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Author Topic: Olduiin's Demise  (Read 5292 times)

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Offline DarkNevaeh

Re: Olduiin's Demise
« Reply #75 on: May 13, 2012, 12:01:15 AM »
He followed her inside.  "I need just a minute."  He chalked a quick circle on the ground in the alley, added some markings, bit his thumb for some blood and smeared the circle.  He then began to chant, his eyes lidded as the magic began to swirl.

Offline ZadTopic starter

Re: Olduiin's Demise
« Reply #76 on: May 13, 2012, 02:22:01 AM »
Olduiin unleashed a fiery chain upon the town square, instantly incinerating countless men, women and children. Arrows began to fly, but they bounced pitifully off his angry, red scaled. He powerfully pushed the air around him, and soared at the bell tower. With great care, he perched atop the ancient building, and filled the city with his ominous laughter. It rang through every ear for miles, shattering the hearts of brave men as he started to speak.
'Tremble, mortals,' his voice boomed through the architecture, 'and despair. Death itself has come to extinguish the flame that is your life'

He laughed once more, more amused then anything, and leapt off the tower, spiralling downwards towards the ground, then quickly pulling out of his dive, crushing a stall with his spiked tail. The screams made him relish the destruction, made him wsh it could last forever. He wanted their jewels. He wanted their gold. He wanted the crown.
Sylvia was undeterred. Her city was dying and this gigantic red lizard was going to pay. She climbed the stairs as the guards descended, the rattling of armour clanging off the stone walls. Her sword was still in her hand, encrusted with jewels in the hilt. She needed to loose the weapon atop the castle. Thankfully, Olduiin didn't know about yet.
She reached the top, and saw the great dragon flying towards her home. She gritted her teeth, ran towards the large metal contruct on her roof, and plunged her sword into the rope. With one swift movement, the metal flung towards Olduiin, spinning too fast to see.
It smashed into Olduiin, and he fell onto the ground, squashing several horses and the stable. This was not good for his dignity.
'Little blight actually hurt me,' he spat, before sending a jet of fire down the street, incinerating several guards taking formation.

Offline Snowangel

Re: Olduiin's Demise
« Reply #77 on: May 14, 2012, 02:18:41 AM »
Running straight into the city of Faust, with Gave at her heels and Dinu at her side, she stopped at the sight of the massive dragon in a death match with someone she could not see. Turning to face, “What’s the plan?” Seeing that Dinu had no intention of waiting to discus a plan, her final words before running off were, “rush to our death it is then.”   

Mino-wa pulled out the sword, a sword the she had swore never to use, that was strapped to her back and continued her charge towards death its self. She went directly to its wings because if it can’t fly it might not be so hard to kill. Right?

Offline Tsumi Okazaki

Re: Olduiin's Demise
« Reply #78 on: May 14, 2012, 03:47:16 PM »
She waited, watching the action in the sky take place before the dragon crashed not two full blocks from her. "Kusval!" she shouted, hoping that whatever he was doing would be enough to at least keep them alive. "You're out of time!" she said as she watched several guards get incenerated and whirled the blades in her hands. She could stand here waiting for whatever the wizard was doing, or she could hope it would be of use and buy him some time.

She had no idea just what he was up to and prayed that if it cost her her life to buy a little time for the man, that it wasn't something useless. "Into the void we charge." she said grimly and rushed forward quickly clearing the two block gap between them. The dragon had just started to right itself when she flew past, her left sword blazing a trail down its tail. Her only reward being the sounds of metal scraping something equally as tough. "Shit!" she swore as she spun around to face her target and most likely her death. "Well at least I'll make him remember me." she said in the same grim tone, her face a hardened mask, her eyes resembling those of a feral beast eager for the fight to be joined.

She quickly looked the dragon over. Her first thought was wheither or not she could slip her blades beneath his scales and to the flesh underneath. With no better plan, she charged in once more.

Offline DarkNevaeh

Re: Olduiin's Demise
« Reply #79 on: May 14, 2012, 04:00:39 PM »
Kuval finished chanting as she rushed forward.  A wave of his hands and he struck the circle with his staff.  The wind began to pick up...and then it began to howl.  Winds from each direction began to come together, twisting, coalescing.  A boom of thunder and a howl that almost rivaled the dragon...and the Air Elemental formed.  Not the full size of a dragon, but getting close, the Elemental howled once more before looking down at Kuval, who was on his knees after releasing so much power.

"Get...the dragon..." he panted.  "Stop him..."  The elemental nodded it's cloudy head before turning and flying off toward the fight, the sound of a storm booming through the city preceding it.

Offline ZadTopic starter

Re: Olduiin's Demise
« Reply #80 on: May 15, 2012, 03:13:51 AM »
Dinu heard Mino-wa, but it fell upon deaf ears as he sprinted up the cobblestone path, the sounds of blazing flame and pained screaming egging him forward to the fight. He had never fought anything or anyone before, and now his mettle would be tested against the foe he was journeying to defeat. Could this be where Gavinrad's memory was protected? Or would this be the day Faust fell to the burning beast in the sky.
Olduiin fell onto the city as a giant piece of metal whacked him in the face, and Dinu felt a small smile etch itself onto his youthful face. Olduiin could be hurt.
'Come on, Mino-wa. We have to help the city as best we can'
Sylvia walked down the masoned stairs leading outside her castle. In her vision was the town guard, and many volunteers, battling Olduiin with a fire that drove them unlike any she had ever seen. These were her people, she thought, and she'd be there with them. Bleed with them. Die with them. As soon as she made the move to walk further, the captain stopped her.
'I cannot allow you to aid in this battle, milady. If you die, Mrtyu's hope dies with you. I ask you to remain in the castle'
Sylvia teemed with disappointment, but she knew he had a point. Sylvia was a large advocate for the movement against Olduiin. Maybe he was here to silence the largest voice in the land.
'Be sure to destroy that beast as inhumanely as possible,' Sylvia commanded, and the guard nodded, watching as she returned up the stairs, the screams behind her haunting her every step.
Olduiin slammed his clawed hand down into the ground, cracking the very foundations of the buildings around him, and crushing an unfortunate guard who was not fast enough to move in time. As he smiled with the blood and sinew seeping around his fingers, a sword scraped down the side of his body, sparking at his scales. He heard a human curseword, but it came from a mouth that radiated purity unlike any human he had killed.
Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted an elven lady, and he smiled.
'Come now, my lady,' he said in a voice that dripped with condecension, 'you know as well as I that that would never have worked. So...'
Olduiin raised his tail to swipe the woman, just as he heard a storm echo through the already damaged walls. This final push made the large structures begin to give way, and Olduiin knew even he could not survive being buried under debris.
'Until we meet again, my lady,' Olduiin said, almost politely, before beginning to take off as he felt a sword puncture his naked wing. Olduiin roared in pain, and hurled a bolt of fire towards the elemental approaching. He pushed off the ground, the ground being covered with sprinklings of his evil blood, before he soared to the skies, ready for his second plan.
With one quick motion, Olduiin knocked the bell tower with his wing, easily cutting through it like butter. The stone began to fall to the ground below.