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Author Topic: RP ideas: NC, fantasy, non-dice player x GM style with at least a decent plot  (Read 4238 times)

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I am only in the mood for RP's with a well thought out plot.  I know in my on/offs I list two kinds of RPs, but I'm sick of the smutty method 1, at least for now.  So either it's pure plot, or there is some really good plot with the smut.

Post Length: 2-3 Paragraphs, more is possible, but not less (unless not a lot is happening in post, then one paragraph).  Can do more, and can be several posts with more, but an average/minimum of 2-3-ish

For a better idea, check my sig, otherwise, this is the basics.  And just because I put something in ons, doesn’t mean I’m always hoping to include it in every RP.
Already mentioned Ons: NC, Humiliation, Blackmail, Kidnapping, non domination style dom/sub
More Ons: Bondage, breast play, sex toys, ripping off clothing, clothing, flexible females
Offs: bdsm, scat, vore, obese characters, giving anal as male (receiving as female okay, giving with strap on okay), godmodding
Settings: ALL of them.  Just no mystery.
Characters: Dynamic, develop as the RP goes on (may be some exceptions)

About NC, unless otherwise stated, NC means the victim doesn't want it, but secretly likes it.  Even if they don't want to like it.

My cravings right now: A player (fem) x GM style RP, where one person plays one character, and the other plays everyone else around them.  I'm open to playing both roles, and would rather, play one RP of each (or more, but at least one RP with each role).  For the GM I would like to post a picture for each slightly important character that is introduced.  Someone who will be in for 4  posts.  This applies to me as the GM, or anyone who wants to be the GM also.

I've listed a lot of pictures at the end of the RP, if any of them strike your fancy, let me know.  Any pictures listed below are simply suggestions, not required to the RP.

Specific Plot Ideas

Title: Last Heroine Standing
RP type: Player (heroine) x GM (everyone else)
Possible Kinks: Torture, NC, Switch, Humiliation, Fandom crossovers, Character Death, Physical Domination, Clothing Damage, or, smutless plot
Possible Themes: Fantasy, Romance, Betrayal, Epic
In a fantasy world of swords and magic, a tournament is being held only open to females, and the winner gets whatever they wish they want granted.  Our story's heroine has her own wish (can be whatever, but an example is her village needs protection from a neighbor force who threatens to conquer them).  She intends to do whatever it takes to save her village.

The rules are simple, be the last one standing.  Each victory comes with a choice, to simply kill them, NC, or humiliation, to let them go, to enslave them, or for magic users, to drain them of their life.  This can work both toward the player or GM's favor, as I don't want the player or GM winning every battle. 

And even more interesting (to me at least) is the possibility of including many different fandom characters.  And they can be dominated or can dominate depending on situation/preference.  Maybe... Tifa from FFVII?  Rikku from FFX?  Lara Croft?  Xena?  Princess Jasmine?  Yoko from Lagann?  Lucy from Fairy Tail?  Hitomi from DOA?  Sophitia or Talim from Soul Calibur?  Pretty much anything is fair game!  Could be fun.  Even better if we can mix in elements of betrayal.  Perhaps someone who appears friend betrays her to win.  Or whatever.

I have an idea for those who run the show.  A warrior of great talent who leads the Crimson army that enforce the rules of the game.  A loyal witch who is always beside the warrior, and a silent assassin who plays behind the scenes for the general's amusement.  I also have an idea where the heroine has an identical sister in the tournament.  Either as a known rival, or as a friend (betrayal opportunity).
Let me know if you want to do anything specific so we can set it up.

Title: Escape from the Witch's/Succubus' Castle
RP type: Kidnapped Player (heroine) x GM (everyone else)
Possible Kinks: Torture, NC, Humiliation, Physical Domination, Clothing Damage, Birthing to monsters species who rape her (almost immediately)
Possible Themes: Fantasy, Subernatural, Adventure, Psychological horror, Revenge, Slave breaking

An evil witch, or a succubus, kidnaps a beautiful girl as her plaything.  Probably an adventurer or something.  Someone who can defend herself and isn't completely useless in a fight.  Can kidnap for revenge, to teach her a lesson,  or simply because she fancies her and wishes to break enslave her.  This can go a number of ways.  Either the kidnapped player tries to escape, running through a series of gauntlets and foes with erotic events and traps awaiting her,  or even better she actually does escape, but is hunted by the one who captured her, further angry from her escape.  Then the chase would continue in villages, forests, or caves along the way.  It would be best if there was a lot of back and forth.  The witch or succubus or their forces has the upper hand, some smut or something similiar, but then the heroine escapes, or kills those who hurt her... only to come across another group, but maybe she wins that time.  stuff like that. 

