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Author Topic: What Have I Got In Mind?  (Read 948 times)

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What Have I Got In Mind?
« on: May 10, 2012, 06:09:10 PM »
Take a gander at some of my plot ideas. Keep in mind, some have been thought through, others were on-the-spot creations that fell from my fingers. Can you guess which?

I am flexible with both men and women, though certain roles I would prefer be played by men (you'll have to convince me otherwise if you truly want that role) - but you have to be a good great writer, regardless of your sex. I would like high scores in:

   -Sentence Structure
   -Overall Writing Ability

I do not, by any means, focus strictly on sex, so if you have no intention of giving me a good story, you may turn around and exit through the door at the rear; ignore the Christmas decorations, I've been a bit busy. My characters are different, depending on the story, but at the end of the day, one can usually expect someone who is feisty and strong-willed, but not particularly dominant. On occasion, the completely submissive weaklings have been known to skitter through.

If interest still holds you, please, do read on...


[BDSM/ Non-Con]

The situation was horrible from the beginning. Nothing had been planned out, no one had been notified, and you were stuck cleaning up the mess. When the alarms sounded, your whole team looked confused. There were no drills planned for the month, so why was that light flashing so menacingly down at you? Everyone started shuffling around, searching the cameras for clues of accidental trips or stray rodents; anything to explain what was going on. Who would be stupid enough to break into the CIA sub-offices of S.I.L.E.N.T.? Rather, who would be smart enough? Quickly, you ran through the mainstream computer systems, checking all the data, but everything seemed to check out. No bugs, no virus', nothing. So where was this coming from? An attempt to shut the alarm off was made, which is where you found your bug. The large, red letters were almost terrifying.


Attempt number two.


Attempt number three.


The most well trained, well guarded Underground crime and protection team in the political world, the one bearing the highest level of security and technological infrastructure, has just been hacked. And guess what? It was under your watch. Looks like even the top of the food chain couldn't detect an attack that had been brewing in the systems for over three years. So in 75 seconds, just barely over a minute, you had to find the person who did it and force them to remedy the problem. But that would be a problem in and of itself, right? Well, it would have, if she hadn't just ran past one of the cameras on the sixth floor.

Overwhelmed with anger, you were at the elevator in 3 seconds, calculating everything that had to be done. 10 seconds down from the seventeenth floor, 7 seconds to find the hacker, 4 seconds to corner him, 2 to grab him, 19 to return to the Cockpit, 8 to force the fix out of him, and 23 left to slaughter the evidence. All of this would go swimmingly, right up until the 8 seconds of force, when the Guy Fawkes mask and black top hat would be removed, revealing someone that could cause you to slit your own throat. Ms. Jennifer 'Gin' Falkner. A name known throughout the world, she was the sweetest, brightest, and most beautiful daughter of all the American politicians, trumping most foreign ones as well. Always well-mannered and sweeter than sugar, she had a promising future ahead of her and the world at her fingertips, if she so pleased. Now, it was up to you, in those last 31 seconds, to try to figure out what to do.

"There's no fix. Only a backup."

The melodic voice cut through your train of thought and you watched, silently, as the seconds ticked away.


Within seconds, everything was gone and there was only one thing left to do: call the girl's daddy and rat her out.

"Mr. President? We have a situation."

The Last of the Islanders

The planet was in ruin, civilization torn apart and run dry. Everywhere the eye could see, the world was dead and desolate, not even holding enough oxygen to sustain a decent life-form. On a simple scavenger trip, you turn a blind eye and continued on, stepping over dry, brittle bone and what remained of the plant life. All you wanted was textiles, jewels, anything of value. A dead planet didn't need such things, so it wouldn't matter if you took it all. Sending small groups all over the minuscule orb, you were left in the main city, searching alone. It would hold the most treasures, so there was no chance you'd let anyone else get to it. All around are mighty building of elegant blues and purples, tattered old flags hanging from every window, over every doorway. It was a city of pride in the kingdom and their rulers, a formidable, yet peaceful, one. The palace was far off in the distance, only visible under the two opposing moons. With the sun still high in the sky, all you could do was wipe the sweat from your brow and continue on, hoping their night would come soon.

