A massage theme, 2 scenario to choose from (Looking for M in a M/F/F play)

Started by Nana, May 09, 2012, 05:17:48 AM

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~The Massage Room~
Located in the busy city of Tokyo along the sides of the high rise buildings, The Massage Room stood by itself at 3 story high. The white washed building with a full glass paneled entrance was always busy irregardless of the days and time. The massage parlor operates from 11a.m to 11p.m daily to help the busy white collared for a quick relief of the tension on their shoulder or to indulge in a full spa treatment from head to toe. However, little did the normal customers knew about the two hidden rooms hidden on the 3rd floor with a hanging sign saying "No Entry. Authorized Personnel only!". Each of the secret room had an attached jacuzzi bath of its own fits for a couple and a king size water bed at the corner of the room. The one way window allows the customer to look out onto the busy streets while they relaxes in the room. In the middle of the dimly lighted room, there stood a massage bed covered with velvet sheet. What made this massage bed different is the hole in the middle where the hip would be when the customer laid down on it.

Hana is an experienced masseuse who had worked here for 3 years. At the age of 26, she still carries the look of an 18 years old teenagers. However, when her hands starting working on the body of the customers, it would told them how skillful she is and she knew just the right spot to please her customer. Looking out of the clear glass window on the ground floor, she noticed the new girl, Nanako rushing over to the parlour.

"You are late." Hana spoke sternly to Nanako.
"I'm sorry! The subway had a technical fault!" Nanako was panting heavily as she tried to catch her breathe while explaining her situation to Hana.
"We have an important guest today and the manager wants me to bring you along to the room on the left on the 3rd floor. You do know what that means right?"

Nanako swallowed a gulp. She had been working here for half a year since she dropped out from college and even though she knew little about what happened on the 3rd floor, she had heard the other masseuses talking about it. "Yes I understand." she understood that today will be her first day serving customer in the secret rooms and she was both excited and scared for what she was going to face shortly.

"Let's go get ourselves ready for the customer. The manager will bring him up when he's here". Hana took the lead up the stairs, turning back once to check that Nanako was following her.

Once they were inside the room, Hana commanded Nanako "Take those clothes off and put this on." She threw a thin translucent pink robe with lace trims at Nanako while she herself put on the red one.

Nanako stared at the robe with her mouth opened in awe. "We...we are wearing this?" They were always in their comfortable tees and tights at work and this was the first time she had ever heard of this special uniform.

Hearing footsteps on the stairs, Hana strides over to the top of the stairway confidently in a red laced bra without any padding and a pair of red thongs, her almost naked body barely covered by the thin red robe around her. She hushed Nanako and spoke softly "Get that robe on you in 5 seconds. Our guest has arrived."

The play would be about the roles of masseuse and the dark job behind them. Hana would be an experienced girl on the job at the start but as time passed, her tragic past on her first day at this job would be slowly revealed.

Nanako would be a college dropout and having a poor family to support, she had landed herself in this job, little did she knew about the extra workload that she had to perform. Given her soft and giving nature, she would never dare to voice out for herself or say no to anyone.

I have 2 idea on the first customer to come up the stairs.

Scenario 1
A regular customer of Hana who is a tyrant. He loved to take thing the rough way. When he knew that it was Nanako's first time serving on the 3rd floor, he was determined to make her his, even if it was against her wish and the pleasure of a threesome with the skillful Hana would definitely make this his best day in life.

Scenario 2
A first time customer who came by the recommendation of his boss. They could had came together but the boss is occupying the other secret room as a NPC.
He was shocked when Hana made a move on him but her skillful teases aroused him greatly and when she presented Nanako to him, even when he saw the fear in her eyes, he couldn't stop himself.

I would actually like to play these 2 scenarios out with 2 different partners.

Things could carry on with these guys as the main or you can introduce new characters at any point of time.

If you are interested in the role, send me a full writing of your first post reply to my post above citing which scenario you are applying for.
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