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Author Topic: Jay's many requests....So many...but still not enough! (F seeking M and F)  (Read 865 times)

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Salutations one and all!

I welcome you fellow players of role...
Knights of English...
And wizards of words...

Please, take a seat..have a hot chocolate.

Current Status: Looking for new partners and creating new original plots.

Now would you kindly*read the rules below. Would be ever so time saving for both of us if you did.   (*Bioshock pun intended)  These rules are for the benefit of us both. Gives you a feel of what Im looking for and it protects you, so if you did not read them and do not live up to my expectations...expect to be lost in limbo. You have been warned.
Open to MxF & FxF All plots are open to both unless otherwise stated

I would like to say that my board is new and improved.
For your easy going pleasures.

Orgasming Ons
    Mandatory Traits – Do not contact me if you cannot provide me with these.
  Preferred Traits – Things I like but are not necessary

   Someone advanced in rping.
Can write least 3-5 paragraphs per intro and 3-4 per post with descriptive writing! Have a good grasp of English and grammar

  Creative with Characters, Plot ideas and twists.
Give them an appearance, a background, a past and a life.  No ‘His name is Bill and he wears red shoes’
Images are fine

  Long Term Rp!

I do like the idea of my character being particularly special to yours, if it is love or otherwise. Will be nicely returned

   Someone who can carry the Rp with me other than leaving it to me.

   Who prefers to rp by Emails (, PMs, Skype or Boards

Non Human Characters -(within reason.)
If playing an Non-Human – I would like them to have non-human gentitalia (Ribs, Knots, double/twin ect. No Barbs)

If I'm talkative and abuse the use of smilies, then I like you.

Absolutely no

People who choose to ignore these rules and waste my time!
There has been too many people I have caught out. If you cannot read my rules, then I cant expect you to read posts either

Asking me when I will reply. I have a life. I will post at least once a day minimum unless major real life difficulties
We all have a life. I do not sit waiting at my computer for replies. My posts can range from 1 to even 10 a day.

Do not message 'me with 'Im interested in rping with you'
Or anything similar. I don't need to ask you why you are interested and what ideas you have for it (plots or characters)

Do not, at an time, control my characters without my permission!
In very small ways, it is fine. For out right control and speech...I will terminate the story immediately

Ask me if our story is 'doing anything for me'. I rp because I enjoy, not to get myself off.
Im engaged. Im not writing these because 'It turns me on'. I enjoy writing alot of things and one of them is this. Its apart of life.

One-liners, Broken English & Chat Speak

Incest, NC, Sexual violence, Pain, Branding, Vore, Toilet Play or anything else that is 'extreme'
Im open to kinks as I am always looking for new experiences. But anything considered 'extreme' is a no go zone. 

For a basic outline of what I love and accept to what I would never do -   Check out that link to my Ons and Offs for 'at a glance'. But, best to talk to me about kinks directly.

- - - -- -       - - - -- -

Note: These plots are ideas only. They are not set in stone. Things can be changed and altered to suit the tastes of both of us.
The plots are categorised by its main genre.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plots that are Fantasy based

Fantasy Arranged Marriage(MxF Only)

The kingdom of Dunstarr had just repaired itself after a earthshattering war with another land. It's king has began building friendships and alliances with all settlements, tribes and kingdoms, to avoid such a war again.

The king reaches out to a tribe living in (the forest? Mountains? Hills?) and they accept his offer of peace....only if the princess weds the leaders son. The king accepts at his daughters dismay. The wedding happens at the castle, and then return home to the tribes settlement to consummate.
The son is due to become tribe leader any day now and it will bring new problems to the couple.
Others challenge him to take his place in power, as well as his honour and wife. There are attacks from other tribes and even monsters of the area.

The tribe can be anything. I came up with a free ideas-

Dragon/Griffon/monster/Direwolf taming
Dragon/Wolf humanoid

Ideally, the men need to be physically bigger than normal people in either size or muscle.
They have no sence of shame or sin so public nudity is allowed as well as public lovemaking. They have a very different culture which could be more violent.


