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Author Topic: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)  (Read 8958 times)

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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #25 on: June 21, 2014, 09:08:46 PM »
 Keep going ...
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #26 on: June 23, 2014, 07:04:53 AM »
Tried sending you a PM but apparently I'm blocked.

But I am interested in the Victory Party RP idea, the older celebrity gigolo idea, or something new involving Star Wars or another science fiction setting.

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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #27 on: July 18, 2014, 03:03:30 PM »
Magic Trick

Content: Starting off NC. Bocifics are negotiable. Possibly some exhibitionism orgasm control and the like. But it really depends on my partners preference.

Scenario: a magician asks for a volunteer. Either is part of a performance or puts up an ad. She's told that she will be restrained. But there's much more than magic on his mind. There can be some pre-existing relationship between them from work, family member that sort of thing. Or not.

Requirements: looking for someone to play the volunteer.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #28 on: February 04, 2015, 02:53:20 PM »
Star Wars

Chewbacca's Award

Content: CON, Can range from light to bondage. Depending on my partners preference I figure he can be surprisingly gentle and tender or more animal giving her a good Royal pounding. See my signature for my o/o's.

Scenario: The title pretty much says it all. Instead of getting a medallion on a ribbon Chewbacca gets an eager Leia after the ceremony.  Prepared to do some experimentation. As well as to make up for her unfortunate comment earlier.   After all she is skilled in the art of diplomacy.

Requirements: Looking for someone to play the princess. Possibility of a chance to continue this after the one shot.  Posts preferably in the 2–3 paragraph range 

Leia's Legendary Bikini

Content: Depending on the scenario CON,NC. Group, non-human or yes light. General O/O's in signature.

Scenario: I see plenty of different possibilities for this. All of which have one thing in common the princess sliding into a certain galaxy-famous garment.

1. Leia is captured by Jabba forced to perform and satisfy himself or perhaps his guards.(NC, possible group, non-human)

2.  She keeps the bikini and decides to spice up some negotiations. Either is a straight up bribe or is a way to seduce her opposition. (teasing, COM, maybe some bondage, negotiating partner Will follow partners preference.)

3.  Han didn't get a good look at her in it originally. So for their anniversary or maybe even the wedding night she pulls it out for a treat. (Light or bondage)

4.  A reward for a certain walking carpet?

5.Lando Calrissian has something very special in mind for payment to repairs made to the ship on Cloud City. Including modeling a new creation that's all the rage. (Bondage)

6.  Have another idea message me.

Requirements: Looking for a partner to play  Leia at some point in the bikini. But if you want to switch out a pair of stilettos for her boots I'm not going to complain. Posts preferably in the 2–3 paragraph range.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #29 on: February 19, 2015, 02:20:52 AM »
French Maid Required

Content: Light maybe some bondage.. See my signature for my o/o's.

Scenario: A computer programmer has just cashed in his stock options. So after buying the fancy car what's the next thing he buys? A mansion of course or leased it feels that way to him. When he starts to notice the pop cans and empty pizza boxes piling up he calls A cleaning service that a friend suggested. When he opens the door that fateful Friday he receives quite the surprise. Which naturally leads to all sorts of teasing flirting and extra services rendered.

Requirements: Looking for someone to play the French maid.  I'm thinking the sexual aspect of the service is something that he doesn't know about. So she'll have to talk him into it not that he's going to take much convincing.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #30 on: April 26, 2015, 05:43:41 PM »
Going the Extra Mile

Content: Con, light maybe some bondage. Specific kinks are negotiable with my partner. In general see my o/o link at The bottom.

Scenario: Flying in business class has it's perks. Well until an overeager flight attendant dumps a drink on a passenger. They are staying at the same hotel. Customer feedback is so important to her that she doesn't even bother changing out of her uniform before wishing to make amends.

Requirements: Just a fun idea. Looking for someone to play the clumsy but eager to please attendant.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #31 on: July 07, 2015, 04:10:42 PM »
Ideas that I haven't shifted into the new format.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Wookie style Major craving!
A long long time ago over email I played out a delightful little game involving everyone's favorite walking carpet and the princess who fell in love with him. Yes I know it's strange but I figured I'd throw it out here and see if anyone was interested in playing Leia. Kinks are definitely negotiable on this one. As far as scenario I'm thinking she rewards him after ANH and they go from there or we rewrite the entire thing with him pulling off the rescue in the first place.