Once the planet had cooled and the moons hovered in the darkness, the gleam of the palace could be seen. Only a few hours and you made it to the front steps, giant, plated doors standing wide open. The golden archways that led inside welcomed all visitors, spawning off into larger and smaller arches all throughout the gargantuan building. Most of the larger items were scanned and given coordinates, sent to the home ship to be collected at a later time. Smaller items, such as jewelry, archives, and robes, could be minimized and placed into your bag. Thus, the labyrinth of a home was slowly run through and the target reached: the King's quarters. Inside, you found more than enough to pay for three new ships and the home in Negimar you had dreamed of building. Just as you were about to turn and leave, you noticed something.

The king's withered hand, clad with golden rings, was outstretched towards a wall. His wife's body was on the bed in a position that could only imply anger towards her husband. With a cocked brow, you ventured towards the wall, looking for anything that would allow you to push it open. Finally finding a misplaced tile, you pushed it in, watching the wall recede. "Kallah?" A hand reflexively went to the weapon at your hip, eyes searching the dark room for the voice. "Kallah is that you? What's happened? It's dark, I can hardly breath. Kallah, won't you speak?" A young woman was talking to whom she thought was the king. Glancing back down at the corpses in the bedroom, you could only conclude that the girl was the king's mistress.

A light flickered on, a candle she had found, illuminating pale skin, pink lips, and the very ends of her pointed ears. Considering the rest of the bodies you had seen were of tall creatures with a murky red skin color and only small holes for ears, this girl was obviously not of their race. "You. You're not Kallah." Stepping back, her bright eyes widened as she hit a wall, knowing she had no where to run.

The Odd One Out

As night drew closer, hunger began to set in. The sun would undoubtedly be far beyond the reaches of the forest within an hour, allowing for a nice trip into the city. Your meals lately had been scarce and far from filling, so this next one would be a feast. Of course, in modern times, one had to be careful. Leaving a group of dead bodies with holes in their necks could raise a few flags, so you'd have to find a way to make them look like murders. The city was large, so it wouldn't be very difficult, especially with the crack detectives running around, thinking up ridiculous schemes to find killers. It was 1759, for crying out loud! You had quite a few years under your belt, so all their little plots meant nothing to you.

Once the sun had fully disappeared, you ventured out, dressed in the proper rich garb of the time, ready to prey on the innocent. A girl heading to a ball in Rutherford found a certain fancy in you. A young boy couldn't properly tie his cravat, causing him to be late for a meeting in Hampton. Young blood always was the most alluring. They were a delicacy and so easy to wrap around your fingers. Traveling through the city, warm blood flowing through your veins, you hummed quietly while walking, flirted with attractive passerby's, and spoke politics with the local gentry. Everything seemed so simple and free. Up until you found your final meal.

She was a pretty little thing, barely having turned eighteen, dressed up in a bright red dress. When you held her, she looked into your eyes; when you kissed her, she smiled against your lips; when you bit her... She didn't scream. Her blood flowed generously, wildly, into your mouth, down her neck and chest, invisible on her dress. Her fingers dug into your shoulders and- was that a moan? Never before had you found a human who so willingly gave themselves to you, letting you take them as if it were such an ordinary thing. The carnal, animalistic side of your took over, craving more, needing more of her and her blood. You took more than you could ever remember taking before. When you were finished, you stared at the limp, lifeless girl in your arms. But something was wrong. She wasn't just dead. Eyes slightly open, you could see the darkness overtaking them. Within minutes, she was passed out, but still there. Not alive, but one of your own. Quickly, you took her to the mansion just outside of the forest, hundreds of kilometers from the city. You didn't know what you were going to do with her, but something had to be done.

The Source

It was impossible to tell what time of day it was. After the ship had crashed, sucked into the planet's outrageously strong gravitational pull, the world went black. Everything was spinning and you felt as if your very skull might decide to crumble in over your brain. With a groan you stood, searching for some source of light in the seemingly never ending darkness, though what you found was far from a simple light bulb. Behind a heavy steel door there shone a bright light, completely blinding you for several seconds. When your eyes finally opened once more, adjusting to the change, your jaw dropped.

