't discover her until much later in life, and even though she gave the appearance of a loving and doting daughter? She was disgusted with her father and wanted to see an end to his organization. She was a genius with computers, and she was to serve as the agent's contact within the organization. As he had no file, and there were no records of his existence? She presented him as a new hopeful for the group, which was his ticket in the door. Her father took notice, as she had never brought someone to join before. The agent and the daughter couldn't be more different however. She was a certified genius, and easily a match for the agent despite not being anywhere near as dangerous as he was. She was just flat out more intelligent which is a feat in itself as he's quite smart. She's highly beautiful, very strong willed to the point of being stubborn, fearless virtually in how she talks to and addresses people, and makes very snide comments about the agent. Initially she is quite put off with him, and he finds her to be a stuck up little tart despite his strong attraction to her. Her haughty ways, and independence however hide a loneliness that mirrors his own. Sadly, the two wind up falling in love with one another and that sort of thing is not safe for someone in his line of work.

(5)Thorn In My Side- They had met while they were both undercover on assignment. Both were highly skilled agents and were very well regarded in their specific fields. She was a very accomplished spy who utilized her brains, her beauty, and her charm to achieve her goals. She was highly resourceful and usually two steps ahead of everyone. The only person that really kept her guessing was him. He was a killer that the government utilized often and he had made a number of enemies during his time under their employment. The two had first encountered each other with differing goals, and they were lovers for a good period of time. When the truth came out, she essentially allowed him to kill her employer after he allowed her to complete her assignment for this employer. The man paid her for her troubles, and she was present when the assassin killed the man. Hell she allowed it to happen as the man tried to make her an offer to save his life. Since then the killer has been a source of fascination for her, and they'd encounter one another a few more times. He's eventually betrayed however and he's burned as a result of this setup. Now all of the people that harbored grudges towards him over the years? Have free shots at him and he knows he's living on borrowed time.

He wakes up one night to find a woman that he had a one night stand with tied up and gagged in the corner of the room, while his shower is in use. When he removes the woman's gag and she claims that some woman is crazy, he knows who it is already and isn't at all surprised she's there. She reveals some of the things she's heard, especially about a number of the people who are interested in the bounty that has been placed on him. She also reveals that she's there to help him whether he wants her help or not. Normally that'd sound great. However he knows that she has ulterior motives in everything that she does.

(5)Escape It All- She was in love with a deeply flawed man. She had so many opportunities in life, to escape from the ugliness of her home city and to do so much more. However it was that love that dragged her back into the shit. She'd known him for years, and the two were very much in love when they were growing up. At least until she realized how toxic of an influence their city was, especially with his familial ties. He was already a criminal then, and he belonged to a family that was part of a gang. Indeed his dad was an affluent criminal with some legitimate businesses that he was involved in. However the real money came from arms dealing, hijacking, extortion and a number of other vices. It also didn't help that she did not get on well at all with his mom who encouraged him in the lifestyle. When she returned home years later due to a gig as a lawyer, the two were reunited and her old love was definitely thrown for a loop upon seeing her once more. He had been head over heels for her and when she left, it had been impossibly painful.

He was a good person at heart she knew, but he was also very deeply involved in the family's business. The life he lived was dangerous and violent. It was also highly illegal and she knew it, yet she didn't go after them and she tried to keep her relationship with him strictly platonic. This changed when he saved her life from a psychotic and obsessive man that she had gotten convicted recently who was on parole. Murdering the man for her and getting rid of the body. This brought the two of them together once more and she realized that she was truly in love with him. For awhile she was still able to balance the two lives, until she got pregnant with his child. Now she's stuck in a place of wanting to leave with him so they could raise their baby peacefully, but knowing he won't leave his family in the state it is and wanting desperately for him to make an honest woman out of her. She's also found herself changing over time and becoming more assertive, more ruthless and more manipulative. 

(5)Trained To Die- In the near future, two young people served in a special infantry unit. They were some of the best that the armed forces had to offer and right there in the frontlines in war. He was reeling from the death of his fiancee who was killed in the attacks that lead to this current conflict. He was an extremely talented soldier, and thanks to his genetics he was by all accounts a super soldier. At this point in time, there were metahumans that existed although they were extremely rare and highly valued. He was one of these people, and the grandson of the first known one. He was broken by his loss however and unaware of the feelings that she had for him. She was the second in command of their unit, a highly talented soldier who was being groomed for leadership eventually. She was his superior, and she also had very deep feelings for him. It was more than just attraction, she genuinely cared for him and wanted him to overcome what he was going through. To that end, she made her attraction towards him known and he eventually initiated intimacy between the two of them. They developed a loose relationship that was very physical, even if she wasn't satisfied because she wanted more. He did care about her, but he was unable to give her what she really wanted or what she really deserved. After the war was said and done, the two had parted ways and he was recruited by a secretive agency to be a field operative while she moved up the ranks and took on more of an administrative role. He was at the center of a large conspiracy and his superior who was a maternal figure to him got killed, but what he didn't know was that she had been training his ex to take her place. So when he finds himself burned and being hunted by former allies and freelancers, he winds up getting help from the most unexpected place.