Also a possibility for this idea is birthing.  But not the nine month pregnancy kind.  Say a monster, a gnoll for example, rapes her, but with magical seed that forces her to birth it soon.  her insides would spasm, cause both pleasure and pain, and she would orgasm, and simultaneously give birth to another gnoll.  Not necessary at all,  but if you're up for it let me know it might be worth trying.

Title: A Psychic Craving
RP type: F (victim) x F (psychic best friend)
Possible Kinks: Heavy Humiliation, NC, Betrayal, psychic manipulation: Forced orgasms in public, clothing tampering, minor mind control (no godmodding)
Possible Themes: Supernatural, Psychological, maybe develop to romance, or a dark romance

High school or college theme.  A girl has psychic powers and a lust for her best friend (pic).  She decides to use her powers to feed her lust.  Since she has a thing for public humiliation, that happens quite a bit.  Clothing malfunctions, stimulating sensitive areas, tampering with her mind to sort of push her to do things she wouldn't normally.  So on so forth.  In class, at pool parties, maybe sports or school events.  PE class and locker rooms.  The victim starts to think she is haunted and falls into the arms of her best friend, in which the psychic decides to push it farther, to embarrass her further and drive her friend further into her arms, being the only one who doesn't 'laugh' or 'gossip' about her.  Remaining her only true friend.  The psychic decides she wants her friend forever, and through her tampering pushes the friend to fall in love with her through dependence.

Optional: For a darker RP more NC-smut based, could include some rape elements.  Maybe the psychic pushes people to fuck her, maybe even record it for further humiliation.  Could also push teachers to do it to make it worse, or family for those of you with family related kinks.

Title: A Twisted Quest
RP type: Player (heroine) x GM (everyone else)
Possible Kinks: NC, Humiliation, Torture,
Possible Themes: Fantasy, Adventure, Epic, maybe even late romance or slave breaking, your call

A princess/priestess/heroine/sorceress, whatever, sets out on an adventure.  Still open for discussion.  But as an example, let's say she is destined to defeat an evil queen/sorceress.  So she sets out to do so, but the evil queen or witch has legions of foes at her disposal, all loyal to her.  Well, mostly.  Many of them are more interested in having some fun with the heroine before they turn her in.  I do not want this to be too full of smut.  it will be here and there at best.  But there will be some.  Anyway, so she gets caught now and then, sometimes she doesn't, they play with her, some try to turn her in whatever.  There is a bounty on her head so she can't even trust the civilians sometimes.

Later, she meets the queen/witch.  Either she arrives to her, or is captured and brought there, but the queen or sorceress... let's just call her the witch, even though she doesn't have to be.  The witch sees her and has other plans.  Instead of killing the heroine, she plans on making an example of her.  Displaying her as a trophy.  From here, there are a few ways to play it.  We can shift it to a romance, or a broken romance (the heroine's spirit is broken and she loves like a slave), or we can just have the witch break her and enslave her, or the heroine can escape and the adventure can be resumed.  Your call really.  All sound like they could be fun to me.

Title: Not Open yet: In Progress
RP type: Player x Player, or Player x GM
Possible Kinks: NC, Humiliation, Public Humiliation, Physical Domination, Enslavement
Possible Themes: Fantasy, Modern, Sci Fi, Fandom
The King is desperate, they are fighting a war, and losing.  A warrior who can fight tens of hundreds of others alone arrives, and as payment of his work, he or she is allowed free reign over the kingdom to do anything they want.  Unfortunately for those he fancies, he is free to abuse whoever he wants with no consequences.  If he wants to strip a girl in public, he can.  If he wants to have his way with them, he can.  He can do anything he wants, and no one can stop him.

Depending on how we want to do this, we can have a favorite who he decides to dominate, or he can dominate multiple people in multiple situations with one person playing the submissive role.  Fandom characters possible if multiple characters.  This idea needs editing.  So I'll probably finish it later.

