An Unwanted Son (M/M - NC, EX possible)

Started by Suiko, May 02, 2012, 01:12:10 PM

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Growing up, Miles always knew that his father wished that he was different; when his mother was still with them she spoke often about how the man looked forward to having his baby girl, his little Princess... And how the arrival of a son had been the largest disappointment of their lives. She'd taunt him how they wished he'd never been born; how they prayed every night that he would be replaced by the little girl they so desired, but of course he always remained.

After several years, when Miles reached the young age of 12, his mother left. She could no longer take the strain of having to bring up a child she hated, thus leaving the care to the father; a man who wanted him no more than she did. It was when she had moved away however, that the man came up with an ingenious plan. He could have the daughter he'd always wanted; he would make Miles be 'her'.

They moved far away from the small town they lived in before to start a-fresh, buying new clothes for Miles. Pretty dresses, skirts, blouses, even bras and panties were gathered for the 'daughter' and so from that point onwards, the man re-named Miles, Miranda; instructing 'her' how to be his perfect daughter over five long years until she reached the ripened age of 17.

Of course Miranda had never had any boyfriends; he wouldn't allow it. She was his little girl, and no one would tell him any different.

I'm looking for someone to play the role of the father, whilst I play the role of Miles/Miranda. The story would be quite twisted; going deep into the warped relationship they have, and the dominating, obsessed nature of the father. Deep down he knows he has a son, and hates Miles for it, but at the same time he loves Miranda; dressing her up and making her pretty for him.

The sexual side of it would come in with the father's desire to keep Miranda 'his', and to punish Miles for not being what he wants.

I understand that it sounds a little complicated, but I'd love to discuss this more and develop it... It could be Extreme, depending on your tastes. Please PM if you're interested!
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