(5)If You Were The Last Man- Everyone knows the familiar saying, except in this case? He was the last man on earth. An unknown virus seemingly wipes out every living mammal possessing a Y chromosome down to sperm even, and now women have inherited the world. As all of this happened in one go, society has collapsed. There are billions of bodies that must be disposed, many women were killed in disasters due to the men's deaths, and entire infrastructures collapse. The women believe that humanity is doomed to become extinct as a result if there isn't some sort of miracle or scientific breakthrough. It turns out that there is actually one last man on the planet. He's been wandering on his own for the last few months and doing what he had to in order to stay out of sight. She discovered him one day by complete accident. She was holed up in a church and trying to figure out where to go from there until she met him and was completely stunned. He revealed that he was actually on a mission. He was travelling to DC to get in touch with a prominent doctor who with his assistance? Might stand a chance at ensuring the survival of the human race.

She decides to tag along, partly because humanity could be saved and also because he's the only guy on the planet. At the very least she knows that she is more than attractive to him and if she gets needy during the trip? She has the means with which to get laid which is a very powerful resource in this new world. If other women were to find out about him? The ones who went insane would kill him, while numerous others would force him to be their slave for all intents and purposes and to impregnate them. At least with the aid of the doctor and the new president? There stands a strong chance to save humanity, and do it without forcing him to sleep with everything in sight. She is however annoyed to find out that he has a girlfriend in DC that he hopes is still alive and that he can get in touch with. He allows the girl he met to tag along because she's decent company, and because she is an invaluable asset. She has a number of skills and she's quite capable of handling herself.

(5)Ms. Self Destruct- (This role is intended to be very much like a David Fincher film. Think Se7en, Zodiac, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, Fight Club & so forth.)

She was extremely intelligent, if a bit of a handful. A history of scrapes with law enforcement and a massive chip on her shoulder. She had once been the picture of innocence, but human cruelty had forever shattered that and now she was jaded. She knew firsthand just how fucked up people could be and she had an interest in questionable subjects. Murderers, urban legends, that sort of thing. Research and investigation were her areas of expertise, she knew her way around a computer like nobody else and often did work for hire because of her unique set of skills. A new wave of murders are hitting the city however, and this killer does what they do in a very flashy manner. Leaving behind calling cards of sorts with horrific murder scenes. She becomes interested in the case because the man seems to be targeting women and due to her own background? She can't ignore that sort of thing. She pieces together clues and figures out an odd pattern of sorts that has her crossing paths with the detective who is working the case. He questions her as to what she's doing at his scene, and she actually manages to impress him with her findings.

His superiors want to put him on something else, but he wants to see this case through to completion and so he suggests a limited partnership between the two of them. They'd work together, they'd find this killer and they'd bring the killer to justice. She is initally reluctant but she agrees because he has resources and access she doesn't, he has the muscle to deal with this killer, and he's able to fill in blanks in her findings. The two of them are able to track a rough estimate of where the killer is located. This leads them out of the city, and into his territory so to speak as they attempt to track him. All the while the two have to deal with their own mutual attraction, that proves unfortunate for both parties.

(5)Stupid Rich Kids- She was a gorgeous heiress who longed for something, what for she wasn't sure. Yet that feeling of discontentment was always there. She knew she wanted excitement, but she didn't know what kind and where she could find it from. Everyone in her life felt plastic, the smiles were fake and she couldn't be just another rich person who followed the trends. So one day she decided to go "slumming", and she went into the city with some friends to go bar hopping. One place in particular was fairly rough, a dive bar of sorts and while her friends were definitely intimidated she instantly fell in love with the place and the atmosphere. To be more precise, she fell in love with one of the patrons there. He was a young man around her age, and a member of the motorcycle club that frequented the place. The two began chatting up a storm, and he caught her sneaking glances at his bike and offered to take her for a ride which she readily accepted. The whole experience proved exhilarating and she didn't leave with her friends when they wanted to go home. Instead she hung out with him and his MC for a good portion of the night, before surprising herself and going home with him after a few too many drinks.

He surprisingly didn't take advantage of her, and when she woke up in the morning he made breakfast for the two of them and amusingly remarked that he didn't believe the story she gave him last night about her background. It was her friends that gave her away mostly, but she came from money and he asked her what a girl like her was doing in a place like that. The two of them became intimate before he dropped her off at her place, under the agreement that she would get to see him again soon. Her parents were absolutely mortified at the idea of her associating with someone like him. However she liked him a lot, she liked the club a lot and found the whole outlaw lifestyle to be really attractive. She started to date him behind her parent's back, although it didn't take long for the two of them to mess up and get her pregnant. Thankfully he did the right thing and proposed to her after, however once she moved in with him and took on a more active role with the MC? She really got to see firsthand just what they were about.

(5)Live By The Gun, Die By The Same Fate- The Agency brought her in, but in doing so she became his responsibility. She'd been an assassin, a thief and a spy who had made quite a name for herself. So much so, that they sent him to go take care of her. He was one of the best field agents that they had ever had, a highly accomplished special operative who they were certain was up to the task of taking her out. He had pursued her for over a year before he eventually had her dead to rights. Partly out of attraction towards her, and partly out of respect for her abilities he spared her life and brought her in after a period of time. He had convinced her to find a purpose for her skills, and while she wasn't committed to country like he was, she was definitely highly curious about him and what made him so loyal and so she pledged her loyalty to the agency and to that man. After a period of debriefing, they gladly accepted her on the grounds that he was responsible for her. If she were to turn, he'd be thrown into the fire. She would be made his partner, and the two would work closely together.

