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Author Topic: Tribial  (Read 1111 times)

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Offline AdereTopic starter

« on: March 26, 2008, 07:29:32 pm »
This will be a game with more then one on one.

The setting will take place within a forest in the high mountains. There will be two tribes. The difference is that one tribe is that of Neko's, the other's wolves. Sort of a werecat, werewolf look.

Werewolves will have the ability to change into wolves at will, though are forced into their wolf status during the full moon. When in their wolf forms they are completely aware of everything they do, unless in heat or on a blood lust.

While they are in humaniod form, their sense of smell, sight, hearing will be heightened, but not as well as if they were in their wolf forms. They have a natural need for others around them, in any case, because their spirits are social creatures. Though they can present themselves as more lone wolves.

Their looks would be more preditorial and sharp, ruggid and strong. More muscular based. They will also have sharper canines then most people (close to fangs) and some form of tatto on their body, marking them as a wolf tribe member. And a superior strength.

The werecats, persay, will also have the ability to change into cat form at will with two sizes. House cat, and some form of preditorial cat choices are ; Jaguar and Lepard. And colors can be to your linking as long as it matches the basic looks of the animal. But their forced transformation is on the night of the new moon.

They will also have a heightened sense of smell, hearing and sight while in a humaniod form. But they will be more graceful, stealthy, and sly looking then the wolves. Going more for beauty and grace. They will be fast, not as strong as the wolves. Their eyes will be more slited like a cat's eyes and a tattoo marking them as park of the cat tribe.

There is a war between the two tribes, vicious and bloody. each would be willing to tear the other's throats. They can have any form of weapon that would go with the tribial look, and can wear any form of clothing.

I will be playing as the daughter of the Cat tribe's Chief.

I will come up with the tribes names later, after I leave class in about an hour or two.

I'm looking for a kind of romeo and juliet romance. But they will not orignally know who each other is. The male will be of the wolf tribe, and she will be of the cat tribe, but I don't plan on them dying through this, more so starting a treaty between the people after their secret it let out. Though it will be hard for them to convince others when people of their own tribe want them dead because of their "betrayals" >:D

Other people may come in and play along and find their own "mates" and romantic interests while we all engage in this little world of fantasy ;) please post if you are interested and once we get enough people, we'll work out the details!

Offline AdereTopic starter

Re: Tribial
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2008, 09:52:02 pm »
Lyra Maris (Name meaning: Bright star of the sea)

Tribe:Keche kakshugan (pronounced: Keh-Chi Kaks-Shoe-gun)

Rival tribe: Mohegan (pronounced Moe He Gun)

age: 180 (looks to be 18 in human years)

Height: 5 foot, 6 inches

Hair: Wavy Golden brown hair that stops just at her mid back.

Eyes: Sapphire blue with cat slit pupils

Weight: 130

Weapons: small dagger with a black onyx hilt, sheathed in a soft deerskin.
A white oak bow decorated with sapphire ribbon and various blue sheded feathers at each end and white oak arrows, the tips made from onyx and random metals, tied on with wool and having feathers tied at their ends.

(Appearance and wardrobe to be explained in roleplay)

Brief history and personality (some to be left for the story): She is the daughter of the tribal chief, Beta female of the tribe, her mother being the alpha. She is more of an outcast, prefering to hunt alone then in packs, finding it to be no fun with the little challenge that was brought from hunting in packs, holding an almost garenteed safety. 

She is a risk taker, and loves to make friends with animals, talking to them almost as if they could understand her words. She is sometimes looked at as crazed, half of her tribe make fun of her and sneer towards her ways behind her back and that of her father. Though she did have a few friends (this is were those that would join with her come in)

Yet she has a sort of child like curiousity.. which often gets her into trouble. Sometimes disapearing for days to follow some random knew scent or animal she had never seen before, when she was younger. She had and has a great thirst for knowledge. If she didn't already know it, she had to find out about it.

Refusing any man that was presented to her, she had yet to find that connection that would bring her to believe any male was her life mate. This caused her tribe to dislike her further. Well past mating age, she turned her nose from most males, none calling to her or showing off what would make her heart race. She was looking for a stronger male, one that could even defeat her if in battle and she was one of their strongest warriors. She wanted a male that could handle her, one that could force her to let go of her pride and self obtained social exile. As well as someone to send her passions soaring. 

New add on's to tribal requirements[/u]

Cat Tribe : Keche kakshugan
Tattoo: a waxing white crescent moon.
In human form, they have sharper, almost claw like, finger nails and toe nails (always bare foot too)

Wolf Tribe: Mohegan
Tattoo: A wanning black crescent moon.
The wolf men require being atleast 6 feet tall in height while in human form, with broad shoulders. They are stronger and look more elf like, having slightly pointed ears.

If anyone has any more suggestions, feel free to add in! ^_^