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Started by Elohim, March 25, 2008, 11:02:26 PM

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I just read the new Dune novel...  I wasn’t amused.  Fortunately though, It did inspire me to go back and read the original.  It caused a few ideas to pop into my head, there sort of brief outlines right now.

1) A Witch’s Apprentice: A young Acolyte is about to undergo the spice agony, and has recently ended up in the care and training of one of the younger Reverend Mothers.  The girl shows surprising promise, but has as of yet she hasn’t learned to suppress “love.”  It is up to the Reverend Mother to break her of this petty emotion, using whatever means necessary.  Though, through a quirk of fate, quite the opposite happens and the two are drawn into a forbidden romance, now...  If only they can keep it secret from the rest of the sisters.  Though, how can you hide something from people who have the innate capacity to sense truth?

2) On The Sands:   The Fremen are a desert people, hardened by there planet and transformed into fearsome warriors before they’ve reached puberty.  They are also the greatest weapon at the disposal of a rising warlord, The Lisan Al Ghaib,   Known by some as Paul Maudib or Usul.  Soon, the soldier fanatics will take back their home land in the name of their saviour, but this tale does not follow the Messiah...  It maybe trapped in his wake, but in the end the whole universe is. 
This is a tale of a young woman, taken into the ranks of the Fremen Fedykin and the lover that she finds there, but can love truly blossom on blood stained sands?  And what’s worse Is it even possible to love another when a flesh and blood messiah walks amongst your people?

(More to come! *Sigh* I love these books...)


I like the Dune Novels too (there's a new one ?)

I have been playing around with this idea.

"For years the Artreides and Harkonnen families have been at odds at the least, and all out enemies at it's worse. At least that is the history that the Corinno family have propagated at our urgings. Halfway during their family lines, there was a moment, a moment in which all could have changed."

This would be a love story about the heirs to both houses, who meet somewhere, not knowing who the other is (yet showing "typical family traits) and they fall madly in love with eachother. Both have not told the entire truth and so, when they meet formally, this is a huge surprise, yet it changes nothing how they feel.

At this point it becomes a game of politics, where agents of both the Emperor and the Bene Gesserit will do their utmost to keep them apart.

A bit like a Romeo and Julia story, where their love is not meant to be, but it's so strong, it takes the united forces of the Emperor and the Bene Gesserit to break it apart. Those two sides will likely plot too, as the Emperor isn't above murder, but the Bene Gesserit don't want that to happen.



Dune is awesome, though the high level of politics I'm afraid is beyond my grasp to handle well.

Would love a link if you guys started something out, though :)


Like Xillen I would love a link when you do it. I enjoyed and love Dune...

Have you seen the newer movies by SciFi????
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Would be interesting.

Frank Herberts son has actually been writing new additions to the Dune series. I think i read most of the original, but the politics is really mind boggling. Especially for a 16 year old (which is when i read them, all...7 or so years ago). Pretty impressive though - Frank Herbert died in '83 or '85...forget which.

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Frank Herbert died in 1985,  his son and another writer have just finished the series...  I wasn't exactly impressed.

I actually enjoyed the first dune Sci-Fi movie,  as an added bonus Lady Jessica,  Chani,  and Feyd were all beautiful!
Jessica though was probably more attractive in the Lynch version.

Also,  I like your idea anymore details?


Yeah, he wrote 6 books in the Dune seris as far as I know. The 2nd and 3rd close after the 1st with mostly the same people. The 4th around 3500 years later, and the 5th and 6th 1500 years after that.

The funny thing is, the prologue books (a series of 3 books that take place just prior of the 1st novel) that were written by his son and a friend matched the story of the original novel better than the later parts by Frank Herbert himself did.


I would definately be up for a Dune game.  I'd probably be more interested in a BG game (especially since I just finished re-reading ChapterHouse and Heretics) or a House Game (with all the politics that entail), than something Fedaykin based, though.
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