By the time they were given their new assignment, they'd been working together for two years and they were both conflicted and confused as to their feelings because they had slept together. He had been engaged, but his fiancee was murdered and he was left with a hole in his heart since. That he loves his partner, feels like a betrayal to him and it makes her uncomfortable. She was in love with him as well, and aside from the time they spent together, she didn't have anyone. Both parties had a personal stake in the current assignment. A group of deserters from the Agency linked up with human traffickers and they were making a killing doing so. Normally that'd be bad enough, but the director's daughter was recently abducted by them and he is on the warpath. The male agent is invested because the leader of the desterters is the man who trained him, he highly respected the man and he had a hand in raising him. While the female agent was invested because the leader of the traffickers had made a good portion of his early fortune off of her and other young girls who he had forced into prostitution before she was able to escape as a teen.

Both parties wanted to see this group taken down, and so the two agents set out on their first mission since they had consummated their unspoken feelings towards one another with a buttload of awkwardness surrounding them.

(5)Blacklist- After a series of escalating domestic terrorist attacks, a new team is formed by the NSA to handle it. They're formed by some of the most standout operatives from different agencies, and aside from their commander they only have to answer to the president. They're able to sidestep a lot of yellowtape, they're able to kill their targets on sight, and they have access to the best intel and equipment available to see the mission to a success. He was a highly decorated soldier who had been working as a covert operative on a case by case basis for the last few years. Many of the higher ups were afraid to use him because he excelled at seek and destroy missions, there wasn't any subtlety to him and utilizing him always meant a high bodycount. Which in the president's eyes made him perfect for this assignment. He had been down in central america waging war on the cartels before he was brought in.

She on the other hand was a third generation operative for the NSA, the team's commander was actually her father and she had worked harder than any man to get where she was. Her specialization lied in sharpshooting as well as intelligence, and when the two parties first met? There were immediately sparks, even if they didn't get along together at all. Matters weren't helped by her father wanting to emulate the man's M.O for hunting down the terrorist cells. All the same, it got results and as things got more precarious, the two operatives were able to find common ground in their commitment to getting the job done and in their mutual attraction.

(5)The Shield- The two of them are partners working for the L.A.P.D whose real estate is one of the worst areas in L.A. The two of them spend a lot of time together as a result and have worked together since they came out of the academy despite their differing backgrounds. She was originally from upstate and was raised in an all male household. She learned how to fight from an early age, and was always something of a tomboy despite her highly attractive looks. She scored extremely high in the police academy and she's very knowledgeable regarding the law as well as flat out book smart. A lot of people wonder why she's a beat cop when she could easily be a lawyer or something to that effect. Despite not being native to the area, she has adjusted decently enough. Thanks in large part to her partner. He was born and raised in South Central, and the only time he ever really got away from the area was when he served as a Marine for four years. He's smart enough, but more street smart than anything else. He has a number of contacts in the area, he knows the area well and the politics of the area. A large part of that stems from his past as a gang member when he was a teenager.

The two didn't get along initially but that changed eventually. When they first started working together she was engaged to some guy who hated that she was a cop, and she eventually called the wedding off and broke up with him because she didn't like being the man in the relationship and she realized he wasn't the sort of person that she could spend her life with. Her partner sleeps around a lot on the other hand, and that winds up being a frequent topic of discussion with the two of them. He however is annoyed because none of the girls he hooks up with are able to keep his interest for long. They all wind up getting under his skin and they aren't smart. He wants a girl that is smarter than he is. The two have gotten to know each other's families very well and they've become best friends in the four years they've worked together. All the same there is a very strong mutual attraction that they harbor towards one another but that neither has brought up for their own reasons. Even if they openly display jealousy, all of this is happening in the midst of a string of highly violent crimes that can be linked to one gang in particular.

(5)Ragnarok- A virus had brought about the collapse of civilization, reducing the inhibitions of all who are infected by it and bringing about mild changes to their physiology that makes them easily noticeable. The infected are unnaturally violent, highly sadistic and frequently murder and rape without any thought to consequences for their actions. There are pockets of civilization left with a few devastated major cities left standing, many small towns and outposts. In this brave new world he made his living as a smuggler, and transported goods and weapons to those who were willing to best pay him for his efforts. People were constantly in conflict with the infected, as well as the raiders and groups who had reverted to their most base of instincts. Despite being in his twenties, the man was battle hardened, having previously served in special forces just a few years prior before everything went to hell. He was able to hold his own, and he went from being just a special operator to something entirely when the world fell apart. He was cold, ruthless, dangerous but he still held onto his humanity.

His latest cargo was surprisingly a person, a young woman who was not safe in her town. They had quickly fallen under the thrall of a demented man who had been creating an army, and he absolutely wanted her and would stop at nothing to have her. Her father gave up all of his worldly possessions to the smuggler, and all he had to do was take her to one of the cities, where her mother who had been a politician and was now a leader of fair prominence in what remains of society. She would be safe with her mother, and the man wouldn't dare attempt to hunt her down if she made it to the city. It was also pointed out to the smuggler that her mother would be hugely grateful, and he'd receive further compensation after she was successfully delivered. So the two set out on the road with the man's followers in hot pursuit, and despite the differences between the two, a romance blossomed.