A great pirate who stole half of the worlds fortune was killed and the location of his treasure died with him. Luckily, word is spreading among pirates that his daughter is still alive and knows the location of the treasure. You know she works in a pirate bar and you find her. After charming her into bed on your ship, you set sail with her onboard. Unfortunately, you are not the only people looking for her and little do you know...there is a curse upon the treasure.

The Unicorn Mask(MxF Only)
You are the king of a large city and you are married to your childhood sweetheart. She is constantly followed by her personal assistant, a young woman in a Unicorn mask. She is forced to wear this mask under strict orders by the Queen, your wife, and she is not allowed to take it off until her work is over, nor is she allowed to speak to you without permission. Secretly, she is falling in love with you. However, she has a secret of her own. She is an assassin from the local assassins guild. War is brewing in the north.

Real Life
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plots that are set in the modern world

Its Complicated (MxF Only)
Life is hard enough without this copious love triangle

You are studying to take over the family business (Can be whatever you want - doesn't have to be business. Could be a recording studio, restaurant or shop). You moved to another city to go to College/University. Your house/apartment is paid for by your parents. You have no time for general household chores or even cooked meals. In return for free accommodation, you offer a girl at college/university to live with you as long as she takes care of all household chores and food preparation. Naturally, you both start a physical relationship in secret. But your parents have other plans for marry your childhood friend.

Keep It Secret - From my girlfriend(MxF)/boyfriend(FxF)
Hardest thing about it one suspects anything

You've been going out with a girl/boy for a few months now. Everything is going great but for one thing. She's/He's still a virgin and too nervous to take it any further with you/not satisfying you. You try to encourage without forcing but with no result. Growing increasingly frustrated, you release all your sexual frustrations on one person and she isnt your girlfriend/boyfriend. You've always found her attractive and now you are Sex-Friends behind your girlfriends/boyfriends back. You both take advantage of any alone time together.  Feelings for each other rise in you both but you despite what you are doing, you still love your girlfriend/boyfriend and become confused with what you should do.
(She could be either a friend or someone who asked you out)

Keep It Secret - From my friends
I don't care what they think...I just can't help myself

Theres a girl you like. You've always found her attractive and by the way she looks at you, she feels the same way. However, theres one thing thats stopping you. The circumstance.  To get over this, you start having a secret relationship. You both take advantage of any alone time together.

(The circumstance could be -
College/Uni - Shes not in your clique
Work Place - Work place romance is frowned upon by everyone
House Share - Friends advise against sleeping with your room mate.
FxF - Worried of friends rejection
Or any other reason you may think of)


You can pick whatever genre of music you wish. You cant use existing bands, but you can use existing songs.

Plot 1 - You are a famous singer. You are known throughout America, but not really know in Britain. Your record label feel you need to be known to Britain as well and pair you with a female British singer to record an album together and go on tour. You may not like each other at first...but perhaps its not always needed to have a good time.

Plot 2 - Either myself or you is a famous singer/apart of a famous band. The guitarist/drummer/basest/DJ ect, has left and you/me need to find another.

Plot 3 - (MxF only) You are a famous musician. After a one night stand with a fan, she calls you a few weeks later at your hotel to tell you that she is now pregnant. Not wanting to leave her alone in her abusive relationship, you bring her touring with you.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plot that are based around the use of Non-Human characters (eg: Furries, Demons, Angels, winged, mutant ect)

New Girl (MxF only)
After a brush with death...your world got alot more interesting

Returning home from work/college. You're running, rain pouring down from the sky, soaking you to the bone. Theres something chasing you. Something horrific with violet eyes. It doesn't attack and you escape with your life.
The next day, a new girl appears at your work/college....with Violet Eyes and she's been stalking you for the past 4 weeks. Perhaps you aren't as normal as you first thought you were and to top it off...there is a demon now living with you.

There are two ways this story can play out -

1) You are apart of a greater plan to rid the world of hell bound souls leaking into the world
2) The girl becomes bound to you as a 'research' project

A Pact Maker and its Beast
and with this, I accept you to bond with my soul everlasting

Law of this world -
Along side humans are non-humans. There are just as many different types of Beasts as there are humans in the world. Some like to live along side Humans in the modern age, others like to maintain tribe life. These beasts come in all different shapes, sizes and types (the only limit is your imagination). Furries/Anthros, Demons, Angels, Animals, shapeshifters, winged humans, nekos/half animals, those with human forms and beast forms, dragons, made up creatures - The list can go on and on. Since beasts are different to humans - Human and Beast relationships or pairings are highly frowned upon.
This hasn't stopped society from exploiting it.  The Underground has a number of red light clubs dedicated to such pairings.     