High-priced Escort  currently doing a version of this but happy to do others
I've been playing a few games on here which have worked out really well. So I'm trying to duplicate that again. Basically Playing a series of characters opposite a high-class escort. Each scene would involve a different client with different interests and fetishes. So one could want bondage the next like  her in a French maid costume. The ideas are endless. For her motivation I prefer either something like mind control where she's trained to enjoy herself or she actually does genuinely. For the attention or the money. As opposed to blackmail or NC. I really like the idea of a woman experimenting with her sensuality. It does allow me to try out different character types as well.. Won't just be sex scenes. Happy to play necessary characters of both genders. Presumably she has to go shopping for clothing say. Negotiable as far as kinks go. Could even see doing this in save the Star Trek, Hairy Potter or Star Wars universe with some minor tweaks.

 Star Trek: to go where lots of men have probably gone before  Currently doing Worf/Deanna
Would love to do some more Star Trek scenarios. I'm most comfortable with TNG but can also do something in TOS,DS9 or VOY Not really into Enterprise. Would love to play canon characters. If you've ever felt the urge to play Deanna Troi, Jadzia Dax Or Seven of Nine please message me I'm sure we can come up with something. I've played Klingon and Ferengi if you're looking for something alien. Rather proud of my Ferengi.

I dream of Jeannie Major craving!
Either something based around the show or using it as a starting off point.  She can either be totally submissive or a bit of a trickster.  That's definitely up for discussion.  The costume or a variant in as a must though.

Harry Potter Craving!
Happy to consider cannon characters or new ones.  The same as far as pairings (Neville really needs to be seduced by Hermione or Ginny am I right people?).  I'm thinking some spells or potions need to be involved.  Which could either make it NC or bondage.  However I'm open to suggestions

Get those ratings up
This thought occurred while reading some behind the scenes stories about NBC's ratings trouble. I'm thinking either an entertainment or morning type show on cable is having bad ratings. So the producer my character start suggesting alternative stories and topics to the female host.  Naturally they would eventually become quite sexual. Although the exact things are negotiable I'm assuming that flashing would be part of it. I'm also willing to play other characters who interact with your reporter. She can be either someone of your own creation or a celeb if you want to go that route.

A photographer is looking for talent for a web site.  It can be everything from fetish photos (like leg shots   ;)  ) to more hardcore pornography.  We can negotiate that.  Basically it would be going through the recruitment process and the various photo shoots with some sex.

Oh nurse? 
OK so not that creative but it's a classic for reason.  nicely ties in with the fact that I've been spending a lot of time in hospitals over the last little while.  Pretty open ended so willing to discuss the specifics..

Go on do some teasing
Pretty simple idea although there's lots of places it could go.  Basically you're female character whether it's a nurse, secretary, waitress or whatever starts teasing my character trying to get a reaction out of him.  Leading to the eventual explosion which could be either con or NC.  Remember I'm a leg man so that should give you some ideas.  Naturally other fetishes could be thrown in later.

Friendly skies
Oh when air travel was actually fun.  Basically looking for a flight attendant doing some teasing and flirting then helping a flier joined the mile high club.  Lots of different ways this can go with chances for her being either flirty or reluctant.  Maybe even some exhibitionism/voyeurism.

Transformation game  Doing a teacher/student but would consider others love this one.
Basically the idea here is that a female is given a list of things to do both in public and private.  How to dress certain ways and different sexual things to do.  Corrupting an innocent or taking someone who doesn't usually show their sexual side and having them do it.  This can be set up in all sorts of ways.  She could lose a bet to a friend and have to be under their control for some time.  It could be part of an existing d/s relationship or she starts receiving anonymous emails instructing her.  If they're anonymous then part of the question will be does she tried to figure out who the person is? Will she confront him or thank him?  There could be some overlap with below a teacher receiving orders from one of her students for instance.