(5)Blood On The Leaves- The two of them shared a complex relationship with one another. He'd been around 5 years older than her, and she had looked up to him as something of a big brother. The city where they grew up hadn't been the best one, and a person's worth was judged by how ruthless they were capable of being. Even back then he'd been utterly vicious, a violent gang member who had seen a lot and who had done a lot. None of that mattered to her. She looked up to him, and she harbored an intense infatuation for him. The girl tagged along with him everywhere, frequently being referred to as being his younger sister which annoyed her to no ends. She never told him, but her feelings ran much deeper than that and she wanted him to see her as more than just a young girl. On his end, he did care for her, and he wanted to steer her in the right direction. She always took his attempts to ditch her as being just that, as opposed to him trying to protect her from his ugliness. Everything came to a head when her actual brother grew tired of his influence and the two got into a confrontation that escalated in her brother being killed. Things changed after that.

She was torn between despising him for the act, especially since he left town after and of her deep feelings for him. The girl wound up surprisingly enough seeking a career in Law Enforcement. Becoming a volatile CIA operator, and the man from her past was a wanted man for mass murder. She pursued him with a vengeance, and was able to coordinate an ambush that finally took him down. The team and her were escorting him back to the United States so he could go on trial and be questioned regarding sensitive intel, when one of the men actually tried to kill him on the plane. She was not going to let that happen and a violent scuffle ensued that saw the pilot shot, and they were forced to make an emergency crash landing on an island. The only two survivors were her and her old role model. She was wary of trusting him but she knew they needed to count on each other for survival and he did actually still care about her. Those feelings that she had for him, never really left and he was in an odd place as he was forced to acknowledge her as being an attractive young woman which made him a little uncomfortable.

She eventually pressed on several things. The murders, her brother's death and the path that he took and the answers turned everything she thought she knew onto its head. The two worked together, and they were able to set up a unique life for themselves. Relying on each other for support, protection, companionship and eventually a remedy to loneliness. The two went onto become lovers, and he found that he actually preferred this life to the one back in civilization. He didn't want to go back, he knew he was a wanted man and here he could know peace with her by his side. That was until they discovered the island was not as deserted as they had hoped, and that the inhabitants were the farthest thing possible from peaceful.

(5)C.R.E.A.M- She belonged to a new money family, that rose to prominence because of her criminal father. The man commanded his own crew, and dabbled in heists as well as the illegal weapons trade. At 18 she was the youngest of two kids, and easily the one that he preferred. Her brother was a huge disappointment, who spent all of his time doing drugs and playing video games. She was not involved in her father's business due to his insistence, and she just returned home after graduating from a private school. She appears to be the perfect young woman, but she's actually a manipulative sociopath. She enjoys the night life, and shares a complicated relationship with her family that is equal measures hate and love despite her father doting on her. To her surprise, her father has taken a new young man underneath his wing.

The guy in question is a young black man who is a few years older than her, and has spent his entire life in the inner-city. He's a criminal as well, having grown up in the gangbanging culture but he has aspirations for more. Her father and him met by chance, and since then he's took him under his wing and has inducted him into the crew. Compared to the other people her father works with, she can tell he's personally invested in this new kid, and that he views him as the son that he wish he had. The two notice each other almost immediately, viewing the other as something of a forbidden fruit. He'd never been with a white woman, or a girl who belonged to the upper class. While she'd never been with a black man, and her time at her all-girls school left her man-starved. The two begin to see each other in private, knowing that her father would go ballistic if he found out about the two of them.

She'd always been fascinated by crime, and whereas her father wouldn't ever show her anything about the game. He is more than willing to put her up on it, and to show her what is what and even to take her along on some of the side things he has going on when he's not with her father. She on the other hand is able to refine him, and to show him how to better fit into the world that her family belongs in. Her private aspirations however are to become a crime boss in her own right, and to take over her father's operation.

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Romance & Relationships.
Granted, I have a very dark sense of what constitutes as romance but here are some roles.

(5)Jambi- She was a young woman with a past she was desperately trying to escape. Due to it? She thought herself desensitized to the world because of it. Her ex? Was an absolute monster. Abusive and cruel beyond reason, he'd kept her in hell for a long period of time and it culminated in her almost being killed by him before she ran for it one day. Now 2 years later? She still has all of the scars from her past, and has become more withdrawn and cynical as a result. She's found herself unable to sleep with anyone because the guys always try to make things into something that they're not. She didn't want another boyfriend, she merely wanted to satisfy a need. To that end? She wanted to be treated like a piece of meat by a guy, and while she didn't want to be hit or assaulted? She wanted for a guy to fuck her into next week for all intents and purposes. By the time she met him? She had gone a very long time without release.

