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Author Topic: Standard Roleplay Request (F for whatever) (Updated w/ plots)  (Read 909 times)

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Offline HarlequenneTopic starter

Hello Elliquiy!  This is going to be where I keep my general roleplay information and, if I'm feeling a little wild, my cravings.  I'm Whit, and this'll be my first ever request thread here on the site. 

I'm of age, with a real job and an average social life.  I still have a fair amount of time on my hands, and my reply time varies from multiple posts a day to a post every three or four days, depending on all the various factors.  I like to play multiple characters, which usually parse themselves out into mains and side characters.  I will allow myself to be sidetracked by npcs/side characters, so if this is something you're against, let me know up front and keep an eye on me. 
I'll play characters of any gender/age/sexuality/race/whatever.  I'm more concerned with filling the roles necessary to tell the story than whether my character's male or female.  I feel like it's my job as a writer to strive to be able to write from multitudinous different viewpoints.  If you're one of those that prefers your partner play characters of their own gender, again, let me know ahead of time. 

Your preferences are going to be paramount.  Your limits are my limits, save the extremes I prefer not to get involved with (scat, vore, extreme torture/pain, incest).  But as far as non-sexual things are concerned, the sky's the limit.  Violence, swearing, mature themes and blurred moral lines are all good here.  In fact I love to explore character psyche.  Plot and character development are what I really love about roleplaying.

I prefer to play in settings with some form of the fantastical, whether it's magic in a medieval world or incredibly advanced tech in a sci-fi one, and every imaginable thing in between.  Whether it's small or paramount, I require some element of the not-mundane.  Fantasy, historical or alternate historical, sci-fi, steampunk, etc., etc.

   -All these ideas are open for modifications in setting, characters, or story.   None of these are set in stone, in fact, I'd prefer that my partner added to or changed my ideas.  This should be a collaboration! 

The Witch's Mountain
   (medieval fantasy, fairy tales/legends, love, royalty)
Deep in the heart of the snow-bound country of Phralen, a chain of icy peaks rips across the country's center, gathering in an honor guard around the Witch's Mountain and the King's Valley.  It is said that eons ago, at the beginnings of Phralen's long history, the Ice Witch lived at the top of this mountain.  It was for love of a human king that she pulled back the winter cold and allowed peaceful living in her valley, but her line alone could lay claim to the mountains' peaks.
Centuries later, the mountain lands lay still untouched, stretching to either side of the capital of King's Valley.  The king grows feeble, his son uncertain of leadership.  The lady Estrel, the prince's cousin, has eyes for the throne and more, and her scheming sees the prince fleeing into the mountains, the opposite direction of safe passage out into the southern plains.  North.  To the Witch's Mountain.  No one's seen its peak in decades, centuries, but the prince will have to find his way through somehow, or die, leaving his country, and his father, in the hands of enemies.

My character here will be a descendent of the Ice Witch.  The idea is that somehow Phralen's prince will become lost, and found by her, and perhaps the two will together retake the throne, or perhaps they won't.  I'm open to all ideas on this one, other than changes to the ice witch's descendant.  She's a character already put together.

The Great Unknown
   (modern fantasy, supernatural, vampires, werewolves, magic)
I...don't actually have much for this one, other than a desire to play a normal character thrust into a supernatural situation.  I want blood-crazed, dangerous, classy vampires, not sparkling high schoolers, and feral, pack-roaming werewolves.  Let's figure out some kind of plot for it together.

   (fantasy, magic, competition, treasure, lighter)
The idea is a contest, of sorts. Like an adventuring tournament. The characters are sent across the continent following something like an ancient treasure map, attempting to find this ancient relic/spellbook/whatever. It's set up as something like a medieval Olympics, with all involved countries participating and a prize at the end--but is run secretly by a dark sect seeking this relic for their own power and gain. Obviously. This can be politicians, religious leaders, a cult, again whatever. A few of the participants, be it separately or together, find out about this and set out to reach the relic to protect it, or gain it for their own use. Obviously a few will be agents of the dark hand running the tournament and set to stop our characters.

In My Element
   (Fantasy, modern or medieval or other, elemental control, tournament-style)
I want to mess with a magic system a friend and I created.  I want to build a sort of mage-tournament,  based in a side-step of a dimension where the characters can come from many different worlds, though all must be of a certain sort of mage.   Ring Bearers must learn to smith their own jewels, and the type of spirit to be bound is determined by the gemstone used in the ring making process.  It is a battle of will to force the spirit to share with the Ringer its name, and that name is the key to summoning one's spirits to fight at one's side.  The spirits can be partners or they can be slaves, all dependent on the Ring Bearer's attitude. 

