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Author Topic: The Skies Above (M seeking F)  (Read 1334 times)

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The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« on: April 26, 2012, 08:01:16 PM »
Hey there everyone, I'm laying down some ideas I had today. These three are for female playing female, I'll update with more later on which others can nab...

1~ The Skies Above (FF10 based roleplay)
      For this one I had in mind a strange man appears on the deck of a boat heading for Besaid. Just popping in the middle with everyone there and he looks really different so it's obvious he isn't from Spira. She is a new summoner on her way to get her first summon from the temple in Besaid and has no guardians yet.

They end up travelling together on twin journeys, hers is to defeat Sin and his to get home. Though a weird twist brings them closer and raises a question can either of them actually finish knowing what it will mean?

2~ The Forbidden Island- Taken
      A new island is discovered in the Pacific Ocean and several attempts to study this island end in loss of all personel. It is eventually named The Forbidden Island and the attempts stop. One group vows to study the place even though other scientists tell them that it can't be done. Not listening they go to the island where all except one is lost.

The sole survivor must do what they can to stay alive, but eventually run into the inhabitants of the island. Totally new to each other they study and learn... One born of curiousity and the other for survival.

3~ The Beaches of Cheyenne - Taken
      A White Mage is travelling along the beach next to her remote village when she stumbles across a man near death in the surf. Taking him back to her place she nurses him back to health when they both find that he has no memories from before him awakening. Discovering that he has a natural ability for magic she takes him under her wing training him the healing arts.

What they don't know is that his past is catching up to him....

The second roleplay is designed for one of the characters to be an anthro....
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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2012, 12:08:59 PM »
New idea....

The Heat of the Night - Taken

The year 2012 ends.... Instead of the world ending the world got the introduction to the things that go bump in the night. The government decided that they are still members of the country and outlawed the hunting of them.

Now the cops still have problems dealing with the supernatural. A female cop gets a particularly brutal case with no leads. The very next day she also acquires a new partner. While she had always worked alone, she hates the fact he is forced on her and lets him know it at every turn. Unknown to any of them he has a secret...

He is a lycanthrope placed there by the government as a test to see if they can be used as law enforcement without losing control.

This is a supernatural crime thriller, I will play the new partner but need someone to play the other cop. They will start out cold but will eventually warm up and come to depend on each other.

The Search for Apocalypse

The universe is made up of many different realities. They constantly shift and change their course as time goes on. Though what happens if they meet at some point? Do the intersecting realities end? Or perhaps the occupants get shuffled around appearing in a different place.

This instance a pair of mutants end up in a reality like their own. Although here they end up being captured and caged like animals. Their onetime friends have turned to enemies and their enemies have become allies. The most shocking of all is that the X-men are now traitors to their own kind. The pair of mutants must now find a way to escape their prison and make their way to their only hope of survival.... The first mutant known as Apocalypse...

Bane Ascending

Bane is an evil mage that seeks to become a demon. Locked away in a tower of horrors he spends time working. The only times he appears is for supplies and usually the gathering of said supplies involve wiping out half of a city.

She is a beginning mercenary... As an Amazon she was a prodigy becoming a full warrior in half the time as a regular woman  of her tribe. Looking to gain even more recognition she has struck out after Bane's tower. She is determined to fight her way into the vile place take care of Bane.

Things are about to take a bad turn when the two end up in an even worse place. They will need to actually work together to survive.....


This is a simple idea... Two people from two different walks of life meet and at first might not like each other. As time goes on they eventally fall in love. It can take place in any space of time, but my idea was that the girl comes from a well to do family while he is a simple farmhand.

They meet when either he is a new hire for their farm or ranch or she is getting a horse for her birthday from her father. It could also be played that she already had a boyfriend or fiance, but things change.

~It's Tough Being the New Mutant (X-Men)
This is just something I threw together basically either one of us or both are new mutants in Xavier's School for Gifted Children. Being new with no friends yet they latch together and themselves end up becoming best friends, but eventually does that lead to something more? Still rough so feel free to pm with ideas for this storyline.


Two Padawans find themselves in the Jedi Temple for the first time. Both being new they form a vast friendship while helping each other advance along the way. Sadly it was finally time for them both to part as they were both apprenticed to two very different Jedi Knights. While one spent their time closer to the temple the other seemed to end up farther away.

Then one day the Temple received word that both the Jedi Knight and her apprentice were killed on a mission out towards the outer rim. While the Jedi Knights body was recovered and sent back to the temple the apprentice was never found.