Her subconsciousness steered her to dangerous guys. She'd always been into bad boys and while she didn't want anyone like her ex? She wanted someone who could handle themselves. A girl like her? Could have any guy she wanted. Scars and all? She was darkly gorgeous, and seductive as all hell. The classic femme fatale. She wound up meeting her dream guy at a bar/club that decided to start frequenting in her new town. He was a regular there and a definite hard man. Many of the patrons feared him, and he was something of an unofficial protector for the place. Violent when need be, imposing as all hell, and built with solid muscle. She came onto him instantly, and to his surprise later that night? They were sharing a bed, and he was fucking an absolute goddess. He was what she had been looking for, and did take her like an animal. However the two didn't become a couple. Instead sharing romps with one another when she was in need.

Sadly she started falling for him, when she really got to see him. Despite his violent nature? He operated under a rigid code of honor and always stuck to his word. He was like a knight in darkened honor and possibly the most true and worthwhile guy she ever met. On his end, he had to deal with her mood swings as she attempted to figure things out and after she started a fight with him one night and stormed off? Their relationship was solidifed when she returned to his apartment later in tears and begged him to make love to her as opposed to how they usually got on. The two became a loving if somewhat dysfunctional couple all the while she maintained her dirty secret and the knowledge that her ex and the guys that worked for him? Weren't going to give up the hunt for her soon.

(5)This Girl's One Of A Kind- She was unique to say the least. The two went to school together where they studied theater, but even amongst everyone in the department? She stood out above everyone else. She genuinely didn't give two fucks and she did what she wanted, and said what she wanted and didn't care who got upset about it. She was passionate about her art, and an absolutely amazing director and actress. She was well regarded by much of the department, even if she picked and chose who she spent her time with. In regards to the department, she knew that many of them were very cliquey and she wanted nothing to do with that sort of thing. She preferred people who were more unconventional, or who were real which was hard to find in a department full of actors and drama queens. She was highly intelligent, very outspoken and despite her size? The girl was as tough as nails, and could kick the asses of most people she met. What people didn't know about her was that she was absolutely kinky, and a very sex driven person who could be insatiable.

When the two first started encountering one another? She had been dating someone else. That relationship however was doomed to failure. The guy was too conventional, he wasn't exciting, he didn't care anything about how passionate she was about her art and he tried too hard to control her. What she noted about our male lead because he was new to the department other than he was possibly the only guy of color in the department was that he stood out because he didn't give two fucks. He was very far from what one would picture when they think of an actor but he was very good all the same. The two had starred in a student directed play together that got rave reviews. Their chemistry was natural and he pulled off an alpha male better than anyone she had seen in the department. It also didn't hurt that she knew he was hopelessly attracted to her. The two hung out together somewhat frequently, and it turned out that they'd both be taking part in a study abroad program that'd take up the duration of the summer. Both parties were initially elated and things started out beautifully. Until they realized just how alike the two of them are. Both are stubborn, both are outspoken, both want what they want and she in particular is quick to start fights when things don't go her way. In other words, they were both made for one another even as they had people back home waiting for them.

(5)Makes Us Strong- The two of them had been dating for some time now. They were each other's firsts and absolutely in love with one another. The problem was that their relationship had fallen into something of a rut. When you've dated technically since elementary, it isn't hard to read and predict that person. Not to mention she realized one night that her boyfriend was too in love with her at the time, to the point where it hindered his own self growth. So she came up with a very unique plan to discover whether or not the two of them were really meant to be or not. After graduation, she asked him to make her a promise. That the two of them would go their own seperate ways for the next five years. They'd live for themselves instead of one another, they could see other people if that is what they'd wish and then once five years passed? They would meet one another in a lavish Italian hotel and see what became of their lives since splitting apart. He initially was very reluctant and wouldn't agree, but she revealed that she had been contemplating this idea for the last year. She was absolutely in love with him but she felt like they both needed to discover themselves and to really live some before deciding whether or not they really wanted a future together. It was with a very heavy heart that he agreed to these terms and the two lovers went out to discover their destinies.

The two did indeed live their own seperate lives, and they discovered things about one another and had their own trials to deal with. They were never far from the other's mind, even when they saw other people or that sort of thing. When 5 years approached? She sent him an email to ask if he was still open to seeing her, and if he was? She had already put in for a reservation at the hotel. He agreed to meet her, and upon meeting one another again? They discovered that the other person had changed drastically from what they used to be and while he had initially been the one who was highly reluctant to agree to this deal? 5 years later she is the one who has come to regret the deal the most despite the massive success she's been able to achieve. He has been very bitter towards her for the last 5 years, and he's no longer the optimistic young man he once was. Without her, he fell apart to a degree while she became utterly lonely without him.

(5)I'll Take Care Of You- Dating is never easy, especially with someone as irritable as her. She always seemed to be angry, always had a sarcastic or mean spirited comment at the ready, she's generally very mean and possessive and she can be jealous. She closes off her emotions from him, she refuses to trust him completely, and she openly dislikes his friends. Yet she is deeply passionate, capable of loving to a huge degree, and willing to tolerate a lot for the sake of her boyfriend. It also doesn't hurt that she is amazingly beautiful. The two were seemingly total opposites and yet somehow they wound up together. She had a very dark aesthetic to her and her style of dress was very alt, she had very morbid interests and scared the ever loving hell out of people at her old school. She liked being the goth girl who people didn't mess with and things were much simpler then. People didn't know that when she was younger she dated a much older man who was a total scumbag or even how utterly terrified she was of letting people in because she didn't want to be hurt. She liked to sing, she liked to paint and she enjoyed writing. Anything to express the emotions she otherwise bottled inside.

