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Started by SweetRevenge, May 12, 2012, 11:58:15 PM

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Air... Water... Earth... Fire....

There is only one master of all 4 elements... The avatar. It has been long since the world has seen it's past heroes; Roku, Aang, Korra, Jung-Su... The new avatar rises, one born under the flames. However, there leaves a belief that ever since Jung-su died, there would be no avatar due to the way he died. Many decades passed before the new avatar was born. His existence had been silences and kept secret for the world was at peace... Or was it? What adventures will come to the new avatar? Where will he go to seek his masters who will teach him the control of the elements?

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I have been watching much of the Legend of Korra and have also watched a marathon through all 3 seasons of The Last Air Bender in a 2 week span. It gave me the desire to actually make an RP out of it. If anyone is interested, please leave a message below stating your claim on what character =J If all 4 remaining spots are filled, this RP will be taking it's wings =J Non-bending people are also welcome, and so are benders who aren't masters. Heck, they don't need to be masters immediately. =P I hope to get interests for this =J This RP is pretty much set into modern-day setting. Like today, time-wise, only imagine the world being half normal people and half benders. Sounds great doesn't it? Well hop on the idea before you miss the boat of awesomeness! XD

Lady Lunarius

I have a big interest in possibly playing out the water teacher. But I was curious about the plot. What sort of drives do you have in store to motivate the Avatar? What if possible to tell, is going on in the world for now. If the world seems at peace, what signs are there that more is on the horizon???
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Interested as well, possibly as the earth bending master. I have many of the same questions as Lady Lunarius, though, and am quite intrigued as to what you could have planned in a world seemingly without need for the Avatar.


Well, with modern day and the lack of an Avatar for more than 50 years, the spiritual world has been gone chaotic. Also, people have started to lose belief in the spirits and such; much like modern day situations. Also, for some reason, the bender population has been decreasing and vice versa. There is also the main fact that non-benders can use technology as much as benders can; with guns and such going around, the fact that you are a bender or not doesn't define if you are better at war or not. Sure, you've always got something when you're a bender, even unarmed... You see where I'm going with this? Kinda like benders are slowly going extinct and the spiritual world is following it's downfall. And since the spiritual world keeps this planet alive... There are many things going on with modern-day problems, but the main one is the spiritual world going out of control and fading away, bringing the entire world as well.


yeah, modern day avatar. I'm interested. So many character ideas, I'm guessing this will be a group party movement game, free form would just be too big... interested in hearing more about the story
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Okay, people I'll kick this thing into action! Hurry and grab your claims for the masters. MezzaNotte has the earth bending master, Lady Lunaris is the water bending master. There's still fire and air! I'll post the link here when it's up!


Air bending master! *snatches and holds tightly*


Alright, we just got a fire bender teacher and we'd be good. =P Wolfy holds the air bending teacher position! Here's for people who want to take a head start to create their characters =J



Well, since there is a need for a fire bending master, I'll throw my hat in.

Frank Reshman

I'm definitely interested in this, but between current RP's, a job, college, a girlfriend, and depression, I'm running low on time.  I'll let you know if I can fit this in.


Good news! The RP is up, just make yourselves your characters and post away! Here's a link to the actual RP