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Author Topic: I Like Largeness...(Fandom)(Smutty)  (Read 460 times)

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I Like Largeness...(Fandom)(Smutty)
« on: April 30, 2012, 08:19:10 PM »

Looking for something quick, kinky, and smutty. It would end with a loud "Off with her head!" by the Red Queen after the Knave insists that it was the female's fault and his weakness for lovely creatures with large features (like the Queen's large head).

Having been the personal assassin to the Red Queen for years, he is generally content with the Queen's adoration of him. He liked, as he put it, largeness in women. Large heads, large eyes, large long as it was larger than normal, he seemed to have an eye for the woman. Unfortunately for the Queen, his eyes were often to stray to other women. Even after personally killing her husband because he might leave her, he couldn't always control his urges for other women. What he loved the most was women who were proportionately large (years after the this game, it would be Alice he falls for after she eats the cake to make her grow).

Every time his supposed faithfulness falters, the Queen is quick to dispose of the woman in question. Refusing to blame her darling Knave of his indiscretions.

The Queen decides to take over a new island in Underland (Wonderland) which happens to be inhabited by Giants, but only the females are giants. The men of the species enjoy spending time giving their giant woman long baths in the hot springs of their island. The Queen knows she shouldn't take her weak Knave with her to such a place, but she cannot bare to leave him behind.

Once there, he finds himself fascinated with the women. Many of them tower over even the height of what the Queen's palace would be, while others are just barely over ten feet. The relationships are a curiosity to him. The taller the woman, the more males that there are to help take care of her. None of them get jealous or angry when the woman allows more than one man to touch her or bathe her. He finds their views on mating and relationships so refreshing from what he's sort have been forced into it for the past almost twenty years.

Finding the giants and their men so peaceful, the Queen easily takes them over and takes one of the 'not-too-tall' women back to her palace to be part of her court. She is put on display for the Queen's amusement. Mostly made to stand there and show off how tall she is. Unlike Um (Alice) who would come into the Queen's court a few years later, she is not given any favoritism by the Queen. Some whisper that the Queen is jealous of her because her dear Knave has been showing affection for the tall girl. They feel pity for her because they know if the Knave acts on his wants for her, she will be beheaded.

Unfortunately for her, she misses her 'harem' of men that used to take care of her and he cannot control his urges.

Game Notes:

She would be tall enough for her to stick out from other people, but sex would still be possible between the two of them.
This game is more about the smut than the story. Obviously it will end with her head being cut off.
There will be no real romance between them. Simply her needing the affection and him wanting to satisfy his own strange urges.
While I do see the Knave as heterosexual and would prefer the game to be M/F, there are a few people I would be willing to do this as M/M with. They should know who they are. *winks*

Anyway, PM me or post here with interest.