He came from an inner city neighborhood, and he had an equally troubled life growing up. His main weakness was his temper and his resultant anger issues. He frequently got into fights, and his parents divorced early on. His dad was a scumbag. She married someone who would abuse her, and who was an absolute bully in everything that he did. When the boy got suspended from school for fighting, his dad was proud of him and said that he was a chip off of the old block which horrified him. He had a younger brother and he'd frequently tell him to go to bed and ignore her screams that they'd hear into the night. Despite that, his younger brother had actually convinced him not to kill their dad one night as he had reached his breaking point. The guy loved his mother, but he loathed his father with every fiber of his being. He had done time in juvenile centers, and he had a record and a knack for violence. Even when he had enlisted, he saw combat but still had a bad attitude and they got him out as quickly as possible so he wouldn't be dishonorably discharged for his conduct. He'd frequently get into bar fights, and his love life consisted of meaningless one night stands.

The two of them first met one night at a bar. She was there only very reluctantly for one of her few friends who was having a birthday party. A group of guys hit on her and they weren't at all tactful about it. Coming off as being insulting and very abrasive. It got to the point where the guys got real hands on and she wound up lashing out at one of them which ended with him striking her. Our main male character had been itching for a fight all night and was given a reason when he saw this unfold. He seemingly didn't care that he was launching himself at a group of guys, he surprisingly came out on top in the brawl although he was definitely not in good shape after. She took her knight in shining armor back to her place to patch him up. The two talked, and with her being as perceptive as she was? She outright asked him why he hated himself so badly that he would run into a group of about 5 guys by himself regardless of helping a lady out. He couldn't take his eyes off of her however, she was the most beautiful woman that he had ever met. Although she didn't date or even really liked people, she still invited him out a few days from then as a way of saying thank you.

When the two went out, it was to a rather classy spot which threw him for a loop and when he was planning on having himself a beer and going to have a "conversation" with a very loud patron? She stopped him, and asked him to have a water as opposed to the beer since she felt like he just seemed angry when he drank. She was the best thing to ever happen to him despite her demeanor and the way she acted with people. She helped him get his mother free from his dad, and encouraged him to walk away from the situation with his dad as opposed to harming a sick old man. Sex before her had always been about fulfilling a physical need, he'd never kiss a woman or even let her go on top. With her though it was an entirely new experience. She surprisingly never really talked about her past though, mostly out of shame. But the past always has a way of coming back full circle when things are unresolved.

(5)Don't Let Go- She was a one of a kind woman. A rare beauty, compassionate, intelligent and for most of her life? She was very timid. That all changed back in High School where she met the love of her life. He was somewhat introverted with most people but he let his guard down with her. He was a highly decorated athlete by the time she met him who had been pushed all of his life to excel. A golden gloves champion as well as an all american wrestler, the sky was the limit for the boy. The two became an item and they fell deeply in love with one another despite their differing backgrounds. The boy's father was a miserable man, but his long suffering mother as well as his younger brother both liked her a lot. She didn't stray and she gained confidence and assertiveness from her boyfriend. Eventually after graduation his mother passed. He didn't feel like he was college material so he enlisted and used the money to put her through school.

Circumstances had changed him, and hardened him.  She heard from him less and less even though the money still came. She excelled in school and when he returned stateside? He was a changed person. Much quieter, more distant and deeply troubled. Their relationship wasn't as it used to be and he spent most of his time fighting and training for fights. Any attempts to find out what had happened to him overseas was met with hostility and she quickly began to fear that the only time he truly felt alive anymore was when he was beating someone's face in. It made it difficult to say the least for him to really open and she had no choice but to remain the dutiful wife. Her parents had grown to admire him when he returned stateside. Her dad especially admired him because he was a war hero, and her mom thought he was the most polite young man.

She was in college, currently chasing her masters. For work he worked at a gym but when he wasn't there? He was fighting. It was something he had done his entire life in some form or another. Now since returning home, he had fought and competed like crazy and his efforts? Were paying off. He made a world class fighter look like an asshole in an exhibition fight, and now he was getting a whole lot of publicity. To that end he was invited to join in a huge MMA tournament that was going to be taking place in Japan, all expenses paid. The entire world was watching and this was it. He seemed truly alive for the first time in awhile, and to that end his father and him had gotten back in touch. She knew the relationship between the two of them was strained to say the least, he absolutely hated his father. This tournament meant the world to him and he wanted her there to share it with him.

The distance between the two of them had become overwhelming by this point and even though she supported him? They spent less and less time together with him training constantly for half a year, and she made an impulsive decision as a result. She was on birth control, but when the two of them were finally intimate for the first time in awhile? She didn't take her pill that night. When they got to Japan? She took a test and discovered that she was pregnant. However she didn't know how to tell him, and she knew it would throw him off completely. A part of her hoped that Japan would make things better but it is proving quite the opposite and at this point she might not have a choice but to tell him.

