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Author Topic: Games for Spring - Updated.  (Read 859 times)

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Games for Spring - Updated.
« on: March 26, 2008, 04:26:48 PM »
Hi there,

I have found it hard to post over easter what with one thing or another and so i am hoping i can re-energise myself with some new games.

I have a numbers of ideas that people can choose from and I no way want to do them all but but i am interested to see which ones get some interest.

1. Superhero Overpowered - I like the idea of a normal human overpowering a super human. I am happy to play the m ale human over - powering cat woman or super girl or vica versa. Or we could have Cat girl finally overpowering Batman. Idea can be extended if desired. Or perhaps supergirl can force superman?

Supergirl ran her manicured fingers through her lustrous blonde hair and her chest heaved as she looked down at the struggling Superman. He was finally within her power and the thought of what she could do to him sent a thrill through her body....

2. Back from Hospital - Nothing had a brilliant game two years ago about a hosital. I would like to use the idea and add in some incest. Imagine what happens if Daddy, Mummy or a son and daughter come home and cant move their limbs and are at the mercy of their carer... Imagine Daddy unable to stop his horny little daughter...... Use your imagination.

His arms and legs were in traction and he would be like that for many weeks. He felt lucky though as his daughter had agreed to be his carer and had returned from college to look after him... She fed him, bathed him, entertained him but she had started to take more interest in other ways... As the days passed he found it hard to control his erections especially the she dressed.... One day though she decideds to help relieve some of the pressure.....

3. Mind Control,  Exhibitionism & Transformation - I imagine someone finding they have the ability to control people by their mind and also to change physical appearances. They choose someone from their journey to work and slowly begin to manipulate her and make her do things she would not normally do.... even so far as going to changing her appearance.

He had chosen the stranger and planned to make her torment last weeks.... She was a girl that used the same bus to get to work each day. She seemed rather plain and normal and read sensible books and sensible clothes. He started with the transformation and began to change parts of her each day... he then started to change her behaviour and forced her to do things no sensible girl would do....

4. Blackmail!! This is for mother figures, teachers, aunties, friends mothers, mother in laws and anyone who might be classed a milf. I would like to take someone close and turn them into a complete slut and whore by blackmailing them.

e.g. He loved watching Mrs Clarke.. Geography lessons were his favourite and he enjoyed wondering each day how she would dress and how she would wear her hair. He had often fantasised about doing her in the store cupboard but she would never be interested....but now he has blackmail material....Boy was she in trouble.

5. Couple come clean! - A married couple close to divorce finally share fantasies. Shocked at the extremes in each others desires and fantasies they break all taboos and move away from vanilla sex. How far will they go to save their marriage?

In a very normal street a very normal couple live in a very normal house. They had a turbulent and mostly boring marriage and they had finally decided to do something about. Sitting in bed together dressed in rather plan flannel pajamas they began to describe their fantasies..... Spitting out tea he exclaimed..."You want to do what???"

6. Herm Girl - I would love to play a Herm girl who preys on her younger brother. I imagine her being beautiful but desperately shy because of her manhood. She is desired by everyone and its not till the end that her brother finally realises why he has been chosen by her. Because he will not scorn her.

Sophie brushed her long silky mousey brown hair and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts were large for her slim frame and stood perfectly pert. She was pretty but she his it during the day wearing loose fitting tops and baggy jeans. She had a secret that she could not tell anyone....But she could not hide it for long... She had to tell someone...

7. Forced to be Gay - An average looking guy unhappy with his sex life at home visits a guy he met on a the net for a blowjob. Hoping to arrive and leave immediately but slowly gets drawn in and enjoying it more and more.....

Jack felt nervous as the door shut quietly behind him. As planned Neil was already naked and knelt down straight away and began to fumble for Jacks flies. Jack could not believe he was doing this and gasped when he felt the other mans hand around his manhood.

""Do you mind if i wank while i do this?" Neil asked. The first rule broken. He had spoken... His eyes were drawn to Neils shaft which he gripped tightly...What would it be like....

8. Bukkake Girl: I would like to play a girl forced or blessed with being made to suffer bukkake. Perhaps she sucks her brothers and lets them finish on her face? Or perhaps she is the only girl in an office of IT guys?

Susan could see only the cocks and moved from one to the other quickly. They each felt hot and salty under her tongue and the ones she was not sucking she had in her hands. The first splatter of cream hit her on the cheek and she whipped out her tongue to taste it eagerly....