On rare occasions when human and beast meet, they can choose to create a pact between your spirits. This allows the beast to tap in to some new strengthened power and the human allowed to use some of the beasts power. The Underground is just how it sounds. To each major city has its own Underground. It is under the cities and dedicated to those who have made Pacts with beasts. They have a number of events held for such people which can be anything from fights to races or sport events much like the Olympics. There is alot of money promised to winners of such events. There are events much like these on the surface but do not pay as much as is regulated. Underground events is 'Dog eat Dog'.
Underground event holders are known to keep many Beasts for their events, and even known to breed them to keep the strongest blood continuing.

The Story -
(Im much more interested in finding a male beast to my female human, or a female beast to my female human. Maybe willing to switch for myself to be the non human) Bond already made, no first meets.

Modern - My character works from home in a small apartment and she struggles to meet the rent. But the story will revolve around their making money into fortune. This can be achieved by taking on the Underground, competing in the surface events or perhaps another means (filming their pairing for a website for money) or even a mix of all of them.
New characters can be introduced as and when. I plan to add a few for tension, twist and drama.   Welcoming ideas and happy to brainstorm and discuss. Can also be put into house share or College situation.

Medieval - My character is a self proclaimed treasure hunter. The sight of jewels makes her weak at the knees. Her beast is her perfect partner. Their story can revolve around being Mercs, thieves, an assassins guild or anything else we can think of.

My Super Natural Boyfriend/Girlfriend

I am college student either living at home and soon to move into a small apartment. I struggle with the rent and am always bulked down by studies. A few months ago while drinking with my friends, I played and won a card game with a stranger. My prize…a life long partner. You were presented with, what would now be your life long partner and he/she now lives with me. Problem is, he/she’s not human!
Am expecting a shapeshifter here. To shape shift into many things with one true form or just two forms (An animal/object and main form). Story will revolve around the problems with trying to hide him/her and all its awkward, funny loveliness.

Can be role reversed for myself to be the partner (You can be loyal to her, or not. You can keep her to yourself, or not. Its up to you what you do with her)

Rich Man's Slave
(Can be Role Reversed into Rich Woman’s Slave for myself to be Dom)

Since the 60s, the Pentagon have been conducting underground experiments on humans and animals, taking children from orphanages to use in their work. All failed until the early 90s, and they managed to start keeping their creations alive by genetically modifying them. This led to the creation of many new races.  Of course there were medical complications which took them into the the early 00's to fix, and the fruits of their work became healthy beings. The government then came clean about their experiments and tried to introduce this new race into the world and they were instantly rejected by 95% of the world. Human rights protests broke out and blamed them for playing God. They needed to get rid of these beings and the human rights laws prevented them from 'putting them down'. So, they sold them to people willing to buy them and also buy them out of the credit crunch. You, have just inherited your fathers home grown business and you want to expand on it and make it bigger. Everyone has their own deep dark fetishes and you plan to play on them. Your new non-human pet loves you deeply for it and wants nothing more than to make you happy. You use her and 'pimp' her out to potental business partners. Have her sit by you as you barter and everyone takes the bait.

You could also buy a male and exploit them both if you wish to play furry to.

Hail My God

Expect - Horror, action and adventure. Mainly for Medieval Fantasy but can switch to Modern on request.

Its very basic but an overal overview of the plot is that the main religion of the world is worshiping Saint August. A person, gender and age unknown, is said to have once brought peace over the realm and his/her journey of world peace was all recorded in a book donated to the Church of August by an unknown, hooded individual. Anyway, thousands of years has passed since that day and the legend of August is now worshiped worldwide, hoping that one day the fabled Saint will return to the planet to bring back the peace he/she once brought to the world.