(5)The Way You Make Me Feel- She's a young woman who has a strong preference for dating other women, men just don't do it for her. She's also something of a serial dater, and many of the women that she hook up with, wind up getting very attached because she's that amazing of a lover. Despite her preference, she has a mindset regarding relationships that is very much like that of a guy's and she's notoriously blutn and direct. He on the other hand is something of a hopeless romantic and despite his good looks and his physique? He really doesn't date too much and is a bit on the shy side. The two met one night and even though she usually wasn't into guys like that, she found him to be beautiful and he was instantly infatuated with her. The two wind up hooking up and she makes it clear that their thing is strictly casual, she doesn't want him developing feelings for her or anything to that effect and she likes women. To her surprise however, the guy's shyness doesn't show in the bedroom and he has no problems getting her off. To that end he gets a little disappointed sometimes in how she refers to sex between them, even objectifying him as having a nice dick and being preferable to a vibrator. She can be a bit of a bitch which is something she's open about, and she's only really anything resembling affectionate when they fool around or directly after.

She was a hot piece of ass by her own admission and you would think any guy would be happy to be in his shoes. The problem was that he actually had feelings for her. Deep ones. He enjoyed sex with her, but he wanted her to be that person more and he'd get a bit jealous of her girlfriends. One night when the two are going at it, as opposed to pounding the living hell out of her like she usually asks of him? He actually makes love to her, and she gets so swept up in everything that she says those dangerous three words. After that? Everything gradually falls apart between them. She was not supposed to develop those feelings for a man, she's taken back by just how often she's intimate with him, and she does not know what to do with everything inside of her.

(5)No New Friends- The two shared a no-strings casual relationship, although both parties had vastly conflicting views regarding their relationship. He was happy with where it was. It was due to him being emotionally unavailable, and wanting to focus on himself and the things that he was doing. The fact that he had someone to kick it with when he wanted and that he was having sex with a gorgeous woman, just made it all sweeter. She on the other hand had agreed to the casual relationship, but she harbored very strong feelings for him. She liked to spend time with him, she enjoyed having sex with him since he was a generous lover, and he made her feel beautiful. Yet he wouldn't give himself to her fully, there was always a distance, and she was not a fan of how they were able to see other people since she didn't like the idea of him seeing other girls. She knew she wanted him, and to that end she started to dig more into what he liked and what he wanted from his friends, and from the things he owned or expressed interest in. She made some changes, and it even extended to their sex life. She was unable to realize that the problem wasn't her, but it was strictly with him and her presence did a lot to aid an ailing heart.

(5)Killer Lipstick- He had a lot going for him. He was handsome, in excellent shape, he had a pretty good job going for him and he was very intelligent. All of that amounted to next to nothing because he's dissatisfied with his life, and he objectifies everything in his life. He frequently parties with his friends, and pulls absolutely gorgeous women without any problems. They have nothing going on beneath the surface, and it has become a cycle with him. A combination of that and a seeming sex addiction that has been greatly inspired by the pornography that he enjoys has made it so he's unable to genuinely connect with women, and even sex gets to become a chore. He feels like he's a spectator when he's with a woman, and there is absolutely nothing intimate about it. She had a lot going for her as well. She was smart, she had an absolutely perfect body, she was gorgeous but she also had a great heart despite having gone through a lot in her life.

When the two met, he was absolutely taken with her. She was the single most attractive woman he'd ever met, which was saying something considering his past flings. His initial attraction to her spun out of her looks, that and despite hitting it off, she wouldn't sleep with him right away. He didn't get rid of her, instead continuing to see her and feeling proud at the praise he got from his friends regarding her. She was an actual person though, with depth, with hopes and with fears and she brought the real him out past the shallow life he had made for himself. When the two did finally consummate their relationship, he genuinely felt alive and he fell for her. She however was less than pleased when she discovered how promiscuous he was, and just how he viewed women and how it tied to his interest in porn. Most of all she didn't like being referred to as a piece of ass and wondered if he even knew how relationships worked.

(5)The Letter- She'd easily been the most popular girl in her High School, guys wanted to be with her, and girls wanted to be her. She dated the most popular guy in that school, but she took everything in stride. Nobody realized just how down to earth she was, or how the politics of High School just really didn't matter to her. Sure she liked being Prom Queen and Homecoming Queen, but they were just titles that didn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Especially after she broke up with her boyfriend. She was maturing, but he wasn't. On the last day of school, she found a letter in her locker. This locker utterly touched her to the bottom of the heart, it was a lengthy read but it was certainly worth it in her eyes. For the first time in her life, it felt like someone actually got her and she was dismayed when she couldn't find the writer. When graduation was said and done, she happened to look in her yearbook and discover a picture of the author of the letter as he left his name. She did not forget about him, even after going to college, and she read the letter nightly, all while trying to find him on the internet. A few years later, she had signed up for a study abroad program that was going to encompass students from a few different schools. To her complete and utter surprise, it just so happened he was on this plane as well, and the two were going to be spending the summer together.

(5)It's Just Us- She was mean, flat out mean. There was no other word for it. Possessive, controlling, jealous, capable of being downright nasty to people, vengeful, sarcastic, and something of a bully to people. She had dark sensibilities to her, and was very much interested in things that other people found disturbing. Despite some of her character flaws, she was very much an individual. In an age where most people are afraid to be, she was able to stand out amongst the crowd and she didn't back down from anyone. Hell most of the school feared her. Yet that stood in contrast to just how beautiful she actually was. The girl was amazingly pretty, to the point where it seemed unreal despite her sense of fashion. She had a very small circle of friends, and she had a boyfriend that meant the world to her. They'd spent a good deal of their lives together before senior year, and he was her rock. With him she let down her guards and she was loving, honest, affectionate, and a very deep person who revered her boyfriend. There were reasons for her being the way that she was, and a good deal of it was a defense mechanism. The whole time she was with her boyfriend, she shared a very complicated relationship with a friend of his who could be seen as an almost frenemy.