There, inside the large metal room, floated a large orb. Every color imaginable flooded through it, whisking around frivolously, though never able to break out of it's physical containment. Stepping closer, your eyes searched for anything that could have been holding the orb up, anything that could possibly give a sign as to what the strange object was, but nothing could be found. Decisively, you stepped forward and reached a hand out to touch the object. You needed to know what it was, what it could possibly do. Was it a simple toy? A strange light source? Or something far more dangerous? Just as your fingers were about to touch the surface of the object, a shrill scream sounded in the darkness.

"No! You mustn't touch it! The unworthy must not near The Source."

From the darkness came a frail figure, pale and far too thin to be healthy, yet you were awestruck. Her beauty was undeniable, paralleling that of the colorful orb she warned him not to touch. Slowly, staggeringly, she walked up behind the orb, the colors illuminating her dulled eyes. Her fingers spread around the orb and she drew them closer to it, making the object shrink, smaller and smaller, until it was barely the size of an everyday marble. In such a small form, it's light was unnoticeable, bringing darkness to the room once more. And then a soft thud sounded in the room. The girl had collapsed. Searching her out in the darkness, you could see the tiny glow from her hand, but upon trying to touch it, a burning shock ran through your entire body; apparently you were unworthy.

You then had a decision to make: leave the mystical orb and find a way out of the steel room, or save the strange girl and, perhaps, learn more about this thing she called 'The Source'.

Innocence is Bliss
[D/s / Non-Con]

You were a good older brother. Any time your baby sister needed you, any time something went wrong, you were there. You watched her grow up, turn into a fantastic young woman. So fantastic, in fact, that you couldn't keep your eyes off of her. Who would have thought she would look like that? Small and bubbly as always but with curves the waves of the ocean couldn't match and a rack no one could keep their eyes off - at least that's what your friends said. Being the good brother you are, you'd turn around and punch them in the face before continuing on as if nothing had happened.

But a dilemma soon formed. That girl looked up to you for everything. Any question she had, you would answer. That is until the day she began asking you more... Personal questions. Knowing little to nothing about sex made her nervous, and apparently she saw no fault in going to her blood-related sibling for help. Although awkward at first, you did your best to help her. But what happens when her curiosity grows beyond the point of single questions and wavers on the point of demonstrations and full-on contact with the once sweet and innocent 17 year-old? Does it get to the point where you reveal your dominant side and show your baby sister what a 'real man' is like in bed? Just to prepare her for what's to come, of course. At least that's how it starts out.

Sooner or later things get much closer between you two than they ever should.

(Can also be done F x F.)

From Friend Zone to End Zone
[Light/ D/s / BDSM]

Thirteen years. That's how long you had known the girl. When you were nine, she was only five. Her older brother was your best friend and their mother forced him to drag her around everywhere the two of you went. At first, she was just an annoying little girl, but one you could see as a friend. As time passed, you both grew and matured. In middle school, neither you nor your best friend admitted that his baby sister went everywhere you did. In high school, you were too school for the young girl. It wasn't until senior year, the year that she became a freshman, that the little girl started to become something much more.

Cute turned into hot, which later became sexy. That childish character, while still holding some innocence, became a curious young woman. The two of you got closer and closer, discussing everything; genuinely enjoying time together. At some point, there came the realization that she was definitely dateable. There was one little problem.

You were already friend zoned. No one knew when or how it had happened, but it did. Perhaps it was because of how long you knew one another, how close you had become over the years. Or maybe she just didn't see you in that light at all. Either way, she had quickly turned into the perfect woman but you were obviously not the perfect man - not in her eyes.

Leaving for college should have made it easier. There were tons of girls to date, more than enough to keep your mind occupied. However, going to an in-state school doesn't leave for a clean getaway. No matter what you did, she always came running back into your arms - usually crying because of the most recent crack etched into her heart, or to share the news of the new filler to that crack. From anyone's perspective, you were just a great friend. End of story.

But it wasn't going to stay that way. An early business graduate and already working for a multi-billion-dollar company, you had your own place, one she visited frequently while trying to pick out the perfect college of her own. With summer quickly approaching, plans were made to spend the warm months together. The girl would be single at that point, and so would you. After just a few days, years of frustration and pent-up emotional and sexual tension would finally burst. The consequences had been considered a million times over and in the end, you knew there was a way to fix anything you broke. So you dived in, head first, to what could be a lasting relationship and the end of an aggravating friendship.


