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Author Topic: Fifty Orgasms, A Tentacle on Futa Adaptation  (Read 1814 times)

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Offline HaptoTopic starter

Fifty Orgasms, A Tentacle on Futa Adaptation
« on: April 14, 2012, 07:37:36 PM »
Fifty Orgasms?


Yes, I would like to host a tentacle-on-futa roleplay that involves no less than fifty unique, separate, ever increasing orgasms on the part of you, the victim.

The Usual Problem
To me the problem with many tentacle doujins is that they create a fantastic premise of a victim being forced to cum over and over, harder every single time and with no end in sight - then they only show the first and last times.  It's like being promised a two-hour action blockbuster, then getting five minutes of starting action, followed directly by a conclusion, walking out after only ten minutes feeling more than a little unsatisfied.

The Roleplay
This is an attempt to write a truly satisfying rp.  The rp I would like to create is an adapation of that comic - a school girl, who is a futa (and wants to keep this a secret) is walking to school in the rain when she finds an abandoned pet in a box, a strange, eyeless, fleshy, almost aquatic like lizard thing.  She takes pity on it, taking it with her to school and smuggling it into her school desk for the time being.  But in the last period, the pet gets hungry.  It extends two slick, nimble, bumpy tentacles out beneath the desk, and starts quietly playing with her in the middle of class, leaving her trying to stay silent while it makes her cum over and over, feeding off her cum to get larger and develop new ways of making her cum again even harder ever time.  Until she can no longer stay silent - only to discover the class has gone, and she's left there alone, no one to hear her scream, the entire night ahead of her, with the monster now large enough to restrain her, as it brings its new appendages to bear, and starts on her again.

And the catch - there'll be no fast forwarding.  Unlike in the comic, there'll be no jumping from the first to last orgasm.  This will be a continuous story, every orgasm shown, every time she cums and the pet grows larger described, ever new technique or appendages the pet develops to make her cum even harder shown, and every one of the fifty, different, ever increasing orgasms shown in the story.

The Victim
Writing an rp that promises no less than fifty different orgasms is obviously a huge undertaking for me - I cannot do this more than once at the same time.  I can only do this rp with one person, and so I'd like it to be the right person.  You'll have to forgive me then for being very, very picky.

What I like in a partner is this:
* Themes: obviously this rp involves tentacles and futanari, so an interest in both is a must.  It is also based heavily around the following: emotional and physical restraint, over-stimulation, forced orgasms and mindbreak.  The point is not so much the orgasms themselves, but the feeling of utter, hopeless, powerless restraint into cumming so hard so many times without any say in the matter, that should turn you on the most.
* Literacy: at least basic grammar and typos please, the ability to turn a phrase a great bonus.
* Post length: a good paragraph.
* Content: emotional description - let me know how your character is feeling, physically, emotionally: do they still have hope they'll escape,  have they ever felt this much pleasure before, are they terrified they can't take cumming like this any more?  These are the kind of details that make an rp for me.

Message Me
Please feel free to PM me, either with a link to the rp your most proud of or a sample of your writing - again forgive me for being so picky, but I'd like to know how you write, and if our writing will work well together in this rp, then hopefully we can tackle this mammoth, and hopefully satisfying rp together.

Hopefully hear from you soon,
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Re: Fifty Orgasms, A Tentacle on Futa Adaptation
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2012, 09:36:13 PM »
I would love to do this with you, pm me if you wanna try it out ^^

Offline Decrepitdan

Re: Fifty Orgasms, A Tentacle on Futa Adaptation
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2012, 03:42:27 AM »
I find myself interested as well, if this idea is still open. :)