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Author Topic: Hell Hath No Fury (Fandom) (M/F) (Canon Characters Only)  (Read 360 times)

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Hell Hath No Fury (Fandom) (M/F) (Canon Characters Only)
« on: May 09, 2012, 11:24:21 AM »

Before the horrible change of power in Underland, things were very peaceful. The two sisters ruled their own areas of the world, a neutral section between the two, and people were generally happy. Unfortunately, the Red Queen was never happy with this. Even though, in writing, they were rulers of their own areas (Marmoreal and Crims), the Red Queen knows that her sister's word is law. That anything she says or does can be overturned by a flick of her sister's lovely, pale wrist. But how to take the power away?

Meanwhile, in Marmoreal, the White Queen and her Knight (Ilosovic Stayne) enjoy a happy life together. They've perfectly balanced out their life between their courtly duties and their duties to each other. Ever since they were children, it had been Ilosovic's job to protect and take care of the beautiful Mirana. He'd always been faithful in doing so and even accepted the fact that they were destined to be lovers.

Sadly for Mirana that was all their romance together had been. A simple acceptance on his part. She was not the sort of women he truly desired. But by the time she realized this, he was already gone. Defecting to her sister's country and rule.

The two sisters are very different, but there is one thing they have always had in common. A horrible temper. The difference is that Mirana bottles her anger up. She shuts it away and pretends like it doesn't hurt or bother her. Even though she is terribly heart broken by the loss of her Knight and lover, but she knows that she must stay strong for her people. Not to mention the terrible danger they are all now in. Ilosovic knew all the secrets of the palace and the royal court. He knows that the Vorpal Sword, which he used to possess and keep safe, is the only thing that can destroy the Jabberwock under her sister's control should it get out of hand.

In an attempt to ensure that secrets are kept, the White Queen asks the new Knave of Hearts to meet her in the Red Deserts between the lands of Crims and Marmoreal to discuss it. The talk was supposed to be peaceful, but things do not end up that way...

That is the basics of the plot bunny. I had several ideas in mind. The biggest one being how the Knave of Hearts loses his left eye. I was reading somewhere that a fan was writing a story about the White Queen and Stayne's relationship. About how she is the one to remove his eye and then swear to never cause harm to another living thing again after the act (realizing how horrifying it was).

As revenge, the Knave would tell the Red Queen how to take control.

The game would start near the end of their relationship and just before his betrayal. I'm thinking a fancy ball at the White Palace. The White Queen attempts some alone time with her Knight, but finds him to be very distant and cold towards her. After a small, verbal fight, he storms off and is next seen being named the Red Queen's new Knave.

The game would also involve a lot of side characters and NPCs. Each of us would need to take on several characters in order for it to work. I don't expect the Knave or Queen to go jumping into bed with a new person right away. Since the White Queen is not mentioned being married in the movie, I can imagine that she takes a vow of celibacy after her heart break. Meanwhile, Ilosovic is attempting to fend off the Red Queen's advances.

I would like to play out the destruction of the Hightopp clan (the Mad Hatter's clan and home). This would be the Red Queen's taking of power since the Knave would gain back the Vorpal Sword and the Red Queen would get the Crown of Underland.

So yeah...I think this has a lot of potential. Please post here or PM me with interest.