Power dynamic change
Usually in d/s scenarios the d character has the job or place in society that is "more valued then the other" for lack of a better way to put it.  For instance usually it's the boss dominant over the secretary, teacher over student, wealthy person over there made etc.  I want to flip that.  I find watching the character with more authority becoming submissive to be very sexy.  For instance the student dominating his teacher, new employee dominating the boss, gardner dominating the high society woman.  There are lots of possible roles in this scenario.  The easiest way is through blackmail but I think it's more fun usually if the character is somehow tricked into admitting she's interested or is otherwise convinced.  I will do blackmail though.  From that point it can pretty much run the gamut from soft bondage to more extreme things.  Just matters what we're feeling up for at the time.

Service with a smile
A wealthy gentleman goes to an exclusive boutique to by his wife a present.  One of the service girls looks a lot like her and for a large tip is willing to model/demonstrate the stores wares.  The store could be everything from just lingerie through sex toys and bondage here.  It's pretty wide open.

Celebrity gigolo
A few months back I read a strange news story about a guy claiming that he'd been hired by various celebrities for sexual services.  I'll admit the idea intrigued me.  If you feel like playing a female celebrity that wants attention I'd be willing to discuss things.  It could involve something from their acting roles or some sort of fantasy.  See my preferences page for what im in to.  I'm pretty flexible as to the identity of the celebrity I'll go back in time if you want to be Marilyn Monroe....   ;)

Retired for the moment/although you may be able to convince me it may not be easy

Fundraising goal
With the school year starting we started receiving the usual flurry of the donation requests from local students.  So I was thinking of a college girl needing to fund raise for something.  But she finds the wrong house.  The rich occupant is happy to donate a large sums for carrying out certain tasks.  Starting out simple.  Wash my car in a bikini and getting more and more explicit from there.  Very general idea happy to discuss it further.  Lots of places that could end up.

Trick or treat
With Halloween coming up I'd like to do something where a woman is encouraged to spend the night in a supposedly haunted house.  It's not haunted but she'd probably wishes it was probably some bondage maybe NC or maybe she finds that she likes the idea.  Rather a vague thought open to lots of negotiation on this one.

Santa's slutty elves
Christmas is coming up so why not.  What does Santa do for the other 364 days of the year?  Let's face it Ms. Claus isn't exactly a looker.  So maybe he spends a little too much time out in the toy factory.  All sorts of ways to go from the new elve and being broken in to just a series of one shots.  Happy to work in my partners Kinks into this one.  So drop me a message
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #32 on: October 15, 2015, 01:23:44 AM »
Chinese Censorship

Content: Con, teasing, maybe some bondage. Specific kinks are negotiable with my partner.

Scenario: Time for a completely off-the-wall idea. According to. China is cracking down on the amount of cleavage displayed on their domestic TV programs. So I was thinking perhaps an investigator was sent to look around and discuss things with the crew and one of the actresses involved. Perhaps he can be convinced to look the other way. That is if she finds a way to show him the benefits of a plunging neckline.

Requirements: interested in someone playing an actress trying to do her best to get the government off her back. But very possibly under her skirt or between her breasts.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #33 on: January 02, 2016, 02:45:52 PM »
A Special Duty

Content: Con. Specific kinks are negotiable with my partner.

Scenario: I was recently reading a book on the last of the Russian czars. There were rumors that the heir apparent was a baby switched at birth. Since previously the couple had only been able to produce female children. So I was thinking what if they've been a little more systematic about things? If they had gone out and look for a woman who resembled the Empress. Naturally impregnating her the traditional way. She can pretty much be anything another member of the court or even a sturdy looking peasant girl. Naturally she be honored to do this as well as receive many rewards for her silence. Figure there would be multiple sessions starting out rather mechanically and eventually leading to romance or different kinks depending on my partners preference. 

Requirements: looking for someone to play the look-alike and willing to get pregnant for her country. Timeframe is negotiable this could be mid evil, early modern or even contemporary I suppose. Fantasy world would also be a possibility.

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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #34 on: February 24, 2016, 07:27:54 PM »
Oscars After Party

Content: Light maybe some bondage? See my signature for my o/o's.

