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April 16, 2021, 06:55:33 pm

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Author Topic: Submission(Open)  (Read 526 times)

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Offline MagicalPenTopic starter

« on: April 27, 2012, 03:28:33 pm »
Three plots, with the pictures that inspired them:

My Boss, My Master - - - NSFW
She needed the job, more then anything else in the world. She was up to her neck in debt straight out of college. She had no work experience. Nothing to gloss her resume with. No contacts. Nothing.

She had applied to just about everything. And this was on the one interview that had come out of it. If she didn't get this job then it was off to the strip club for her. She had arrived and met the man, the CEO of the company, her Boss - the man she would be the secretary for if she got the job.

His was tall, dark and handsome and exuded confidence and power. She was drawn to him right away. The interview started and he questioned her on her skills, on her personal life, what she liked to do for fun, if she had a boyfriend (of course she did not!) and the like. But it was clear that she didn't match up to the standards. So she pleaded with him, begged him, promised him she'd do anything that he asked.

"Anything?" He asks and she nods her head. "Get on your knees." He commands. She found herself obeying with out hesitation. He walked around in front of her and slowly unzipped his pants.

[looking for a Secretary. Elements include Office Sex, Group Sex, Oral, Anal, Light Bondage, etc. The secretary is more then willing to do whatever her Boss asks of her, a Master/Slave style relationship forming.]

Office Blackmail
Drew was the type of person you didn't notice. Sure, you noticed him for all of the 5 minutes he spent fixing your computer, but after that you quickly forgot about him. He was one of those IT-guys who lived in some dark whole, glued to their computer screen. Only, Drew wasn't that sort of person. No, he was a bit different.

For starters, he was the head of IT on Floor 3 and had his own cubicle in the main office beside everyone else. It allowed a fast response time to when things needed fixing. Of course, no one ever noticed him sitting in his dark little corner. But he noticed them.

Specifically, he noticed her.

Cherry (name can be changed) was the lust of the office. She was beautiful and a natural tease. She was smart and well educated. She had a bright promise in the company. Many of the guys openly flirted with her and all had tried to get in her pants at some point. But she had turned them all down. Drew knew her - knew of her - but she never said anything to him when he tried to speak to her. It angered him, but all the girls were like that with him.

So Drew watched her. He noticed things about her that no one else did. And soon he discovered her secret - she was sleeping with their boss! He set up cameras one night and remotely logged into them. Sure enough, she managed to stay later then everyone else as did the CEO. The two wasted no time once they were alone in his office. The clothes came flying off and she submitted herself to her boss. Drew found it angered and aroused him.

It was time for Drew to assert himself. He was going to blackmail her.

[An off shot from my older Office Blackmail idea. This one will explore the Dom/Sub relationship between 'Cherry' and her Boss as it escalates, while at the same time exploring the Blackmailing and the things Drew makes her does (on her own and secretly to Drew) as the dirt he uncovers is something she doesn't want anyone knowing, even if she doesn't know the identity of the blackmailer. Lots of Kinks can/will be covered in this one]

The Submissive Wife - - - *CRAVING*

Mark and Sarah were happily married for a year now. But the Catholic in Sarah was starting to shed her protective outer shell and want to spread her wings. She was happy with life in general but had been harboring some darker, inner desires that she was now having the courage to finally bring forth. Their mostly vanilla sex life had taken a turn for the kink when they had a ceiling mirror installed above their bed. Sarah really got off on watching herself getting fucked by Mark and so did he. It added a new spice to their life.

That spice was only increased when Mark convinced her to let him take photos of them doing things. This had turned Sarah on even more. While she was always hesitant at first, she always agreed to whatever Mark wanted or said. It was part of who she was, a natural submissive. She had even found some of the websites Mark had looked at - porn - that involved submissive women and bondage and the like. It set the cogs in her head turning.

So, summoning her courage, she approached Mark in a submissive manner and asked for him to dominate her. Not just in the bedroom, but in every aspect of their life. This was a dream come true for Mark, who had always found it hard to stick with one woman until he had met Sarah. He wanted to do things to her that her conservative upbringing had no idea about. He wanted to tie her up, parade her in front of her friends, he wanted to watch her with other men and he wanted her to watch him with other woman. Sarah had found her true calling in life.

[Looking for some one to play Sarah, and whatever minor female roles pop up. I'll play Mark and all the other male characters as their vanilla life takes a turn for the Kink.]