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Started by chrysothemis, May 11, 2012, 08:51:36 PM

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I am looking to possibly start some one on one roleplays. You should know that if we start them, I would prefer for something long-term because I really do not see a point in having a roleplay that is only ten responses long. I want this to continue so that I can get wrapped up in a magnificent story that is being created by myself and someone else at the same time. While I do prefer to play a female character, I do not have any problems with playing male ones. I also do not have anything against throwing in some extras when they or needed or possibly even having a second main character. I really, really am looking for something that will contain adult situations now that I have been accepted! =) I might be a bit rusty at first but once I get back into the swing of roleplaying everything will be great.

Modern Day
Runaway Smile
A boy and a girl who once dated happened to remain very attached at the heart as they started to slowly grow apart. After years of not seeing the face of the other and usually no having time to remember their existence, the pair are finally reunited. But for how long? The boy is a wanderer who finds it hard to remain in one place for a long period of time, which was how he ended up meeting the girl. He moved to her hometown right after her high school graduation, which was when they began their relationship. Even after the two broke up they remained close; there would always be something that connected the two. After knowing each other for about a year, the boy moved on, which was very like his nature. The girl and boy rarely stayed connected, but when they did they had good conversations. Neither cared about the other's relations with other people, but of course neither could live without having someone else to be by their side through life. What happens now that the boy has stopped to visit while driving through to another city, ready for another chapter in is life? He will surprise the girl with a visit, but is that all it will be, or will she convince him to stay again? Sex and partying was always bridged their bond, maybe she can use that as a 'talking' point, or maybe she's too wrapped up in her current fling.
The Heartless Tales
"Tell me that I'm not the most heartless person you know..."
"What? ... You're not the most heartless person I know. You're far from heartless. Why would you ever think  that?"
"I've been heartless ever since I got here. You just never were one I wanted to fall into my trap."

From the time she set foot onto that beautiful, green campus to begin her freshman orientation that would be the start of the next four years of her life, Mollie never was completely conscious of her plan. The only things that she knew were this. "My name is Mollie. I'm eighteen. My major is Biology. And I just had to leave the person who taught me how to enjoy life. I need to find a way to enjoy it without him."
This was when her heartless streak began. The girl began jumping from party to party and guy to guy, but she never was able to find satisfaction. Some of them were one night stands. Others were what were supposed to be taken as serious relationships. Sometimes she was able to rip out a heart that was still beating for her and walk away without any remorse for the owner. Mollie used and abused so many people that it spread from being just random guys to her friends. After four years and finally walking across that stage, she sees just how heartless she was.
Sitting in the woods on a log overhanging a river, still bearing the cap and gown, Mollie and one of her best guy friends recount the past four years, going from one heartless act to another.
This is a roleplay that will require several characters and a lot of jumping from scene to scene. The roles can be switched - it can be a male who feels as if he has been heartless. I would like to go through each act, creating them as we go along.

Boss x Secretary
Sexual harassment isn't something that the young secretary, Amber, ever wanted to face, especially after ending up pregnant due to being raped at a college party.
At the age of twenty-one, when Amber ended up pregnant, her parents kicked her out of their house in a New York suburb. The girl was then forced to drop out of college because she was not receiving a dime of aid from her family or the state. As her mind swirled with a whirlwind of emotion, she got in her car and drove, not knowing where she wanted to end up or if she would even be able to make it on her own. Inside the Big Apple, Amber found the most rundown, dusty old apartment that would cost her next to nothing to live in, but the problem was that she had nothing. Eventually, she landed herself a job as a secretary for a lawyer, who was slowly working his way up in the field.
Now, two years later, Amber's boss keeps her until the early hours of each morning because he is working on the biggest case that he has had to date. The two have never had problems with each other, nor was there any sort of sexual urge between the two, but as the nights get longer, the two being to draw closer. Their relationship had always wobbled on the line of sexual harassment, especially when the man would slap Amber's ass after asking for some coffee or as she bent over to put away a file, but neither would ever say anything about it. To the lawyer, it was playful, and Amber didn't want to risk losing the job she needed to support her toddler. The lawyer, a married man, never dreamed of doing anymore or even cheating on his wife, but when she calls multiple times a night, making accusations that he is cheating, well, it puts ideas in his head. Soon enough, the sexual harassment multiples with the thoughts that cross his mind. "Cases like this are stressful. Amber must need a release too, right? After all, she has been bending over more..."
Dirty Doctor
Dr. Halle Stone had never gotten the chance to end up in bed with a man, and at the age of twenty-nine, she was starting to really crave the gentle or rough touch of any guy who might turn even one eye her way. Well, it wasn't that she had never really had the opportunity, it was more like she never gave herself the opportunity because high school and college were all about making the grades and the good impression to get into medical school. During medical school, Halle focused on becoming the best doctor that she could be. Now here she is, a twenty-nine-year-old doctor with her dream job of running the emergency room at the local hospital, quickly becoming one of the most requested doctors outside of the E.R. as well. Halle is the most wealthy person in her small North Carolina town, and she flaunts it by living in the oldest, largest estate in town. The problem is that she can't seem to ever fix anything that's wrong with it, so she hired a small-town boy to be her handy-man. This boy has realized how much of a prude Dr. Stone is, but recently, he has walked into the house to find that she has left porn on the big screen television in the living room or in her room. It's not just any porn though - it's some of the kinkiest stuff he has ever laid his eyes on. This has started to become a more and more frequent event, and it's beginning to give this handy-man some ideas. One day, after he is done working on the plumbing in the kitchen, the handy-man slowly and quietly makes his way back to Halle's bedroom because he hears the usually noise of moans coming from the television, but Halle isn't watching the porn; instead, she is enjoying a nice bath, fingers deep into her love hole. Without hesitation the handy-man pushes open the door to the master bathroom and asks, "Need any help fixing that?"

The Hunger Games
District 2
I have no created a plot for this, but I would be interested in playing out the lives of two careers who were born and raised in District 12. Two children who focus on training for The Hunger Games for their whole lives.
Back to 12
I have not created a plot for this either because I would like some input from the person I would be roleplaying it out with. I would like for this to be a Katniss and Peeta pairing that starts at the end of Mockingjay, when they are back in District 12, but before they have any children.

I of course have other genres and ideas, but I just can't seem to put my finger on them at this point. I will add to the list as I think of them. I,of course, am more than willing to take suggestions.
Please help me to start my adventures in this new place!


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