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Author Topic: Alexandr's Ideas [M for F]  (Read 989 times)

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Alexandr's Ideas [M for F]
« on: May 02, 2012, 12:25:54 am »
Here are my plots. I'll format it better later. I guess I prefer people to PM me if they like something. I get discouraged when 5 other people are showing interest in someone else's plot I like. This way, you won't know, and won't get discouraged. : D

Treasure Hunters
I'm getting an Indian Jones type of feel for this one.

Recent archaeological finds have unearthed hints of a cave hidden in the desert which may contain vast treasures, including a rumored genie's lamp. It takes a great adventurer to put the pieces of the puzzle together to find its location, though. As it would happen, two managed to do it at the same time, and the race between them began.
Getting there was exhausting. He couldn't take a vehicle, or any animals through the desert. If she made it to the cave after him, she'd just hide the vehicle on him or destroy it, and she'd release his animals so he couldn't ride them back. So he carried all the tools and supplies he'd need on his back, and finally found his way to the cave.
Glyphs needed translating, traps would need to be disarmed and even then some still spring upon him, and his nerves were racked for days. And at some point, he realized she was there too, but he didn't know how long she had been around. They harried each other's progress, ruining each other's equipment, laying their own traps, each hoping to reach the treasure first. It wasn't all bad, though. There was at least one predicament that he got himself into that she inadvertently released him from. And when he found her at the bottom of a pit, tossing a stake and hammer to help her climb out was the least he could do. Though maybe that would have been better after he had found the treasure...
In the end, they reached the room containing the lamp at the same time. "This is it, I suppose. Its time to fight for it", they thought. Finally, one lay on the ground, defeated. The other, delighted to have a priceless artifact, paused for a moment. "You know, s/he's really not that bad of a person, especially considering I won. And, I hate to admit it, but kind of cute, too. But the effort it took to get this was enormous. Can I really risk helping this person out of here, and losing my treasure?"

Leaving the end of the intro kind of open so there's something to work with.

Demons aren't seen in the world, but that's because if they're good at hunting humans nobody ever escapes them to tell the story. Weapons have always been useless against them, but things change during the modern era. Humans once needed to rely on steel to protect themselves, and then guns. But now, many learn to fight with only their body as their weapon. Not just for defense, but for sport. And some have gotten very, very good at it.
A man takes a trip through a remote area by his town, perhaps a distant beach or a forest or some such. A succubus finds him, and expects an easy prey. Though startled by her sudden attack upon him, he manages to engage her. And despite her unearthly charms and abilities that have taken so many over the years, in the end it just takes a determined man and his fighting skills to subdue her.
But now that he has her restrained, he doesn't quite know what to do with the succubus. He slowly comes to realize what she really is, and why she was after him. He can't let her go and allow her to prey on others, but turning her in to authorities would make him see crazy, too. And he didn't have it in his heart to end her.
Frustrated, he hides her, takes her to his home and locks her in a room, hoping she cannot escape. As furious as she is, she pleads with him not to let her starve, and to give her some of his energy. He doesn't like keeping her trapped as his prisoner, but he thinks, he doesn't really have a choice, does he?

This could probably be taken a few ways. The two could have an antagonistic relationship, where the Succubus keeps trying to drain his life, and he tries to find a solution to this problem while fending her off. She could become more complacent with him, and they develop a friendlier relationship. She might be biding her time, trying to trick him into relaxing around her. Or, whatever else you may come up with!

Quiet Girl
This one doesn't really have any plot to it. Just a character I'd like to interact with.

He only caught a quick glimpse of her face, before she lowered her eyes to the ground as she was walking down the street, but it was enough to make his heart melt. She was exactly the type of girl he always boasted to his friends that he would find, and they would mock him when he never did. A beautiful face, and her body looked gorgeous as well. He thought about calling out to her, but quickly realized "Hey, you!" was no proper way to address her, and by then she was gone.
A week later, he found his second chance, as he saw her again on the same street. This time he was sure to make his way next to her, and he tried to get her attention and strike up a conversation. Her head was tilted down, and she didn't raise it, or acknowledge he was there. "Oh.... well I hope a nice girl like you has a wonderful day." he said, doing his best to hide the dejected tone of his voice as he parted from her.
"I hate having to go out", she thought to herself. "And this guy... I haven't even done anything done for him. Why is he being so kind to me?" She sighed. "Being at home just with my books is so much simpler."
The next time, he was ready for her, at least he thought. "It has to be now or never". He waited at the street corner in front of her, hoping to get her attention this time. For all of the preparation he made, it seems he never quite paid enough attention to how she walked. Her eyes on her feet, not in front of her, she managed to walk right into him and knock them both down.
"Oh.... um.... I'm, I'm sorry."
Amazing, he thought, even her voice was angelic. Well, this wasn't how he wanted things to go, but at least he had her attention now. At least, he thought he did. She still wasn't looking at him. "This might be tougher than I thought..."

The Festival Friend
A grand festival is held in once a year in a great city, where travelers, royalty, and merchants from across the world all go to great lengths to attend. The boy's father began bringing him there at a young age, somewhere around the age of 10 or so. During one of these trips to the festival, he met a similarly aged girl, and they quickly became friends and would play together. But the problem wasn't just that they were from different countries far away from each other, and this was the only time they would see each other each year. Although they enjoyed each others' company, they didn't even speak the same language. Nonetheless, each year they would attend the festival, and find each other waiting at the same spot in the city.
As he grew up, she turned from a mysterious friend, to a childhood crush, to a true romantic interest. Where once they played, they began to go on dates, and even started to have romantic encounters. But still, they could not communicate through words, and he had certainly tried, learning different languages in the hopes that it was hers. And if he wanted to continue to pursue her, it had best happen soon. His father had been pushing for him to marry, and the beautiful girl she had become surely had many pursuers herself.

The position of each character is left open. One could be a merchant's child, the other royalty. Or maybe one comes from a criminal family, and the other has no real rank in the world. I like the idea in general of them meeting rather than these specifics.
I'd like to begin the story not too many years after they meet. I almost want to start with when they first meet, but I'm not sure I could roleplay a young child that well, in a way that is interesting. Rather than starting that early, it might be best to work out some important events that happened in the past, and begin in a place where they finally learn to speak to each other. I can see how it would be difficult to do much before that point.

Whatever You Want Of Me
I don't have a full plot for this one. Another character idea more than anything else. I like certain ideas about domination, but I hate forcing people to do things they don't agree with. This is kind of my compromise.

The male character had saved the female in some way, whether from an accident, some unruly people, or whatever you wish, and she was truly appreciative for it. She began to hang around him all the time, doing special favors for him, and just generally being kind and showing affection. He, on the other hand, had never considered what he had done anything special. It was just the right thing to do at the moment. And all her attention to him was getting pretty annoying.

She had gotten a bit frustrated at his indifference to her, and so she tried to give him an offer he couldn't refuse. She would do anything he wanted. He wasn't actually interested, but he decided that if he could take things to a level that she couldn't keep up with, she might break off her fascination with him.

He's definately going to end up making some demanding requests of her, but I'm willing to hear exactly what you'd like happening to her. My favorites would probably be making her perform different acts for him, such as letting him watch her play with herself, or having her wear a vibrator around in public.
Its up to you whether she hates this kind of stuff, and begins to be pushed away from him, or if it just turns her on and makes her fall for him even more.

I usually ignore this whenever I see it in others' posts, but I'll put it here anyway in case you're not like me. If you don't quite like my ideas but have something else you'd like to try, feel free to PM
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Re: Alexandr's Ideas [M for F]
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Added The Festival Friend and Whatever You Want Of Me.