However, there is a rival church. The House of Aragos. It had long existed before August but since the 'teachings' of August were introdused, the House has somewhat been shunned. Aragos is the name of the 7 deities that exist along side the planet. Unlike the fabled August, these deities are able to desend onto the mortal plane as long as they bound to someone. In order for the beings spirit to be intertwined with the deities, he/she must sacrifice something. It cant be another person, a place or a must be something from ones own body. Sight, Taste, Emotion, Mortality ect. Once the pact is made, it is impossible to hurt eachother physicully and emotions are somewhat shared, or at least feel what the other is. The lesser being can share some of the deitys unearthly powers as long as the deity allows it. The pact can be broken at anytime with the consent of both, or can be forcefully broken by the Altar of Aragos, however done...the sacrifice is lost to the lesser being forever.

A great doctor resided in the biggest church of August. He was known throughout the world and proclaimed his gift was from August to help bring peace once more. However, the doctor was obbessed over death. If his gift was given to him by god, then why was he unable to heal everyone? In secret, the doctor studied the lost art of Necromancy and claimed to the world that August had given him the power to cure death itself. People from all over the world brought their dead to him and he resurected them one by one. However...he could only give life to the body as an empty vessle. He could not return the soul. Although the dead walked, that was all they remained. They still began to rot from the inside out but Doctor later proclaimed that he was infact August incarnet. He created sick and twisted beings from the parts of other animals and humans and brought life to them, claming that he had created another race or animal. The powers began to twist his soul and soon began to rise bones from the soil. He desended into Madness and retreated deep into the mountains where he contiues his sick obbsession, and his determined to bring peace to the world by taking away the living and bringing them back as mindless dead.

Either myself or you can be the deity (would rather it be you).

Experiment 6063

Aliens have been watching our life for years and the result of it is numbered experiments, have created humans. Finally one has been a success and so much so, has slaughtered her masters and creators and sealed away in a pod. You have been sent into space to pick up this unidentified pod and bring it back to earth. She takes the first person who she saw once she came around from her coma is you, and you are now, is her new master.  Her memories are slowly returning and will be back to normal in a few days. She has the ability to bring earth to its knees, but she needs your command to do so. Will you hide her from the government or take earth into your own hands? She is apart of an even bigger Government scheme.

The Saint Azura
The statue of the angel, Azura, is one of the most famous holy images in the world. A legend surounds it. The angel gave her life to seal away all the evil beings in the world, to ensure that only gods creatures walk the earth.
However, it's only half right. The angel has no significance to anyone who ever existed. The story comes from the being inside the statue. A demon, summoned from the void by a clueless Satanist, threatened the world for many years. Azreala stole souls of the living to use as currency in the void. A priest grew tired of her hellraising  and vowed to stop her for good. He sealed her in an old church and a battle took place that raged violently into the night. Although slowly dying from the wounds the demon had inflicted on him, he saw a moment of weakness in the creature. With his dying breath, he sealed her within the statue of the angel along with every other evil non human. His brothers created the story to protect the statue. If any careless person was to awaken her, the terror may start all over again.
The only way Azreala can release herself, is by connecting her soul to a human. This allows her to remain on the mortal plain. However it does mean that she isn't in full control of herself, the human is. Only the pact maker can control her powers, allowing her to use it or not. He also shares this powers and his mood greatly effects his demon. With the release, comes the release of everything else inhuman.

M+S & D+S
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plots that involve Master + Slave / Dom + Sub play.
I will play willing slaves and expect the same back

Your Maid

Its been lonely for you. Alone at home with your fortune (either by a business you own or by inheritance). You hire a live-in maid to help around the house/apartment but you have more in mind. She becomes your personal sex toy.
Ideas: Maybe you entertain alot and she becomes an 'after dinner treat'.


You are a business man/woman, you own a large company of whatever you want, and you have a large building which your office is the very top. You are married, but stopped sleeping with your wife/husband about a year ago, and you are looking for a new Personal Assistant / Receptionist for your top floor office. You interview one girl and give her the job. You have more interest in her than just her skills. You treat her as you please, weather that be, keeping her under your desk sometimes, or sexual torturing her by making her wear vibrating panties, or a love egg, and controlling it from your desk, while she sits at hers on the desk in front of your office.
You dont have to 'fall in love with her' but you do care about her more than your own wife/husband, and give her presents and even take her on holiday and business trips. But what happens when your wife/husband gets suspicious?
(Doesnt have to be office based - Could be a shop, hotel (abroad or at home) or even could be your maid or personal assistant.)

