Death Note role play (Need someone to play L for me)

Started by Yuki Lawliet, May 02, 2012, 12:44:30 AM

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Yuki Lawliet

Hello there~. I've really been looking for someone to have a good Death Note role play with me. It would be awesome if someone could Play L for me ^^.
This is basically my characters bio for whoever is interested:

Name: Yukiko Lawliet (Originally Tooru)
Age: 18
Eyes: Ice blue
Hair: White 

Yuki met L when she was 9 and he was 16. He found her when she called him, because her brother left a note before his murder with L's number. She called him franticly and he knew he couldn't turn down a murder case. L sent Watari to pick Yuki up after the call to bring to where L was staying. After meeting her, he vowed to solve her brother's murder, and keep her safe. Years later the Kira case comes along and the case of her brother's murder is still unsolved.

Thats Basically the story in a nutshell~


I can play L.

I have a question for you, though - if this is supposed to be a romance, why does your character have L's last name already?

Also - at what point in the story are you hoping to jump in? How are you going to handle L's death?

Yuki Lawliet

Really?  ;D. And yeah I was hoping for a romantic sort of Role Play o:. I was hoping to start at the very beginning of the story and maybe skip forward some? I'm really not so sure how I'll handle L's death yet.


L is so single-minded and focused on the Kira investigation that I don't think it would be in character for him to fall in love with someone very quickly - especially not to the point of marrying them and giving them his name. I suggest we come up with a way to set it in an alternate storyline where L does not die.


Just to help you both out, why not follow the movie storyline where L beats Light, but instead of having to go to the extreme of writing his own name in the Death Note, he does essentially what happens in the main storyline where Near has the user of the Death Note believe that they are using a real one when they have not. That way you have L winning as well as living while at the same time having Light die.