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September 22, 2018, 05:14:26 PM

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Author Topic: TK's Lockbox- From Exotic to Extreme, system and free-form alike. (Any)  (Read 1009 times)

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Offline Blue LeahTopic starter

Hello, all! I've got a couple of plots, and I'm looking for short or long-term writing partners to help me flesh them out. As a brief introduction: I am an active (at least 3 posts a week) poster, with preferences that lean more towards the Fantasy / Steampunk / Cyberpunk end of the spectrum. I'm a lit student, and a consummate geek, so expect both high levels of literacy and lots of pop-culture references and in-jokes in my games. And finally, I am a huge fan of both Pathfinder RPG and Shadowrun, and am always happy to play games in either system. ;D

Anyways, on to the plots. Please note that some plots are fully fleshed out concepts, where others are likely to be brief blurbs, in need of a brainstorming partner before they can pick up and take full form. I will also try to denote what kind of role I'd prefer to take in the game, just to keep it varied.

Freeform Plots
--Catharsis:[/b] (Taken)Everyone has their dirty little cravings, those little web-sites you'd never show in your browser's history. But of course, the odds of actually experiencing those things first-hand are pretty slim. If that chance arose, though.... would you take it? If you had the opportunity to make all your darkest, wildest dreams a reality... would you take it, consequences be damned?
---I'm still fleshing this one out, but the basic premise is fairly sci-fi / fantasy inspired. The character(s) gets an opportunity to experience his or her secret desires in his/her own little world, either via some form of magic, VR, hypnosis, etc. Primary conflicts could stem from real-world repercussions of his / her actions, or (if done as a pairing) it could stem from a power struggle in this new, augmented reality. The door for possible themes is wide open on this one, but note that I absolutely WILL NOT include Vore, Torture / Blood, or death in this game.

--(S)She Has a Girlfriend Now: Aside from sharing its title with a Reel Big Fish song, this plot would involve a couple exploring a more consensual take on feminization, cross-dressing, and the like in a D/s atmosphere. What starts out as a one night experiment ends up taking root, growing, and changing as the couple find that they actually enjoy altering their roles this way. In this game, I would prefer my partner take the role of the "Dominant" partner, pushing the "submissive" character towards and beyond limitations that he might never have realized he had otherwise.
---Note: The title of the blurb does not limit this to an F/M game. I am willing to work in multiple directions on this one, including Futa or even having one partner coercing the other partner to join them in cross-dressing. Themes could be decided as we develop the plot.

--Misc. cravings: Pregnancy, cum-play, bondage, stretching / gaping, gagging, traps / crossdressing, transformation, monsters, Oviposition, watersports/scat, humiliation, messy sex, loss of control...

System Based Characters I want to Play
--PFRPG: A little bit of Luck: The advanced race guide is out, and I'm absolutely dying to play a Kitsune. I'd especially like to play a Kitsune Sorcerer whose spells are flavored around luck and chance; with spells like Stumble Gap and Break, it would be possible to flavor a mage who doesn't even realize he's a mage at first. Definitely would be a fun character to plot for.

--Plotlines: I absolutely adore the PFRPG adventure paths, and would be forever indebted to someone willing to run the Kingmaker, Thieves Council, or Serpent's Skull adventure path for me.

System Games I want to Run
--PFRPG: Rise of the Runelords: (Taken) I keep trying to run this game off-site, and having very little luck. I love the plot,  and the NPCs, so I'd love to give someone who can make the time and commit to it a chance to run through the game from start to finish. I'm thinking something like a 25 point buy character with max starting gold, beginning at level 1 and ending at level 15. This is definitely a long term game. The game itself has  a mix of high adventure, horror, and even some classic Lovecraft mixed in, and is comprised of 6 separate arcs. Any additional themes can be figured out one-on-one, once my partner figures out what type of character they would like to run.

--Age of Legends: I am thinking I can run one more long-term PFRPG game, providing there's interest. The game is a long-term, epic (and very unforgiving) style story, starting at level 1 and proceeding through level 18. The game takes place in the PFRPG campaign setting, about 5,000 years before the events of the Pathfinder Society's organized play modules, and is very heavily tied to the PFRPG mythos. If you're interested, send me a PM and I'll be happy to share the setting document I have prepared.

Of course, I'm always happy to sit down and work out a plot based upon characters / misc. cravings, so feel free to shoot me a PM and we can come up with something!
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Offline Blue LeahTopic starter

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Offline Blue LeahTopic starter

Added a plotline to the first post, minor edits.

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First post has been updated. :)

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Removed one old plotline, added "Catharsis."

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Re: TK's Lockbox- From Exotic to Extreme, system and free-form alike. (Any)
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