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Author Topic: Spider Bites...and then some.  (Read 535 times)

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Offline JDrew SpiderTopic starter

Spider Bites...and then some.
« on: April 27, 2012, 04:49:49 PM »

It's been a while since I had one of these threads, but I'll cradle this one from time to to time and make sure to keep it updated.

I'm HUGE comic fan <--- look at my name. Yes I do like Jessica Drew a.k.a the coolest Spider Woman, but I do share love towards other comic book heroines. Though I can canon male comic characters too I prefer to play as a woman since I am. Kapeesh?

What kind of Comics?
DC/ Marvel/ Top Cow/ Dark Horse/ Vertigo whatever. I'm down for it.

What are you in to now?

Great Freaking question. I'm currently into two very specific styles of Roleplay that I have personally dubbed my FEMME FATALE series and my WHAT IF CHRONICLES Lost? Scroll down)


These are my smut with plot roleplays or plot with smut stories in which I (female protagonist) go against a you (male antagonist). Like this one story I did about a female warrior who kills by sleeping with and then killing her male enemies. There's room for development and creativity as usual, but sex is weapon and sometimes a weakness.


I usually use  stories that are canon and have been established. Like in the Movie version of the X-Men what if Logan fell for Storm instead of Jean or what if Captain Jack Sparrow did drink from the fountain of youth or something like that. You get me?

However it doesn't stop there. I've been interested in doing a little  Frank Frazetta type rp for a while. He did Conan the Barbarian (especially the new movie)and Kull the Conqueror I believe.

I also wouldn't mind  True Blood or Game of Throne or even the Starz's Spartacus.

I'm also open to originals and somewhere down there (looks below) I think I still have my rabbit hole so feel free to look there. Anyway more things will be added as I go for point A to Z, but feel to drop me a line and uh we'll see what happens.

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Offline JDrew SpiderTopic starter

Re: Spider Bites...and then some.
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2012, 01:30:03 PM »

The year is 2212, a virus has spread killing off 98% percent of the female population and leaving the 1/3 of the rest infertile. Humanity has been driven to the bring of extinction while others left the planet to seek alternative to means to their solution through alien technology.  The last woman on earth dies at the age of 83 which beats a new world record.

On excavation a group of male scientists uncover a pod adrift in the ocean. Attaining the pod they open to reveal something so beautiful. A woman, young and asleep. Where did she come from? Is she really human? Taking her back to their research labs the conduct experiments to determine age and reproductive capabilities. In them midst of a revolutionary break through they call her EVE, The Last woman of earth.

( Feel free to throw ideas out there)
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Offline JDrew SpiderTopic starter

Re: Spider Bites...and then some.
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2012, 02:07:22 PM »

Beauty and the Beast

In this world ruled by nature and fantasy. Two dominant tribes rule- the one ruled by the Troll King, a monstrous  dictator with luscious appetite for war and the pursuit of property. He has conquered many smaller tribes, but always regulates one rule- To never touch their women. A troll will always be a troll and a man a man. He sets his sights on something great than the forests worlds, a kingdom of men. With the strength of his troll armies and nations he sets sights on the world of man and conquers small tribes.

He eventually conquers the kingdom , but in exchange for men being allowed to keep their property the king offers the Troll king his daughter. Upon sight of her the Troll King willingly accepts. His daughter is beautiful and exotic and the Troll King realizes he is about to break one of his own rules. Instead he drives up a solution that he and the King of Mens daughter wed and combine their greater nations. Trolls being equal and men being equal. With their union they shall bring about a new race of troll like men.