Pact Beast (maleXmale free-casual)

Started by twerdgirl, May 11, 2012, 06:54:49 PM

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In this world there are animals called pact beast. Pact beast are animals that will make a pact with a human or something in return. They will take anything as payment even things that are no use to them like money. They speak and have a telepathic connection with the human they are bonded to. My character Taki lost his parents at a young age and Ky a large white tiger found him. Taki in exchange for Ky's protection offered his sight leaving Taki blind. He and Ky wonder from place to place making a living in a world ruled by a tyrannical king

My plan is for Taki to meet you character and ask for his and Ky's help save your character's sibling after they were kidnapped. This is only an idea and I can change it if you have something else you want to try. You can create a pact beast if you want and it can be mythical like a dragon. The payment can be anything you want as well. I need someone who is on at least once a day and is willing to be the dominant one. I can usually post 1-2 paragraphs though sometimes up to 3.

If you are interested or want more details let me know.