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Author Topic: Lundyn's desires, and RP ideas (F for M)  (Read 1254 times)

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Lundyn's desires, and RP ideas (F for M)
« on: April 29, 2012, 09:45:09 PM »
Rolplaying with Lundyn

Please be sure to visit my On's and offs first. Feel free to PM me with ideas of your own if something in my on's strikes your interest.

Most of what I will be looking for will be F/M with me in the female role. The sex of my roleplaying partner does not matter to me, so if you're a gal who likes to play males, or a guy who likes to play females, don't hesitate to contact me! Occasionally I may want to, or consider, playing the male role in a F/M only pairing.

I am open to F/F and F/Futa pairings, and though not all of my ideas might reflect this many are open to wiggling!

What I expect, and what to expect from me

I am only looking to RP through the forums and PM on this site. Sorry, no IM'ing or other medium not of E.

I am looking for partners who respect that I have a life outside of roleplaying. I return that respect in kind. Sometimes I may not be able to post for a few hours, or even a few days. I frequently have multiple tabs open, including multiple ones for this site, so even if it says I'm online my focus may not be on E. Also, it sometimes takes me a while to come up with a response. I like to think my characters actions through.

I appreciate anyone who comes forward to me with ideas to RP, whether they're mine or yours. I understand all too well that it is often intimidating to contact someone else. With that said, I will turn someone down if I don't care for the concept of the RP. I promise though, I'm a nice person :) I don't enjoy turning people down, but it's unfair to both you and me if I pretend I'm interested when I'm really not.

Current posting schedule

I always endeavor to reply as soon as I can. That said, currently I am most likely to post on Monday, Wednesday and weekends. Also, it can take me several hours to get said post written. My writing is important to me, as are my characters so I take my time.

Main Cravings
An uneasy alliance:

A beautiful human priestess is alone, lost in unfamiliar and dangerous territory. She is injured, mostly cuts and bruises, but is severely dehydrated. Starving and delirious she must find shelter and a source of water if she wants to survive.

A huge orc warrior is badly wounded from a battle. He should be dead, but he refuses to give up. If he dies, he is determined for it to be in a fight, not from collapsing in the middle of nowhere. Delirious from his festering wound, he does not know where he is. By pure chance he comes across a small lake with a cave nearby.

Simultaneously, the priestess stumbles upon the same lake.

In a world torn apart by constant conflict, humans and orcs are mortal enemies. The orc warrior's reaction to seeing the priestess is to attack. The priestess, too weak to defend herself expects to die. However, the orc is so badly hurt that he can barely lift his weapon. As a skilled healer the priestess is able to identify how badly hurt the orc is. Wanting to live, she does the only thing she can think of; offer a truce.

In exchange for her life she will heal and care for the orc. After which they will go their separate ways. Being near death herself, it will take several days for her to recover, and him even longer. The two enemies enter into an uneasy alliance solely for survival, but when a gentle and beautiful woman and a ruggedly handsome and honorable man are stuck together in a cave, anything can happen.


Size difference: The priestess is small, between 5'2"-5'4" while the orc is much larger at over 6'.
Large breasts/penis
Interracial sex
Sexual tension
Masturbation: Solo and mutual

General ideas

Female/Older male: Could be anything from professor and student, to boss and employee. Age difference of 10 years+ is preferred with this one.

Heroine/(M)Evil villain: A princess captured by an evil warlord/warlock, or any other combination thereof. The general plot would be dub-con turned romance (star crossed lovers kind of idea).

(F)Human or elf/(M)Dwarf: With stereotypical dwarf beard.

(F)Human or elf/Warlock and (M) demons: Idea heavily based off of WoW's demon pets. Warlock could be of any gender.

Gangbang: One female with multiple males.

(F)Human or elf/any other (M)race from WoW: For over 5 years my RP'ing was primarily done in WoW, and I love the majority of the races. Draenei or orc males get a +.

(F)Angel or human/(M)Devil or demon - Lust filled star crossed lovers.

In-depth Ideas

Any names used are merely placeholders.

Step-siblings (F/M): Their parents married while they were both small children and grew up together as any blood related siblings would. They got along, but had plenty of brother and sister head butting. John has been away at college (out of state/country) for at least four years and hasn't had much opportunity to visit home. Jane has just turned 18 and will be graduating from high school soon. John comes back home to celebrate his baby step-sister graduating from high school only to find that she's not the same awkward little girl she used to be. Jane has gone through a growth spurt and now flaunts a small waist, large hips and even larger breasts. Her clothes are more fashionable and she even wears makeup now. And even though she's not awkward anymore, at her core Jane is still the fun girl John grew up with. Only now is he fully realizing that being step-siblings means he can be with her in more ways than one.

Kinks: "Incest" between step-siblings; slight age difference of 4-8 years with the male being the older sibling; large breasts (double D to G); potential for voyeurism and mild exhibitionism.

First time for anything (F/F or F/Futa): Jane is settling into college and dorm life. Her roommate Jan is beautiful, extroverted, and experienced in life. Jane, whose sexual experience has only been with boys, finds herself strangely attracted to Jan. Jane can't help but stare at her roommate's figure, and Jan can't help but notice. Jan is pleased that her squeaky clean little roommate is taking an interest in her, because Jan likes women. In time through bonding, awkward antics, and some harmless setups, Jane allows herself to be free and give in to her desires with Jan.