So our characters (I want each of us to play at least two or three mains for this one) will have been swept up from their worlds by a power claimiing to be an ancient force for their form of magic and dumped in a tournament with others like them to determine which of them is superior.  My thought is that this is something that happens every century or so, but this time something's off. The can be elves, Kardassians, humans, whatever, though I'm not a fan of furries.  The something off can be determined by us together, as I'm not sure what it ought be yet.

Dangerous Times
   (medieval fantasy, religious, cross-dressing, dark)
The story will be set in a medieval world rather like our own once was. There is an ever-expanding Church that seeks to stamp out all old religion, and all magic, in the land. Magic belongs to those close to the land, often women On the outer edges of the Church's grasp they have begun destroying "witches" and others with an affinity for magic, often also using their power to take land and titles from those who oppose them by declaring them witches as well.

Now my character, a Robin Hood type, is in fact a woman that escaped persecution on her island nation--the only survivor of her "clan"--that has come to the mainland and drawn a band of outlaws around her, in the guise of a man. This is a world where the church has turned against women, and they are treated as they were in the early ages of our own church--lesser, weaker, less intelligent. Thus she plays at a man. Only a very select few of her own men even know that she is indeed a woman. She uses her band to lead raids against the church and government, fighting the oppressive growth of the church and offering haven to those that sense the perversion of these new changes.

The story itself starts with a raid on a local monastery as the church's men begin to close in on the position and identity of the Bandit King, and your character (if we stuck to the original plot) would be a cleric/monk/priest of the monastery, taken likely to be sold to slavers. What happens from here is pretty malleable, but the priest is meant to be idealistic, unaware of the corruption and darkness in his church and the actions it's taken against others. Obviously he knows nothing about the thief other than the wide-spread rumors and tales that everyone knows. 

Bring Me To Life
   (modern day, magic, life and death, curses)
That's right. This is inspired by that old Evanescence song.
Every time I hear this song, there's this sort of story that goes through my head. There's this archaeologist. He discovers an ancient Egyptian cache, including a sarcophagus decorated with a beautiful woman. For all the weeks in Egypt before he can begin doing any research on the materials, he begins to dream of her. In the mists she is always foggy, her lips moving but the sound too quiet to make out, slowly becoming louder and louder until she is begging him, in a language he doesn't know, but the fact that she is pleading is clear.
When he returns home a wreck from lack of peaceful sleep, he goes immediately to open the sarcophagus and inside finds the woman from his dreams, perfectly preserved.

I'm very interested in starting a new roleplay, and soon!  I want a partner that's cool with everything I've said before, that's creative and proactive.  I don't have any word count requirements, etc.  I usually post between two and five or six paragraphs, and I'm willing to read however much you put out.  Feel free to ask any questions, here or via PM.  I'm willing to play in threads or emails or possibly chat, though I'm less than certain about that.

OK, I'm done.  Thanks guys!

EDIT:  IF you should decide you want to roleplay with me, PLEASE, decide ahead of time on what genre you'd prefer and perhaps a subject or two that you're fond of (rebellion, magic, exploration, pirates, etc.) so that we have some kind of starting point.  I'm really excited about all the responses, but also a little overwhelmed by all the people asking me to come up with a plot.  I'm good, but I need something to work with ^^;  Also, I'll have some potential plots added hopefully before I go to sleep!  Plots added! (5.12.12)
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Offline sstone72

Re: Standard Roleplay Request (F for whatever)
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2012, 09:20:09 AM »
Hi there.  I would be interested in playing a nice fantasy style role play with you.  Did you have something in mind.

Offline atlantaline

Re: Standard Roleplay Request (F for whatever)
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2012, 09:32:37 AM »
I'd love to start any sort of role play, I'm not picky! -smile- Anything fantasy like or science fiction is fine with me -nods-

Offline HarlequenneTopic starter

Re: Standard Roleplay Request (F for whatever)
« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2012, 06:58:01 AM »
Plots have been added.  Ladies, I'd appreciate just a little more direction, as has been edited on my post: I hope we can get something started!

Offline HarlequenneTopic starter

Re: Standard Roleplay Request (F for whatever) (Updated w/ plots)
« Reply #4 on: May 16, 2012, 11:18:00 PM »
I added further plots and marked those that're taken.  Still actively looking, and I promise this'll be my last update for a while.