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Author Topic: triangle needs player for the 3rd; real-world exotic survival setting  (Read 518 times)

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Looking for a third person to start an RP with.  So far the only plot stuff we've decided is the following:  newlywed couple goes on an exotic honeymoon in a tropical setting.  The pair join a group of tourists for a guided nature trek.  During the trip, the couple gets accidentally separated from the rest of the group and left behind in a dangerous jungle, forcing them to fend for themselves and somehow find a way back to civilization.

There are two possible roles for the additional player to choose between, either 1) a fellow tourist who gets stranded in the jungle with the newlyweds and then gets romantically entangled with either the husband or wife; or, 2) a native of an indigenous tribe who encounters the newlyweds in the jungle and then gets romantically entangled with one or the other.  The character can be male or female, and the sexual attraction can be straight (between just two players' characters) or even bisexual (amongst all three, but probably predominantly between two).  Sexual hijinks are possible but would be reasonably brief, not the focus of the RP; rather, developing interesting characters and plot developments will be the goal. 

The plot of the game would follow the growing sexual tension amongst the trio as they struggle to survive and eventually escape the jungle.  We'll improvise a series of hopefully-exciting adventures for the trio to experience in the wild.  The climax of the story would involve the resolution of the romantic triangle -- does the interloper succeed in breaking up the couple?  Who ends up with who?  Do all three survive?

Anyone interested in joining will share an equal role in deciding what happens in the game.  The fleshing out of the RP with details will happen in the course of the actual posts, rather than pre-planning every story event; however we'll consult with each other by OOC or PM whenever necessary to help with the writing of the story.

Participation expectations will be negotiable and flexible, but no less than one post per week, and probably no more than 3 or 4 on average weeks; posts of at least one paragraph in length.

Contact Rick or RedEve by PM or post here if you're interested.  Don't bother writing up a character sheet yet, but you can send us brief character ideas.  Ask us any questions you like and make any suggestions about the game or about your character that are important to you.  We'll wait to see who responds and then pick someone based on looking at your writing in past posts (or your intro thread), and possibly depending upon the suggestions made by each applicant.  Thanks!

Charles Carter
The new husband
Age: 33
Bio:  Boston native Charlie Carter blew his first marriage after getting his high school sweetheart pregnant and then trying to "do the right thing" by her.  Rachel Carter (nee Rachel Jessup) never really forgave him for the broken condom that had shattered her career plans.  After little Phillip was born, she had succumbed to a nasty postpartum depression and let her looks go, binging on junk food and turning into a near recluse inside their apartment.  Charlie's self-taught culinary skills got him a full-time kitchen gig at the trendy Temple Bar in Cambridge, and he held on through six years of 70-hour work weeks, counting his night classes at the Art Institute of Boston.  The combination of his grueling schedule and her intermittent psychological health problems took an inevitable toll on the marriage, which had hardly started well in the first place.  By the time he had earned his graphic design degree and landed a spot at a rapidly-expanding ad agency, Rachel had moved back in with her parents and sued him for divorce.  Phillip's rich grandfather (Rachel's father) had been far more available and involved in his childhood, so that by the time he got to high school, Phillip refused to cooperate any longer with the court-ordered weekend stay-overs at his dad's place.  Around the same time, with her wealthy parents' full financial support, Rachel chose to discontinue alimony payments.  Charlie entered his 30s unencumbered, regretful, but wiser for the wear.  He was determined to get it right if he managed to meet another woman he thought he could marry.

Over a decade of work at various agencies got Charlie a comfy partnership at Wasserman and Partners Advertising, complete with a low-six-figure income.  It was the first time since high school that he felt he could rein in his aggressive approach to his career and allow himself to work a mere 40 hours a week ... but it wasn't long before he found himself getting bored and restless during the wide-open evenings.  Soon he was back at the old Temple Bar for a part-time cooking shift, just twice a week.  Besides keeping himself busy, it put him back into the social orbit of all kinds of cute, single coeds and twenty-somethings -- not to mention the hotties among the wait staff.

That was where he met a ravishing Lesley College senior named Mallory Van Gelder.

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Offline RedEve

Re: jungle survival fun for newlyweds plus one: seeking 3rd player
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2012, 07:55:21 AM »
My character:

Mallory Carter

Age: 23
Bio: Mallory Van Gelder was born and bred in Lowell. She was a decent student in high school, always near the top of her class without ever reaching the very top. She also partook in many extracurricular activities, amongst them drama and the cheerleading squad. Having no clear idea of what she wanted to do with her life after high school, she decided to take up an English major after being accepted into nearby Lesley College. College life suited her well, finding an ideal balance between partying and studying and passing each semester with relative ease. She also had a couple of boyfriends during this time. Her sophomore and junior years were spent in a serious relationship with an arts history major called Kevin Zanovic, but it ended badly when she caught him kissing another girl at a party. Apart from some flirtation and a few short flings, she spent her senior year mostly single.

All through college, she had been working service industry jobs to keep herself supported beyond the small amount of money her parents provided beyond her tuition. After bouncing around from place to place for the first few years, she finally found a restaurant she liked in Temple Bar. She liked the co-workers and the tips and spent her junior and senior years working there as a waitress for four to five nights a week. It was there that she met her Charles. At first she had been a bit daunted by the age difference, trying to suppress her feelings and forget about him. But in the end, her attraction had been too strong to ignore, and it had been quite obvious he felt the same. After the first night they spent together, Mallory had known in her heart she had found the man she wanted to marry, though it took them another six months to get engaged proper, and another six to tie the knot for real. After some early skepticism from her parents over her marrying a man who was ten years older, her new husband soon won over her family as well with his charm and decency. Mallory cannot wait to leave on their honeymoon and spend the first few weeks of their married life together in a tropical paradise.

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Offline rick957Topic starter

Added character info; more on the way.