Business Bait

You have just started a business and you have high hopes to what it will become and you need investors. Instead of putting on a usual pitch, you instead give you company details then offer your first employee as a toast to new partnership. She is and has been living with you and has been your personal slave for awhile, but now you are using her to barter with. After enough investors, you look into buying out businesses in just the same way.
She will sit next to you during meetings as your pet. Inbetween meetings, she will be your PA.

My gang

There is a leader of a powerful gang (thieves, assassins ect) and many want them dead. This plots needs two roles - The Leader (Master) and its Right Hand Man/Woman (Slave)

Non-Human - My Gang

Requires two roles: Demon Deity (Master) and Right Hand Man/Woman (Slave). The Deity is powerful and the Angels want them dead. The deity has many demonic slaves but one out ranks them all, its Right Hand Man/Woman. It does anything the Deity wants - Pleasure, tasks...anything.

Anime/Manga, Video games and Movies
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Plots thats are in or based on the universe of a popular Anime/Manga, Video game or Movie.
OCs desired.

Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 & 10 (MxF only)

Im looking into rewriting, yes....rewriting the whole plot to Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 and 10.
The main two will be played by our own creative OCs.
The timeline of the story must be played out, but you can change the events within it. This may cancel out other events in the story, but its okay as long as the majority of the story is played.
Either parts can be played by either gender, but the pairing must be MxF.
Our OC doesnt have to be in anyway like the characters!!! They are up to you! (However, if you wish…you can play the cannon, you can or have and different character but with the same characteristics as the cannon)
7, 9 and 10 are muched craved.
Get creative!!! I am happy to discuss anything with you. All ideas are IDEAS only. Nothing set in stone.
Please PM me with the form below so we can get brain storming.

Cloud and Tifa’s roles to be replaced by our own OCs
Would prefer Tifa’s role

Ideas and examples -

It starts off with both of our characters at Nibelhiem as teenagers, saying goodbye as you are off to Midgar to join ShinRa (either to join SOILDER or be a Turk or whatever. Perhaps you made it to SOILDER as Cloud didnt)
Skips ahead in time a few years to you with Zack in ShinRa when you discover your childhood friend sitting in the mess hall (who is also employed by ShinRa). You havent seen her since Nibelhiem. So after a happy and hopefully sexy reunion, we'll brief on the mission that lead to Zacks death (Maybe you didnt get Mako poisoning as Cloud did).

So after all that, now into the game. Maybe you didnt join AVALANCHE and went to destroy the reactors on your own accord, with your childhood friend, in revenge for Zack maybe? This would knock Barret, Jessie, Biggs and Wedge out of play (Which would also cancel out the Dean event in the Gold Saucer, but thats okay...its not a interesting part in the story anyway.)
During the last reactor, you fall into the Slums and meet Aeris and bring her with you, creating that love triangle. (Maybe our two were in a relationship which you stopped because of your interest in Aeris, but overall, love your childhood friend. Maybe you always go to do something with Aeris and then end up doing it with my characer because its her you love)

Blah blah blah. It was my character dressed up in the WallMarket and not Tifa. Blah blah. You get it.
You still have that choice to take either Aeris or my character on a date in the Gold Saucer, or both at different times.

Squall and Rinoa's part will be replaced by our own OCs
Would prefer Rinoa’s role

Zidane's role will be replaced by OC. Garnet doesnt have to be, the OC can just be an 'add-on' to the team.
Wouldn’t mind either role

What if the plan wasn’t to steal the Princess but to steal treasure or money? This would leaving the summoning power left to what would be Garnet’s role. Zidane’s role would have to be in someway non-human for the story to work out, but doesn’t have to be a tail. Could be other animal features or neko like or even an anthro.