Title: Not Open yet: In Progress
RP type: Player x GM
Possible Kinks: NC, Humiliation, Betrayal, Torture
Possible Themes: Fantasy, Adventure, Epic

A warrior woman in a sword/magic high fantasy setting has remarkable combat skills, and uses them to form a powerful bandit group.  As leader, she organizes raids and extorts villagers so on so forth.  RP starts with a war between her bandits and another clan.  GM controls important allies ad well as enemies.  I imagine, guardsmen would occasionally fight them as well.  And GM has potential to control plot and involve elements of betrayal or whatever else.

Also can be a straight RP, or a kinky one.  With the warrior woman getting captured, played with, tortured (mostly sexually), humiliated or whatever else.  Maybe some romance as well, might prefer FxF depending on whether I play the warrior or the GM.  Depends on other elements I guess.  How kinky the RP is or if there is a good plot idea.  If it is a straight non NC rp, then I require FxF.  Otherwise it's optional.  If there is no NC, I also demand a good plot.  Otherwise a decent plot is acceptable with NC.

Please ignore this.  Mostly keeping it for reference.

Unnecessary On
Another On, one that's tougher to explain.  Not a must at all, but if you're interested let me know.  Basically, it's a sort of monster pregnancy, but not a nine month one.  Example: A gnoll rapes a heroine and then leaves, the heroine weakened and on the floor, goes through painful yet pleasurable contractions in small fits, thirty seconds of peace, ten seconds of spasm, it forces an orgasm and eventually causes her to give birth to a gnoll unaffected by her own genetics.  A suspension of disbelief is required.  Don't want the birthing to be too realistic.  I know.  Weird.

Specific Ideas
Finally to the main event.  This will be specific ideas I want to try.  I’m open to playing each RP more than once, preferably as the other side of the RP, but not necessarily only as the other side.  So ask away!  All pictures just ideas, not character appearances forced on anyone else.  I might even change my mind.  I’m open to which role to play in each one, so please tell me which role you prefer if you reply to one of these plots.

Escape the Castle
Character roles: Kidnapped girl x everyone and everything on the way out
Themes: NC, Kidnapping, Humiliation

Camp Blackmail
Themes: Blackmail, fxf
At an all girls camp the submissive character has a secret.  One the dom character discovers and holds over her in exchange for some fun.  The sub is a lesbian, and has a crush on a teacher, and the dom found proof.  Her diary.  The dom promises to hold the secret and return the diary if the sub does what she asks for the rest of the week.  Be it lesbian action, skinny dipping, stripping, masturbation, bondage… basically slavery.  But as bad as she hates being a slave, she will stick it out just to keep her secret safe.
Start: Rivals being stuck as roommates, dom finding the diary, then winging it from there
Pirate Kidnapping
Themes: NC, one RP’s multiple roles, one just the kidnapped
An admiral’s daughter is kidnapped by pirates, who demand a high price for her safe return.  A price that cannot be paid.  Or at least, cannot be paid fast enough.  They throw her in a cage, and keep their hands off for some time.  Still feeling free to torment her in other ways.  Push her around, withhold food and drink, dip her into the water with rope, tearing her clothes and not letting her change.  The pirate captain (male or female) will be the other RPer’s main, and they will have the most fun with her.  And ultimately decide to break her when their price is not paid.  One or a few gangbang scenes possible.
Start: Pirates throw the girl onto the ship to face the captain
Kidnapped Girl

From popular to broken
Themes: Public Humiliation, fxf (for this I can play either role)
A popular girl (16) rejects a new girl (18) when she tries out for cheerleading, but the new girl plans the ultimate revenge.  She drugs her at a party and then kidnaps her.  She ties her up to the school’s courtyard flagpole, naked, gagged, and with vibrators working it.  When students arrive she’s tied to the pole, leaking as the vibrators force her to orgasm.  People take pictures and videos (which is when she wakes up), eventually getting helped down and clothed by the new girl.  The new girl becomes friends with the popular girl, but only to spring further traps on her later.
Starting point: New girl tries out, popular girl rejects her, goes to party, new girl springs trap.
Popular Girl

