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Author Topic: Apple's Story Seeds  (Read 2084 times)

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Apple's Story Seeds
« on: May 03, 2012, 09:14:55 pm »
Ripe for Harvesting

Also I do not write via IMs, IRC, or Discord so do not bother to ask.

These can all be MxF or FxF, either is fine by me.

I don't play sexually dominant characters, though I prefer my characters not to be complete pushovers either. My characters may bend, they may submissively play along, biding their time, but they will try to fight back when they have a chance. I also like my characters to have some sort of internal conflict as well.

Also I don't want a story of just smut; 28 pages of sex is boring. The sexual scenes are nice, but I want plot. When I have to dig out a thesaurus so I'm not using the same words for various body parts etc, that's when the story starts to jump the shark for me.

Oh and if the thread is locked it is because I prefer if this remains uncluttered. Send me a PM to express interest!

Ideas in my head:
1. Dragon Age Setting:
A pretty young Ferelden city elf servant comes to Kirkwall with her Master who has fled the blight in Ferelden. When her Master dies she finds herself alone in the city. With tensions between the Qun, anti-foreigner elements in the city, the mages, and the templars rising, what will happen to her? This would be before the Dragon Age 2 game, with Hawke not having become champion yet, and not featuring the characters from the game story except as an name in passing most of the city has heard of. [NC-H]

2. Revived:
This is basically a remake of an old story, but I like the concept. A young woman dies in 2019, she is frozen by her family in the hopes that someday she can be revived. A few thousand years pass and she awakens... somewhere new. Basically this is an exploration of a woman who finds herself in the future. Possibly with aliens, possibly not. While I'm open this to being a light or dark game, I'm leaning towards dark. If Dark, then someone is after her for some reason. Maybe some scientists want to experiment on her, after all she is the only "human" left from the past. Or maybe some religious nuts want her dead again?  [NC-E] (Update on this, currently feeling more for a dark dystopian take on this)

3. Elysium:
So I just watched the movie where the rich live in a giant space station while the poor are stuck on earth, save for those who serve the rich. This is the story of a servant girl who serves the family of the creator of the station. Though slavery is technically illegal, human life has no value if you're poor and the rich "citizens" can do essentially whatever they like. The young woman is recruited into a resistance movement and works to undermine the system in the hopes of bringing it down, while suffering at the hands of her employers.

4. Rivals:
Really feeling this one right now!
New York, 1902.

Two rival Illusionists have been having a heated battle over who is the best at their art in the very heart of New York City. One, who styles themselves as ‘The Genius’ (or whatever name you prefer) uses strange and exotic inventions to perform their Act, claiming the amazing feats they perform to astound their audience is done through the power of their amazing scientific inventions. The rival Illusionist, styled, The Witch does many of the same tricks, however she claims the use of magic in her act; mesmerizing her audience with a show of mystical arts she claims give her the powers she displays.

The truth is, neither of them have any real powers. They are both good at showmanship, and adept Illusionists, but their tricks are done through the use of mirrors, smoke, and handy trapdoors.

That is, until one day…
The Genius is working on a new ‘invention’ for their show, an invention that accidentally has the powers it is claimed to have. At her workshop, she is confronted by an angry Witch, whose recent show was disrupted by hecklers in the hire of the technologically inclined Illusionist. In the heat of their argument, the device accidentally activates and sends them both… elsewhere.

They arrive in a fantasy world, filled with all manner of beasts and beings from myth and legend. Even more amazing, The Witch actually has powers here, while the Genius has only her tools, intellect, and maybe a gun or two. Can they work together long enough to survive and find a way home?
I’m not quite sure how I want this story to go just yet, but I would prefer it to be story heavy with some adult play splattered in here and there (I think NC-Exotic would work since this is a fantasy world).

The relationship between the two is open to exploration, whether The Genius ultimately forces the Witch to submit to her or they develop a more equal partnership in bed and out. But it should take some time for the two to trust one another, they've after all, hated rivals, even if they are attracted to one another.

As far as the running of the story I was thinking a shared story would work. PS, I made the ‘Genius’ a her in my request, but gender doesn’t really matter.
Oh, and I want the Witch! :)

5. The 13th Warrior So after watching the movie, I thought the idea sounded interesting. Basically a group of Norsemen in Rus are requested to come to the aid of a kingdom under attack by... something. A witch woman says that the 13th must be no Norse Man, furthermore, must be no Man. She points instead to a young warrior woman from the Pecheng people to the south and indicates she must go. Her chief orders her to accompany the Norse so she does. When she arrives in the north, what will she find? Are the attacks truly supernatural (I'd prefer if they weren't just Neanderthals like in the book)? Can she and the Norse she accompanied succeed?

6. Dragon Age Idea #2 A young mage is selected for a task (to retireve the special macguffin or investigate rumors of somesuch thing) by the circle and assigned to a Templar. The Templar exerts his/her control over the young mage as they travel. After their task is complete, word comes of the events of the circle in Kirkwall and the start of the mage uprising and Templar rebellion against the Chantry. Will our Templar simply kill their charge or use the situation to take advantage of the young woman (perhaps the macguffin is a device similar to the qunari collar which they then use to help tame her)? [bondage, slavery, non-con]

6. In Nomine (sort of) An angel and demon that had been lovers before the rebellion meet on earth. Though warned by their elders not to fraternize with the enemy, it seems fate throws them in each others path a few more times, and the feelings they once held for one another still exist. Will the Demon make her fall? Can she redeem him?

7. Elven Maiden, Human Barbarian A retread of the original that brought me here during the great exodus a long time ago. Humans are pushing into elven lands, your human finds my elven hunter/warrior/mage/whatever and for his own reasons decides to claim her. [NC-human]

8. The Sorceress' Apprentice set in a fantasy medieval world, a young woman apprentices herself to a sorceress in order to learn how to tame the magic that is flowing through her body. The Sorceress' intentions are not entirely honorable and in exchange for learning how to control the raw magic that threatens to destroy her, the young woman is forced to become little more than a slave to the Sorceress.

9. Slave Girl of Rome a young, beautiful barbarian either from one of the Germanic tribes or from the nomadic steppe (Scythian) is captured and sold as a slave to a wealthy Roman/taken as spoils by the consul. There she is trained to please her new master and shown the brutality of Rome. Perhaps she later becomes swept up in a revolt, or escapes, or accepts her fate while continuing to dream of someday escaping.

10. Cyberpunk a dystopian future where heartless corporate master dominate the earth. Basically set in a future visually similar to that of Bladerunner or the original cyberpunk 2020 rpg. A little 80s dystopian future nostalgia. Basically my char can be just about anything from street samurai to down on her luck runner. Haven't really thought out the plot on this, but I have a hankering for that sweet dystopian feel.

Others: if you have an idea that you think might spark my interest you can PM me with details. Check my o/os though, I am particular. Oh, and I like elves, like D&D style elves. I dont know why, I just do. So, bonus if the story allows me to play an elf!

PS- I don't watch anime, so anime story ideas and the like I have no idea about. I see lots of those but I'm not into it, so those are almost definitely an auto no.

PPS- I'm actually nicer than I seem in some of my posts. I'm also a little shy, so sorry if I take a bit to reply!

PM if interested!
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Re: Apple's Story Seeds
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2019, 12:53:00 am »
Added some ideas, made a few re-writes.