The guy in question was on good terms with a great deal of the school, he was outgoing and fairly charismatic. Yet very grounded, and worldly. He had spent a good deal of his life going to different schools around the world and it showed in how mature he was about many things. He seemed to genuinely want to be her friend, yet she was utterly nasty to him. Part of it stemmed from an unwilling attraction. She felt the only guy she should be attracted to was her boyfriend, and that she found him as magnetic and attractive as she did? It seriously bothered her, and she'd never admit it to him. Instead she'd lash out, though he never stopped trying to befriend her and the two wound up around each other regularly enough.

Things were par for the course until her boyfriend broke up with her. Seemingly from out of nowhere. He said that he loved her, but he had been with her for so long that he needed to find himself. He needed to see what else was out there and he didn't at all blame her, he just wanted freedom and that left her utterly ruined. Everything was a blur, and it didn't feel real but before she knew what she was doing she was at her frenemy's doorstep in the soaking rain and luckily his parents were out of town so he readily let her in and tried to find out what happened to her. She told him and she didn't know what to do. It was his first time seeing her cry and such an outburst from her was shocking to say the least. The girl was utterly broken and he encouraged her to change into something warmer so she wouldn't get sick. Despite the nature of their relationship, she wound up spending the night. It wound up helping a lot, and their relationship greatly improved despite the walls she put up. He became a source of strength for her, and his house became a safe haven of sorts. She wound up staying the entire weekend, and his parents were vastly different from hers. Understanding, loving and they took to her rather well. He promised her that when they went back to school that Monday, he would stand by her side.

Neither party really said it, but a closeness developed between the two of them and they gradually started to become a couple. As the two became closer, her ex became more jealous and her parents definitely took issue with it and when it became apparent to the two people actually in the relationship? They both had differing views about what should happen especially as she did not want to put herself in a position to where she could be hurt again.

(5)The Wolf- Her only sin in life had been loving the wrong man. Her longtime boyfriend and the father of her daughter, was a degenerate who got in bad with the wrong people and owed them a large sum of money. She very reluctantly agreed to pay off his balance and was forced to become a stripper in a club owned by them even though she detested the job. The guy in question totally bailed on her despite her sacrifice. She was very unhappy with her circumstances and tried to  make the best out of it. At least holding onto her dignity by refusing to fully sell her body, under no circumstances would she sleep with customers. She had a new neighbor in her apartment building, a young man who appeared to be close to her in age. He was highly quiet, but there was something magnetic about him.

The guy was a career criminal, one who had been wounded many times in the past and who had endured more than a fair share of hardship and wound up hardened as a result. He mostly kept to himself, and he took no joy in what he did. The two would notice each other, but they'd never really speak. Until one day, a customer followed her home from the club without her knowledge and raised a ruckus in an attempt to be let into her home because he spent a lot of money on her. The neighbor stepped in and forcibly removed the man from the building, warning him that if he ever came back around there he would kill him, though she missed the last part.

As a thanks, she baked for him the following day and the two began to gradually spend more time together after this. He fell in love with her almost immediately, though they never gave words to their connection. Merely enjoying each other's company, being affectionate with one another and even becoming intimate after a time. He got on well with her kid who looked at him as a father figure. He could see her sadness at her forced situation however, and the guys she worked for started to become more demanding and he decided to show her how much he loved her by dealing with these men in the way he knew best.

(5)Nothing Was The Same- The two of them worked together where they sold sex paraphernalia. They had all the same shifts and had grown to become really close friends since they started working together. They were very different people but they just had really good chemistry with one another. She wasn't the sort who was into relationships, she found them to be too confining and she fancied herself as being something of a free spirit. She was open and very frank with her opinions and her views on sex and love. Despite her amazing looks and body, she still acted like one of the guys and it was a part of why they got on really well together. He on the other hand preferred to be in relationships and he was a hopeless romantic. Fighting was a huge hobby of his and she had gone to support him at several of his fights and frequently gave him massages to help him relax. He was in a relationship with another girl, and while he didn't love her? He did love what she represented and he stayed in the relationship because it was relatively safe and he was used to it. Not so much happy, but mostly content despite his surprise at her proposing to him.

He really had feelings for his coworker however, and she definitely had feelings for him even if she wouldn't say it. The two had began a sexually intense relationship with each other one night, and he knew how he felt about his friend during their first time together. She felt a little bad because of the circumstances surrounding him, but all the same they both felt truly alive when they were with one another. Things progressed like this and it was business as usual, at least until she discovered that she was pregnant with his child and for the first time in her life? She didn't know what to do. She didn't hate his girlfriend and actually got on kind of decently with her. She didn't want to rob him of his security, but she also definitely wanted to have the baby and she wasn't sure if she should tell him. She knew he wouldn't dodge his responsibility she just knew it'd change everything if she told him.
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