Tidus and Yuna's part will be replaced by our own OCs
Would prefer Yuna’s role
It has to follow the same timeline as the game, so it would have to be Sin in order for it to work.
But it doesn’t have to be father, it could be a sister, brother, mother even that is Sin. Maybe you didn’t hate him/her either or maybe that even Sin is an aeon or maybe even Seymour himself.
Perhaps even you had been in Spira for a while before coming to besaid.
Yuna and Tidus took too long to get together so we’ll speed that up either by having a secret affair or an open relationship.

Please can you PM or email me with the following form-

What Final Fantasy – 7, 8, 9, or 10?
What role you wish to play:
Ideas for your character:
Any ideas for the story:

Happy to brainstorm!

Fus-Roh-Dance! A Skyrim Musical
Partying hard in Skyrim

With the awesome release of the new Skyrim Dance Mod for pc...everyone now is getting down with their bad selves...even the Graybeards are busting some pretty serious moves. Ive desided to take this new Skyrim craze and arrange a Skyrim Musical plot.
The plot is as follows -
Rukka, a 25 year old Nord, as been a Silencer for the BlackHand for the past 6 years. Shes uneager to advance in the ranks and recently passed a promotion to another member. Her heart calls to explore Skyrim to find treasures and ruins to become legendary. However, she is torn. Rukka loves Sithis and loves her work. She will remain loyal to the Daedra for as long as she lives...and even in death but it has been causing her extreme loneliness. Shes not alone however, her heart is shared with the love of her life - A shadowscale, Katai. They became partners after she reached Silencer. They fell in love and married under Mara but people around her, even her Dark Brotherhood brothers and sisters judged her. It only caused her more loneliness. During a mission, Katai lost his life. His dying wish is his friend watches over his beloved, but the only way he can do that, is take him with her on his adventures through Skyrim.

he musical part of it is up to us. You can use pre-existing songs and change the lyrics to match the Skyrim world. I have an intro written up using two Muse songs, (Supermassive Black Hole and Map of the Problematic) Ive chosen them because I feel it matches Rukka's love for her job and the other matches her loneliness in her job.
However, there are rules.
The characters cant react to the musical number after its happened.
They can be any song. (Rap, rock, pop...anything) but the character must be singing it.
The song must match the event. (If someone is dead, you dont burst into Hammer Time)
I give permission to control my character during the musical number, and during that time ONLY. eg: If you want my character to act, dance or sing in apart of your music.

Here is an example - 'Everyday im Dovahkinn' (Everyday im Shufflin) = Everyday I'm Dovahkiin (now with subtitles!)
I dont expect every word changed to fit Skyrim like this, just whatever you feel.

Tekken - King of Iron Fist

You can be an existing character or an OC. (Up to you how you play this, wether you are playing for money or to settle a score or...whatever you want)

The King of Iron Fist Tournament is back and its prize is 100 million. You are a talented hopeful, sitting on the plane to Japan, where the first few rounds are being held. You are presented with a ribbon you must wear around your neck. As soon as you step off the plane, and collect your bag, the preliminaries begin. You can challenge whomever you wish and must retrieve his ribbon in order for you to continue on to the hotel. Those left without, get back onto the plane.

You pick a weakling for an easy fight, and target a young woman who looks out of place. When you challenge her, she gives up her ribbon to you without a fight and announces that she must have gotten on the wrong plane, because she was here to route on a friend. She takes great interest in you after she watches you fight and becomes your die hard fan and pesters you non stop. No matter how hard you try to get rid of her, she always comes back. However, you are not interested in are more interested in the masked women who can hold her own in a fight better than most men.

Pokemon and Pokemorphs

I have two plots, the first im craving more than the second.

First being, I play an explorer. She studies Pokemon in the wild and reports her findings in notes which is favored by many Pokemon Profs. However, it all changes when she is out exploring one day. The pokemon (you), takes interest in her. He's been unsuccessful in finding a mate in the area and redirects that attention to the explorer. During her camping trip to different areas, the pokemon followers her but other pokemon start to redirect their sexual frustration onto her...which she welcomes with an open body.