New Girl

Masked Horror
Themes: NC, Heavy dom, mxf
Sub character is a college student who keeps to herself.  She is beautiful and lonely.  Dom character is a rich serial rapist who has a taste for knowing the target before striking, though, striking in disguise so your victims don’t recognize you.  Sub is spotted by dom as a next target, being beautiful and with not a lot of people who would notice her missing.  But dom has a new idea, dom is tired of his lifestyle, and decides he would rather win her over forever.  But his method of winning her is different than usual.  he decides to charm her, and asks her out somewhere that requires her to cut through a park at night.  But before she can make it to the date, he ambushes her.  he pulls her into the forest and threatens her with a gun.  He asks for her money, and terrified, she does what he say.  But just when she thinks that all he wants is money, he tells her he’s going to kill her.  By shooting her pussy.  She begs for my life, and promises to do anything.  Leaving him to have his way with her.  Then he leaves her crying in the forest, his craving satisfied for now.  But he comes back as his alter ego, saying he thought he got stood up and on the way out heard crying.  The game continues, with him haunting her with his masked version of himself until finally she breaks, and dives completely into his arms a broken girl.
Starting point: He targets her in class, then finds a way to ask her out.  She nervously agrees, time skip to the date, and then we see where it goes.

Girl in date dress... though, not quite innocent enough.  May edit later.

Native American Princess
Themes: Dom/Sub, mxf or fxf
A princess is in charge of her tribe after her father and mother die in battle.  Her people are being massacred and she is hopeless to stop them.  But a warrior is brought before her (male or female).  One whose battle prowess could handle hundreds of foes.  He opposes the idea at first on principle, claiming he will not be a slave to anyone.  But then the warrior comes up with an idea.  If she will marry the warrior, and fulfill his wishes, he will fight for them.  Having no choice, and being a selfless leader, she agrees.
Start of the RP: Warrior walks into camp and asks what they want.  Princess tells the warrior.  They strike a deal, and we wing it from there.

Plots to come:
Greek Gods - Blackmail, a mortal eats the fruit of the gods and becomes immortal.  He decides to force the goddess of his fancy to please him through blackmail.
Indian Beauty - NC, someone fancies her and her alluring dancing, and kidnaps her.  Holds for ransom, but also tries to break her
Medieval Princess or Aladdin (Princess Jasmine) - NC, A sorcerer wants to be king through marriage of the princess, whatever it takes
Tomb Raider - NC (at first) to Dom/Sub, partners in tomb raiding, find a relic that causes the dom to act on her desires, eventually grows mutual
telekinesis fxf - High school, Humiliation with telekinesis.  Dom develops feelings for bestie (sub) and decides to use powers on her.  Subtlety at first, unhooking bra, bouncing breasts, but then in more extreme ways, untying bikini, forcing an orgasm in public, whatever she wants.
Tournament - various girls (possible fandoms) are pitted against each other to strip and force an orgasm on opponents.  Winner has a chance to escape the ring.
Troubled Heroine - Torture, Humiliation, NC, the adventures of a superheroine or vigilante gone wrong
The Succubus's Castle - Adventure, Torture, Humiliation, NC.  A heroine (or many heroines) attempts to invade a castle, each floor fraught with danger.  While she usually gets violated in some way, she still overcomes each floor, and when she gets to the top floor, will she win?  or be defeated?

I do like fandoms, but only like to play OC’s.  You can play whoever you want, feel free to suggest characters, and I’ll let you know if I’m interested.  For these I’ll play female only.  You can be male or female, I don’t care.  But romance or twisted romance (romance that starts with humiliation/blackmail/NC and ends in dom/sub) only.  Twisted romance a fav.
Unspecific fandoms I’m familiar with.
I’m familiar, but don’t have a plot lined up.  Off the top of my head.  More to be added later. 
 Fairy Tail
 Fate/stay Night
 Rosario   Vampire
 Soul Eater
 Sailor Moon
 Aladdin (Princess Jasmine)
 Little Mermaid
 Star Wars

 Tomb Raider
 Soul Calibur
 Final Fantasy X (rikku), X-2, XIII, Dissidia (Dissidia especially)
 Dynasty Warriors (up to 7)
 Tales of Series (especially Destiny (Rutee), Symphonia (Sheena), Vesperia, the Abyss)
 Dragon Age I II

Wanted to put this somewhere.  Basically, a place where I want to store pictures I may use in the future.  For characters and stuff.  Might as well put here if anyone is interested.

Pics with more than one of a character


Mature Warning, NC

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Re: NC, fantasy, non-dice player x GM style, RP ideas
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2012, 01:00:13 am »
Ready for some more RPs.  Added two more ideas.  May add more later.

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Added two more plots.