His friend was hit hard with the news, and while hoping that in fact the news was wrong kept looking for her friend to return. The years pass and the hopefull young apprentice finally becomes a Jedi Knight herself. While her friend has never been found she accepts a mission to a planet with problems with the Exchange. Once there she stumbles on a gory scene.

Bodies are laying among the rubble of a apartment complex. As she goes further in she finds a familiar figure. It's her friend, though he looks a little different it is him. To her dismay though he has turned to the dark side of the Force and is on a rampage for some reason.

Can she get through to him and lead him to redemption? Or must she kill her one time friend?

Flexible Survival

Remember the time before the accident? When life went on and the biggest problem was whether or not you had time for supper before you had to be somewhere?

The accident came out of nowhere when the project at the nearby labs went haywire. Nanites that were being designed to help got lose corrupting all they infected. Once normal people changed to sex addicted animals. The corruption even changing their forms... Nothing was out of the question people changed to gryphon's, dragons, huskies and most everything else one could think of.

Only you were able to escape you thought. Hidden in a bunker in a library...Now running low on supplies you must leave your haven and survive....

This is a single player Roleplay. I will be the GM and your character the survivor.... This will include forced shifting, rape and more or less anthro's....

Bloodlust- Taken

It is the distant future and due to the way we had lived in the past things have taken a turn for the worst. The world has gone backwards for most thing technology. Though there have been some breathroughs like the cyborg horse. These are all that's left to travel the world other then older type sailing vessels.

The world had pretty much went back to like it was in the old west when they came back. They are known as the Aristocrats or for a better term vampires. They had hidden safe on the moon for years til they decided for some reason to return. Their castles often appear near settlements, but while most only take what they want because they can some actually respect the human race. Rarer still is the Aristocrat and human that actually fall in love...

She lives near  town with her younger brother, raising crops and animals to sell for money. It's a hard life, but as long as she's with her family she is happy. That is till one day...

The nearby castle that had long since been abandoned suddenly comes to life once again. No one knows why he has returned, but one thing is for certain no one is safe. The vampire suddenly takes an interest to this girl much to the disdain of his daughter. After sending his servants after her once and nearly succeeding in capturing her, the town doctor send for a hunter to keep her safe.

He has hunted vampires for as long as he could remember. A hunter with few equals he has a secret they don't. He is Dhampeir... Half human and half aristocrat born of a human mother. He has all of their strengths, but is weakened during the day and is cursed with their thirst for blood.

Can he keep her and her brother safe?

The Castle of Roses

The city of Renbald had been a small town once. Through the years it became a booming city where people came all the time. The reason could be seen behind the city... It was a large castle that was once owned by a kindly king who the people loved. Then one day he was cursed by a witch who was spurned by him for the one who would have been his queen.

The curse changed the king from the kind ruler he once was to.....the lands biggest pervert. During his remaining years he worked to change his castle adding traps and monsters to protect his treasures. The spell of the castle corrupted the creatures to different versions of what they once were.

To those that brave the castle promises of treasure and great weapons beacon. Though in a twist the gates of the castle only admit one certain adventurer at a time. It has been years since anyone has tried, but people flock to the city just the same. It even has a nickname since no one has ever come back... The Castle of Loving Death.....

This will be a GMed game with me directing the character through the castle depths.....

Regrets of the Heart

He's just a boy and she's just a girl.... They were raised together and went to school together. He loved her and she had some feelings for him, but she was the popular girl in school while he was just a nobody in leather with long hair. The girl listened to all of her friends who told her to ignore him so she never acted on her feelings for him.

High school is behind them now and all of them have gone their separate ways. One day she gets home from her boring job and turns on the TV. She then sees him on the TV with his band and immediately calls her old high school friends. They have all seen the TV and they nabbed tickets to see the concert. Going along she sees him upon the stage and watches him.

Yes as you might have guessed I got the idea from listening to Skater Boy. Avril is a guilty pleasure of mine....

The Order of Magdalene

It's modern day with a twist.... Common folk go on with their everyday lives, but every once and a while a person gets an idea to summon a demon. Mostly it ends up being people who want something.... Fame, power, or money the list could be endless.... Although these things never seem to go right and the summoned demons and devils are released on the world.

To counter this an order is formed....It is called The Order of Magdalene and it is made up of all females who are trained to hunt, kill or send the residents back home. The only catch is that the girls must catch a devil and bind it to them. If they can they are accepted to the Order and become official hunters. What the prospects don't know is what goes on during their first hunt to find the devil that gets bound.....