Scenario: I think there are plenty of different possibilities here. I'm happy to follow my partner's preference. Can see just about anything from a celebrity/celebrity scenario. Consoling a loser or congratulating a winner. Or for that matter a celebrity/paparazzi celebrity/catering staff scenario. Resulting in a quickie in a quiet corner or in the back of a limo.

Requirements: Looking for someone to play a female character. Prefer a celebrity but again would be something for negotiations. Looking for replies in the 2–3 paragraph range.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #35 on: May 08, 2016, 01:24:48 PM »
The Boss's New Hire

Content: Light with a lot of flirting and teasing. I suppose at some point possibly some bondage elements but I'm not looking for a D/S or NC game.

Scenario: A college graduate shows up for a job interview. His boss seems to be flirting with him and isn't exactly in typical conservative business attire. He's told he has the job but there are some special duties if he's interested. She hands him a company cell phone then ushers him off to his desk. Soon it beeps and the teasing and flirting begins. Kinky pictures and the like. As well as asking him about his preferences. Basically the game consists of them finding all sorts of ways to have crazy sex around the office and not get caught.

Requirements: Looking for someone to play a sexy and a bit mysterious female boss who knows what she wants. I don't want this to turn into a D/S scenario. I'm thinking one day she'll ask him to pleasure her in a board meeting the next he'll be messaging her asking her to wear a certain power suit.So there's that back-and-forth aspect of it. If interested send me a message.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #36 on: August 19, 2016, 04:11:09 PM »
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The following contains a spoiler you've been warned
[Content: Light maybe some bondage, incest sort of. See my signature for my o/o's.

Scenario: "Ron’s an affectionate guy. I was trying to distract her, Scorpius. I did distract her." What if the "blocking action" at the ministry took a little bit more then a lot of kissing. Obviously this sounds a bit like a one shot but I can also see a couple different ways to keep it going. I'm assuming there be a lot of humor involved in it..

Requirements: Looking for someone to play an easily distracted Hermione.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #37 on: October 07, 2016, 11:00:26 PM »
Bad Politician

Content: lots of teasing possibly bondage? See my signature for my o/o's.

Scenario: The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to individuals living or dead is purely coincidental....

A political campaign is failing. The politician is completely off of the rails saying random and bizarre things. So a new campaign manager or PR person is hired. But it's not about what she says to the public it's about what she does in private. Keeping his attention away from the cameras and to her feminine charms. Definitely an aspect of humor or farce to this.

Requirements: Looking for someone to play a female character. Looking for replies in the 2–3 paragraph range.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #38 on: November 04, 2016, 05:13:47 PM »
Beauty and the Beast

Content: Presumably starting out as NC. Partners preference if she experiences him in beast or human mode. Actually I'd prefer a little beast if at all possible. Probably some bondage as well. See link in signature for general preferences. Heels under that dress?

Scenario: The title pretty much says it all doesn't it? Presumably a stock fantasy world or modern retelling could be interesting as well.

Requirements: Looking for someone to play Beauty naturally appearance based upon a certain leggy brunette. Looking for replies in the 2–3 paragraph range.
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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #39 on: February 22, 2017, 04:56:05 PM »

The Press Junket

Content: Light or bondage. See signature for preferences. I'm assuming plenty of teasing and flirting before the actual act.

Scenario: He's a recent hire at an agency that looks after celebrities. He's sent on a press tour for her latest movie/ TV show. She is up and coming and he's expecting the worst. Then he sees her...
Requirements: Looking for someone to play a female celebrity. Can be someone from our world or fictional. Writers preference.

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Re: Legman Looking for Ladies (M for F)
« Reply #40 on: December 22, 2017, 03:33:11 AM »
All I Want for Christmas is a…

Content: Light or some possible bondage but nothing too hard core.

Scenario: I can see a couple of different possibilities for this. The wife/girlfriend deciding to spread a little holiday cheer in a skimpy outfit. Or perhaps as a gift for the man who has everything. I’d also be willing to consider various fandom possibilities for this. Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars etc.

Requirements: looking for someone to play a female character willing to slip into something roughly equivalent to the reference pic.
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