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Started by AKunoichi, April 27, 2012, 06:27:39 PM

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I have a craving for a sort of mythic/exotic fantasy, straying away from traditional DnD type stuff.Something that would take place in an exotic epic fantasy setting based vaguely on Sumerian, Mesoamerican, African, and or Hindu mythology (Very lousy so don't worry if you don't know about mythology, I'm mostly in it for loincloths jungles, and other exotic things)

The first idea idea is pretty much a lesbian version of the epic of Gilgamesh. In the legends Gilgamesh was the the half god king of Urik and perhaps the original baddass hero. However he was also a cruel tyrant who oppressed his people and raped all the women in his city on there wedding nights in front of there husbands.
Eventually the gods sent another hero to stop him, the half beast man Enkidu.
Enkidu was born a wild man untill the temple prostitute Shamat seduced and tamed him, teaching him to live as a human. Upon hearing of the King's tyranny he decided to go to Urik to challenge him.
The two fought and were evenly matched, however the shock of meeting somebody equal to him helped mellow Gilgamesh out and the two became great friends. Eventually going on many adventures until Enkidu's untimely death sent Gilgamesh on a quest into the underworld to discover the secret of immortality.
I'm not looking for an exact retelling of that story with the genders swapped. But I am looking for that kind of relationship. A Shiny divine warrior princess and her primal savage beastwoman friend, going on sexy adventures in a world of myths and legend.

A side note, when it comes to flurries, I prefer them more humanish and anime esque, Snouts bug me.


Another idea would be a Egyptian/Nubian/Arabian princess and her most trusted slave. A wet nurse that raised her as if she was her own daughter, and still breastfeeds her from time to time even though the princess is now 16-18 years old. Both would be dark skinned and naked in the desert sun, but the Nurse would be chubby and voluptuous while the princess would be more loli-esque (not underage though) Pic->

Perhaps the Nurse is a desert nomad sold by her people as a slave from a young age. (Because they live in the desert they can only afford to raise one child at a time and sell any others) But still knows the stories of her people and tells the princess bedtime stories every night as she cuddles her to sleep.
Perhaps the princess is the daughter of a sorcerer king, and the Nurse is not human but in fact a spirit like a Djin that he has summoned to protect and educate his daughter. This would not be the  three wishes king of Genie with unlimited power, but rather a lesser spirit bound to serve it's master's every command.
Another idea would be that the Nurse has been magically enhanced to replace her breast milk, cum, and "other fluids" with sweet tasting nectar for her princess. If she's human this could be the result of magical transformation, if she's a Spirit it could be one of her powers.

Or perhaps you could play a crusading knight (Of the metal bikini verity) visiting the princess's palace on your holy quest. Instead of historically accurate holy war and genocide, your order's goals are to spread peace, justice, and love to the far corners of the would. And the Princess and her handmaidens are happy to oblige.


More ideas,

A barbarian warlord has a daughter he sired with some random wench who he's been raising as a son. However now that she's grown he has started to notice her as a woman now. Being a Barbarian he decides to have it both ways Raising her to be skilled lover and fighter.
This idea could have many different flavors depending on what kind of barbarians they are. Northern Conan/Nordic types, Asian/Mongolian types, or even african/tribal types.

This idea could also be mixed with the other ideas. Perhaps instead of barbarians, the father and daughter are a sorcerer king and his princess. Or maybe the Heroine from my first idea was a daddies girl?

This could also be altered into an F/F scenario by making the barbarian warlord into an amazon warrior woman teaching her daughter how to hunt the most dangerous game.


Bumping with even more ideas.

I could also be up for a F/Beast scene. Perhaps combined with one of the previously listed ones.

Maybe the Enkidu type heroine could transform into a giant wolf and fuck the Gilgamesh type heroine.
Maybe The Egyptian princess could have a favorite dog that she takes hunting, One that licks her all over to show affection, and that she allows to mount her as a reward when it recovers a bird she has shot down.
Maybe the Barbarian tribe has fearsome riding beasts, and the warriors sleep with there mounts to build a stronger bond?

Another idea could be a tribe of African warriors that heard anthropomorphic cows. Fucking them regularly and collecting there milk.