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Author Topic: Little Corners of My Mind  (Read 1244 times)

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Little Corners of My Mind
« on: April 26, 2012, 11:42:12 PM »
These are some different concepts I have for original plot stories. Some have their own plots that I will take you for an adventure on, others will be open for any of your suggestions. I play both male and female characters. Hopefully something will spark some interests ^_^ . Please feel free to ask about them. They have their own homes on my sites. Also please try to PM me if possible instead of responding here. P.S. I do have images for these characters and usually use cartoon or art styled images. Hopefully that will not be a problem.


(Seeking female to counterpart this role)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Its been happening more... black outs that he cannot explain. Waking up in strange places. During the day Jax was a normal 8-5 guy. He worked as a operations manager for a tech company. What many like to call his position is, being promoted to the point of useless. He had a small dog and a beta. Lived alone in a three bedroom house in an older neighborhood. One that had been apart of the town long before it became so mainstream. So its resident neighbors consisted of families who had grown and now brought their grandkids to visit in the yards. It wasn't much but it was quite and had plenty of space between properties.

But the blackouts started to change it all. He would find himself at times hinted to what could have happened. Girls numbers, money in odd places. Used condoms. But if he was getting something on the side why was he not remembering it?

(This story is more prone to violence and rape from my character just a warning.))

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
(Raw Concept)
He always watched over others, protected them, helped to be a muse and inspire others. What happens however when an angel falls in love with a human? He was told its a sin, he was meant to inspire, to love from a distance. Yet, he couldn't bring himself to just watch anymore. He was lonely, and needed to feel something real. To see that smile meant for him.

(Seeking female to counterpart this role)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There was once a story of a cursed man, He wasn't a good man, nor was he cruel. However greed had seen its way into his heart and lead him to a life of grave robbery and stealing. He did what he felt he needed to survive in a world of both war and magic. However such actions would turn around to bite him one day and did so the day he stole the last dragon relic. It was believed that all dragons had been erased from the world, and in his findings learned the truth of the matter. Now, he looks for a way to reverse what had taken place that faithful day when he stole something... that wasn't his.

(Seeking female to counterpart this role)
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It happened about 4 years ago, he had been happy; his world danced with fantasy that the lonely hearted wished they had. Then one day it was all ripped away from him. His one love who had promised to never leave him was suddenly gone forever. It wasn't like one of those things were you could slowly say goodbye. Not cancer or some sort of horrible sickness. No, it had been murder, and it happened at her work, one of the old employees came in and shot and killed 6 people before killing himself. When he got the news his world fell apart, and since then he has been left to try and pick up the pieces of his shattered soul. Now alone, he has joined the ranks of those who were destined to a life of servitude, everyday felt the same, day in and day out. Is there one person out there in the world who could heal his heart? Anyone who would understand his powers, and who he was under the human outer appearance?

((He has a very strange an unique sort of ability. He can make fairytails come to life. Usually starting with puss in boots, then moving on to Cinderella, beauty and the beast. Ya know. He works best with the sort of damsel in distress. Not a weak woman persay, but someone who does need help of some kind. Otherwise it will not strike the magics attention... Magic likes to notice things. hehee))


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(Raw concept)
Who would ever guess a nerd like herself was actually a magic user? Wondering highschool, behind the shadows. She was constantly teased, picked on. She did her best to ignore it. It was not easy to do, she was kind, but it was reaching a point of explosion. She finally loses it when one of the popular kids goes to far with a prank. Fed up she decides to pay him back for the horrible teasings, and uses her powers to humiliate him, bring him down a notch and make it her personal plan to gain her status.

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(Raw concept)
Her entire village was burned and eaten, but instead of wallowing in the tragedy of what happened to her, she instead became a hunter. Hired for money, she travels the lands to take out the dragons who hunt and harm humans. If you have the money she has the skills. One cannot feed themselves on honor. Love is not a concept to really think of. The problem? Dragons are clever beasts, she never knew they could take on human forms.

(The idea is a dragon seduces her)

(Seeking male to counterpart this role)
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A young servant who is so much more then she appears. Loyal to the royal family her own bloodline had served the house for generations. She had once fallen in love with a prince, and when she was ready to confess he was swept away. Years went by and as she grew from a child into a young woman. She is forced to hold many secrets. No, she is not your common servant, yes she is more then she appears. She will serve until the day she dies. so why is it when her prince appears he has changed so very much? Once kind and loving, he is now hard and uncertain. Once exploring and outgoing, he is now sullen, and short tempered. What happened to her sweet prince to change him so much? What can she do to remind him and help return him to the good king he was meant to be?

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She travels with a carnival as a fortune teller. A twisted view on life she never puts up with shit from anyone and tends to speak her mind. She can by shy at times, but it only counts if she likes a person. Otherwise she may try to sell you one thing or another. It didn't matter to her. Trash or not, everyone needed something. And she? Well, she was going to provide it... for a cost. So what if she was trash, the truth was she was a gypsy, forbiddon, frightening and beautiful. She also had a very rare gift handed down to her from her oh so beloved father. The ability, to manipulate fire.

(Ember is someone who can be played in a wide range of rps. From modern, to fantasy, to sci-fi. Her drug abuse can be adjusted from mild, to heavy. From a pot, to pills and powders. I am flexable and know not everyone is open to drugs in an RP.)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
There was once this tribe of humans who had a connection with the wolf god of the forest. They lived as the wild beasts, hunting only when needing food, and connected to a single cub born on the same day as themselves. This cub could change its form from a human into an animal. The two forever bound to one another and meant to be together. If not as lovers, then as soul mates.

One little girl of this tribe however wondered off into the forest one day with out her pup, and got lost. Some humans passing through found her and took her to their large city many, many miles away. She was raised as a lady, someone of a noble house and Victorian blood. Yet each month when the moon rises a strange wild calling moves through her. Something she often tries to ignore. Something, calling.

(Looking for someone to play her wolf companion and bring her back to the world of wild, or him try and come into her world of civilization.)

Alice was a modern aged girl. Who enjoyed video games, gets sucked into the world of Alice. A strange twisted world. A dark hoard sort of zombie based game that she has to move through the levels and survive in order to make it back into her own world. Will she do it? Can she make it? And why does everyone keep calling her Alice!

( Not based on the pc Alice. but more or less something a bit more house of the dead style.)

If anything I hope you enjoyed the little sample of what I can do. ^_^
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Re: Little Corners of My Mind. M/F F/M maybe F/f
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Re: Little Corners of My Mind
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