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May 25, 2018, 10:10:46 AM

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Author Topic: M looking for play (m or f)  (Read 413 times)

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Offline FeanaroTopic starter

M looking for play (m or f)
« on: May 13, 2012, 10:43:12 PM »
Hey all, fresh meat here hehe.. Just thought I would throw out a few characters I have. I will start with a couple characters, they can generally be modified for any scenario, just pm me if your interested!


Feanaro, a dark elf on the surface, a gentle wood elf soul beneath. This traveller has lived several long lifetimes, even for an elf, and yet appears young.. he has travelled many worlds and planes, and yet still views all with a sense of awe and wonder. A gatherer of artifacts, mystical, magical, and mundane in nature, one never knows what his seemingly bottomless pockets may hold. A master of sleight of hand, as well as something of a bard, he makes his living performing in inns in exchange for room and board.
(Feanaro is typically fit into classic fantasty scenes, but as a planewalker can be fit into any world.)


A canine furry, tomo describes himself as "a common mutt". Living in a small appartment located above the mechanic shop he owns and runs, Tomos main passion in life is classic muscle cars. While he will work on anything, from bikes to beaters, his one true love will always be the throaty roar of a big block motor. His shop is always open to customers in distress, even those that dont have money to pay for his services, but offer alternative payment...

(Tomo is, obviously, a character built for modern day based RP.)


A equine furry, Blossom was born and raised on her familys farm. She grew up with a simple ethic :yeah  you work hard, and you play hard. This is her personality to the core. When the time comes to get things done around the homestead, this lady isnt afraid to get dirty with the boys in order to get things done. But as tough as she is outside, she is soft and submissive in the bedroom.

(Blossom can fit any sort of time era, but is most often simply the country girl next door)

Linda Parkage

Born a mutant, Linda has the power to manipulate friction in a area of about 10 paces around herself. Born to human parents, Linda discovered her powers in her late teens, and kept them hidden away for fear of ridicule from her peers. Now in her mid-twenties, Linda works as a bartender in a small town pub, simply trying to find her way in this confusing world.

(Linda is normally played in a xmen/superhero styled world, in modern day but is flexible)

Any of the above characters can be requested, just pm me. If you want more details on any of them, ask and ye shall recieve.

Possible scenes im looking for

Pitchin in

The farm has fallen on hard times. With a long dry season, the land barely produced enough to keep the property running, never mind paying the poor farm hand hired at the start of the summer. Blossom feels terrible about it, but theres simply no money left. The helper isnt happy about it, but decides that perhaps alternative "payment" could be arranged...

(Not really a N/C scenario, but Blossom would be reluctant to the helpers advances at first. Looking for either a male or strong female character to play this out with.)

the captains treasure

The captain has been betrayed. Having tasted the lash one too many times, the crew, led by the first mate, rise up in mutiny and take control of the ship after a fierce, bloody battle. After falling to the first mates blade, the key key to the captains greatest treasure is snatched from around his neck as his body is thrown overboard. Expecting to find a hoard of gold and jewels, the first mate is shocked to discover, instead, a rare, exotic creature with skin like quicksliver, who is eager to please her rescuer.
(This scenario would feature either a generic human on my part, or a modified version of my Tomo character.)
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Offline FeanaroTopic starter

Re: M looking for play (m or f)
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2012, 10:40:48 PM »
Modified with new story ideas.