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Started by Aaron Divine, May 02, 2012, 12:52:54 PM

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Aaron Divine

Please check my O/O before PM'ing me about these stories.  Please PM me because I don't often check this thread. There is a link in my signature.

All games here are listed for forum RPs only. PMs might be also be an option, depending on how much I know you. This thread will be updated frequently as I think up more plot ideas and I will bump it accordingly when that happens with a small notice. I'll also list the ones that are "taken", as to not confuse anyone and having to repeat myself a hundred times.

Vampire related

How I envision a vampire: Beautiful pale skin. Strong; physically and mentally. Don't need to feed on humans to survive; it does have side effects that drinking human blood gives them strength in exchange for their sanity. Are immortal, but there is a difference in age; the young ones aren't as strong, seductive or resistant against thirst (for human blood).

My view is obviously debatable and can be easily be altered. When there's a story I enjoy and my partner would like to introduce a new power/strength/trait, I am completely open to it. As well as removing the traits I envision as well. Just keep in mind that the following plots are based off of this vision.

Plot #1

Vampire Huntress, works together with "good" vampires to keep the world clean from vampires who drink human blood. She is the first human that has been able to become a Huntress. She has a special ability that allows her to sense a vampire's presence, even if they camouflage themselves amongst humans. She is put on the hunt to track down a very strong vampire who feasts on humans regularly. She gets assigned a vampire partner (me) to help her, they had to send her on this dangerous task as vampires did not share the same ability she had; She needed the vampire's protection as humans were quite fragile. The vampire did not like her, for she was a human and thus inferior, however, he does keep trying to seduce her. She resists his advances and was able to keep him at bay. They eventually grow to like each other as the story progresses.

Plot #2

Vampires are evil and are the enemy of humans. They have controlled most of the world and only a few humans were free from their grasp. These humans warred against the vampires, hoping to seek freedom and liberty of their race. The other humans who were under the vampire's control were treated as (sex) slaves. The roles here are quite diverse, as we could play human rebels, trying to take down the vampires or go a bit interracial with a human and a vampire falling in love. With the vampire being impartial to the whole war and rather intrigued in the human's determination and strength.

School related

#Plot 1

An exchange student has just joined a new college, where he/she meets someone he/she starts to like. They both fall in love, but the past catches up with them eventually. The exchange student isn't who he/she says he/she is.. (undercover agent? No idea yet, still working on this one)

I will add more as I come up with them. Thanks for taking an interest!

Aaron Divine

Ongoing stories

The Dark Knight's Bride (Ashleebabe)

Stories that will never get done

Aaron Divine

Aaron Divine

Vampire plot 1 is available again, as the partner I was going to do it with, has stopped being interested about it.