Second plot, Pokemon (or in this case Pokemorphs) battles is considered creilty and was made illegal, unless under Pokemon League supervision. The only battles that now go on is underground, free from the law. The only battles that now go on up on the surface is gang battles. Pokemon gangs have slowly begun to take over each town. Each gang leader owns that town's pokemon gym and surprise surprise, they dont all abide by League rules. If another gang invades anothers territory...all hell breaks loose. Unorthorized battles partisipate in all corners to protect their turf.
Underground is an unoffical League called the 'Under League'. People here bet on pokemorph fights. Those who are fighting are all wanting one thing. To be crowned Master of the Under League. Most likely, Gym Leaders are also in on these Under League fights. Team Rocket is head of the Under League.
Pokemon based narcotics are also being sold on the blackmarket as well as back alley clubs devoted to gentleman's pleasure with only Pokemorphs for their staff.

Along with all this. People still go out on their journeys and partisipate in the odd illegal battle to train while traveling. Who knows, you might even see legendaries.

Or we could both be Pokemorphs, frolicing around in the regions. Legendaries welcomed to be played.

Willing to brainstorm!!!
I would prefer to play a pokemon

Up to you who you want to be.
My pokemon
Trainer & its Pokemon
Anothers Pokemon
Innosent Trainer
Gym/Gang Leader
Gang member
Under League partispant.
A Pokemorph

Pokemorphs I wish to play -
1) Raichu      2
2) Vupix then Ninetails
3) Luxray     2
4) Arcanine     2
5) Eevee to Espeon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Glaceon & Leafeon


Would like to play out either the First or Second series plot. Would prefer for you to play my Digimon, but roles can be reversed or doubled with myself playing a human and Digimon and you doing the same.
First series - My character is sent into the digital world to save it from the Evil Digimon and the Black Geres.
Second series - Able to travel back and forth from Digital world to rid it of the Black Spires the Digimon Emperor has created

Assassins Creed
To be set during Brotherhood

Im looking for someone to play either Ezio or an OC or both for this plot, as well as temps and other canons that will be shared with me. You will need two characters for this – A 2014 character and a 1500s character so yes...we will be using the animus.
It will start off with my character infultrating Abstergo to bust you out. You can have been there Long Term or Short Term. Anyway, my character frees you, killing security as we go. Our small team transports us to Italy to hide out inside a Theives Guild building, where we set up shop.
We will each take turns using the Animus and flirt and whatever else happens
The bleeding effect will happen here! So, they will take on their ansessors skills to join your fellow assassins against Abstergo!
(If you choose to be Desmond, this would be reversed to Desmond breaking my character out of Ubstergo)

Our 1500s characters would have been around during Brotherhood, so you can take some of events from the game and claim you were apart of it or working behind the scenes.
5 years after the events of Brotherhood, it has come to light that a new religious cult group is said to hold the Shroud of Eden, the cloth that has been in many hands including Mario and Giovanni Auditore, Jason(and the Argonauts) and even Jesus Christ.  It was taken from Cesare Borgia after his death and thus has spawned this cult. The Shroud has been used to heal wounds of varying severity, mending injuries ranging from stab wounds to birth defects. It speaks in an almost kind voice that constantly offers healing, and urges its users to not believe in their own frailty. However, it is also known to cause severe hallucinations, and in extreme cases, can also seem to tear a person from the inside out.
The leader of this cult has come to his knees to these hallucinations and believe the figure in them is a god called St.August. He built his own church and only the strongest of people are allowed to join, those who don’t are butchered in the name of August. Their name is quickly getting around Italy and their promises are luring people to join.
Missions and events are up to us to make up along the way
The years will work much like Assassins Creed 2 worked, jumping into random years that the events occured. So as the two Assassins relationship blossoms, they could very well get married, have children or own a home...anything, between the years that nothing happens, so that is a possibilty for some character development.

Abstergo Security Dossier
Re: Subject 19
Name: Lain McKenzie
Age: 23
Nationailty: White - British
Occupation: Zoo Keeper
Known Location: Unknown

Subject was detained and exposed to prolonged Animus sessions from months May-Aug 2012. Subject escaped by the help of persons unknown, but beileved to have, in their possession, an Animus. Currently searching for her whereabouts to detain her under maximum security as she is vital for our achevement of our long term goal as her ansesstor came in contact with the Shroud of Eden.
Her known ansesstor is Luisa D'Luca, an assassin who owns 'La Rosa Orchidea' in Venice. A brothal that serves as a Assassins 'HQ' behind the scenes.
Bring back the subject alive.