Slaughterer of the Lamb
[Any / Extreme]

Time, space, momentum - it was all relative. Everything had it's place in 'time', yes, but there is a certain dependence on what one's perception of time is. The passing of time is a much more swift process to a canine than to a human. The passing of time is a much more swift process to a mortal than to an immortal. You see? All relative.

Now how would I explain time? Well, it depends. When was the beginning of time? When was the end?

Was? Yes, was. The end of time passed many a milennia ago. A different time then began. At least, that is the view of the Christians. Odd that they would see a completely different world while the rest of the universe still lived in reality, no?

But I'm rambling.

My tale is one of the future - or present, depending on your personal perceptions. The Devil himself wanders the world in 2013. A black president; an expecting Prince; a seemingly brighter point in history. Some are young while others have been long dead. Yet I weave and walk, searching for my newest victims.

Have you ever heard of making a deal with the devil? Such a ridiculous story, that. I do not take one's soul; that is already promised the moment you even consider such a devious dealing. No, no. What I take is very specific to each person. 'An eye for an eye,' so to say.

Now I come upon a beautiful young woman. Life has taken her for a spin in an unexpected direction and through desperation she calls out to God. However, God is not as forgiving as the childish stories tell (I should know). She had been forsaken by him, the exact signal I require to step in. The frail young thing agrees to do for me what I please, be to me a conniving messenger, a sultry soothesayer, and a dark lure for all the other lost causes that cry for forgiveness and aid.

Unfortunately for me, I did not know her true identity. Touche, dear Lord. The woman is an Angel, sent down from the holiest of Heavens to trick Satan himself into submission before God. A laughing matter to myself, but how does the story actually play out? Do I learn of the deceit and slaughter the innocent little thing? Do I show her the alluring ways of the darkness and find her more than willing to accept? Or is there a completely different story that plays out?

I know these answers, as that time has already passed. But does she?


Definitely Not The Ending I Saw
[Light/ D/s]

Monday came around with a groan. Tuesday with a huff. Wednesday with a sigh. Thursday with the crack of a smile. And Friday with a grin. By Friday night, the stress had built up to the point of drowning out of water. Luckily, it was, after all, Friday night. You had left work and headed straight to a friend's house. From there, the club had called your name, the club called Disaster.

Hours passed in a blur. The faintest flashes of lights, of faces, of drugs and alcohol; it all melded together to form an extremely confusing dream. Yet you could tell it had been an amazing night. There was no hangover and whatever you were sleeping on was unbelievably comfortable. It felt like silk and rubbed all over your body. That should have been the first clue that something was off. You didn't realize you were completely naked, not yet. Not until you turned to see the gorgeous body mere inches away, pretty face sound asleep. Then you looked down at yourself and quickly found the cold, marble floor.

Somewhere between entering the club and waking up, you had picked up a girl. The lack of clothes and empty bottles around the dark room helped to raise your fears. What would a perfectly straight girl be doing naked in bed with another? It made no sense. And then she woke up, equally as confused.

Deciding to avoid the extensively awkward conversation that would ensue, you both dressed and left the room, only to find that you were still in the club. Not a single window was in sight and ever door was locked. No phones, no computers, no TV, nothing but alcohol, a small amount of food, and the two of you. The severity of the situation was made more obvious when your newfound 'friend' spotted a sign for the club.

Only Open Fridays

Can you survive a week in the confines of the large club? How will the awkwardness work out between you and the other woman? And what happens when you finally do make it out?

That's all for now. If interested, PM me.

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Re: What Have I Got In Mind?
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Removed 'The Side I Never Saw'. Will add shortly.

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Re: What Have I Got In Mind?
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'The Last of The Islanders' is now taken.

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Re: What Have I Got In Mind?
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Added 'Slaughterer of the Lamb' and 'Definitely Not The Ending I Saw'.


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Re: What Have I Got In Mind?
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Reinstated "The Last of the Islanders."

Also REALLY craving 'S.I.L.E.N.T.' And "The Odd One Out'.

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Re: What Have I Got In Mind?
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Added 'Innocence is Bliss'. Would LOVE to do it. :)

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Re: What Have I Got In Mind?
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Added 'From Friend Zone to End Zone'.