9. Female Desperation - If you want to know more than ask me. I would imagine people interested will know what i mean.

The Coach would not be stopping for another few hours and Rachel regretted not visiting the last rest stop. Her tight light blue jeans kept crossing and uncrossing... She could not concentrate. The man beside her had downed a couple of cans of soda to keep her company.. His hand now rested on her thigh...He seemed to enjoy seeing her like this..

10. The Family Business: A father and daughter pose as a couple and realise that they have to prove it to save their family business..... Will  daughter and father go far enough to prove their committment to a future investor?

He kissed her tenderly and with a growing passion. He knew they were watching and he felt his heart race as he reached up to cup his daughters breasts. They would expect him to go further... He couldnt could he?

11. Bi - Brothers/ Bi Sisters - I am happy to play bi brothers or sisters and fulfilling some girl or boys fantasy.

Jack and Jim watched their neighbour enter the garden. The two twins lounged on sun bed and in the pool but their cheeky eyes were appraising their cute neighbours costume. "You coming to join us?" One of them said with a wink to his brother.

12. The Cuckold : The Cuckold finds his/her partner is cheating and makes their partner pay.... This is the story.

Nathan watches and waits. His brother with his  wife who  is pressed against the wall with her breasts hanging out of her bra and her skirt lifted to her waist. Anyone could pass the end of the alley and see them. He can hear them grunting and moaning as they fuck in the alley. He watches his brother cuckold him and spill his seed into his unprotected wife. They finally clear up and leave and Nathan aroused, humiliated and upset finishes himself off against the damp wall before followinghis wife home...

13. House of Horror: A girl is forced to stay in the house of horror and is haunted by vampires and ghosts. The once naive and virgin girl leaves a vixen.

The room is dark and quiet save only for the whisp of a draught running across the room. The draught passes over her body slowly changing into a caress over her taut nipples and across her breasts... The draught of caress moves across her body till they feel like very soft fingers causing her to shiver in pleasure....

14. Famous people....... and their vices. Maybe done as "This is Your Life..."


15. Underwear Fetish: Anyone has sexy underwear. A Teacher, a nurse, a girl on the underground, the bus, your mum, your daughter in law and they will flaunt it and tease you... How far will it go?

His daughter in law was very pretty. She was also sweet and loving. James however could not help but be drawn to her underwear. In any form. From the thong sticking up above her jeans to glimpses of her bra with her low cut tops to the slow casual way that she unfolded her legs while wearing a particularily short skirt.... It was all fine til he realised that she was beginning to notice and was enjoying his looks....

15. Forced to be a Slut: The Devil had chosen a girl to torment. He wanted to make her change from a a good bookish girl into a slut. So one day he appears before her. He would choose randomly 5 completely innapropriate people and she had to fuck them or else they would die. So who will he choose? Perhaps her sisters husband? Who knows.... But can she save them all even if it means she has to turn slut.

16. I like to be watched: Two lonely people find each other over the internet and find they live close to each other. Slowly they setup situations where they can flash each other and watch each other having sex and slowly it gets more and more risque.....

17. A girl moves into a posh and expensive flat and hands over her desosit. The two of them get on brilliantly and it looks like she can make a real start for herself in a new counry but is soon made redundant.. she relies on the genorisity of her flatmate to continue to eat and live in London....Shame he is not very generous.

18. The Devil is in your House!:

Damian was your normal 18 year old kid. Sort of. He is also the child of the Devil.

To the outside world he is an orphan found at birth outside a church and passed from one family to another for the last 18 years. The last family have just recently met some mysterious accident.

Damian has befriended a girl in his class and the friends family had invited him to stay........

This is the story of what happens when you have the Devil's child in your house.

I am looking for a female player willing to play the different roles in the family or perhaps play Davina if you prefer. The Child of God has untold powers and the ability to control people in a very subtle way.

What happens to the family when each of them is seduced by the Child of God and tormented with his games.

The game will be set in high with potential for incest/torture/humiliation and possible animals.

Let me know if your interested in playing the child of God or the family.

Each of my ideas are just tasters and please pm me to find out more and to discuss where i intend to go and please insert fresh ideas. I am happy playing with guys or girls.
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Re: Games for Spring - Updated.
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2008, 04:15:07 AM »
Updated with the ones that have been taken.

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Re: Games for Spring - Updated.
« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2008, 05:41:30 AM »
Sorry. Thats enough for now. x

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Re: Games for Spring - Updated.
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2008, 04:52:11 PM »
Added a few more. Happy to modify and improve if you have ideas. x