Would You Love a Monsterman?

In the woods of a nearby town sits a cabin. The stories that the townsfolk tell of a man who went crazy out there and killed his family before turning the gun on himself. Though it has been more blown out of proportion over the years, but in reality the man had lived on his own according to records.

One night a high school senior and his girlfriend makes their way to the cabin on a dare from their friends. The girlfriend forces own of her other friends to come along as well. This friend comes along just because the other told her to.

You see in her own way she was actually quite pretty, but her interests were different from the others in school so she only had the one friend. The night in the cabin suddenly turns to terror in a moment...

Spanning the Species

There are times an unlikely pairing are made of necessity. The town of Wintersbirth has a problem that comes in the form of a large Onyx Castle. For years the place had lain dormant, just a tourist attraction. The one day a horrifying sight came to the townsfolk... This came in the form of a dracolich that has taken up residence in the castle on a whim.

In what seemed to be a really short time frame the once empty castle filled with the dracoliches minions. While no move was made towards the town, the residents sent out a call for help out of fear. From across the lands adventurers came for a variety of reasons... Fame, glory, riches or just a need to smite down smelly evil things. In the end it didn't really matter since only a few came back from the depths of the castle and of those few only one survived, but not his sanity.

This day a new pair lounge at the local tavern. At a glance they look like a pair that just shouldn't be possible. Their reasons for entering the castle are their own, but in the end they end up partnering up for whatever reason. 

The Race for Death

He was a youthful son of a barbarian chief. A skilled and honorable fighter in line to become the next chief. Their home was on the edge of the forest that was home to a clan of Moon Elves. While the two groups kept their distance except for some minor trading, two people discovered each other on night. The son was heading to the stream when he stumbled on the daughter of the Moon Elf speaker bathing. It was an awkward moment to be sure, but the two of them fell in love.

In the passing months they both slipped away from their home to meet in the cover of darkness. Then one night after a particular night of lovemaking they were found by her father. In a fit of rage the father attacked the young man. It was self defense to most people, but the daughter tried to stop them by putting herself in the way. The young man could not stop his blade in time and killed his love on accident. In that moment the Elven speaker cursed the young man to wander the world.

In addition part of the curse made the young man a berserker and with every moment of rage he used, his death came a little closer. The only way to break this curse was to find the reincarnation of his lost love and win her love once again....

Slave Girl of Gor

She was successful on Earth... A high paying job, great looks and every man wanted to be with her. Turning it into a game she would lead the men on and finally just drop them for some made up reason. Then one night they came... They were slavers for the Counter-Earth.... The world known as Gor. The Priest-Kings had made the world invisible to the people of Earth.

The slavers had their eyes on her for a while now... Eager to teach the woman her place, the slavers placed a slave collar around her neck and took her away to this Counter-Earth that shared Earth's orbit. Once there she would learn to be pleasing to those she looked down on before. The men of Gor who lived in the face of death every day would find this catch very interesting indeed.....

This RP is based off of John Norman's Gor novels... I can provide some info, but I can also provide links for interested people as well.
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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #2 on: May 10, 2012, 12:56:25 PM »
Added The Search for Apocalypse...

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #3 on: May 20, 2012, 02:26:03 PM »
Added Bane Ascending

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #4 on: May 21, 2012, 09:30:53 PM »
Added Heartland

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #5 on: June 05, 2012, 09:34:30 PM »
added It's Tough Being the New Mutant

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #6 on: June 06, 2012, 01:08:30 PM »
I'll admit I'm somewhat intrigued since I am quite the Marvel fan girl. I'll have to think about this one.

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #7 on: June 07, 2012, 06:28:23 AM »
Ok, just float me a pm with what you decide.

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #8 on: June 15, 2012, 08:36:49 PM »
Added Redemption, Flexible Survival and Bloodlust.
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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #9 on: June 16, 2012, 07:31:43 PM »
Added The Castle of Roses.

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #10 on: July 04, 2012, 09:25:49 PM »
Added Regrets of the Heart and The Order of Magdalene

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #11 on: July 14, 2012, 09:01:41 AM »
Added Would You Love a Monsterman?

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #12 on: September 29, 2012, 10:41:55 PM »
Added Spanning the Species and The Race for Death.

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Re: The Skies Above (M seeking F)
« Reply #13 on: October 05, 2012, 07:40:54 PM »
Added Slave Girl of Gor.