Fallout 3/New Vegas

(I have a pre-made female character. No I will not play a ghoul…>.<)

My character is an interesting one and the cause of many laughs, and if you work well with her, the rp can be lots of fun. (That doesn’t mean being the same as her).
Surviving in the wastes on your own is tough, and especially when become highly radiated resulting in agonising headaches. Only Radx stops them. However, if left, these mutant headaches have psychokinesis abilities which she thinks are hallucinations caused by the pain. Although skilled marksman with small weapons, if there was a way to choke on rice…she’d find it.  She is a Pseudo-Nutcase. Insane in the brain? Not as much as you think. Its merely a defence to get the jump on you. A fools intelligence? Or just someone very silly?

You are a greatly feared Merc with a great bounty on your head. You take shit from no one and do not hesitate to kill a man that look at you the wrong way. You like bars were you often drink yourself into blackouts and find yourself indulging in the local girls, however many are willing. You are a skilled gunman and know how to survive. The only commitment you are used to is the commitment to complete a job to earn your caps…that was one day, you stumble on a woman who will become your self proclaimed partner and your life will never be the same again.
Reports of mutants over running settlements and more and more are braving into the wastes.

You are allowed one perk from the game series to be added to your character.

Bioshock Re-written

Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?

'No,' says the man in Washington, 'it belongs to the poor.'
'No,' says the man in the Vatican, 'it belongs to God.'
'No,' says the man in Moscow, 'it belongs to everyone.'

I rejected those answers. Instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose...


A city where the artist would not fear the censor,
where the scientist would not be bound by petty morality,
where the great would not be constrained by the small.

And with the sweat of your brow, Rapture can become your city, as well...

   "Good evening, my friends.
   I hope you are enjoying your New Year's Eve celebration; it has been a year of trials for us all.
   Tonight I wish to remind each of you that Rapture is your city. It was your strength of will that brought you here, and with that strength you shall rebuild.
   And so, Andrew Ryan offers you a toast.
   To Rapture, 1959.
   May it be our finest year."
   ―Andrew Ryan

First of all, it will be set during the Party at the Kashmier Resterant. Although dressed in higher class clothing, you are actually from lower/working or middle class. Enjoying your time mingling with the higher class and watching the nights entertainment, a budding young startlet. When she comes down from the stage, you both get talking and hit it off really well.

However, after the countdown...the new years riots begin and, In the name of Atlas, the lower class begin to attack the higher class. You both escape together but quickly seperated in the action.

2 years later, after all the events in your life after the riots, you deside that enough is enough and you embark on a journey through the broken down ruins of Rapture to find a way to the surface. When arriving at the Medical Palivion, someone is already there...someone you had presumed was dead for the past 2 years.

Together, you take on Rapture head first and everything that comes with it. Plasmids, Tonics, Big Daddies, Little Sisters, Splicers of all shapes and sizes. All to find that coward, Andrew Ryan and turn Rapture back on again. But there is still another threat, he whom calls himself Atlas...Frank Fontaine.

After killing them they escape? Or begin Rapture all over again

Set in first series

Have no plot but would like to try it out and the possibility of duelling. Perhaps a tournament much like Duelist Kingdom. Would not be able to duel each other but can fill in for enemies.


1) Squads have been reduced to 2 and its time for ours to take on the Forest Of Death. (or similar)

2) Play as two Jonin mercs whom offer lower prices for jobs than villages. They are constantly hunted by their respected villages.

3) There is war, but a different kind of war. Instead of all out attacks on each other, a wager was produced. Each village would put forward their strongest to compete against each other in challenges and fights. This way, innocent lives are protected and the village remains intact. If the challenged village disagrees, then the destructive war begins. Its backing villages into a corner to accept. 


To re-write story with our own OCs in place of Inuyasha and Kagome.

Or whole new story. The Shicon Jewel has been resurrected and the fight of demons is about to begin as it has done before. In a big all out war for it, it is smashed once again.

Picture Plots
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One more time - None of these plots are set in stone. They are only ideas. All are changeable and adaptable to suit us both. Feel free to add your own ideas to them.