Love and Angst

Started by Sabby, March 27, 2008, 08:23:58 AM

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A dark, angsty girl, who has a serious anger problem and is borderlining on insane anarchist, does the lights and advertisement for a small time punk rock band. Hard to get close to easily set off, she is a valuable member of the small team and for those that she likes, shes actually decent friend material, if easily spurred into breaking a bottle over your head.

Someone new gets involved (band member, technician, drifter picked up in the tour bus?) and he takes an interest in her but never gets far in making a move. Shes understandibly intimidating.

The twist is, she finds his weakness and his fumbling of words a huge attraction, and when its finally clear to her he's never going to make the move, things get interesting when she takes charge.

I wanted something a little different this time around :) I'll be playing the rebel groupy and need one love struck young man to be made her treasured bitch.




As a matter of fact, I think I can help you out here. :)

I can do bashful, so no problem there.  How "risqué" were you thinking for this, out of curiosity?


Shes a sadistic goth girl who makes him her bitch when she gets sick of waiting for him to make his move. How do you think its guna work ;)

If I have to specify though, she'll be kind of rough with him in a playful way, push him around a little (and I mean that in all ways, so it could just be dragging him around the mall and making him pay for stuff)


Sounds good to me  ;D

Poor, poor abused boy


Its a unique brand of love :)