Kinks: Large breasts (C to DD); strapons, futanari or both; cunnilingus; mild dom/sub ("Jan" character as dom); exhibitionism (sex in communal showers, fingering in classes, etc); toys

Locked in a tower (F/M): John the evil sorcerer wants revenge on the king of the land for banishing him. John intends to conquer the kingdom, but not before playing with the king's emotions. The king has twelve daughters and John kidnaps the youngest princess of 18 years old in the dark of night with his magic. He intends to hold Jane for ransom only to find out that Jane has not been held in favor by her father for years! In fact, John has just rescued Jane from the palace. Unbeknownst to Jane, a witch foretold her father that she would be his downfall, so for the past four years Jane has been locked away with little contact from anyone. In order to make Jane feel better one of her older sisters told Jane that it was a tradition throughout the land to lock up the youngest daughter when she was fourteen so that she could be "saved" by a brave knight. The intent of this false tradition was to identify the strongest, bravest, and most loyal men in the land. Jane believes John to be her brave knight, though she is a bit shy around him. Unfortunately, the king doesn't want his daughter back! What is John going to do with a beautiful, pure, princess who sees nothing but good and kindness in his evil heart? And might she be the key to taking over the kingdom?

Kinks: Magic use during sex; dub-con; toys; virginity

Ideas based off Bad Dragon toys

I love this website. So often I just go, browse, stare and dream. Then it hit me, with all my fantasies of these toys, I can easily make them into RP ideas! All links will be NSFW, and contain images that may be disturbing to some.

Warning: All pairings are presently F/M, though all are open to F/Futa. The female character will primarily be human or elf, though I am open to other races at your suggestion! All male characters WILL be furry/anthro or beast.

This is still a work in progress, but if anything strikes your fancy send me a PM!

The Dragon and his tongue (F/M): Of them all, this one is my main craving. The generalities of the idea and setting are very open. Modern or fantasy settings work just fine!

Kinks: Large breasts, exaggerated penis (HUGE with bumps and ridges), inter-species sex, furry/anthro, non-con, dub-con, mild dom/sub, rough sex, hair pulling, oral (lots of it!), exaggerated amounts of cum (buckets of cum, creampies, facials, etc).

The Chimera

The Wyrm

The Shark (F/M): He is your typical "bad boy", and always has women swooning over him. And for good reason! Not only is he well endowed, he comes equipped with two cocks! Both are fully functional, equally sensitive, and produce equal amounts of cum. Most women will jump into bed with him before even saying hello. But when the Shark meets a voluptuous woman who barely gives men a second thought, what lengths will he go to to get her to sleep with him?

Kinks: Large breasts, exaggerated penis (two with bumps and ridges), inter-species sex, furry/anthro, dub-con, rough sex, hair pulling, oral (lots of it!), exaggerated amounts of cum (buckets of cum, creampies, facials, etc), exhibitionism (sex in public places such as clubs, buses and trains).

The Gryphon

The Stallion (F/M): Chuck owns a small, but popular, coffee shop. He'll flirt with anyone, but in reality he only has eyes for his single employee. She's much shorter than him, but she's gorgeous. He even created a sexy work uniform for her that shows off her assets just right without being risque. It doesn't even bother him that they're different species, he just wants to bend her over the bar and make her his.

Kinks: Large breasts, exaggerated penis (large horse cock), inter-species sex, furry/anthro, rough sex, hair pulling, oral (lots of it!), exaggerated amounts of cum (buckets of cum, creampies, facials, etc), exhibitionism (sex at work), cosplay (french maid costume or other sexy/skimpy costumes).

The Tentacle Monster (F/M): Just who do these tentacles belong to? A gelatinous blob, or some time type of strange space alien whose tentacle appendages work as secondary cocks alongside his huge, bumpy, maneuverable, suction cup lined cock. Either way, when this creature comes across our gorgeous heroine, he can't help but wrap his tentacles around her body, fondle every inch of her skin and fuck her senseless.

Kinks: Tentacles (lots of them! huge, ridges, bumps, and suction cups galore. most capable of producing cum), large breasts, inter-species sex, non-con, dub-con, mild dom/sub, rough sex, hair pulling, oral (lots of it!), exaggerated amounts of cum (buckets of cum, creampies, facials, etc).

The Alien Dragon

The Breeder

Current Stories

A Queen's Search for a New Consort (Lundyn and chaoslord29): Contains anthro

A Monster Filled Adventure(ss) (Lundyn and FallenAngelNajdan): Contains anthro, non-con/dub-con

Oasis (Lundyn and Arkhos): Contains non-human

Opposite Worlds(Arcanum&lundyn): Contains non-human

An Uneasy Alliance (Staerin and Lundyn): Contains non-human, non-con/dub-con

Automatic No
The following are kinks that I will say no to. They apply to sex as well as storyline. If you are interested in these, please do not try to persuade me to "try it out". No means no.

Bodily fluids - Scat, watersports, vomiting, etc.

Extreme violence, pain, or torture - A little pain is nice during sex, but not if pain means open, gaping wounds, cutting, lots of blood, etc.

Extreme humiliation or degradation

Extreme domination - No whipping, breath play, etc. Falls in line with no extreme violence. Spanking, but not excessive, is perfectly fine.
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Re: Lundyn's desires, and RP ideas (F for M)
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2014, 04:59:27 PM »
Updated 1/22/14:

Added some new ideas!